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Come Out, Come Out...

Come Out, Come Out...

By Maestro


Rating: PG, slash.

Summary: This is a fic I wrote as a response to all the email I got after writing a certain scene in Grunts & Flyboys. Either worried or applauding, every comment I received basically said, "So they are, right?" <BG>

Author's note: Thanks to anyone and everyone who commented on G&F, really, though the "are they/aren't they" debate wound me up a little after a while! (They so are...) Thanks to the Triumvirate, my other betas Bass and Hayley May, to Cab, Zippy, Val, Wally, Franne...everyone at the VA.




"That's it. This has gone way too far." BA looked up to see what Hannibal was talking about, and saw Murdock and Face sitting together in the van. They had opened the side door, and were sitting next to each other with their legs hanging out, dangling.

It was going to be a beautiful sunset, here in...wherever the hell they were. Murdock had his arm around Face, who was leaning his head on the other man's shoulder. He was playing idly with a few strands of Face's hair, and the two men were smiling. Face tipped his head a little to look Murdock in the eye, then whispered something in his ear. They laughed softly, inaudible from where BA was standing but you could see it on their faces. Then another look, lasting maybe a fraction of a second too long, and they both turned back to the sunset.


"They're not even trying to hide it any more!" Hannibal threw the oily rag in his hand on the floor. "Look at them, giggling away like a couple of schoolgirls!"

BA said nothing. Hannibal generally blew up about Murdock and Face once a week, and it was best to just stay quiet and take it. Personally, he didn't really mind. They were obviously happy, wasn't that what mattered?

"I'm going over there."

"Hannibal, no..."

"I am, BA, I am! I want this all out in the open, stop them tiptoeing around."

BA rolled his eyes, not mentioning the fact that three seconds ago Hannibal had been complaining that they weren't trying to hide he said they were... "Let 'em be, Colonel. They're happy."

But it was too late. Hannibal was already striding over there, anger obvious in his body. BA picked up the rag he had dropped, and followed slowly after him.

Murdock and Face were whispering to each other again, and laughing, but they looked up when Hannibal approached. They didn't move, though. Now BA was closer he could see that they even had their legs entwined. They were practically sitting on each other's laps...

"Hey Hannibal, ain't it beautiful?" Murdock's hand gestured towards the sunset, but his eyes stayed on Face. BA grimaced. Couples could be so nauseating sometimes.

"Guys, I know 'don't ask, don't tell', but I don't care any more."

They exchanged a confused glance. BA hovered nervously next to his CO, polishing what he now saw was a Popsicle stick. Oh well, didn't they need to be clean too?

"What's the problem, Hannibal?" Face sat up a little, concerned. Murdock's arm stayed protectively around him.

Hannibal cleared his throat -- he's going to screw it up, thought BA -- and spoke, not looking them in the eyes. "We know."

"You do?"


Face mouthed something to Murdock that BA couldn't see, and Murdock shrugged. He turned to Hannibal. "Uh, Colonel, if ya don't mind me askin'...what do you know?"

Hannibal 'harrumphed' a little. "We...know. About you two. You don't have to hide it any more."

BA stepped in. "We may be a lil bit older than you guys, but we've been around. We know how it is, an' you don' have to hide aroun' us."

"Hide what?" Face looked genuinely confused, which just annoyed Hannibal more.

"Come on, Face. Everyone who sees you two together knows. And...well...I won't pretend it was easy to accept at first..."

"Is this one of those games where you're describing a word, but me an' Faceman ain't allowed to know what the word is? 'Cause if so...I hate that game..."

Face stood up, and moved around Hannibal a little to look at BA. "Could you possibly enlighten us, BA?"

BA coughed wretchedly, and accidentally snapped his Popsicle stick. "I, uh....I ain't good at the mushy stuff, Faceman....but what, uh, Hann'bal's tryin' ta say is..." He coughed again, and his voice got lower, almost a whisper. "If you an' the crazyman...together...well, we don't mind."

Murdock took off his hat and threw it to the ground. "What do you mean, 'together'? Why you keep runnin' us around in riddles?"

Hannibal lost his temper as well. "If you're gay, you could at least have the common decency to come out and say it!"

There was a silent pause.


Murdock snorted. "You an' Faceman...we're sleepin' together?"

Murdock and Face collapsed into laughter, Face walking back to Murdock to cry on his shoulder with mirth. They wiped away the tears, then caught another look at Hannibal and BA's faces, and exploded with giggling again.

"Stop it! Stop laughing!" Uh-oh, thought BA, Colonel's mad now...

Murdock stole another look at Face, who was leaning on his shoulder, gasping for breath. "Hannibal, uh, I know how much you were hoping to be bridesmaid," another giggle from Face, "but me an' Face...we're not."

"Oh that case how come every time we go out on a mission, you two always share a room?"

Face piped up. "We don't always."

"Name one time you haven't."

The two looked at each other, momentarily lost for words. Then Murdock snapped his fingers. "Stevi Faith! The house, remember? I shared with BA!"

BA snorted. "Yeah, might as well have been sharin' with Face, amount he was in there..."


