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The Facial One's Corvette

The Facial One's Corvette
by Priestess of Templeton

Rating: PG ( For some mild language. Face is never happy when Hannibal persuades him to lend his beloved car. Musing about why B.A doesn't like the car either.)
Summary: Face talks about his car, Why he bought it. A few jabs at Hannibal. Mild swearing ( ie: words like, damnit) There will be quotes taken from shows, I will say which ones.
Warnings: Rated PG for mild language. Not enough to make sirens go off.
Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team, I just love messing with their minds. Wish I owned Face and his Vette. *cackles*
Comments: Fire away. Hints, Help, Whatever anyone can think of, Send em mah way.

Templeton Peck, Known to his friends as Face, Faceman, Or as Murdock calls him, ' The Old Facial One, Facey, etc', Sat in his beloved car, A 1983 White Corvette Convertible with red trim, Red interior. He loved this car for the fact it was fast and girls couldn't resist it (Especially when he was sitting in it.) But he could never stand it when Hannibal "commandeered" the car for missions. That really irked him to a point where he swore he'd snap and strangle his commanding officer.

As he waited for the light to change, Face drummed his thumbs on the steering wheel, Remembering a time (Flashback to the episode 'Steel' when Hannibal comments on how Face got to the contract site after a fight with the baddies) When he and Murdock had driven to the Denham Construction site, watching Hannibal and B.A. toss around some bad guys. Face hopped out of the car, pulling off his jacket, looking to Murdock "It's almost predictable by now, Isn't it?" After the bad guys where incapacitated, He walked over to Hannibal. Hannibal looked to him, "Nice of you to show up"

Face just shrugged and said "Yeah, that's the trouble with that car, your never late for anything."

During that same day, Hannibal had told him to stick with "Crazy" Tommy Tillis, the mobster. When Face found out who it was, He called the Colonel from the mobsters' restaurant, Hannibal sounded like he didn't really believe him. "That's right, Crazy Tommy T. Guy like that has mob connections out the wazzo, you know what I mean?- Well whatever the reason Hannibal, I don't think we want to get in this guy's way. Crazy Tommy T hits a wall head-on, there's nothing left but a pile of bricks!" Then Hannibal told him to stick with the guy. Face was perplexed and beside himself "Stick with Tillis? Hannibal, I didn't plan on making a career out of this, ya know. I'm in my Vette, not exactly the most inconspicuous car to do a tail job in- you don't believe me?"

After they had ended the mobster's career, Hannibal told Face to take Murdock back to the VA. Face didn't know what to do. When he'd picked up Murdock, He was acting like a dog. Face yelled after Hannibal, and Murdock was getting into his jacket pocket for more animal cookies, "I picked him up! Now wait a minute! Wait a minute! I don't want-" He looked to Murdock and pushed him away "Would ya get your hand out of my jacket!- I picked him up, I don't want him in my Vette! What if he woofs out on me again?! He'll get hair on my seats, drool on my.."

When the light turned green, Face turned right, heading for the team's house. He smirked when he remembered another time when B.A said he didn't like the car, or him for that matter. (Flashback to the episode 'Chopping Spree') The big guy was angry that the car thieves took his van instead of Face's car. "Ah come on B.A., admit it, You, you just don't like my car!" And B.A had said "You're right! I don't like your car, And I'm not too crazy about you either!" Face sighed. He wasn't about to get rid of the car, It was a part of him, Spruced up his image. Then there was another time when Hannibal had driven the car, Which Face wasn't too happy about. Hannibal just had to step on the seats to get out of the car. (Flashback to the episode 'Sheriffs Of Rivertown') Hannibal had pulled up to the park where Face, Murdock and B.A were waiting. Hannibal stood up and stepped on the seats to get out. Face blinked and pointed "Ah for pete's sake Hannibal what are you doing!? Watch your feet!"

Face drove along the street, pondering on a time when Hannibal had "loaned" the car to Tawnia, when they had to break up an illegal weapons deal. (Flashback to the episode 'Say It With Bullets') Hannibal's plan was to let Tawnia drive the Vette to follow Harnet back to his place while the team "infiltrated" an U.S Army base. Face was in full dress uniform, looking at the entrance to the base before turning around and walking up to Hannibal. "Listen Hannibal, There's about a hundred reasons why I hate this plan of yours. But my biggest objection, even bigger than my objection of letting someone else drive my Vette- my biggest objection is sending the golden age of television" Gesturing to Murdock, who was using a tv changer "here to back up Tawnia while she's trying to scam a piece of scuzzy luggage like Harnet." Murdock smirked at him and said "Thanks old Facialed One" Then Face had continued on; "I think it would be wise to send someone to back her up who's a little more... Jelled."

It boiled down to Face was getting tired of Hannibal always using the Vette for missions or to just drive it. Face pulled up to their house, Determined to let Hannibal have a piece of his mind. Face whistled and walked up the driveway, up the steps, opening the door. Perfect, There was Hannibal, Right where Face wanted. Sitting down, unaware. "Hello Hann'bal" Face smiled that hundred seventy-five watt, halogen con-man's smile, Looking like the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland. Hannibal looked up at his Lieutenant, quirking an eyebrow "Hello Face. Something on your mind?" Face rubbed his mental hands "Yes, Hann'bal, There is. Now, you know how much my car means to me, right?" Face didn't give him time to answer. "Well, I'm gonna ask you real polite like not to use the Vette unless you talk it over with me first. Damnit Hannibal, That car means a lot to me. One of the few items I didn't scam outright. I bought it with money, My money. Just, just ah, ask before borrowing or commandeering it, okay? Deal?" Hannibal puffed on his cigar before answering "Sure thing Face, I wouldn't want ya to think I was simply taking the car because it's a chick magnet."

* Tha end? dun know. For now, I'll keep it like it is. I might write a sequel, If this one is liked, I'll roll out another one.*

The Facial One's Corvette by Priestess of Templeton



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