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Just What the Doctor Ordered 1-6 Just what the doctor ordered – Part 1
by Katiemarie

The case was over. It had been a long week trying to help this small town. A rouge mayor was bullying them. But the team got the best of him and he was gonna spend a long time in jail. The team was pretty banged up. Face was sporting a black eye; Hannibal had a gash over his eye. Murdock had a broken wrist and a lot of bruises. BA on the other hand did not have a scratch. And he was enjoying pointing out where the injuries came from.

"How's the eye, Face?" Giggled BA

"Really BA, you could have helped out when the goons were beating us." Face whined.

"No. You guys got me on a plane. You guys have been doin' this for years. I'm tired of being knocked out and dragged on planes." BA took another look at his friends and burst into another fit of giggles. "It was either them or me gonna hit you, I thought they would be a better choice." BA told his friends

"Ya know BA, if you want over your fear of flying, I know a really good doctor who will make you forget your fear." Murdock said

"No, I ain't goin' to any of your crazy doctors. You been goin' for years and you ain't no better." BA growled

"That's not fair BA. I am too better, you just have your eyes closed to my progress, I'm much better." Murdock said as he threw himself in his seat in the van.

"Murdock's right BA, we don't like tricking you anymore than you like to be tricked. If there is a way that you will fly than we need to look into it." Hannibal said

"There's a doctor who will hypnotize you and you won't be afraid of flying anymore." Murdock told them.

"We tried that before Murdock, it was worse than his not flying. Remember he would pass out at a trigger word." Face said.

"I know Face, but this is different. Not a trigger word, he'll make it so that BA is not afraid anymore."

"What do you think BA?" Hannibal asked.

"I don't know Hannibal, what if I come out crazy like Murdock?" BA asked.

"You won't. BA no one is like me," Murdock said with a grin. "Besides, we're already blood brothers."

"Let's look into it. If it'll make it easier to fly, then I say it's a good idea for the team." Hannibal informed them.

"OK Hannibal, but if I turn out crazy I'll pound you all into the ground. I don't like anyone messin' with my brain." BA said.

"We could do it today, the doc who does it is at home and I know where he lives." Murdock said.

"What about Decker? If this guy figures out who BA is, then your cover is blown too, Captain."

"Well we could change BA's look a little, and give him a cover." Face suggested.

"No. I want to use non-Military doc guys, I am sure there are others who do this." Hannibal said as he gave directions to BA for the hotel they would be staying at.

We can do it before we get back to LA. I want Murdock with us, he knows a lot about the mind and he can sit in and make sure no funny business goes on." Hannibal said.


"Oh come on BA, crazy isn't so bad, no one bothers you about nothin', they just think ‘he's crazy'." Murdock told his friend.

"Shut up, fool!"

"Lay off, Murdock," Hannibal ordered.

"Okay, so it doesn't work all the time." Murdock laughed.

Just what the doctor ordered – Part 2

The team pulled into Dr. Chessman's office. Hannibal and Face planned on staying in the waiting room to keep an eye out for uniformed types. Murdock was going to go in with BA to keep an eye on things in there.

BA was still arguing against the idea, but Hannibal was not hearing it. He had dealt with BA's refusal to fly for way to long. It started in Nam and Murdock's mental breakdown didn't help matters.

Hannibal and Face knew that Murdock had problems, but when he was in the cockpit of a plane he was in complete control. BA on the other hand did not share the same confidence. Hannibal had thought for many years that the reason BA was so mean towards Murdock was that BA prided himself on his strength. Murdock was a living reminder of the one weakness that BA had. He had never mentioned his theory to anyone else.

"Okay, lets go. Face stay in the driver's seat and I'll watch the back." Hannibal said.

"Come on BA let's go," Murdock said as he pulled on BA's arm.

As they were heading to the building Murdock started singing, "Oh, we are off to see the doc, off to see the doc, so BA will fly and not be scared no more." It was to a tuneless tune.

