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Sheriffs of Rivertown - Extended Conclusion

Sheriffs of Rivertown - Extended Conclusion
by Lou "Bloo" Cashmore

Rating : G / PG
Summary: This is a little continuation after BA puts the guys in the jail at the end of "Sheriffs of Rivertown".....
Warning: Nothing much really, there is a scene which may be seen as NC-17, but that depends on how the reader wants to take it.
Standard Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with TAT, I only use them in my stories otherwise it wouldn't be TAT FF now would it!


"Speaking of planes Hannibal," B.A reminded as he remove his baton from it's holster.

Hannibal took one look into B.A's eyes and knew exactly what he was going to do, so Hannibal simply turned around and walked into the empty cell. B.A continued to advance on Peck and Murdock whilst intimidating them by tapping his baton in his free hand.

"Ah wait, what?!" Face stressed as he backed away from B.A.

Murdock sat reclined in the chair with his feet upon the desk.

"Oh B.A, you're not mad just because, just because we flew you in here?" Murdock asked, not getting a reply from B.A, he got out of his chair and headed towards the cell that contained the content Colonel.

"Now wait a minute, wait a minute, remember your oath as deputy...." Face began, but B.A was not taking any of it. Murdock pulled Peck in and closed the cell door as protection from the big guy and his baton. "...not to hurt other deputies?" Peck finished.

All three were in the cell and Hannibal continued to puff on his cigar as Murdock and Face tried to reason with B.A. Hannibal just placed a foot up on the bar and lent on his knee.

"I see three badges on the table, that means you are civilians and I still got my badge and as official law officer of Rivertown, I'm givin' you guys two days in jail," B.A calmly locked the cell and ran his baton across the bars where Murdock and Face were holding, causing them to release their grips and step back a little. "I love it, " B.A began, giving a final swat of his baton in his hand, "when a plan comes together!" He finished, giving a satisfied smile.

"Now c'mon big guy - you and me are blood brothers, you don't want to lock me in this cell." Murdock said through the bars as he batted his eye-lid giving B.A a puppy-dog stare.

"We 'ain't blood brothers - you're just a crazy foo' who annoys the heck outta me!"

"Fine!" Murdock snorted, turning around and sat on the top bunk in a mood.

"Well B.A, you can't keep me in here, it's just not right. I don't deserve to be in here, I'm you commanding officer." Hannibal attempted, knowing that it wasn't going to do much good anyway.

B.A turned around and screwed up his face, Peck felt a little intimidated and backed further away from the bars as B.A approached Hannibal, who stood his ground.

"You're the one who deserves to stay in there more than the others - you keep knocking me out and smokin' those cheap stinky cigars in my van!" B.A exclaimed.

Hannibal took his foot off the bars and stood up straight looking at the smoking cigar between his gloved finger and thumb.

"B.A, these aren't cheap, I'll tell you - they cost a bomb!"

B.A reached through the bars and snatched the cigar out of his fingers. Hannibal looked up at B.A without expression - he knew his cigars annoyed B.A and wasn't about to ask for it back or argue with him. He let out a depressive sign and sat on the bunk under Murdock.

"This is my prison now and you 'ain't gonna smoke these smelly cigars!" B.A informed as he snapped the cigar in half and threw it out of the open door. "And I don't wanna hear any crazy rap from you either Fool!"

Murdock just turned on his side and curled up into a fetal position on his bunk - he was still stropy with B.A not saying they were blood brothers. He closed his eyes and pulled his cap over his face. Hannibal sat up in his bunk and took a newspaper out of his coat pocket and proceeded to read it. Face stood there and looked at the two men on their bunks, then turned to B.A who was now seated at the desk.

"Hey B.A," Face began as he walked towards the bars. "Where's my bunk? If I'm going to be in here for two days, where am I going to sleep, huh?"

"Faceman - I don't care, work it out between you," B.A replied, sniggering at the situation before him, utter bliss to the revenging mind.

"Wait a minute!" Face exclaimed, pointing a finger in the air. "I have my rights you know - you can't do this B.A! Oooo, when I get out of here......if I had a lawyer, I'd get him to sue you!" He continued to ramble away , not noticing B.A had gotten up and was approaching him. Face turned around and looked at Hannibal.

"Come on guys, help me out here!" Face stressed. Hannibal put his paper down for a second and pointed a finger past the handsome Lieutenant whilst giving a smirky grin. This caused Face to stop and look at the Colonel, not quite understanding what he was trying to point out. "What is it Colonel?"

"Errmmm, Face," was all Hannibal had to say along with the point and it suddenly became clear, but it was too late. B.A had grabbed Face around the collar.

"Great! And you couldn't have just told me could you Hannibal?" Face asked sarcastically. Hannibal gave a little laugh before picking his paper back up and continuing to read, knowing Face was in good hands!

