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Endless Summer Nights

Endless Summer Nights ( Taken from the Richard Marx song by the same name)
by Priestess of Templeton ( Scholar Of The Dollar's chicka)

Rating: Hmm.. I'd say from PG-13 to NC-17. For some remembrances of a love that Face cannot seem to get out of his mind.
Summary: Face fell in love with a woman he'd met over the summer. Nights of passion and lying to get away from the team just to see her. * The woman's name is Rebekah. I own her, She's mah own character.* Places in this fic will have the lyrics from the song Endless Summer Nights.
Parts: I will say One for now, And have it on a continued basis. Hopefully it won't go on like a broken record.
Warnings: Be prepared for scenes of sexual situations, some swear words ( That's why this one is rated PG-13 to NC17.) It's a bit mushy in some places because Face can't get over the effects that a woman had on him.

Disclaimers: I don't own The A-Team, I just love to mess with their minds. If I owned them, I'd own Face and his Vette. * Quiet snicker*
Comments: Fire away. Questions, Hints, Suggestions. I'll take em all.


Part One: Endless Summer Nights- Face Remembers.
( This is rated PG-13 due to Face's remembrances of Rebekah)

Face sat out on the veranda of his lavish two-story house he'd conned out of a rich tycoon that had left town for a few months. It was perfect because the large scenic window in the front room looked out over the ocean. And also for the private beach that stretched out in two miles. He sighed quietly watching the sun go down, Casting shades of reddish-gold to twilight-blue over the white sands of the beach. It was on a night like this that Face had met her. Her. Her name was Rebekah Knight. Long silky light brown hair and the most beautiful dark green eyes Face had ever seen in a woman. *Summer came and left without a warning, All at once I looked and you were gone* He couldn't believe his eyes when he'd seen her walk into the club he and the guys were at that night, on that summer long ago.

~ Flashback scene one~

Face, Hannibal, B.A. and Murdock sat at a back booth in the nightclub called -The Caribbean- They had just came back from a mission, Saving a nice elderly couple's son from false charges of drug smuggling. Murdock had gotten out of going back to the V.A, and he was glad for that. Hannibal sat quietly in his seat, Smoking a new cigar, thinking back on their success. Face, on the other hand wasn't so cheerful. He was feeling lonely, the elderly woman, Mrs. Hicks had asked him who sent him cookies while he was in the army. He made a mild crack saying that mostly the mess hall did. Now, it was coming back to bite him in the ass. He wasn't focusing too much on the loud music that played, Or the women that kept giving him seducing and luring looks as they passed their table. Face shot a glance to his Commanding Officer, Who seemed content with the day's work, Even though B.A had tried decking him after Laura had canceled the word she used to hypnotize him for the airplane trip. Hannibal looked at his Lieutenant, qurking a white brow "Something wrong Face?" Face looked at Hannibal again, Warm Ocean-Blue eyes locked onto Hannibal's Sapphire-Blue ones for a moment, Flashing a hidden pain, then was gone, replaced by that hundred seventy-five watt, halogen con-man's smile "Nope Hannibal. Nothing's wrong. I'm just, ah gonna go get another drink. You want anything?" He shot a glance to Murdock "How about you?" Murdock looked up from a deck of cards "Ah nope, Thanks anyway Facey" Hannibal shook his head "No thanks Face. You go and mingle. You need to wind down after today's events" Face smirked as he got up, running one hand through his short dark blond hair, The tight blue jeans he wore molded to his firm lowerbody "Oh gee thanks Hann'bal. Just what I need"

Face strode towards the bar in the middle of the club's floor, Nodding and flashing that grin to a few women that caught his eye. Then he saw her. Sitting at a table, alone and looking down in the dumps.~ Go over to her~ Said his inner voice. ~ Like she'd give me the time of day. I'd bet she'd see me for what I really am~ ~ How do you know if you don't try?~ Face narrowed his eyes at the inner voice, Which sounded like a mixture of Hannibal and Murdock. As he strode up to her table, Rebekah looked up at the handsome man approaching her. She was wearing a low-cut black silky dress, showing just enough cleavage to keep a man interested. Her long silky light-brown hair spilled over her bare shoulders, Dark green eyes set in almond-shaped sockets, Giving her an odd, though very beautiful appearance. Face took a deep breath as he stopped at her table. He gave her a real smile and said in his warm, Tenor-toned southern accented voice "Ah, hello miss. Mind if I sit? You look a bit lonely and in need of some company" Rebekah ( Bekah for short) Smiled up at Face, speaking with a soft English accent "I wouldn't mind if you did. Looks like we are in the same boat." Face chuckled and pulled out a chair facing her. He studied everything about her. Her eyes, her hair, The dress that seemed like a second skin. She was beautiful. Bekah smiled "So, What brings you here?" Face raised a brow and leaned forward, taking in her vanilla scent " That was going to be my line.."