"Shut up fool or you will be off to the doc to put you back together," BA swung a big fist at the lanky pilot who dodged it quickly.

"'Kay, jeez BA, maybe the doc can help that bad Attitude of yours."

"There ain't nothing wrong with my attitude, just sick of your gibber jabber all the time." BA grabbed at Murdock again. This time he got hold of Murdock's jacket and swung the captain around. "Now knock it off or I'll break you into a million little pieces." BA threatened.

"OK, OK. Fine I won't say anything else. I promise. Just let me go." Murdock knew fighting the big man was useless.

They were entering the building and getting stares from people in the lobby. Murdock tipped his ball cap at some women walking by. They quickly moved to the other side of the hallway when they got a glimpse of BA. The two men went to the elevator and got on to go to the 6th floor.

"Hey BA, when you are done with this you want to be my co-pilot?" Murdock asked

"NO, shut up!" BA yelled.

"Hey big guy, no need to yell. I know you're just worried about the treatment. Don't you worry brother, I'll be there the whole time." Murdock said with a smile.

BA didn't answer. The doors opened and the two men stepped into the waiting room. Murdock strolled up to the desk and spoke to the woman. "Hi, my friend has an appointment with Dr. Chessman."

"Yes, Mr. James. The doctor will be right with you," the woman said.

"Thank you ma'am."

A few minutes later a short, heavyset man came out and called for BA.BA stood up and looked like he was ready to run out the door. Murdock placed his hand on BA's arm. BA shrugged his arm away and glared at the captain. Murdock just stepped back and placed his hands up.

They followed the Doctor to his office. It was a nice office, very relaxing and warm. There was a big desk in the middle. The Doctor sat down behind the desk and the guys sat down in chairs in front of him.

"Now Mr. Jackson how can I help you? The chart says you have a fear of flying" Dr. Chessman looked at BA and folded his hands on his desk.

"I am not afraid of anything!" BA yelled.

"Yeah, I wouldn't use afraid, I would say petrified," Murdock added

"SHUT UP MURDOCK!" BA turned a threatening glance at his friend. Murdock scooted his chair farther from BA.

"Okay sir, no need to get angry. Flying fears are very common. I could help you with it." The doctor said in a soothing voice.

"Sure." BA told him.

"Doc, could you do something about his Bad attitude? He sure has a temper," Murdock said. Murdock quickly got out of the chair and went by the window. Ignoring the murderous stare he was receiving from the large man he had known for the last 20 years.

"I know you two are friends, but you will have to wait in the waiting room, I need Mr. Jackson's complete attention.

"Is that okay, BA?" Murdock asked.

"Get out Murdock " BA growled.

"Okay, okay. I'm going." Murdock went out the door but stayed by the window to make sure everything was okay.

Just what the Doctor Ordered - Part 3

Murdock waited outside the door for the thirty minutes of BA's appointment. When the door opened and BA emerged he didn't seem any worse for wear. HE actually seemed very peaceful.

"Well how ya feel, BA?" Murdock asked.

"I feel good, I don't feel any different," BA told him.

"Okay, well we'll see if it worked. Hannibal was just up here and said we have a job," Murdock told BA as they walked down the hall.

"What is it?" BA asked.

"He didn't say, he did say it was in New York. So we have to fly my friend." Murdock said with a smile

"Okay," BA told an astonished Murdock as he walked out the door to the van, leaving a slack jawed Murdock shaking his head.

Back at the van, Hannibal and Face watched as Murdock and BA emerged from the building. When they were all in the van Hannibal gave them the details of their next mission.

"We are going to Catskill, New York. A widow is being forced off her ski resort," Hannibal informed his team.

"By who? How did you find out about this Hannibal?" Face asked. Usually he was the first contact for jobs.

"Let's just leave it at an old friend needs us and I say we go," Hannibal said as he quickly turned to the front of the van and lit a cigar. He was hoping his team had not seen the shade of red his face had just turned.

