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by Rosebud

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own them
Summery: Angst. HM getting nostalgic about an old girlf he never got over.
Author's note: Had this idea about HM finding an old photograph...urmm, got angsty and sounds alot like my other work actually...<shrugs slightly sheepishly...> must be the time of year or something...


The memory of a long lost moment hangs...
Almost tangible. A love sick ghost.
Pleading with me to let go...
I wish I knew how

I wish I knew how to forget you but...
I still need you so much.
I stare at this faded photograph,
And dare not even write your name.

All this time and you still haunt me,
Some days you even hurt me...
Oh this bitter laugher;
Your memory hurts me every day.

I a fool.
To let myself fall so far into you.
And you...
We...were never even real,
Not to you.

I'm losing track of time now,
The days fly past me,
But I stay.

Waiting for you to come back,
Hoping when I know there is no hope.

So I laugh.
Play the fool.

No-one ever needs to know,
Every breath I take is you.



Suffocation by Rosebud