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by Georgia Bentz



"Aweema wet aweema wet a weema wet a weema wet aweema wet. In the jungle the lion sleeps tonight.
Hush my darling don't fear my darling the lion sleeps tonight.
Aweema wet a weema wet a weema wet aweema aweema wet.
Deeeweee I'm on my way.
Weee I'm on my way...."

Sang a voice.

The voice had been singing it since he'd come on watch a few short hours ago.

"Shut up! Shut up! That song's driving me as crazy as you are. And I don't want to be hurt by any VC tonight. Thank you very Much!"

A much younger voice called out. "Awww now Tempy-Wempy. It'sa gonna be alrigh'. 'S'all I'm singin' is a jungle song. Vury appropriate don'cha think? I mean we in th' jungle. 'S'purty quiet an' I'm just singin' how I feel."

The other voice answered. "I'm not Tempy-Wempy. And I don't like that song. Can't you change stations?"

The singer smiled in the darkness. "Cain't Muchacho. 'S'all righ' up 'ere in m'head. Don'cha know?"

"Fine! Just let me get some sleep. Our fearless leader'll probably get us up. Than we're probably going to have to continue with this foot mission. I just hope we don't get caught. I don't feel like being served like a portion of a menu. Thank you very much." The man stalked away and his friend was left to himself.

"In the Jungle the mighty jungle...."

"Argh!!!!!!" Screamed the second man. He retraced his steps to sit back down with his friend.
"You love to drive me over the edge don't you?"

The first man continued humming.... "The lion sleeps t'nigh' don'cha know?" He started intersperse words that didn't go with the veneer of the song.

"You can't even sing it right!" The one identified as Temp said.

"Can so. I jus' don' sing it like reg'lar folks."

The first of the men grinned into the fire light. All of a sudden a shot rang out. And people started calling out. "Oh Peck.... Oh Murdock.... We know you're up there. Come down and join us. We will have a party. Plenty of girly-sans for you....."

Temp shook his head. "No way! Not again! I don't think I can take this anymore. They love to drive us over the edge...." He glanced at his companion. Though I'm sure they've driven you over it already."

The other still hummed and stoked at the fire. "No man. I beat 'em to th' punch. I'm alre'dy goin' crazy...."

Temp nodded. "Mmm hmm.... Crazy? I went crazy once. They put me in a padded room, I lived there I died there, they buried me under the flowers. One grew up the other grew down tickled my nose drove me nuts.... Nuts? I like Nuts......Peanuts, walnuts pistachios too.... Kashews drive me crazy....Crazy I went crazy once...." Temp repeated the sentence twice more.

Murdock looked over at his friend. "Where'd you come up with that one?"

Temp shrugged. "I don't know. I heard it once from another friend. She used to test me with sayings. She'd say things over and over make me grind my teeth sometimes. But I liked Sheila.
She was nice.... Like you. You're nice. Sometimes. Except when you start and finish brawls."

"Mos'ly finish 'em. Some oth'r pilots don' think I oughtta 'ssociate wit' you. Since ya low'r rank'n me. I don' care. I give 'em what for anyways...." Murdock grinned toothily as he spoke.

His eyes were gleaming eerily in the firelight. Temp shrugged. Just before he went back to the tent they were joined by another person. He was big, black and had chosen a mandika haircut instead of the crewcut. The young blue-eyed man ran his hand through his spiky hair. He couldn't believe it when they'd cut all his bronze hair off.

They'd just cut his hair again to get it from getting on the collar. He shook his head and looked at the big fella.

For some reason Temp could picture the black man all decked in gold sporting feathered earrings and a denim sleeveless vest as well as Nike sneakers and a pair of cut-off blue jeans.

He shook the vision away and glanced at the man in army fatigues the helmet in his hand. "Hey BA. What's up?"

BA customarily growled. "Foo's keepin' me 'wake singin' 'bout quiet jungles. An' I hear dhem foo's down 'ere talkin' ta me! They tryin' ta call me out too Man!"

He growled once more. Soon they were joined by their leader. He struck a magnificent pose in his fatigues. He looked as though he were made in a military factory. They couldn't know what kind of history lay behind him.

In fact nobody knew anybody's personal history. It wasn't relevant in war. You saved as many peoples' butts as you could. You didn't ask where they were from, where they'd lived or how many girlfriends they'd had. It just wasn't done.

Murdock affected a pout. "Wou'dja ruther I sang 'Barbara Ann'? I cou'd ya know."

Temp answered. "Oh God! No. Then I'll be dreaming about beauties all ni.... On second thought.... That doesn't sound so bad at all.... Go right ahead and sing Barbara Ann. Anything but the jungle song."

BA growled. "Foo' sings dhat rap an' I'monna throw him ta th' VC m'se'f! Got me Sucka?!"

Hannibal, for that was their leader's name merely smiled. "They were calling me out as well.
But I think if we stay close together they won't do anything. Wish that Ray was here. He'd shoot a couple of vollies into the air and they'd run a little ways."

But Ray Brenner had been transferred and promoted. He was destined to go home to his wife. Hannibal settled among his small troop. They were small yet very efficient. Even the brass was impressed. They had figured the three men that Hannibal had wanted would be in the stocks forever.

One for running an illegal DMZ Club and fraternizing with a general's daughter named Amy. Another for being too uncontrollable in the skies. And the third for punching out high-ranking officers left and right. He was destined to remain a sergeant. Hannibal shook his head at his motley crew then spoke.

"Tomorrow we move out. We find Chao's death camp free some prisoners then we hightail it out
of there in a flash. That's the plan. At least for now."

Two groaned and exchanged glances. Meaning Murdock and BA. They had been in Hannibal's unit longer then Temp had. They knew when Hannibal was going to be on a plan. His eyes glittered, he smiled wider, and he smoked his cigar with more relish.

"Colonel's on The Jazz." Murdock intoned.

"Murdock? The Jazz? I like that. From now on when I start feeling electricity flowing through me and I feel especially 'jazzy' I'm on The Jazz."

Temp groaned. "Great! Remind me to avoid you in the future. I'll make sure I'm kissing a nice nurse. Or maybe one of the Coke girls?!"

"Oh Ick Facey. They fulla germs." Murdock replied.

He was always abhorred by the women Temp chased and threw in the wasteland a few days later. He couldn't count how many times he'd picked up the pieces his new friend left behind. He shook his head again as Face replied.

"Of course if you're only gonna live once might as well flirt with danger. Besides I've been to alot of brothels here." He admitted conspiratorially.

