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Making Mama Smile

Making Mama Smile
By: Georgia Bentz

Rated: G

Summary: Based on a song which I will give a tid bit at the end of. This song is very sweet and I just decided to whip up a sort of ficlet. Enjoy.
Disclaimer: I don't own the song or the guys.
Warning: None. Pure fluff. Just heard the song and had to write.


A blustery wintry day presented itself. Christmas Eve it was. A little boy five years old approached a store carrying a bundle of coins. He was worried. His daddy had sent him away. Mama was sick.
He wanted her to look her best.

Finally he found the best pair of shoes he could find. Something to make Mama smile. Anything to make Mama smile. Mama had been sick for months and months. For a five year old that was a lifetime. As he approached the counter the coins jangled in their pouch.

He was in front of someone the clerk and he counted out the coins. But there was not enough. He was tousled and dirty. But he still needed those shoes. He tried again. But there was nothing he could do.

He turned to the person behind him. "What am I going to do? Mama's sick and these will make her smile a whole bunch."

He didn't know what to expect. But he certainly hadn't expected this. The man had tears in his eyes. The man set down the right amount of money and gave the boy back his own money.

"Th-Thank you M-Mister."

The boy hurried out and back to his house. Grandma and Grandpa were there and they were crying. He didn't know why. But Daddy let him into Mama's room. She looked so tired but her arms were open.

He handed Mama a package he had wrapped himself. She took it though her hand shook a lot.

"Thank you sweetie." She said.

"Open it Mama?" He asked with his father standing beside him. Anxiously it seemed.

"Of course Baby. Anything for you."

Mama planted a kiss on his forehead she started to unwrap the gift. Daddy helped her. And there they were. The shoes.

"Oh! They're just what I wanted. Thank you so much Sweetie."

The boy smiled and he looked at his father. His dad tousled his son's hair and looked back at his mother again. Fearing something would happen.

"Hem? Could you please put these on? I would really like to wear them?" Mama asked.

"Of course Phyl. I would be honored."

The boy's soft voice asked. "Can I help Daddy put them on Mama?"

"Of course HM. Of course."

They helped Mama with her shoes and then she laid against the pillows. Holding out her arms she beckoned both of the people that meant the world to her to come closer.

They did so and she smiled. "My two favorite people. I am so tired. I-I just want to sleep."

Then she laid against her pillows and didn't breathe anymore. Daddy called for Grandma and Grandpa Murdock and they rushed in. HM was ushered out.

Then Daddy came out to offer words. "She's in heaven now HM. And I'm sure she took the shoes with her. Thank you for making her smile Son. By the way. How did you get enough money for them?"

HM with all the innocence of a child simply answered. "An angel Daddy. An angel gave me the money."

His father hugged him. Then HM was left alone again. But he felt good. Mama had smiled and she had taken his present with her.....

The End.

Based on the song `The Shoes'. Here is part of it: "Sir I want to
buy these shoes for my mama please. Could you hurry sir? Daddy says
there's not much time. She's been sick for so long these shoes are
just her style and I want her to look beautiful if Mama meets Jesus
tonight I'm sure they'll make her smile...."

(A/N the sweetest song you could ever hear.) J J J J

Making Mama Smile by Georgia Bentz



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