"Hannibal you're blushing!" Murdock exclaimed giggling.

"No I am not, Captain. Now we're almost to the airstrip. I have already got us a plane. I did it over the phone while we waited for BA and Murdock. Hannibal hoped his no nonsense tone would end the teasing he knew was coming.

"Aww, come on Hannibal, who is this old friend. You can tell us or we can find out on our own," Face told his commander.

"Okay fine, this is an ex-girlfriend. We were a pretty serious item. Then I went into the Army and she moved out here. She met a guy and broke it off with me while we were stationed in Denang." Hannibal told them quickly. "Her name was Heather Burns. Now it's Heather Chamberlain. She and I have kept in contact over the last few years. She started having problems about 6 months ago with this big land tycoon." Hannibal looked out the window, chewing on his cigar as he thought back to his youth.

"Murdock can you fly with the cast?" Face asked.

"Faceman, I could fly in a full body cast as long as I can use a toe and a finger," Murdock told his friend with a laugh.

"Okay, eh, BA are you okay with this?" Face looked at BA.

"I feel okay, Face. As long as the fool don't crash the plane," BA looked at Murdock carefully, "NO tricks Murdock, just fly the plane."

"Hey Big Guy, I don't like to crash either ya know," Murdock said with a hint of hurt in his voice.

"For someone who doesn't like to crash you sure do it a lot." BA said.

"Hey, I have never crashed a plane, the plane decides to land I just go with it. And as long as it's a good plane and no one is putting holes in it with guns, we'll get there safe and sound." Murdock said as he jumped out of his seat.

They had pulled into the airfield. BA parked the van in the back out of the way. Face and Murdock grabbed the gun box and some supplies as Hannibal went in to talk to the secretary. A few minutes later he returned and threw a set of keys to Murdock. They followed Hannibal to the plane he had gotten. Murdock went to the cockpit to begin take off preparation.

BA slowly boarded the plane and calmly sat down. He felt calm. He just laid his head back and closed his eyes. Face and Hannibal exchanged looks of confusion. They heard Murdock's voice come over the radio. "Okay guys, I'm about to taxi. Take your seats and buckle up. I've turned on the no smoking signs. There will be no in-flight movie tonight. But if you are all well behaved you may be entertained by a medley of show tunes, performed by none other than your faithful captain."

The plane began its taxi and then it gracefully left the ground. The team watched in awe as BA undid his seatbelt and got out of his seat and headed to the front of the plane.

"You don't think he is going up there to kill Murdock do you?" Face asked.

"No, he's probley going to request a song." Hannibal laughed.

Face gave a halfhearted laugh and looked towards the cockpit again.

"Hey Murdock can I sit up here with you?" BA asked his friend.

Murdock was surprised to see a very calm BA standing behind him, "Sure, big guy. How ya doing?"

"Fine, not even short of breath. I should have gotten over this a long time ago. Would have made Nam a lot easier." BA said.

"Hey it's not a thing chicken wing, everybody has something they're afraid of. It just makes us human," Murdock told his friend as he watched BA looking around at the instruments. "It's really nothing more than a big car. Just more bells and whistles," Murdock said with a grin.

"Yeah, it's really cool up here. Thanks Murdock man. You had a good idea and it worked." BA put a big hand on the pilot's shoulder.


BA spent the rest of the flight up front with Murdock and Murdock showed him what everything did.

Face napped. Hannibal spent the flight lost in thought about the women he was about to see for the first time in 27 years.

Just what the Doctor ordered - Part 4

The team landed in a small airport in Catskill. When they got off the plane they were met by striking older women. She had red hair and a cute petite figure. She ran up to Hannibal and threw her arms around his neck.

"Oh John, thank you so much for coming," she said as she buried her head in his chest.

"Its okay Heather, I'm here. Everything's gonna be okay," he held her for a few more moments until she composed herself.

"Oh I must look like a fool, I am so sorry. These must be your friends," Heather wiped her face and smoothed her shirt.

