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Blackout to Blackout: Between

Blackout to Blackout: Between
by stompy sara

Rated: R
Warnings: language, injuries
Summary: A night in the P.O.W. camps. Answer to Jaguar's Blackout challenge:
<<Hi all, I had a strange idea pop into my head last night as a dream. It was the idea for a story challenge called "From Black Out to Black Out." What you do is take any character and write from when they awake from being knocked out some way, which you could mention but don't have to, to them being knock out again. Use any character; BA, Amy, Stockwell, Decker, etc., it doesn't have to be just the team. It can be any length, from a paragraph to 3 or 4 pages, it doesn't matter. This isn't suppose to be a whole story but if you want to write one that's ok. If you aren't interested in this challenge, please ignore this post. Jaguar>>


"You're dead," he told Billy.

The German Shepherd stood just outside the bars, tail wagging, rain dripping off his short fur. Murdock blinked, tried to focus, but pain was hammering through his skull and he couldn't stop shaking and his throat was raw from screaming and he was just so tired. Dimly he realized someone was holding him.

"Billy's out there," he managed to whisper brokenly. Face shushed him, shifted under him slightly, settled against the bamboo bars. The dog whined, thrust his snout through the bars, snuffling. Murdock reached out to pet him, but he couldn't manage to lift his arms. Face laid his hand over Murdock's, squeezed.

"Billy's dead," Face said softly.

"That's what I told him," Murdock said, "but he won't listen to me. He's lookin' at me like I oughta give him a doggie treat or somethin'. We got any doggie treats, Faceman?"

"Shut him up 'fore they come over here," B.A. growled from across the tiny cage.

"Billy's out there," Murdock insisted. "He ain't dead, he musta followed us, big guy. If he's here, we're saved!"

"Crazy mother-fucker," B.A. mumbled. "Ain't no-one there."

"Leave him alone, B.A." Face said wearily. "He's been through some real shit today."

Murdock shut his eyes tightly, opened them. The dog swam back into focus, head cocked to one side, sitting patiently now. Waiting. Murdock smiled. Turned to his Colonel in entreaty.

"Colonel, they're out there. They sent Billy to find us."

"Murdock - "

"I knew if I gave Chico my lucky rabbit's foot he wouldn't let me down. He got Billy on our scent, Colonel!"

Suddenly B.A. was in his face, leaning over him, his big hands on Murdock's shoulders, shaking him. Hissing at him. "Ain't. No. Fucking. Dog. Hear?"

Pain was knifing through his side. Broken rib? "B.A., I know it sounds crazy but - ow, B.A. wait - "

"They gonna come take you away again." Another shake. "That what you want? We gotta wonder what they doin' to you all fuckin' night?"

"B.A." Hannibal's voice was calm, quiet. The sergeant sat back on his heels, his chest heaving, fists clenching, unclenching. Murdock stared at him, feeling fuzzy, feeling bewildered and lost. He looked down at his hands, at Face's arms around him. Licked his lips, tasted blood. Every breath brought with it a raw scraping jolt to his abused ribs. His head felt light. He looked at Billy, listened to the rain, watched as fat drops of water washed the worst of the blood from his wrists where the ropes had bound too tight and cut off the circulation and ripped through the skin. He tried to look up at Face behind him.

"Did you see him, Faceman?"

Face's expression was difficult to make out in just the moonlight, but Murdock felt him tremble. "Billy stepped on a mine last month, Murdock. We all saw it. I'm sorry, but he can't be here, and neither can Chico."

B.A. leaned against the bars next to Face. Put his hand on Murdock's shoulder, gently this time.

Billy rose, tail swishing. Murdock managed to raise a hand in farewell. The Shepherd turned, vanished into the canopy.

The rain slammed into the earth, drowned out everything, drowned out thought. Hid the tears on Murdock's cheeks. He couldn't stop gasping for air. He couldn't stop the tide of noise in his brain. He clutched Face's jacket-front.

"What's happening to me?"

Face shook his head silently. Held him closer.

Murdock let the pain arcing through his body take over. Let his vision blur. Spiraled back into comforting blackness. And didn't dream.


Blackout To Blackout: Between by stompy sara



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