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By pob

Rating: R for nudity and implied sexual situation.
Summary: After a traumatic day, Face finds comfort in the arms of Miliani. First person pov for Face.
Comments: I wrote this as an exercise for writing in first person point of view. I discovered that it's much harder than it appears. This did start off as a "Mary Sue" story, but she took on a life of her own.
Disclaimer: I do not own the A-Team or make any money off of them.


I turned the key in the ignition, but made no move to get out of the car. I needed a few minutes to compose myself before going inside.

We had just wrapped up another mission, but this one had left all of us drained, physically and mentally. It's always messy when kids are involved. Our client was a friend of BA's who worked at a youth center in one of the rougher neighborhoods. Miliani had been telling BA and some other people about the drug element that was hanging around the center. That was enough for BA to decide that she needed our help.

Normally, I'm pretty choosy about the jobs that we do for free, but I have to be. It's great to be the noble one, but someone has to look out for the welfare of the team. What's going to happen thirty years from now when we're too old to do this kind of stuff? This case was different, though. We all agreed that we needed to do this; to protect the children. Little did we know that we would be going up against children.

We accomplished our mission. Hannibal had a plan, but it didn't go exactly as planned, as is the case with most of Hannibal's plans. We ruffled some feathers and thought that we had succeeded in taking care of some small time street hustlers. We didn't know that we would end up going against would-be gang-bangers. How do you fight children, children with guns?

That question was hard to answer for all of us, especially BA. Everything came to a head earlier today when the gang did a drive by shooting at the youth center. Jeez, there were kids in the center as young as 3 years old! By the grace of God, there were no casualties, unless you count the emotional scarring for the poor kids. We managed to get the street gang and hold them until they could be taken into custody. Their futures are bleak, to say the least. Such a waste.

The police and media showed up, and the center became a circus. We managed to get out in time, but they knew we were there. Fortunately for us, only good things were said about our involvement.

I know she's been watching the news. She must be hysterical by now. She never wanted to stay out here, but we thought she'd be safer here. We never thought it would go so far.

I shake off my heavy thoughts and look at the beach house in front of me. Normally, I find the beach to be extremely calming, and this place is mine for the entire summer. No scams. I legitimately subletted the place from a guy that's spending the summer in Europe. It's quiet out here. No neighbors to watch me come and go. It's not as decadent as my usual places, but it suits my needs and should provide a safe haven for the summer.

Sighing heavily, I try to reign in my wayward thoughts and start walking towards the house. I actually dread seeing her. With everyone's emotions running so high, I wanted some alone time to compose myself, so I had jumped at the opportunity to come brief our client. Unfortunately, the drive over wasn't enough time for me to get it together. Now I have to deal with her emotions as well as mine.

Normally, this is my favorite part of the case. Comfort the pretty woman, a little alone time. But as with everything else with this case, it wasn't meant to be. BA thinks of her as a kid sister, and he has a strict hands-off policy. It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't so attracted to her. She's petite but full of fire and spunk. Her brown hair matches the brown of her eyes, and her skin looks as if it's been kissed by the sun. Her name is Hawaiian, but her heritage is an exotic mixture that I haven't been able to identify yet. She's younger, twenty-two I think, but definitely has the curves of a mature woman. There are times when I feel that we really connect, but I don't want to incur BA's wrath.

When I enter the house, I can hear the TV giving the latest news reports. "Miliani?" I call out. "It's Face."

A few seconds later, she rounds the corner and launches herself into my arms. I feel her tears as her cheeks brush against mine. "Oh Face," she sobs. "I've been so afraid for all of you. I can't believe what happened. The news reported that you were there, but they did not comment on whether or not you were ok. Thank God that nobody was hurt."

I tighten my hold on her as she cries into my shoulder. All of my emotions are just below the surface, threatening to spill over. She pulls back and stares into my face. "Is everyone ok?"

There's so much emotion in her eyes. The torment of the past few hours is there. Seeing her pain weakens my already loose hold. Unable to speak, I nod my head. She thanks God again as she wraps her arms around me and pulls me close.

I sink into her softness and cling to her. Being a fugitive on the run with three other men, I don't usually get the comfort that comes from a simple hug, and my body craves the warmth that she is offering. I do not remember who turned to whom, but soon we are kissing. She's so soft, and she smells of honeysuckle. As we lose ourselves in one another, I lead her outside to the deck and the oversized chaise lounge. There's already a blanket and box of tissues, giving testimony to the fact that this is where she has been waiting for our return.