"I'm sure you have Face." Hannibal answered glibly. Then continued on a more serious note. "I don't want you near those Coke girls. Except maybe to get an actual Coke. Got me?"

"Yeah yeah. I got you."

But he didn't plan on obeying the order. Hannibal knew that as well as the other two. Hannibal sighed and told Face and BA to get some sleep. They did as they were instructed. Hannibal clapped Murdock on the back and sat watch with him. He glanced over at Murdock. Murdock stared into the distance.

He was never much for conversation. At least not on a one-on-one level. Least of all with someone as important and higher up on the rank scale as Hannibal was. They sat until daybreak. Face taking the next watch. For who knew what was going to happen in the day time as well? The VC was everywhere day and night.

They didn't have to wait too long before they were assailed by some gun fire. They all nose dived to the ground. Each getting out their rifles and shot guns. They were in a short lived gunfight.
All of a sudden they were surrounded. An evil looking man came from the shadows.

He looked at the four men and smiled victoriously. "We have caught some American dogs. Dogs that are not even fit to eat. Come Dogs. We have a party."

Immediately they were tied up and single file they went through the jungle. VC walking behind, in front and in between them. One of them, Chun Lu spoke up in Vietnamese,

"General Chao will be pleased. Chun Lu did well."

Chun Lu chuckled but didn't speak to the four men. Not until they had reached the camp anyway. Even then he didn't even speak directly to them. Another evil looking man met them at the gates.
Chun Lu continued in Vietnamese.

"Qui Yeht. I have brought four more dogs. Shall I put them in a kennel?"

Qui Yeht nodded in approval at the prisoners. Then his brows furrowed. Then he answered in Vietnamese. He looked angry as he shook his head.

"No. See that they visit General Chao first. He will want to see them. I am sure."

The four men caught the name Chao. They had all heard of the 'Death Master' as the other good Vietnamese called him. Chun Lu smiled as his friend Qui Yeht said the camp's leader's name.

"Chao will most definitely want to see them." Answered Chun Lu.

They were led to Chao's office. Chao looked them over. His eyes lit up when he found out they were prime people. His eyes took a maniacal gleam as he looked them over.

"Na na na na na na na na Hey hey goodbye. Nanananananananananana Hey hey goooodddbyyyeee!" Murdock suddenly sang as he tried getting loose.

"Oh no. You will not get loose. You are my prisoner." Chao said in Vietnamese.

Murdock gave him a murderous look. To the two others it looked as if Murdock could understand him. Hannibal knew that Murdock could speak and understand different languages. But he and Murdock had had a conversation. Hannibal hid Murdock's talent so he couldn't be
transferred from the unit. They needed him for his skills in piloting.

Murdock glared at Chao. He started speaking rapidly and using lots of gestures. "Hell No.
I ain't nobody's pris'ner." He spat out still speaking Vietnamese.

Chao nodded to a couple of guards and soon the four led them to two 3x3 cells. There were other prisoners huddled together in 3x3 cells. Occasionally a guard would maliciously poke a prisoner with a stick. A sharp pointed stick.

The prisoner would whimper then curl up into a helpless ball. They were all stick thin and they wore gaunt haunted expressions. Their eyes were worn. They didn't even look human. More like living scarecrows. One could even count each prisoner's bones.

They reached their hands through the bars. Moaning, groaning, mumbling, their language was indistinctly heard. Their words were at the most unintelligible. But the meaning was clear.

"Help Us. We need help. Somebody's got to help us and rescue us."

Not one of the four could bring himself to look them in the eye. They were zombies. Drones. Not even living anymore. They were robots. Murdock invariably shuddered. BA laid a hand on Murdock's shoulders.

Murdock felt a little bit comforted. Though not much. He knew they would make it. But at what cost? These four needed to help their fellow Americans. Their fellow brethren.

Suddenly Murdock and Face were thrown into a cell together, while BA and Hannibal were thrown into one. There was dirty straw on the floor. A couple of blood soaked blankets in a corner. The blood was dried and the blanket had once been a gray color.

A straw mattress on the floor as well. Face flopped onto it. It had been a long hike through the jungle. Murdock slid on the floor beside him. He noticed a bucket that hadn't been changed in weeks. Murdock supposed that that was the toilet bucket. There was another bucket filled with pitch black water.

"Probably show'r wat'r." He muttered weakly. "Welcome to Hanoi Hilton. Best service there ever will be. Prob'bly spectac'lar tortures too."

Face frowned. He didn't know what to think. He had been with the unit all of three months. Not too long, but long enough to feel his friends and commander out. He trusted them to a certain point. He knew Hannibal would think of some way to get them out. But he hoped that he wouldn't be first in line for any questioning.

Hannibal was picked first. He didn't look so bad after the questioning though. Just a black eye and a bloody nose. The night passed slowly. Much too slowly. None of the four men could sleep. Screams and shouts were going on.

They saw as prisoners passed before their cells. Never to return again. Around the clock guards got prisoners. Sometimes for questioning. Sometimes, as by the gunshots heard, to die. Die for
crimes they weren't guilty of, except for being Americans fighting a war. Anguished cries filled the air.

Cries of.... "No. Please. Don't take me.... No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"

Murdock wanted to wake up from this nightmare. He pinched himself, and winced. Yep. It hurt. He really wasn't dreaming. He looked over at Face. Face was covering his ears and trying to at least get some sleep.

Murdock got up. He sat down next to Face and leaned against the bars. He blinked as he thought he saw a small child sitting next to him. Between he and Face.

"Can I help ya?" Murdock asked.

The child didn't answer right away. Instead he reached into the bag he was carrying and handed Murdock a small bundle of fur.

Quietly the boy spoke. "Billy. Keep him safe HM." The boy then promptly disappeared.

Murdock suddenly shouted. "Wait! Who are you? What am I gonna do wit' a dog?"

A guard came by and heard Murdock. He poked Face and Murdock with a stick.

"Eat him. That's what we will do to you." The guard answered in Vietnamese.

Face groaned and looked up. The guard smiled maliciously. He then pointed at Face.

"Chao wants him next. Chao has presents for him."

Hannibal looked in the cell from his own cell. "What's that guy want Murdock?" He pointed a finger at the guard.

Murdock answered. "He wants Face Colonel." He then turned from Hannibal and berated the guard. "You should take me. I'm above him in rank."

The guard laughed again. "Foolish American. Chao does not go by rank. He likes the look of that man over there. So I will take him."

He opened the door and took Face off the mattress. The guard then looked at Murdock and spoke again in Vietnamese. "Do not worry American. Chao will want you soon. Very Soon!"