"Yes. Heather Burns-Chamberlain this is HM Murdock, BA Baracus and Tempelton Peck." Hannibal gestured to each man as he introduced him.

"So nice to meet you all. John has told me all about you." Heather said as the men followed her out to her truck.

As they went Hannibal walked next to Heather. Face and Murdock exchanged knowing looks to each other. They had seen this look on their leader face before. They all got in to the truck and headed towards the resort.

"Now I know you all are coming from LA so you will need winter clothes. There is a small clothing shop in the Lobby of the resort. Feel free to take what you need. No cost." Heather said in a motherly manner.

"Thank you." The guys all said.

"Now John, are you sure you and your men are up to this, you all look like you have been through a small war," Heather commented as she drove into her driveway.

"We're fine Heather, don't worry. You always worry." Hannibal said as he placed a hand on her knee and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"Okay John, but at least take a day to recoup before you go knocking around."

Hannibal knew better than to argue. He just shook his head and got out of the truck.

The resort was small and quaint. It was a large log cabin that was used as the main gathering hall. It had four fireplaces. The clothing store, small general store and a game room. Twenty smaller cabins that were used to house the guests surrounded the main lodge. For the middle of the season the place was almost empty. With the exception of an older man, his wife, and middle aged couple with their teenage daughter and son. Heather informed them that there was also a few women coming up from the city for the weekend.

Heather showed the team to their cabins. For once in the years they had been doing this they each got their own room. As the rest of the guys unpacked and freshened up, Hannibal and Heather walked to the cabin that Heather lived in. They didn't speak. Hannibal looked around at the tranquil surroundings and felt a longing he had not felt in many years. The need to settle down. He loved his life of adventure. He could do without the wanted by the government part but his team and helping the little guy he would not trade for the world. Was it being back with Heather or the peaceful area? He was sure Heather played a part in it.

"John…earth to John." Heather roused Hannibal out of his thoughts.

"What? I'm sorry," Hannibal smiled.

"I was asking you about your friends, what are they like?"

"Oh they are the greatest, we have been through a lot together. Nam, the years on the run. We are more like family than anything else. I love them like sons and brothers. Hannibal usually would never talk like this but he had always been able to express his feelings to her.

"Which is crazy?" Heather asked as they entered her cabin

"Oh, that's Murdock. Its not like you think, he's a good crazy. He just has his own way in dealing with what we saw and did in the war." Hannibal explained.

Hannibal looked around Heather's home and saw pictures of her and of some children. He walked over and looked at them. Heather followed and pointed out different people in the pictures.

"This is my son James, he is 23. He is going to ITT. He looks just like his father." Heather stopped smiling.

"What's wrong?" Hannibal asked as he faced her.

"I am sorry, I just still miss him, my husband. It's only been a year since…" Heather drifted off mid sentence.

"Its okay, I know." Hannibal embraced her.

After they separated she wiped her eyes and gave him a smile. "I'll get us a drink," she headed off to the kitchen.

Hannibal looked at the pictures some more while he waited for her return. He noticed a picture of a girl in her twenties also. She had deep blue eyes that Hannibal noticed first. Before he could ask her anything he heard an explosion from one of the cabins. Both Heather and Hannibal ran outside.

Just what the Doctor ordered - Part 5

As Hannibal and Heather came upon what was a cabin, Heather realized this was one of the cabins she had put the team in. Hannibal realized it also as he saw BA carrying Murdock out of the smoking cabin. Hannibal ran over to them.

"What happened?" A girl in her twenties came running from the main cabin.

"Is he okay, BA?" Hannibal asked as he bent down to help BA.

"Yeah, I think so, he's breathing," BA said.

Murdock began to cough and moan.

"Captain, you okay?" Hannibal asked as he saw Murdock's brown eyes open.

"I went boom." Murdock said as he looked around at his friends. He carefully felt around his body. He didn't feel any broken bones. Murdock went to getup but BA stopped him.