She places her hand on my cheek and draws my gaze back to her. She starts to unbutton my shirt, placing soft little kisses on my newly exposed chest. It feels so nice to have someone make love to me instead of the other way around.

Soon our clothes are gone, and we are lying together on the lounge, snuggled together under a blanket. The sun has just set, but there is still enough light for me to enjoy the beauty of her body. The sound of the ocean, the smell of honeysuckle, the softness of her body all have my senses on overload. I barely register that she is talking to me.

"Face, wait. Face."


Face, do you have protection?"

I feel like someone has dumped a bucket of cold water one me. I draw back and look into her eyes, really look. I finally see what I should have seen all along. Sadness. The need for comfort and trust. But no passion. Physically, I can protect her, but if I go ahead and make love to her, I'd be failing her in other ways.

"Miliani," I hesitate, not sure what to say. "This is a mistake." Obviously, that isn't what I should have said. I see the hurt flash across her face, and I mentally kick myself for being so insensitive. She tries to pull away from me, but I tighten my embrace, keeping her snuggled close to me. "Wait," I try to explain. "I didn't mean it like that."

"Just how did you mean it?" Miliani asks, unable to mask the hurt and rejection that she is feeling.

I have a hard time answering her. Part of me wants to paste on a million dollar smile and convince her that everything will be ok. The other part of me is still feeling too raw to successfully mask how I feel. And I'm not sure I want to. I really like Miliani, and I find myself wanting to be honest with her. Unfortunately, I've waited too long to answer her, and she's pushing away from me again.

"Forget it," Miliani pushes against my hold. "I don't need this. Let me go."

"Miliani, please wait a minute. Give me a chance to explain."

"You mean give you a chance to come up with an excuse." The hurt in her voice has been replaced with anger and sarcasm.

I don't know if it shows on my face, but her remark really hurts. "Why would you say something like that?"

"Oh come on. I'm not na‘ve. I know of your reputation with the ladies."

"Did BA tell you this?" I question. I know that he doesn't want me with Miliani, but I didn't think he'd actually badmouth me to her.

"He didn't have to," she replies. "I heard the jokes and comments that were made."

I sigh, still fighting an internal battle of quickly smoothing everything over or having a heart to heart conversation. I decide that she's worth it. "Just because I flirt and date a lot, doesn't mean that I sleep with every women that I go out with. I'm actually pretty discerning."

I hate how defensive I sound. My playboy image has never bothered me before. Even when I have to sit through Hannibal's safe sex lectures, I still have no desire to set the record straight. But I want her to know that I'm not like that. Her silence tells me that she's at least listening to me. She doesn't say anything, but continues to stare at me. It makes me nervous, but I try not to let her see that. I don't really want people getting too close for whatever reason. I have many reasons for not wanting Miliani to get too close, but none of them seem to matter right now.

"Breathe," she says softly, telling me to exhale the breath that I didn't realize I was holding. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be."

I really like this woman. She doesn't play games. "Miliani, I can't promise anything, but I would like the opportunity to get to know you better." Jeez, I sound as if I'm asking a girl out for the first time. Listening to me, one would never think she and I were lying naked in each other's arms.

"Well," she replies coyly, her eyelashes down, "I don't usually go this far on the first date. But since you asked so nicely...."

I couldn't stop the ridiculous grin from spreading across my face, but I wanted to make sure she understood what I was offering. "Be sure," I warn. "Remember who and what I am. I can't be your average boyfriend. Not that you may even want me for a boyfriend," I quickly add, realizing the inadvertent commitment I had made.

"Face," Miliani chuckles. "I am a grown woman. My eyes are wide open, but I feel something. I think you do too. And I want to know what it is." She winds her arms around my neck and starts to massage the back of my neck.

She's right. There's some type of chemistry between us. The fact that we are having this conversion while lying naked in each other's arms is proof of that. I lean in to kiss her, letting her know that I agree with her. "Are you still mad?" I ask as I place soft kisses on her neck.

"No, but I can't help but think if I was another woman, you wouldn't have stopped," she answers honestly.

"If you were another woman," I correct her, " we'd have never made it this far."

She seems content with my answer and snuggles closer. It feels nice being close to her. Listening to the ocean and lying next to her, I begin to relax.