-End flashback-

* Now I'm back to what I knew before you, Somehow the city doesn't look the same. I'd give my life for one more night Of having you here to hold me tight, Oh please Take me there again*

Face looked up, startled at Hannibal calling him inside. He sighed and got up from his lounge chair, Opening the bay window and stepping back into the living room. Murdock wandered into the room, Catching the look on his friend's face. He frowned and strode over to Face "Hey there Faceguy. You look down in the dumps. Wanna play Monopoly? You can be the banker" Face looked at Murdock and shook his head "Ah, How about later Murdock. Didn't Hannibal call for me?" Murdock nodded and jerked a thumb in the direction of the kitchen "Yep. I dunno what for though" Face raised a brow and wandered into the kitchen. "You wanted to see me Hannibal?" Hannibal looked up and nodded, pointing to a chair at the redwood oak table "Yes Face. I've been noticing you've been down lately. Could you tell me what about?" Face sighed as he pulled out the chair, Sliding his lanky frame into the seat. "Nothing's wrong Hannibal. What makes you think that? I'm tired is all, Nothing to worry 'bout." Hannibal raised a brow, looking at his Lieutenant. "Come now Kid, I can tell when something's buggin ya" Face sighed and squared his shoulders. "Alright. You remember that summer, ah last year, Just shortly after we finished that mission, saving the Hicks' son?" Hannibal nodded "Sure do. Go on" "Well, In that nightclub, The ah, Caribbean. I met this incredible woman. She was lovely Colonel."


Face glanced down at the table's top, Memories of that night flooding back again...

~ Flashback scene 2~

* And I remember how you loved me, Time was all we had until the day we said goodbye. I remember every moment of those endless summer nights*

Face and Bekah began a quiet conversation that leaded to small kisses inbetween words, Laughing softly at each other's awkwardness. As they held hands, Face couldn't believe he was with someone after all this time. His last true love left him in collage. It was after he found out she became a nun, He came to realize why she couldn't bring herself to tell him. But it still stung. Bekah looked into Face's Ocean-Blue eyes, seeing just a flash of hidden and deep pain. She smiled to hide the fact she saw, But he caught that all-too-familiar look in her eyes. He shrugged; "It's nothing. My past is that, past"

Murdock looked around for Face, Then spotted him at a table with a lovely lookin' thing. He grinned and turned away before his friend could notice the stare. Hannibal glanced towards the Captain "Find Face?" Murdock nodded and jerked a thumb towards him and the woman. Hannibal shook his head with a grin "Now, that's what I like to see, Instead of Face looking down in the dumps."

Murdock chuckled and B.A. looked up "Whatcha' laughin' bout foo'?" Murdock pointed towards Face, "He's found himself someone to talk to, is all B.A."

Face scowled to himself as he heard his friends talking about him. He always could tell when they did. It irked him, But he never let it show that the constant jabs got to him, and found their way into the cracks in those walls he had up around himself. Bekah smiled softly, Reaching up to touch the side of his face. "Something the matter?" She asked softly. Face looked up to her, Leaning his cheek into her warm hand, sighing at the feel of her skin against his. He couldn't wait to leave this club and take her back to the team's house. "No, Nothing's wrong. What do you say we leave this joint? Go someplace more ah, intimate?" She grinned "Mind reader?" He chuckled "You might say that"


He pushed out his chair and walked over to her side, pulling the chair out for her. "M'lady"

Bekah chuckled softly and rose, Taking his hand with hers, closing her slender fingers around his broad, strong hand. "I can't believe I'm leaving with a handsome man" Face blinked then grinned "Me, handsome? Nah" They left the club, Hand in hand.

-End flashback-

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