He laughed maliciously and the two were soon gone. Face walking easily with the guard. Minutes turned to seconds, seconds turned to hours. How many hours though? Their personal things had been taken from them. Their uniforms replaced with coarse clothes. Feedbag clothes it felt like.

They were scratchy and they seemed to be covered in fleas. Murdock scratched at his neck as he paced with the small bundle of fur in his arms. He had no idea what Chao was doing to Face. He looked over at Hannibal.

Hannibal shook his head worriedly. BA also shook his head worriedly. He looked over at Murdock and then punched a fist into an open palm. Finally Face was literally thrown in. His face covered in lash strokes. His legs bleeding. A faint scent of burnt flesh hung in the air. His hair was singed.

"What'd th'y do to ya Muchacho?" All he heard was a mumble and then Face's body jerked as if it were still coursing with electricity.

"W-Water?" Face asked.

His eyes closed. One eye swollen shut. Murdock put Face on the mattress. He tore a piece of cloth off one of the blood caked blankets. He gingerly put the torn piece into the murky water. He
swathed the eyes with the cloth. He hoped it would rain soon. Maybe some fresh water would seep into the hole. He could save the water.

No such luck that night. Face's body jerked and writhed in agony. He moaned a little. Murdock stayed up all night again.

Not daring to sleep, lest Face should cry out. He wanted to stay awake and did. Tending to 'Billy' and Face simultaneously. Billy jumped from Murdock's arms and lay on Face's feet. He seemed to
absorb the pain. For Face stopped writhing. He didn't stop moaning. But Murdock could keep that quiet.

He didn't know how. But he would keep Face quiet. The next morning, their 'questionings' began again. This time BA was selected to go get some 'presents'. He returned a few hours later towards midnight Murdock suspected.

His body writhing as though he were in agony as well. Hannibal tried to make BA comfortable as well. But BA jerked and moaned all night. He couldn't help it. Again an all nighter was pulled. Murdock, Hannibal and BA never went to sleep. Face was still moaning in agony.

This time as the early morning hours crept on them again. Both Murdock and Face were collected. They were then separated and Murdock stood before Chun Lu.

Chun Lu chuckled. "So you understand our language? You will be very useful to us. In fact we could use someone like you here. To spread our truth among the cur. The swine."

Murdock glared. "Never! I don't think so. You'll have to get it out of me. I'm no' talkin'. Ev'r!" His voice thickened in his slow drawl.

"Ahhh we plan to make you submit. Do not worry Cur. You will be begging for our forgiveness once I am through with you."

Murdock cocked his head. His sensitive ears picked up screams. One f the screams he recognized. Another all nighter would probably begin. He faced Chun Lu. "Do your worst. I'll do my best. You can't do anything to me..." He bluffed.

He saw a furry animal come into the torture chamber. The animal he recognized as Billy. He smiled crazily. Billy would save him. But instead, Billy, hid under a chair. Billy peeked his head out from under the chair and whimpered.

Murdock was struck with a fist to the nose and eye. Billy whimpered ever harder. Again Murdock was struck with something to the stomach. This time with what looked to be a lead pipe. All of a
sudden Murdock was strapped in a chair. Leather binding him.

Chun Lu smirked. "Would you prefer the whip or the electricity first? The needles or my own special brew of medicine? I'm sure I can find many different ways of making you talk. Oh I know just the thing...."

He hurried out and came back smiling then spoke again. "I have something you would probably like. We will use something entirely new. I have something special for you and that colonel. Do not look so surprised. He will be needed of course. Did you think he was so special that he could just sit and stitch you all up? Of course not.... And enough of this mindless chit-chat from myself.
I shall begin..."

Chun Lu brandished a long knife, Murdock shut his eyes. Chun Lu snapped his fingers. All of a sudden Murdock's eyes were forced open by a guard. Chun Lu grazed his prisoner's forehead. Then slid the knife down the side of his prisoner's face. Little scratches started appearing for the knife was very sharp. It stopped short just above Murdock's adam's apple.

"Tell me what I want to know. Name? Rank? Serial Number. And just how many Americans are there? Where is your base? Who is your general? I know alot but there are some things I do not know." Chun Lu then switched topics faster then Murdock could calculate an answer.

"We VC will win this war. You Americans will all die! Just like the swine you are. Whether you choose to believe it or not."

Murdock's eyes shown with fury. Chun Lu laughed. "Oh you disagree? I'm sorry. Perhaps I should lie?"

Murdock spit on Chun Lu's boot.

"Oh I shall ask for a spit shine later."

With that the sharp knife grazed Murdock's lips. They started to bleed lightly. Then Chun Lu roughly rubbed salt in them. Making them sting. "That is for spitting on me. Now I shall start on your ears and your eyes. Better yet your hands." He pierced the hands sharply. The blood
spattered to the floor. Then he turned to the ears. Cutting off a large piece of flesh. Murdock howled under his breath.

His eyes the only things betraying how much it hurt. Chun Lu almost finished with the sword scratched out a symbol into each of the eyelids. Delicate though they were, still nothing except for the low howl had been emitted from the prisoner.

For Murdock's eyes strayed to where Billy was. Billy was now sitting on Murdock's lap. Finished with the knife the needles soon appeared....

Meanwhile in Chao's clutches........

Chao stood before the young lieutenant. A cruel smile played on his lips. "You are so young.
So handsome. I know we shall have fun together. You and me. My own little plaything...."

Face involuntarily flinched. This had been the third session with the 'Death Master'.

"So you flinch and still you do not speak? I will break you yet. Shall we play with electricity?
My favorite toy just as yet." Chao's English was almost as flawless as his native language.

Face glowered. "I won't tell you anything Chao. Nothing at all."

Chao laughed. "Well you see your friend has already told all he knows. He's broken under the pressure. Now it is your turn Pretty Lieutenant. Your turn to tell all."

Face shook his head. "I don't believe you. He didn't tell you anything."

"Oh no? Well listen to this."

He pulled out a tape recorder. Then he put a cassette tape into it. A broken sounded voice penetrated the little torture chamber. "I....Will....Tell....You....Everything...."

Face was shocked but he stood firm and his features were impassive. "I don't care. I won't tell you anything."

Chao laughed. "Then you have condemned your body and soul. You and I will have such fun tonight I think."

Face uttered a gutteral growl.

"You snarl like a dog. Yet you look like a porcelain doll. Interesting. Come. When you talk.... it will be easier for you to do so."