"Just sit there for a minute man, you just were in an explosion."

"I 'm fine, BA," Murdock said as he stood up. As he got half way up to his full height he felt light headed and dizzy. He fell back to the ground.

"Told you fool," BA smiled at his friend.

"Okay, but could you help into another cabin, one hopefully that wont explode. The snow is making my butt cold," Murdock said.

"Yeah, I'll bring you into Face's," BA said as he helped Murdock up.

"Where is Face?" Hannibal asked as he realized he had not seen his supply officer since they got to the resort.

"He went into town, you know how he is. He couldn't find the perfect jacket in the store here," BA informed Hannibal.

"Well I'll have to talk to Face when he gets back. He knows not to leave without letting me know."

"That was my fault Hannibal, I was supposed to tell you but I got distracted. You know how that is, when your room blows up," Murdock said with a grin.

"No Murdock, it's Face's responsibility to check in, well he now has first watch and breakfast detail," Hannibal said as he pulled a cigar from his front pocket.

BA couldn't fight the giggle that escaped his lips. He loved watching Face get in trouble with Hannibal.

"Would someone tell me what happened?" came an exasperated voice from behind them.

"Oh Joe, I'm sorry, looks like Milton hit again," said Heather as she looked at the burning cabin.

"I called the fire department when I heard the boom," Joe told her as she placed her arm over Heather's shoulder.

"What do you mean again?" Hannibal asked as he turned to Heather.

"Oh, we've had problems for a while, nothing this severe. Deliveries that never come, ski supplies destroyed, patrons run off. Never like this." Heather explained.

"Hannibal, HANNIBAL!" yelled Face as he came running up the hill. "I heard…oh, is everyone okay?" Face looked around.

"Nice of you to join us Face," Hannibal said with a scowl.

"I needed a jacket, and I thought you wouldn't mind, is anyone hurt? While I was in the a store I heard a fireman say there was a fire up here…"

"It was Murdock's cabin but he's fine, he's resting in yours. He will be rooming with you since you won't be sleeping much tonight. You have first watch Lieutenant," Hannibal said as he began to walk back to the main cabin.

But…but…Hannibal… Come on why can't BA take first watch? There was this girl…" Face knew Hannibal wasn't listening as he watched his commander give a dismissive wave as he went down the hill. Face spun around on his heel and stormed into his cabin.

"I need you to tell me everything about this Milton guy, Heather;" Hannibal said as he, Heather, Joe and BA went into her office.

"He's an asshole," Joe said as she threw herself on the couch.

"JOHNNA!" Heather scolded.

"He is MOM! Come on, I'm twenty-six years old, I think I am old enough to swear. Oh by the way, I am Johnna, but you can call me Joe," she said as she looked at Hannibal and BA.

"Yeah John, I'm sorry, this is my daughter," Heather said as she quickly looked down at her hands.

"I am John Smith, you can call me Hannibal, and this is BA," Hannibal said as he shook her hand.

"Milton owns half the town. He has two other ski resorts in this area. He came to me right after James died and offered to buy the place. When I refused he said he would get this place with or without my approval. That's when the trouble started. He has a bunch of goons on his payroll that have less than half a brain. What they lack in brains they make up in meanness," Heather said as she rubbed her temples.

"Well we can handle them, right BA," Hannibal said with a grin.

"Yeah, I say we go HANDLE THEM A LITTLE!" BA said.

"We will start in the morning, right now I want you and Murdock to check out the cabins for anymore surprises. I'm gonna go into town and turn some rocks over and see what crawls out."

"Can I go with you Hannibal?" Joe asked

"Sure kid, I could use someone who knows their way around town."

"Joe no, I don't want you involved. I will take you John." Heather interjected.

"But MOM…" Joe pleaded


"Maybe another time kid," Hannibal said lightly.


As they all left no one noticed the figure hiding in the closet. After the door closed the figure emerged from its hiding place. He looked around the desk and then snuck back out the window.