"Ah, B.A, urm, I'm fine really - I'm going to sleep on the floor, right guys?" Face said uncomfortably, trying to look over his shoulder. B.A kept a tight grip on the Lieutenant's collar and thrust the other hand into Face's trouser pocket. "B.A! What are you doing?!" Peck asked completely shocked that B.A had his hand in his pocket, feeling around. Face's expression was confused by the unorthodox behaviour B.A was using. Peck felt the rings on B.A's hand thrashing around against his leg, a little too close for comfort. It all happened so quickly that he didn't have time to call Hannibal - he wasn't even sure he could have. B.A had rendered the Lieutenant speechless.

"You won't be needing this," B.A told as he pulled his hand out of Face's trouser pocket and let go of Face's collar. The look on his face as he saw what B.A had pulled out of his pocket, was evident to B.A, but he didn't know why. Face felt a little bad in himself for thinking B.A was up to something wicked: childhood left it's deep scares.

"You 'ain't gettin' outta here with ya picks this time Face," B.A informed as he opened his desk draw and throwing them in.


"Wakey! Wakey!" B.A shouted above the irritating noise of the metal cup running along bars of their cells.

Face flinched beneath the pile of blankets in the corner. He groaned loudly both to stimulate himself and to get B.A to stop the racket on the bars.

"C'mon - Get up you lot, I've got some work for you to do."

"Work?! What work? We're prisoners, not slaves B.A, remember we have......." Face popped his head from beneath the blanket to see the screwed up face of B.A staring at him through the other side of the cell and thanked god that he was on the other side of those bars.

"Hey Crazyfool! Get up!" B.A growled, but Murdock didn't move. He had been quite all night, which was utter bliss to B.A's ears. Hannibal, who had his legs off the side of the bunk, looked at B.A, who seemed really worried. He got off his bunk and turn around to look at Murdock, who was still curled up.

"Cap'n? Are you alright?" Hannibal asked, resisting the urge to shake him awake in case he was hurt somehow.

"Stop messin' around Crazyman!" B.A growled at him, trying to cover up the worry in his voice. By now, a worried Lieutenant had joined Hannibal next to the bunk.

"B.A, you better get in here and help me get him down!" Hannibal said with extreme haste.

B.A immediately place the key in the lock and almost ripped the door off it's hinges.

"Be careful B.A," Hannibal told as he reach into his pocket and passed something to Peck. "You grab the top and I'll take his feet, OK?"

B.A nodded and positioned himself by Murdock's head. Face stepped back to sort out the slighted item from Hannibal, ready for use. Hannibal nodded and they both slowly grabbed Murdock and lifted him up. The Colonel hardly had to do anything as the strong B.A had taken most of H.M's body weight. Together, they placed Murdock on the bunk below and before B.A had chance to move his hands from under his head, he felt a shooting pain in his right shoulder. He stood up turned around to see the Lieutenant holding the needle in his hand and started to corner him in the corner of the cell.

"Hannibal!" Face stressed looking from B.A, the needle and the Colonel, looking for some kind of answer or help. "It's not working!" Face expressed with a great deal of urgency.

"I'm gonna get ya Face, If it's the last thing I do!" The steaming mass threatened as he continued to corner Face. He looked at the needle in his hands and threw it to the floor. B.A grabbed Peck around the throat.

"Hannibal!" Face strained out as B.A's grasp got tighter.

Murdock popped up in between Peck and B.A, scaring him a little. B.A then turned it into anger and wanted Murdock more than Peck so he released his grip on him, letting a wheezing Lieutenant drop to his knees, coughing for air. Before B.A managed to redirect his grip to Murdock's throat, he began to sway. Hannibal positioned himself to catch the falling Sergeant before he hit the floor.

"Never again!" Face continued to gasp for breath. "He could of killed me Hannibal!"

"Murdock, go get the jeep, we'll go get the jet," Hannibal stated, totally ignoring the Lieutenant's complaining - he knew that if he could speak, his throat wasn't that bad.

"Hey Colonel," Murdock began. "What are we gonna stick B.A in when we get home? I don't think a cell would hold him this time!"

"I'm sure I can persuade him to not kill us when we get back," Hannibal replied.

"If you couldn't persuade him not to put us in a cell, how are you going to stop him from killing us, huh?" Face asked. "I'm not going to have anything to do with this - I'll deny everything!" he continued to stress.

"Oh Faceyman," Murdock said putting his arm around the Lieutenant. "If the worst comes to the worst, he'll put ya in the hospital for a couple of weeks or so!" Murdock finished with his boyish smile causing Face to look up to the heavens.

"Why me?!" Face asked, letting out a depressive sigh. Hannibal laughed at Murdock winding Face up.

"I love it when a plan comes together!"


Sheriffs of Rivertown - Extended Conclusion by Bloo