Face glared at him. Just then Chao picked up a couple of branding irons. "Shall we play with these tonight?"

At that Face let out a scream. The same scream Murdock had heard....

Meanwhile in Chun Lu's part of the camp....

Chun Lu chuckled. "He brands your friend. Those are especially fun. Then there are the electrodes. A zap zap down there...." At that point Chun Lu pointed to Murdock's groin area then spoke some more. "You would be talking in no time. Shall we try? Then we shall try the whip...."

Chun Lu grazed the knife over the now puckered lips. "Such fine lips too. I am sorry I had to scratch them."

He inserted the knife deeper into the sensitive flesh then he twisted the knife around in them. Blood spurting forth. He punched the lips while the knife was still inside. He roughly pulled the knife out then put more salt in the wound. Rubbing it harshly around and inside the wound.

Then he produced the whip. "This is another of my weapons."

By this time Murdock's eyes were watering. But he didn't try to defend himself. Lashes upon lashes presented them on Murdock's soft flesh.

The guard was still holding Murdock's eyes open his lips burned. His eyes watered. Lashes were still coming. Finally it was over. Two broken bodies were put into a cell. Hannibal who had put up a fight was thrown in with them.

Soon all four were in one cell. For BA was determined not to be left alone. Hannibal attended to Murdock, BA attended to Face. It was a very long night that passed. Hannibal tried to get the salt out of Murdock's lips. BA tried to get Face to stop trembling.

Murdock mumbled something. "Wh-Whure's Billy?"

"Billy? Save your strength Cap'n. Don't talk. You're pretty banged up." Hannibal answered then continued. "Close your eyes. Can you do that? For me?"

Murdock shook his head. "No. Whip. Guard...." He lapsed back into unconsciousness.

Tenderly Hannibal laid Murdock on the floor since the mattress they had wasn't big enough for two. Hannibal put Murdock's head on a stenched blanket. Then Hannibal tore a chunk in the already ripped blanket. He swathed Murdock's eye lids with the murky water. Finally dawn broke through.

It was all four who were called out next. Again they were separated. Hannibal was with Chao now. Murdock with Chun Lu. BA with a man called Xing Ling and Face was with Qui Yeht. Chao had acquired a translator and was currently smirking at Hannibal. Hannibal was smirking back.

The translator started as Chao rapidly spoke. "The honorable Chao wishes to know what you are doing here. He says that if you will not tell him, he will cut off your finger."

Hannibal looked over at the translator, then he looked over at Chao. Then he looked back at the translator and shook his head. "You tell that son of a sand licker that he needs to question me in
plain English pal. I know he speaks English. Hell I'm not an officer for nothing. "

The translator turned to Chao and repeated what Hannibal had just said. At that the 'Death Master' gave the translator a glare and ordered him out. "I will deal with you later traitor!
Go now! Before I make an example of you."

The translator scurried out of Chao's sight.

Chao glanced at Hannibal. "You want me to speak English do you? Well I shall."

Chao's English was almost as flawless as his own native tongue. The man was certainly rotten to the core. Even someone as inexperienced at reading peoples' emotions could see he was an evil person. His nicest voice was oily at best.

Hannibal nodded. "I did want you to speak English. It's rude to speak another language in front of a foreigner. Didn't you know that? Didn't your mother ever teach you that?"

Chao's face glowed bright red. His teeth were grinding on edge and he leaned forward to where he was inches away from Hannibal's face. "I want to know who you really are. Who are you?
That is all I want to know. Who are you? Hmmm?"

Hannibal looked at him and smiled a little. "You'd like that wouldn't you? What if I keep my mouth shut?"

Chao grimaced a little. "Then I shall cut your fingers. Not off but I shall deeply cut them. Then your toes will be next. After that will eventually be your head."

Hannibal didn't even flinch. "My head? Well if I lose my head then you'd never know what I know. Now would you?"

Chao grimaced again and this time it wasn't in pleasure. He glared at Hannibal. "Speak.
Speak before you are completely damaged and humiliated. You wouldn't want your fellow officers to laugh at you. I know you wouldn't. Because as an officer you want to have some control over them."

Hannibal smiled. "You think you have me all figured out don't you? Well listen pal.
You're wrong. Totally and completely wrong. Do your worst. You won't get anything out of me."

Chao's face turned a violet color. Chao went to his desk and brought out a knife. "These have been especially useful in getting the truth out of anybody."

He grazed the side of Hannibal's head. Hannibal tried not to flinch but a slight tremor ran through him.

Chao chuckled. "You fear me. That is good to know."

Hannibal answered. "I don't fear cowards like you Chao."

But fortunately for him Chao didn't catch his captive's remark. The knife finally rested on the wooden chair that Hannibal was sitting on. Chao finally got face-to-face with Hannibal and he asked once more. "Tell me what I want to know. Or else!"

Hannibal looked at Chao and spoke. "Better start cutting those appendages pal."

Chao nodded and took the knife from the chair. He placed Hannibal's hands on a tray and plunged the knife into the first finger. Sawing away at the flesh. Hannibal blinked but not a word did he utter. A few hours later he was thrown back into the cell. The others weren't back as of yet.

Meanwhile with Xing Ling....

BA was also sitting in a wooden chair, but he was strapped to it. He glared at Xing Ling and Xing Ling smiled back at him.

"You are a sergeant are you not?"

BA glared some more and he snarled a little.

Xing Ling seemed unaffected at the gestures. He smiled and spoke. "You know that you and your friends will die in here. You must tell me all you know before you are disposed of."

BA remained stolid.

Xing Ling tried another angle. "The arm of the VC reaches beyond Vietnam. Perhaps you have a mother or sister that you love? We can kill them quite easily. You must tell us. Tell us what we wish to know and you and your beloved family members will not be harmed. "

BA stared intently at the wall and muttered. "Nobody Hurts M'Mama!"

He said nothing more as Xing Ling continued to probe him endlessly. Just then Xing Ling called someone in and that's when the needles appeared. BA snapped out of his reverie and growled. "What ya doin' ta me Sucka?!"

Xing Ling shrugged. "It will not hurt in the least."

BA shook his head. "Aint gonna tell ya nofin' Man."

The needles were injected and yet BA seemed immune to them. As soon as the drug had been put into his system that's when the physical abuse started. First they broke his leg....then they played around with electricity. An animalistic scream again ripped through the air and the birds, for the moment anyway, were quiet. Stillness reigned for one minute and one minute only. Then the birds deciding that the danger was gone repeated their joyous song.

Meanwhile in Chun Lu's clutches....