Just what the Doctor ordered - Part 6

Murdock and BA carefully checked over every inch of the resort. They found nothing else.

"Almost seems like whoever planted it knew we were coming," Murdock commented.

"Yeah it does. How would anyone know?" BA said looking around carefully. He all of a sudden got the feeling he was being watched.

"Don't know Muchocho, but I'm sure we'll find out sometime," Murdock looked at BA and gave him a grin.

"What you grinnin' at?" BA asked suspiciously.

"Nothing. Just thinking." Murdock said as he pulled his jacket around him closer.

"Lets get in, its cold out here," BA said as he headed away from the still smiling captain.

"Yeah. Hey BA, can I ask you something?" Murdock asked as he got in step with his friend.

"What man?"

"Do you remember when Heather broke up with Hannibal? I don't. Was it before I joined the unit or is it just my memory?" Murdock asked.

"Nah man, for once nothin wrong with your head, it was about six months before you came. Hannibal never talked about to me. But I do know it hurt him. It hurt him bad. Him and Face went to the officers club and got stinking drunk the night he received her letter. He got so drunk that he got in a fight with this big Marine who was known for his temper." BA smiled at the memory of watching the fight of the century as it was called. "Who won?" Murdock could almost see it in his head.

"Hannibal. He used Face as a diversion. Then when the guy wasn't looking he nailed him with a left."

"What was the fight over?"

"Cigars," BA giggled. "The marine was saying that Hannibal's cigars were nasty. Hannibal and Face had their pay docked for six weeks to pay for the repairs to the club. That reminds me Face still owes me 200 bucks."

"You should tack on interest," Murdock laughed at the thought of Face's reaction to twenty years of interest at 8 percent.

"I think Hannibal just used this guy to get his anger out over Heather leaving him. He saw the guy a few days later and they went drinking together that night. They became pretty good friends," BA said.

As they entered the main hall, they ran smack into Joe. Murdock had to grab her to keep her from falling on top of them.

"Whoa there little lady, where's the fire?" Murdock held up his hand like a stop sign.

"I think someone was in my mom's office. I heard some noise and when I went to look in there the drawers were open and so was the window," Joe didn't know who these two men were but she did know they were friends of Hannibals.

"Well we'll go investigate. You stay right here." Murdock and BA grabbed their pistols and took off towards the office.

"I am not staying here alone, so don't even try to make me," Joe took off behind them.

"Okay. Just stay behind us, and if we tell you to run don't argue," Murdock commanded.

"Got ya." Joe said although there was no need to tell her anything. She would have done it on her own.

They crouched down at the open doorway and slowly looked around the corner of the doorway. Not seeing anyone in their line of sight, Murdock entered the room with BA guarding the rear. He opened the closet and saw no one there. He gave the all clear to BA and they both put their guns down.

"Well someone was here. Looks like they were in a hurry," BA said.

"Has Hannibal and your mom come back yet?" Murdock asked.

"Yeah. I think they are at the house. I saw the truck come up about a half hour ago," Joe told them as she picked up the phone and called her mom. "I'm Joe, by the way." She told them.

"I'm HM Murdock and this is BA." Murdock tipped his hat and took the phone from Joe's outstretched hand.

"Hey Colonel, I think we had a visitor. Yeah me and BA checked the place, all clear no more boomies. Yes sir, on our way." Murdock hung up the phone and turned to BA. "Hannibal and Heather's trip to town came up nothing. But he wants us to meet him at the cabin to go over the plan."

"He's on the jazz man," BA said as he shook his head.

"Yeah he is and this time its personal."

"We're in trouble man," BA stated.

"Yeah, but not as much as Milton," Joe piped in.

Murdock couldn't shake the feeling that he had seen this girl before. He knew he had never met her but she looked familiar. It was not till she laughed that he put it together. He needed to talk to Face and soon.


Just What the Doctor Ordered by KatieMarie



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