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Full Throttle

Full Throttle
by Cabaret

Rating: PG
Warnings: None but the fluff!
Summery: Murdock's about to do a stunt on a motor bike in the x-games and is wondering how he got to this point. It's one of those muses were on strike fics!
Disclaimer: The A Team are not mine, simple as that really.
Comments: Yes please


Murdock sat on top of the scrambler motor bike. His heart beat fast as he revved the engine. His eyes fixed, unblinking in terror to the door he prayed Hannibal would burst from any second now. If he did then Murdock wouldn't have to go through with this craziness. How on earth had he ended up on top of a high ramp stretching out to a higher ramp waiting in line for a 'big air bike jump'? If he had a contract, now would be a good time for re-negotiation. The jump was bad enough, nobody had seemed to clue into Murdock's grievances on this point, as if that wasn't enough, there was also a chance he'd get shot while doing it.

"Murdock, you do this kinda stuff all the time, what's the big deal?" Face had asked.

"I'm afraid a heights." Murdock had shrugged, to be greeted with a wall of stern looks. "And I usually have something that has wings, that's the big deal here Faceman, your so confident, you do it."

"I'm not the pilot here."

"That's my point, I'm a pilot, not Evil Knevil. And I see no flight capability in this bike here." Murdock had protested. "S'got the aerodynamics of a brick."

Well it's got the engine for it now, power won't be no problem." BA finished the final tune up and stood up, he knew he'd never do it, but Murdock was usually up for this kind of stunt, he couldn't determine if this discussion was from a genuine want to be excluded from his part in the plan, or if it was just Murdock being Murdock.

"Am I the only one who has an issue here? BA? Would you do this?"

"BA's too heavy Murdock and you know it." Hannibal put his arm around Murdock. "You an Face are the only two that meet the regulations, and Face can't do it cos he'll be with our mark getting the confession about the betting scam he's pulling here."

"An that's another thing Hannibal, not only do I get to kill myself at the mercy of gravity, I get to get shot at too. I wanna go back to the VA." Murdock hung his head in a mock hurt way.

"Captain, you'll be fine, chances are you won't have to jump anyway."

"Skydiving! I can do that, why aren't they shootin skydivers? Bunjee jumpin? Death dives in jets?"

"I'll make a note and tell Markus when I see him, but he's got a thing for buying off the motorbike area of the x-games. What can I do?" Face shrugged.

"I can think of a few things actually." Murdock sulked, there was little he could do about it and he knew it.

"Murdock it'll be fine, ya just got ta let her rip, do a dance and let the bike do the rest." Their client joined in, his arm bandaged and strapped secure against his chest, a result of earlier persuasion orchestrated by Marcus.

"What do your mates call ya again?" Murdock raised his eyebrows.


Remind me, why?"

"Cos it's what my insides are now, it's also what I should be now."

"Dairy products?" Face frowned.

"No-oo, Butter an toast, ghost. Which is exactly my point." Murdock enlightened them before leaving the garage.

"Hey, I'm also the best out there!" Butter called after Murdock, who kept on walking. "I don't want him to do anything he's doesn't want to here guys, maybe we should think of a different plan."

"No the plan's good. Murdock'll come round." Hannibal said as he went to go after Murdock.

"Look guys, if he's afraid to do it..."

"He ain't afraid." BA cut in.

"Not of the jump anyway, he's afraid he's gonna get addicted to it." Face enlightened Butter.

And somehow from that conversation and a final pep talk from Hannibal, Murdock found himself on top of the ramp, his adrenaline rushing and a flightless machine between his legs ready to jump. Murdock still wasn't sure if he could pull off the stunt Butter had shown him. He had to ride the bike up the ramp, flip his body into a handstand, hold it for a second as the bike arched, then let go of the handle bars, fly parallel to the bike, with no part of his body touching it with his arms splayed, then grab the bike and pull himself back on before landing. BA was handling the security around Markus and covering Face, Face was wired and trying to get a confession from Markus. Hannibal was listening in and trying to find the hit-man. Markus had a lot of money on Murdock taking a dive, the problem was that in this sport, taking a dive was more dangerous than doing the jump. Murdock felt like he wouldn't need Markus's shooter to make sure he'd take the dive, there was no way he was landing this jump. He'd had half a day of practice and hadn't done anything like the jump he was about to perform.

"No worries, right Butter?" Another biker in line slapped Murdock on his back and gave him a thumbs up. Murdock returned the gesture and was glad for the helmet covering his identity and his paling adrenaline struck face.

Murdock's stomach was doing loops and sunk into the clenched recess of his spine, his arms flexed his fists that were screwed around the handlebars and yet were somehow still twisting and revving the engine. He could feel his heart beating, no, pounding wildly inside his chest, it was so close to jumping out and doing the stunt for him. He felt his ribs crack under the strain as they bent to accommodate his lungs that were swelled with the stadium's dust. His head began to spin blurring his vision that fed his fuzz filled brain and at that moment where life stood still and he thought he would collapse to a black out, the stadium grew quiet. Murdock drew in his breath, but there was no air here, he was aware of a dull roar around him, coming from inside him and encompassing him, and still there was no sound. His arms trembled and he felt as though his skin would shake itself off. He looked down through his blurred vision, he could see the front wheel rocking on the ledge. He knew they were calling Butter's name, announcing his impending doom. He couldn't breath, couldn't blink, couldn't move. He was immobile on a rocking platform that would give way sooner or later. Murdock smiled, his fear melted through him and he saw clearly the path before him, there really was no other choice, he was going to fly. He froze in the moment savouring his fear, this is what drove him, this point of no return, even if Hannibal did appear now, Murdock was still going to go. And that's what he loved, he would always go, dive into it because he knew no other way to go about life. He wanted to hold onto this moment forever, frame it for a time when he would no longer be able to take himself to his limits. Box the feeling for a time when he was raw to all emotion and feeling. He saw Hannibal who gave him the signal to stand down, but how could he betray himself now? Another thrill was there to be satisfied and he had to take it, the greedy addiction he had always danced to called to him. Hannibal's face fell as somehow he saw through the helmet and Murdock's knowing wink hit him like the bullet itself, but surely Hannibal of all people should have understood that Murdock simply had no choice.

The buzzer rang through the stadium and Murdock escaped himself with a howl as he rolled off the ramp at full throttle.....

The End

Full Throttle by Cabaret



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