Chun Lu glanced at Face. "Chao was right. You are a beautiful specimen. I must admit it you will be fun to play around with."

The translator translated all that Chun Lu was saying.

Face groaned. "I don't give a rat's ass what Chao says. I'm not telling you or him anything.
He can torture me all he wants to. My lips are sealed."

The translator told Chun Lu what Face had said. Chun Lu nodded and he glanced at Face again.
"You will learn our ways soon Lieutenant. Now be a good boy and tell me all you know."

Again the translator translated. Again Face stubbornly shook his head. A special brew of what looked to be molasses and tar mixed together was brought out.

"Drink this. This will loosen that stubborn tongue of yours."

The translator said of Chun Lu's words.

Face stubbornly shook his head. All of a sudden Chun Lu snapped his fingers and Face's mouth was roughly pulled open. The drink went down and Face immediately threw it back up. It was the vilest thing he had ever put in his mouth. Chun Lu grimaced. He brought out more implements of torture and he sent the translator away. Another scream resounded. Though not as loud as the other one and the birds didn't bother to end their cheery songs for this one.

Qui Yeht' Clutches....

Qui Yeht was having a fun time with this one. This one knew their language and Qui Yeht didn't need the use of a pesky translator. Qui Yeht spoke. "You seem to be a strong one Captain.
We need a strong one around here. Too many weak ones here as it is."

For once Qui Yeht looked genuinely empathetic. That look didn't fool Murdock for one second. Murdock shook his head. "Wha'ev'r ya gonna do ta me bett'r do it quick. 'Cause I gotta get back ta m'frien's."

Qui Yeht's face couldn't be identified as just one color. He gasped out. "You are very stubborn."

Murdock grinned. "Thanks. I learn'd som'thin' from servin' th' Army. Hopefully they'll be vury proud."

Murdock grinned and Qui Yeht brought out a few electrodes. "Perhaps if I use some of thes on you? Maybe your tongue will loosen?"

Qui Yeht strapped the electrodes on to Murdock's chest and arms. Also his groin area. Qui Yeht gleefully smiled at his captive. "In due time you will all learn to fear me. Oh yes you will."

Another scream ripped through the night and finally all four's tortures were done for a while. Hannibal being the least touched of them all. Hannibal tried to relieve their pain. But he himself was also trying to come up with a plan. But to no avail....

A couple months later........

"Okay Lin jus' one more time. Yippee ti yi yippee ti yay!!!"

A foreign sounding voice that didn't sound too sure of himself answered. "Never shall I get this song Captain. But I shall try. Here I go. Yippee ti yi yi yi yi yiiiiiii." The voice sang as quietly as it could.

For the man who was standing near all four's cell was risking his neck by bringing the prisoners more nourishing food then what they had been getting. The four men were in one cell for a reason. Their leader and sergeant had put up such a fight that Chao had finally given into their wishes and now they were all occupying what had been Face's and Murdock's original cell.

There wasn't much move to roam around but the four somehow managed. They took turns sleeping on the mattress and had even had the blankets air drying. The blankets still smelled but they made do with what they had. Soon the American voice sounded again.

"Awww don' worry none Lin Duk. W'll make a cowboy outta you yet. Okay. Same time?
Same place? Tomorra?"

The man nodded and walked back to the kitchen practicing the song in a low voice. Hannibal assessed their situation once again. There were guards everywhere it seemed. Just then a guard came by. The aforesaid guard was looking particularly malicious at the moment and he smiled sneeringly at Hannibal.

Hannibal gazed at the man and snorted. In his time in the camp Hannibal had picked up some Vietnamese and was soon as fluent at Vietnamese as Murdock was.

Hannibal stared the guard down then spoke. "What do you want here?"

The guard only smiled and then a smirk appeared across his face. "Those three are wanted.
Only those three. I have been sent to get them."

At the moment, both Murdock and Face were nursing flesh wounds and BA was still hobbling around on a nonset broken leg.

Hannibal furiously shook his head. "And I say no way. Their strength isn't up to par yet. They're not ready to have the shit beat out of them today."

The guard's smirk never wavered. "Well then I shall try something on you."

Hannibal shook his head. "I'd rather you did something to me then take my men. They're not in good health."

The guard laughed. "Good. Then they are broken. My honorable masters will only finish them off.
For the good of my country."

Hannibal's eyes gleamed in anger. "You son of a bitch. We Americans are here for the good of the country."

At that he mentally kicked himself at rising to the guard's bait. The guard had meanwhile opened the door and getting another guard to help him got all three out of the cell.

The first guard spoke. "Try not to cross me next time Colonel. Or you will be sorry."

Hannibal knew he would be. The guards were given free reign to do what they wanted regardless of being general gofers of the elite. Hannibal was glad to be left alone for the moment though. He needed to talk to someone without anyone hovering around him. Even though it couldn't be helped. There was a new prisoner that had moved in alongside them. Lieutenant Delbert Hollis.

Lieutenant 2nd class. Everyone including Hannibal called him Delly. Delly was as good as Face in some areas.

For Delly would pick the pockets of the guards. Mainly he found money, but sometimes he found valuable trinkets. Nobody would realize that their pockets had been picked until it was too late and the treasures were either hidden or sold. And of course Delly was very good at fibbing. So he couldn't be chewed out for something he hadn't done.

With that in mind Hannibal was over at the other side of the prison and speaking in through the bars. "Delly? Yo! Delly. You in there?"

A voice mumbled in reply and finally a figure wrapped in a cloak of sorts got off his own filthy straw mattress and stumbled over to where Hannibal was standing.

Hannibal smiled and spoke again. "Hey Delly. You doin' alright?"

Delly nodded. "Yeah. I'm doin' just fine. Just hope we can get out of here. And soon!"

Hannibal nodded and spoke again. "You know of any place that's not guarded by these goons?"

Delbert seemed to be thinking and nodded again. "Yeah there's an entrance to a gate where the laundry comes through. It's not guarded because the laundry's only here for a few seconds and then gone. Why?"

Hannibal shrugged his shoulders. "I'm planning on a jail break Delly. You game?"

Delly nodded.

Hannibal spoke once more. "Good. Got any piasters on you?"

Delly gave Hannibal all that he himself possessed and then Delly got back on his mattress and went back to sleep before Hannibal could thank him. Hannibal had another thought and woke Delly up again. "When does the Laundry get here?"

Delly mumbled. "They get here around four or five in the morning. I guess when you and the other senior officers take your daily constitutional."