Hannibal was getting angrier. It wasn't supposed to go this way. "I shared a room with you, Face, but you weren't even in there most of the night. Kept going into Murdock's room, did he want a glass of water? A hot water bottle? Was he too cold? Did he want a snack? As I remember, BA said you two stayed up most of the night talking anyway..."

Face moved away a little from Murdock, but still within touching distance. " guys are serious? Okay, I admit maybe we spend a lot of time together...and Murdock doesn't sleep well, so yeah, I keep an eye on him...but gay? Me?"

"Must admit Facey, they say the cute ones are know..." Murdock made a wobbly hand gesture, and Face pushed him playfully.

"Will you stop it? Can't you keep your hands off each other for two seconds?" Hannibal pulled out a cigar and bit the end off viciously. "Even in Vietnam you two couldn't go two seconds without a pat, a handshake, a playful guys are lousy at hidin' it..."

"That's cause we're not gay, Hannibal...Murdock, I think they're serious!"

Hannibal held up his hands apologetically. "Look, you both know I'm proud of you, no matter what side of the fence you're on. And I don't think you could find a better wife than Murdock -- he cooks, he cleans, he's funny..."

"What?" This was from Face, Murdock was speechless.

BA nudged Hannibal lightly. "Not wife, remember? The book said, 'partner'. Or, 'significant other'."

Face, ever observant, picked up on this at once. "Book? What book?"

BA rooted around in the back of the van for a bit, and came out with a triumphant "aha!" He held a battered, well-thumbed book. Murdock grabbed it at once.

"'So Now You Know -- Dealing With Your Gay Or Lesbian Child'??"

"Oh my God..." Face had his head in his hands. Murdock idly patted him on the shoulder, and then caught Hannibal's knowing look, and stopped.

"Hannibal, we're not, honest we're not...I mean, Faceman's had more dates than hot dinners!"

Hannibal grinned. "Face?"

This time it was Face's turn to cough wretchedly. "Uh, I, uh, I admit it's been an, uh, a slow season recently, but that doesn't mean...ah, Hannibal? It really doesn't..."

BA crossed his arms and did his best to look menacing. "We know. Ev'ryone knows. An' we don' care, s'long as it don't affect the Team, and our job. We're not...homogenous."

"Homophobic, BA."

"Right. Well, we're not."

Murdock sat down next to Face, the two looking equally petrified. "We're really not having sex."

Hannibal and BA exchanged a look. "Just like the book said, it'll take them time to admit it to us, BA. But, at least you guys know we know, now, right? We know you know we know. Whenever you're ready, we will be too."

The two walked away, Hannibal looking less tense. By contrast, Face and Murdock were incredibly tense.

"They don't believe us, Face..."

"I know."

"How can we make 'em believe us?"

"I don't know."

"You really haven't had a date for a while?"

"I've been busy!"



"I still can't believe it..."

"What?" Face had the bathroom door closed.

"I said I still can't believe it!"

"Oh! Neither can I..."


"I said..."

Face had been in the bathroom for over an hour, same as always. Fifteen years of sharing a hooch, hotel rooms, and apartment floors with him, Murdock was now used to his friend's habits. An hour in the bathroom gave him time to tidy up, anyway.

Face came out of the bathroom, clad in the silk pyjamas he insisted upon taking everywhere. Murdock had a couple of spare pairs back at the VA in case of emergencies, as well.

"I and me!"

"I know! Why on earth would they think that we know..."

Face started putting his various toiletries away.

"Uh, Faceman, you gotta little toothpaste..." Murdock gestured at the corner of Face's mouth.

"What, here?" Face touched the wrong side of his mouth, and Murdock shook his head.

"No, look, I'll get it..." Murdock reached out tentatively, and carefully stroked the side of his mouth, wiping off the toothpaste. Then he held out the finger.

Face licked off the toothpaste, and smiled. "Thanks, buddy. Bathroom's free."

"Yup." Murdock grabbed a couple of things, and practically bounced into the bathroom, not bothering to close the door as he got changed and brushed his teeth. Face, in turn, started brushing down the sheets on the bed.

"So we're close. So what? Lots of guys are close, doesn't mean they sleep together..."

Murdock popped his head out of the door, dressed only in boxer shorts, a toothbrush in his mouth. "You mean sex. We do sleep together."

Face looked at the two single beds Murdock had pushed together, same as always. "Well, yeah. But you know what I mean. We're that."

There was the distant sound of Murdock gargling in the little ensuite bathroom they had. "Don't forget to rinse!" Face called out. "I hate it when you forget to rinse...I get spearmint breath in my face all night."

There was a muffled, "yeah, yeah," and then Murdock came out of the bathroom. He was only wearing boxers, like always, he liked to sleep mostly naked. Always had.

Face pulled down the duvet, and climbed into bed. "Ah, it's cold in here..."

"Big baby." Murdock skipped round the room, turning off the lights quickly, then jumped into bed, almost landing on Face. Face snuggled up to him, grateful for the warmth.

His friend's head on his chest, Murdock put his arm around him to hold him close. He kissed the top of his head lightly.

"G'night, Face. Sweet dreams."





Come Out, Come Out... by Maestro



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