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Double Heat - What ever happened to the 'tash

Double Heat - What ever happened to the 'tash?
by Lou "Bloo Insanity" Cashmore

Rating: PG
Summary: Ever wondered how or why Faceyman got rid of his moustashe? Here's my interpretation taking the fact that trouble on wheels was their next job and the episode Champ was before Double Heat.
Warning: Nothing brutal in it, unless you see Face loosing his 'tash as heart-breaking!!<g>
Author's note: PLEASE I need comments.
Standard Disclaimer: In reality, I don't own anything to do with TAT and I'm only borrowing them, but in my wildest dreams, they're ALL MINE!!!!


"And that's the way it is on October 21st 1981!" Murdock finished. He put the empty TV shell down and straightened his jacket.

"So, Faceyman, now that the job is over and the bad guys have been dealt with - what are ya gonna do with that thing?" H.M asked as he attempted to touch Face's mustache.

"Stop it Murdock!" Face protested, swatting Murdock's finger away from his upper lip. "Why do you always have to touch it?" He finished, trying to smooth his mustache flat.

"Well, it looks like it's gonna jump off and start singing or something. Are you sure it's yours?" Murdock replied as he stared, puzzling at it.

Hannibal laughed heartily at the Captain's comment. He couldn't help but wonder whether it was real as well. Out of the fifteen years he had been Face's commander and friend, Hannibal only ever saw Face with a mustache if the scam needed it, he had even complained about it once - 'made his lip sweat if I recall,' Hannibal thought.

"Yeah, I'd have to agree with the Crazyman for once - it just don't suit ya Face." B.A added to Murdock's comment.

"Well, I don't care what you think," Face began with a huffy attitude. "I quite like it," unaware he was stroking at his upper lip.

"Come on guys, we best be going. Thanks for the lunch." Hannibal said, giving a friendly smile to their hosts.

"No, we should thank you Mr. Smith, for helping us in the first place, we don't know quite how we can repay you ."

"Don't worry about that, it was our pleasure....." Hannibal began.

"And maybe next time we can meet under a more friendlier situation." Face interrupted as he put his arm around the girl. She gave them all an embarrassed smile, before disappearing off into the kitchen. "Ah," Face puzzled as to why she had not accepted his invitation. He turned round to find Murdock almost nose to nose with him.

"Yep, it looks like it's real," H.M commented as he gave Face's mustache a playful tug.

"Will you stop it Murdock!" Face shouted as he covered up his mouth. He was becoming really agitated by now. It was bad enough they picked on him for his so-called 'whining' and now they have to pick on him about his facial hair. "I've got a good mind to grow a full beard - what do you say to that then?" Peck asked.

The three men looked at each other seriously. Peck felt smug that he made them see how they had hurt his feelings. He smiled at them and twitched his upper lip as he inhaled through his nose. The three serious looks he had gotten from his close friends melted into fits of laughter.

Finally, the total humiliation of seeing the girl sniggering by the kitchen door was too much for him to handle. Face left the room as echoes of laughter followed him to the van.


"Is that you, Templeton?" The woman asked, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Amanda?" Face guessed as he turned around to see if he was right.

"Yes it is......OH MY GOD!!" Amanda screamed as Face turned around. "What the heck is that?!"

"What?" Face began to panic. "Is my tie not straight?" He asked as he fumbled with his tie.

"No, what the heck is that on your face?"

"Where?" He asked starting to get really worried.

"Look in the mirror," Amanda suggested still in shock.

Face turned around and looked in the mirror to find his mustache was moving. He couldn't believe it and rubbed at his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things. As he got closer he saw a little face in it.

"Murdock?!" Face said in utter shock and disbelief.

"Why howdy, Faceyman, looky, we're together forever now and B.A can't get me no-more! Just best buddies until the end of time - you were always my favourite you know. Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh, what a beautiful day - we're stuck together forever, and good luck's gonna come our way!" Murdock sang.

"AAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Face screamed.

He sat up in bed panting heavily as sweat ran down his face. He fumbled at his mustache and got up to go to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror to see his finely styled mustache sitting perfectly on his upper lip. He examined it closely to make sure that he was only dreaming and then thanked god he was. 'A singing mustache with Murdock's face is impossible,' Peck thought, giving out a nervous laugh, hoping not to jinx himself.

Face turned on the water, making sure to plug up the sink first. As it filled up, he examined his mustache again, moving his head from different angles. He let out a deep sigh. "And I thought it was appealing," Face said as he gave it one last look. "It seemed to work for Murdock that time," he finished as he reached for his razor.

Peck scooped up some water in his hands and wiped at his sweaty face. 'If I'm going to be haunted by these dreams while I have this, then it has to go,' he thought, trying to weigh out the possibilities.

Peck coated his upper lip with shaving foam. He hated shaving, it was just such a chore to him, even though he liked to looked prim and proper, his face was always sore afterwards, "that's what you get for being a lady's man I guess." Letting out one more deep sigh, he took his razor blade to his lip.


"Now guys, when Face gets here, try not to pick on his mustache. You know when he gets huffy, he gets moany, OK?" Hannibal said, letting out a cloud of cigar smoke.

An eager Captain sat in the back of the van. They had a new job to do and that meant the four of them together for a few days - 'perfect opportunity,' Murdock thought. Hannibal saw the expression on Murdock's face.

"Cap'n, I mean it, alright?"

"Ah shucks, Hannibal, can I just a little? You've got to admit it's funny looking 'ain't it?"

"I'm sorry, Hannibal, " B.A sniggered. "It just strange."

"Yeah, like you with no gold huh, B.A?" Murdock suggested.

"Hey fool," B.A said taking on a serious tone. "Don't even go there Crazyman - me and this gold aren't gonna part." He growled as he patted his chains covering his chest.

"We 'ain't seen you without ya chains, big guy......"

"And you 'ain't gonna!" B.A interrupted Murdock.

Hannibal checked his watch and saw it was time. He put out his cigar and exited the van, putting on his helmet and sunglasses.

"You guys wait here for Face and then we'll meet up at Dominique's Cafe - don't forget to bring in the sign." With that, Hannibal watched the pick-up truck pass the van and got on his motorcycle to follow it.

Peck banged on the sliding door of the van and Murdock opened it, expecting to see Face donning a mustache, but instead he saw a smug Lieutenant. Face was smug because he knew Murdock would have been looking forward to teasing him.

"Faceyman, but why?"

"Shall we go, B.A?" Face said calmly, totally ignoring Murdock's question.

B.A sniggered in the driver's seat, then started up the van as Murdock puzzled over Peck's now bare lip.


Double Heat - What ever happened to the 'tash? by Bloo