Hannibal nodded again and thanked Delly before he went back to sleep. As soon as Delly was finished speaking his friends were thrown in and Delly was taken. Hannibal looked at the unconscious trio before him. As he tended their wounds he promised something.

"I'm going to get you all out of this mess. Every single one of you."

"Good." Came a deep southern accent. Can Billy come too?"

Hannibal nodded and answered. "Yes. Billy can come too."

"Good. Cause I don' wanna leave 'im here." The voice mumbled and sank back into unconsciousness. Hannibal picked up a spoon and raked it across the bars. He was thankful that
no guards guarded only one position. Soon Lin Duk appeared.

"Hey Lin. When does the laundry truck come?"

Lin Duk spoke. "It will come tomorrow Coronel."

Hannibal nodded and gave Lin the spoon back. "Thanks Lin."

Lin Duk Coo nodded and retreated back to the kitchen.

"Won't the Army be surprised and happy to see us come back and smelling like dirty laundry? I can't wait to see their faces."

He gazed at the unconscious figures on the floor beside him and then he glanced at the cell next to their cell. "Delly we're getting you out too. You're coming with us."

"Thanks Colonel" Mumbled a sleepy voice from the cell. Thanks very much Colonel."

Hannibal only nodded and patted at the pouch he'd put the money in. He couldn't wait for the morning to come. Even if it meant that that while he was away they would take his friends. Hannibal glanced at his friends again and then decided to stay up. He crouched in a corner and his eyes flicked every which way.

The sunlight shone bright and clear. Suddenly Hannibal was being shaken awake. He must have dozed off without realizing it. He looked al the guard and smiled. "Got any coffee on you?"

Instead of answering the guard raised Hannibal to his feet. "Come."

Hannibal went and soon he was walking in a circle with the rest of the senior officers. There were only five of them left alive now.

Maison and Dunstroft had been killed. That left Emmuns, and Richardson alive. The others he didn't know their names too well. Finally at about a quarter till five give or take a few minutes
Hannibal saw the laundry truck coming into view.

Hannibal spoke low and at Emmuns. "Do you see that laundry truck that's pulling in?" Emmuns nodded but he didn't dare stop the circle to look at Hannibal. Hannibal spoke again. "That's how me and my boys are getting out. But once I reach headquarters you'll be rescued. I'll tell them where you and the others are at. I just need you to co-operate with me."

Emmuns stealthily nodded and spoke. "Anything Smith as long as you get me and my men out as well. What do you want me to do?"

Hannibal smiled. "Ask the right question you'll get a pretty decent answer. Create a distraction.
You me and Philips mix it up and I'll duck outta the fight and run for the truck."

Emmuns nodded. Hannibal and Emmuns continued walking around. Suddenly Emmuns came to a halt and Hannibal nearly tripped over him. The game was afoot.

Hannibal affected a low growl and hissed at Emmuns. "Watch what you're doing Emmuns. I nearly tripped over you!"

Emmuns growled back. "I'm glad I almost tripped you. You're getting a little too big for your britches. If I were your commanding officer I'd...." Emmuns' voice trailed off.

"You'd what?" Sneered Hannibal. "Shove me? Punch me? Fine. C'mon Emmuns. Let's see what you can do."

The two broke from the circle and they put up their fists. Emmuns quickly had explained Hannibal's plan before hand. So they knew what was going to happen. Just then Philips and Harvis joined in with the argument and Hannibal slipped away during the fight and the guards.
Hannibal secured the laundry truck easily enough.

It was amazing what piasters could do for somebody like him. Hannibal took the laundry man's extra uniform and pulled the cap low over his eyes. His hands trembled as he inserted his hands into black leather gloves. He grabbed the laundry cart and pushed it into the entrance.

The former laundryman having been paid off scurried out of the camp as fast as his legs could carry him.

A few guards saw the laundryman leave but didn't think much of the incident and they let him carry on through. Hannibal meanwhile had gotten a guard to escort him through the officers' places collecting their dirty laundry.

A mean spirited Colonel or at least the equivalent of a Colonel had even deposited a pair of panties and a bra mixed in with his own clothes. Hannibal had merely nodded and had gone to the prisoners' section. A place he was not allowed to cross. So he punched out the guards leaving the black gloves on and he sped the laundry cart towards his jail cell. He then put Murdock and Face
inside and somehow he managed to put BA inside as well.

It was a good thing this laundry cart was huge and had a good amount of clothing as well as blankets and pillowcases. At least the men wouldn't freeze. He reached Delbert Hollis's cell and Hannibal again opened the door to the cell by way of the many keys hanging by a ring around the middle of the guard's uniform.

Delbert didn't need to be asked twice and he too hopped in. the only person who didn't come along was Lin Duk Coo.

He sadly shook his head and spoke. "I can not go. I am needed here. Good luck my friends.
I shall always remember you."

Hannibal had nodded and had whisked his Team away in the laundry truck. The suspicious guards opened fire but it was a little too late.

The laundry truck was soon speeding down the road with ferociousness and Hannibal at the wheel. The others were still in the laundry cart.

Good thing Hannibal had had on a guard's uniform. He turned the channel to a friendly wave and was soon answered with a voice of one of his fellow officers. Colonel Tetherson.

Tetherson ordered a Medevac as soon as Hannibal had hung up with him and then he was back on the walkie talkie ordering Hannibal to dump whatever dadblamed vehicle he was driving and meet the helicopter in a nearby airfield.

Hannibal wrote down the coordinates and soon they were speeding along a dusty gravelled road. Hannibal dumped the truck into a ditch and pushed the laundry cart to the field. BA groggily got out as did Delbert Hollis and soon they were all standing in the field waiting for the medevac to arrive.

Hannibal was holding Murdock and BA was holding Face. Finally the Medevac arrived. The pilot didn't quite know what to make of the five men in a field gaunt and scraggly. They looked as if they hadn't shaved in weeks and they were wearing what looked to be feedbag clothes. The only one who looked the best out of the whole of them was the silverhaired one holding a slightly balding man in his arms.

The fifth man waved to the Medevac and Captain Tensure set down as best as he could. The five all filed into the plane and they were soon airlifted back to the base.

Four were whisked off to the M*A*S*H* unit. Hannibal however refused to be seen to and he took a shower and got dressed in a spare uniform. Hannibal looked in the mirror combed his hair slightly and marched up to his commanding officer's office. There he knocked and was escorted into the interior by Morrison's secretary Harriet Bournz. Hannibal stood as close as he could to the desk.

Morrison looked up. "Nice of you to report back to me so efficiently Lieutenant-Colonel

Hannibal shrugged and replied in an offhand manner. "Well you know it's a jungle out there.
Pretty highly packed."

