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Contender II: Moving On
by Elf

Rated: PG
Summary: Templeton Peck, still in college, just before meeting Leslie. He is having a relationship with a "friend." This story follows 'Could have been a contender,' found in the VA Archives:
Warnings: Hints of heterosexual sex, otherwise, nothing untoward.
Disclaimer: Members of the A-Team, even before they were members of the A-Team, do not belong to me. They belong to Mr. Cannell, who by his sheer graciousness, lets us play with them. But seriously, there is only one (maybe two) that I am interested in. If you find him wandering aimlessly, send him my way. Also, my CPA knows I make no money from this, and can prove it. I only toy with thoughts of imaginary people when I really should be working on my paper for college. Bwhahahaha?
Author notes: Please send me feedback, I am a starving artist, and feedback to nibble on is better than nothing at all... also, commentary will let me know you are interested and that I should keep working on it... otherwise, it may languish in the darkness of my little ol' harddrive... whimpering to itself for attention...


Part 1

"I've.... sort of... volunteered you for moving box brigade," she said, breaking the silence.

Templeton, sitting across the table, half looked up out of his book at her with that 'oh, really' look on his face, "You think so?" He made a conscious decision to look pathetic and whine, "I hate box brigade..." and he gave her a disdainful look for emphasis. "When, pray tell?"

"Saturday," Kelly said flatly and gave him a hopeful look & wide smile, even battering her eyelashes in a last ditch effort.

"Tomorrow," he corrected. "Small problem, hon... that is the day I am supposed to be moving to the attic room at the frat with Mitch."

Kelly's eyes widened as she remembered. The attic room of the frat house was quite nice but was only split into two rooms by a divider and no doors. No normally a problem, as it was forbidden for any of them to take women to their bedrooms, but some of the others didn't care for it because it didn't offer too much privacy. It was about the same size as the other rooms, but had the advantage of having larger closets, as they were positioned under the rafters.

Templeton didn't have much in the way of possessions, but was getting a reputation as becoming something of a clothes horse. So, he wanted the closets.

Besides, he discovered he actually found the privacy disconcerting. He never had much of it as a kid, and now he experienced that not hearing at least one other person sleeping was kind of overwhelmingly lonely and somewhat an oppressive silence.

"Oh," Kelly said, somewhat visibly deflated.

Templeton was just that kind of sucker for reaction like that. It appealed to that 'damsel in distress' part of him that he could never deny. 'Damn,' he thought. "Well, maybe I could help you out earlier in the morn, and get my stuff done later." His internal swearing surprised him, and he pondered how he was picking up bad habits from his frat brothers. He reached across the table to touch her hand.

Her smile returned ever brighter, "That would be great, Tem."

"Doesn't this Leslie girl got any pals to help her out?" Templeton asked hopefully, "I mean, it stinks moving stuff in the snow."

Kelly smirked, "Well, the dad of a friend of hers is loaning his truck, but I thought it couldn't hurt to have some muscular types around," and she battered her eyelashes again to be convincing.

Templeton gave her that corner of the eyes glance again. "Uh huh... so I should send Rocky over, then?"

"He'll do. What should I give him as a 'thank you'? " she said mischievously.

Templeton's eyebrows raised. "What are you going to give *me* as a 'thank you'?" he returned just as slyly.

She winked and said nothing more.

Sometimes Templeton got a little confused in moments like these. They were supposed to be 'just friends,' but the innuendo made things difficult to discern. He decided to shift the subject, and became semi-serious, "So, is she nice?"

Kelly looked at him, momentarily confused. She blinked, "Uh... well... yes, I suppose. Rather reserved and studious. But... nice." Kelly studied Tem's face but found no hint of what he was thinking. She tried to make things light again, "Definitely a change from the party girl who was with me before." She smiled broadly, hoping to take the seriousness back out of the conversation with Templeton.

He recognized the ploy and decided to go along with it. "Maybe she'll rub off on you, teach you to be good and decent again," he said with his eyes twinkling.

He saw it coming and ducked the eraser easily.

"Rat," she said underneath her breath and pulled up her book to hide behind. "Besides, I have to say that *you* are the bad influence around me..."

Templeton paused to let her think she would get away with the comment. Then, he pushed her book down loudly to the table, having the exact desired effect he wanted. He grinned at her as the echo reverberated throughout the library. Many patrons looked at them directly. It caused Kelly to blush deeply and Templeton to grin wider.

"I'll get you," she whispered, looking about the hall and returning to her book, pretending to study it astutely.

"Promises, promises," he retorted and returned to his own book, chuckling softly.


Could Have Been A Contender by Elf
Contender II: Moving On by Elf



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