After a few moments of silence, she tentatively calls my name. "Face?"


Do you want to talk about today?"

"No," I answer without hesitation. I hold my breath waiting for the gentle prodding that women typically use to try to get me to open up.

"Mkay," she replies, fatigue slurring her words. "Someday, though, I'd like to know what happened."

I'm amazed that she didn't push, but then I remind myself that this is Miliani, and she's not like the others. I feel myself continue to relax as I take in her scent and feel while listening to the waves crashing against the shore. I know that we should get up and get dressed, but we're both so comfortable that neither of us want to move.

I guess we both fell asleep because the next thing I remember is hearing my name being called. I awake with a start. It's the guys. I try to rouse Miliani, only to find that she's already awake. "Why aren't you getting dressed?" I whisper.

"Because I refuse to be caught trying to scamper back into my clothes as if I'd done something wrong."

I admire her spunk even though I know it's going to seal my fate with BA. She chuckles as I tell her this.

"Hey Faceman! Where are you guys?"

It seems as if I'm watching them in slow motion as one by one they come out onto the deck. Fortunately, Hannibal and Murdock are quicker than BA and head off his attack.

"Git out of my way, Hannibal. I'm gonna kill him. I told ya not to be messin' around with her," BA shouts.

Although Hannibal and Murdock are keeping BA at bay, I can still see the disapproving looks they are giving me.

"Calm down, BA," Hannibal tries to reason. "I'm sure Face has a good explanation." The smirk on his face tells me that he'd really like to let BA loose.

During our time on this case, it seems as if all the members of the team have grown fond of Miliani, which is unusual because we don't form ties very easily. Both Hannibal and BA knew her from before. This is probably the worst situation I could be in, caught with my pants down with the A-Team's kid sister.

Everyone seems to be forgetting that Miliani is lying naked next to me, and to get to me, they will have to go through her.

"Ok, I know this looks bad," I begin, "but it really isn't what it looks like."

"I ain't blind. I can see what's going on, Faceman, and you crossed the line!" BA yells.

Miliani shoots a glance my way, and I can tell that she's wishing we'd just gotten dressed when we first heard their voices. I try again. "Nothing happened."

"Doesn't look like nothing." Great, now Murdock is joining in.

"You just couldn't leave her alone. You had to go after her just like every other woman," BA lunges for me again but is held back by Hannibal and Murdock.

At this point, Miliani grabs the blanket to her chest and sits up. "That's it!" she shouts. "I have had a really bad day, and I'm not in the mood for this. There's a shoot-out at my children's center. You won't make love to me, and now I have to sit here and listen to them refer to all the women you've obviously been with."

Silence covers the deck. Nobody is sure what to say, so they wait for me. I rub my hand gently across her bare back. "I thought we talked about this," I say softly.

"Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt," she answers just as softly.

Everyone else is forgotten as I sit up, making sure the blanket is draped over my lap. I keep rubbing her back. "Are you sure you want this? Maybe we should take a few days...."

"Take the days if you need them, Face. Like I said earlier, my eyes are wide open. I'd say the odds are very good that I'll get hurt, but I think it's worth finding out."

She's right. I probably will hurt her, but I'm blown away that she's willing to risk so much with me. I move my hands up her back to the nape of her neck, tangling my fingers in her hair. I kiss her, trying to convey all of my emotions and feelings.

We lose ourselves in the kiss until we hear someone clear his throat. I lean my forehead against hers and whisper, "I forgot we had an audience." In a louder voice, I address the Team, "Isn't it kind of tacky for you guys to be out here with us?"

"Hey man," BA answers. "You're lucky I don't pound you for this. I still don't like it."

"I don't know," Murdock pipes up. "It's kind of romantic. We don't often get to see this side of the Faceman. The soft, vulnerable side."

And the backside,"
Hannibal quips as he lights a cigar.

"All right guys. Very funny," I reply, trying to think of a way to get rid of them.

"Oh, for Pete's sake," Miliani mutters. "I'm going to take a bubble bath." At that, she snatches the blanket and stands up, leaving me scrambling for something to cover myself.

As she walks into the house, she stops and winks at me, leaving me amidst the chuckles and snickers from my amused teammates.

"You know, Face," Hannibal can barely contain his laughter. "I think she may be good for you."


The End

Solace by pob



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