Morrison grunted and he looked at Hannibal again. "What'd you come here for Smith?
And it had better not be for a promotion. I told you that we only give out a few promotions per year."

Hannibal glared at Morrison. "Listen Samuel. I don't give a rat's ass about a promotion. Only that I know how the whole Army works. Nothing but red letter tape. As for promotions I got a letter signifying that I'm going to be a colonel soon."

Morrison just sniffed a little and shook his head. "It's a nice dream Smith. But maybe you should stick to something more realistic. Like getting yourself into and out of danger? Hmm?"

Hannibal glared at Morrison some more. But his voice was calm and collected as he voiced a question. "What do you mean Sir?"

Morrison chuckled and sarcastically spoke up. "It's about time you called someone Sir around here. Glad you're starting with me. But the reason I said what I said was because I have new orders in for you and your group.."

"Unit." Hannibal said through gritted teeth.

"Group." Morrison returned.

There was no sense in arguing and Hannibal knew it. He glanced at Morrison. "Okay. What is it?
And when?"

Morrison chuckled. "Glad you asked. Glad you asked. These orders are for tomorrow. Get your men out of the M*A*S*H* Unit a.s.a.p and PDQ. Or else your ass is grass and your head's sitting pretty on a silver platter."

Hannibal glanced incredulously at Morrison. Finally he spoke up. "Morrison you've got to be out of your goddamned blustery mind. Here you are telling me to bring my troop, who are not even halfway healed on a senseless no good damned mission? Is that what you're saying?"

Morrison didn't even flinch as he matched gazes with Hannibal's now cobalt blue eyes. Usually Hannibal's eyes were crystal blue. But they always turned a few shades darker when he was angry.

"I'm quite serious Lieutenant Colonel. Quite serious. Besides I think your 'conman' of the group, as you have dubbed him would relish this challenge. He needs to get a few of the countrymen clothes and a vehicle. It shouldn't be that hard at all."

Hannibal's jaw tightened and his eyes turned a midnight blue. "What the hell are you making us do? And why the fuck wasn't I told about it before we risked our asses in a godforsaken hot as hell jungle?"

Morrison grinned. "Because they didn't come until now."

Hannibal nodded unable to say anything more. Morrison went on to explain. "You , Baracus, and Peck are all going to rob the bank of Hanoi. I want Captain Murdock to fly you all. That is all.

Hannibal glared at Morrison. "The Army won't let us Samuel. It's against everything they do.
Besides we're here to fight, not to rob."

Morrison sighed with displeasure. "They approve. Trust me. They do approve. See?"

He held up some documents, but before Hannibal could get a good look at them Morrison shoved them back into his desk. Morrison fixed steely eyes on Hannibal's own cold angry eyes.

"You rob the bank and the war could end soon. Very soon."

With that Hannibal all but raced out of the office and into the M*A*S*H* unit. There he confronted three doctors. Dr. Gray, Dr. Tanner, and Dr. Beardmore. Each sported long gray beards, and solemn expressions. At first Hannibal couldn't tell which was which. Until he read their nameplates.

He confronted Dr. Gray first. "Doctor? How's Delly doing?"

The doctor stared at Hannibal and glanced at his insignias on him. "Ahhh well Lieutenant-Colonel.
He's going to be alright. He just needs to be stitched up and nothing that a little rest and food won't do for him."

Hannibal nodded and asked the other two some questions. "What about Sergeant Baracus?
And Lieutenant Peck? As well as Captain HM Murdock?"

The three doctors sighed. If there had been a class in Doctor School about sighing Hannibal was sure those three were at the top of their class.

"Well Captain Murdock has gone crazy. He is talking about a dog name Billy but has mentioned that it is invisible. Being this is his second tour of duty it would crack any man to be here in this war for too long...." Dr. Tanner's voice fell silent as if he had divulged a great secret and hadn't meant to do so.

Hannibal nodded and asked. "What about Lieutenant Peck? Is he fit to be in the War Zone any time soon?"

The doctors all looked at Hannibal as if he himself needed to be committed to a mental ward.

Hannibal sighed. "This is highly classified you know. But I'm only telling you this because I feel like you have a right to know. You see our commanding officer Colonel Morrison needs, myself, Peck, Baracus, and Murdock back in the thick of it by tomorrow morning."

Hannibal suddenly felt chills and the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. "What?" He asked as casually as possible.

"What do you mean what?" Dr. Beardmore returned.

Dr. Tanner took up the accusation quickly. "These men have been physically and apparently accounting Captain Murdock's condition mentally abused. They are hurting and any moves could kill them. Now Sergeant Baracus is strong. But the others.... That is definitely out of the question. "

"Definitely." Agreed Dr. Gray.

Hannibal looked at them and then continued. "If I don't get my ass to the brass with my crew then I'm screwed."

"Nice rhyme." Came a feeble voice from one of the beds.

Hannibal acknowledged Murdock but turned back to the doctors. "Out of the question Lieutenant-Colonel Smith. Out of the question." Dr. Gray said. "It's madness and suicide that drives those uppercrusts to sacrifice our boys and then we have to fix them up ready for another round of beatings. That I cannot stand for. Not as a physician.... Certainly you can understand that Lieutenant-Colonel Smith?"

Smith sighed and eyed the three with a grim determination. "Then I get court-martialed along with my Team. I can't risk that gentlemen. Patch them up as best as you can and I'll call on the jaunty Colonel Morrison first chance I get."

The doctors shrugged and tended to their patients. Twenty-four hurried hours later the four were assembled in Morrison's office. Morrison outlined the plan to the other three. They were all ill
looking and even though they were in neat spotless uniforms Hannibal could see that they were hurt.

"Hell no. I don't care if the war ends early. I don't want to risk my life for a couple bucks of piasters." Moaned Face.

He was looking paler and paler by the moment. Even Murdock looked as if he were going to puke his guts out. It was BA who didn't look the least affected by any of the wounds nor the hurried patchings of the doctors. His leg was in a brace. Taken out of the cast. He walked with a slight limp, but the doctors were going to put him in a real cast once he got back.

Morrison finally dismissing them until bright and early the next morning. Hannibal and the others about faced. The three others sat on a bench. Each scowling in turn. Hannibal tried to be sweet. He tried to be coaxing and cajoling but all he really wanted was a nice stiff drink.

He excused himself and found his way to the Officer's Club. He found an unoccupied stool. There he struck up a conversation with Mac the bartender. He ordered a beer and told Mac to keep them coming. As he waited he adjusted his nostrils to the smells of the interior. The officers' club was nothing more then a tent.

But more fights broke out in there then anywhere else. There were also smells of sweat, vomit, and an occasional whiff of blood came to invade his nostrils. Hannibal finally looked up as Mac came with his beer.

Mac sat it down and wiped down the counter with a once white long dish rag. Hannibal took it and nodded at Mac. "At least you're not singing to me like you did last time Mac. That's an improvement."

Mac held up his hands. "It was a dare LC I swear it."

Hannibal shook his head. Mac never called John by his self-proclaimed Moniker of Hannibal. But he always called Hannibal LC. Hannibal's rank.

Hannibal spoke again. "Can't you call me Hannibal? At least once in my life I'd actually like to hear you using that instead of LC. "

Mac smiled. "The only enjoyment I get in here is rankling the officers LC. If I can at least rankle one of you bunch it makes my day. The only entertainment I get being stuck in here mixing drinks.

Such as seems my life is to be made of Me thinks." Mac returned.

Hannibal swallowed the contents of his drink and then gave it back to Mac. "Bring me another. And keep 'em '...."

Mac nodded. "I know I know. Keep 'em comin'. As if I can get a new supply of beer every time I run out. I'm glad that Peck kid's good for something. He's handy to have around."

Hannibal didn't reply to that comment. Instead he gave a half cheer to Mac with his glass and sat to nurse his beer. He thought of the men he was in charge of. It was his duty to keep them alive at all costs. He had lived through one war.

He didn't want the kids to get put in body bags when they each had a future before them. Deciding after a while that he sounded corny and it was the alcohol taking affect he asked Mac to put them on his tab and he went back to the barracks.

Hannibal slid in between the sheets and he instantly fell asleep. He was the first awake though for the briefing. Then they all went about their assignment. Not knowing that in a few short hours they would all pay for Morrison's underworkings.

Face procured some black pyjama type clothes the citizens wore. Also he procured some hats the people wore as well. Each slid into the clothes and adjusted the hat. Now all Peck needed to do was get the car. It would be simple. There would be a festival going on and of course fireworks would be going off.

Nobody would know that their bank was going to be robbed. It would be a piece of cake. Or would it? Was Lady Luck going to be so kind as to let her radiant face shine on these three unfortunate men bound by rules and regulations of the Army? Decidedly Lady Luck had gone and had a manicure and pedicure. She was abnormally absent. And so her cousin Dissention had taken over. It was a bombed out mission from the beginning.

Peck had a little trouble stealing the vehicle. But that was soon taken care of. Luck seemed to be on Baracus and Hannibal's sides as the door was opened by Smith's lockpicking which he had picked up from Peck.

The door easily swung open and Baracus and Smith ambled inside. They put a bomb at the foot of the safe and soon its door was hanging off the hinges and the two men were piling money inside the burlap sacks they had brought with them. Baracus suddenly had a premonition. He looked out the window just as two policemen eyed Face's getaway car. Face saw Baracus and the two flinched. Baracus hurried out of sight and Face stood next to a totally different car. The panics led
to a shout as the policemen noticed their bank wasn't empty after all.

A little more loading and Peck, Baracus, and Smith were on their way back to the drop off site. Murdock came zooming in a few minutes later and loaded down with the loot they flew back to the base.

Murdock had told them that he had just been to seen Morrison, and Morrison had been about to tell him something but he had looked at his watch and it was time to pick them up. So he took a rain check on what Morrison had been saying and went to pick the three men up. When the four men got back to the base it was nothing but a blazing inferno.

Smoke was rising high to the heavens. Billowing smoke and fires yet to be put out were being attended to by the resident firefighters. The one building that had been hit was Colonel Morrison's building. Hannibal went to see what had happened and came back bearing grim news. Morrison had been shot before the building had been hit and then he had died amongst the embers.

Unfortunately his body hadn't been recovered. And the 'orders' had gone up in smoke as well. Hannibal handed Face the piasters and then continued. "Oh yeah and they want the piasters back.
We're being court-martialed too. Ain't that a kick in the teeth?"

Face shook his head. "How about we hide them? Then they won't be able to find the piasters and we won't be found guilty."

Murdock spoke up. "Wha' 'bout me Colonel?"

Hannibal shook his head. "You're not going to be court martialled. Since you were just our pilot they don't think you knew the full implications of our 'mission'. I hope you have a good life Captain."

Murdock's eyes shone with a light. A jazz of his own it seemed. "I'm crazy Colonel.
Cain't I turn it inta a plea barga'n? Ya know mebbe I cou'd be ya inside man? Wha'cha think?"

Hannibal looked seriously at Murdock and then he looked at the others. "Well we'll need an inside man once we get out of Fort Bragg....."

His musings were cut short by MP's taking them to the brig. Murdock went alone to figure out his own strategy.

The next morning at the trial the lawyer tried to get them to change their story. But they wouldn't. At another meeting a very bouncy, hyper HM was going on and on about Polar Bears skiing and invisible dogs who wore day glo pants. Whatever day glo pants were.

They shipped Murdock off to Westwood California and there he met a very nice doctor by the name of Dr. Alexander Richter. Richter was entranced by this man. Soon Murdock was led to room #104 and a couple of weeks later got a surprise visit from his friends when he returned from therapy.

They greeted him and told him of their plan to becoming a helper to the helpless who couldn't go to the police for help. They were going to call themselves the A-Team. Hannibal wanted to know if Murdock would be their fourth member and secret weapon. Murdock agreed and when all was settled they got out by the way they'd gotten in. By disguise and sheer luck.

BA was driving a convertible, but felt he needed something for them all. So he bought a junky old van and fixed it up. It soon became as loyal to the Team as the Team was to each other. They loved working cases for people. Not knowing a sinister man was on the sidelines watching their every move.

But he wouldn't come until fifteen years into the future. His name? Hunt Stockwell. As Hunt turned off the television screens he turned triumphantly towards his faithful assistant Carla.

"Soon Carla. Soon they will be mine. Not including that despicable Murdock. But Baracus, Peck, and Smith will be mine soon."

Carla nodded. "Yes. But when General?"

The general shrugged and then stormed out of the room leaving a mystified assistant in his wake.

Meanwhile the Team had just finished a job and Murdock was bouncing off the walls. BA turned around to throttle him, but Hannibal and Face soon stopped it at once and soon they were back in one of Face's scammed apartments. There they rested.

And that my friends is:


War Is Hell by Georgia Bentz



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