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Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past
by Roxilicious

Ratings/Warnings: PG - slight use of adult language, some regular A-Team violence
Summary: The Team is taking a slight hiatus to B.A's mother's. While there, they find they must help a new local rec center that happens to be run by a childhood friend of B.A.'s who has really grown up. The rec center is being pressured by local drug dealers.
Disclaimer: All characters created within my stories are of my own creation, with the exception of the A-Team characters.

Copyright: September 2002
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B.A. pulled the van into the parking spot and sighed in relief as he turned the engine off. It was dark by now and it seemed he'd been driving for ages, his tired bones screaming out at him as he cracked his neck and stretched his back as he stepped out of the black van. The opening of the driver door flipped the dome light on, waking the other passengers and signaling to their groggy eyes and clouded minds the reality of their arrival. The three other passengers slowly emerged from the stilled van, struggling to wake quickly, trying in vain to lift their respective veils of sleepiness.

"Record time, huh, big guy?" the lanky pilot asked as he stretched his long limbs and yawned wide.

"Mama 'spectin' us . . . said she'd save us some dinner, and I don't wan' my mama slavin' over some stove this late for just us." B.A. growled quietly.

"Quite right, Sergeant. Let's not keep her waiting any longer." Hannibal chimed in with a sly grin as he started walking toward the stairwell that would lead up the three flights of stairs to Mrs. Baracus' apartment.

B.A. and Murdock quickly tried to catch up to Hannibal's stride, until Murdock realized Face was not with them yet. Murdock stopped in his tracks and jogged back to the van, pulling Face away from the passenger door mirror where Face was still trying to fingerstyle his hair quickly from the little dishevelment it had suffered from falling asleep against the window.

"You look fine, Faceman. Besides, who you tryin' to impress? B.A.'s mama?" Murdock's grin widened at the thought when he paused, "Is she your Mrs. Robinson, Facey?" Murdock burst out in laughter as Face stopped temporarily in his tracks and squinched his nose up in disbelief. When they finally reached the top of the third flight, B.A.'s mother was just opening the door.

"Scooter, . . . took you long enough to get here, didn't it?" B.A.'s mother complained warmly as she grabbed her large son in a huge bearhug, a smile lighting up her face even bigger than the one spreading across B.A.'s face as he hugged her back. The Team smiled thoughtfully at the sight of their gruff Sergeant embracing his
equally gruff mother, both softening in that touching moment, and then recomposing themselves.

"Well, get in here out of the night air before you catch cold, boys." Mrs. Baracus ordered. She steered them toward her meager dining room, then left them momentarily and returned from the kitchen with a bowl of pasta and a bowl of tomato sauce. The Team ate heartily as it had been several hours since their last meal.

After dinner, the Team set up their sleeping arrangements. In the living room, Face took the recliner while Hannibal commandeered the couch. B.A. was ushered back to his old childhood bedroom, which still had the large single bed dominating the room. Murdock trailed close behind B.A. and his mother to the room, cocking his head at the sight of the bed.

"Always been a big boy, B.A.?" Murdock quipped with a grin.

"Always been a growing boy," B.A.'s mother smiled warmly. "You can bunk in here with Scooter, Murdock," she added as she patted Murdock's shoulder. She disappeared and returned with an armful of blankets and pillows for the two boys. She then closed the door, bidding the two a good night's sleep. B.A. flopped down on his bed and sunk into the softness he remembered from childhood. Murdock sat on the edge of the bed, which garnered a growl and sharp glance from the barrel-chested mechanic.

Murdock gulped loudly and stammered, "Guess I got the floor, huh, big guy?" He gathered some blankets and spread them out on the floor beside the bed and laid down on his stomach, clutching a couple of pillows under his chin and pulling his cap down low. B.A. laid on his bed uncomfortably for a few moments after turning out the light, moving every few seconds, then sighed disgustedly.

"Get up here, Crazy Man. Wouldn't feel right if you weren't comfortable in my mama's house," B.A. said. Before he had finished turning the light back on, Murdock had leapt up on the bed beside him like a happy puppy knowing it shouldn't be up in the bed but wanting to sleep there nonetheless.

"Thanks, B.A." he drawled, then rolled on his side, back to B.A. as he got comfortable. B.A. flipped the light off once more and turned on his side, his back to Murdock. The bed wasn't small, but it wasn't huge either, and no matter how much B.A. tried to scoot away, Murdock's back seemed to curl up against him. B.A. sighed and let his body relax into sleep after the long drive he had done, almost comforted at last by the feel of his friend's back against his, . . . his friend always had his back in times of need. B.A. smiled at the memories filtering into his dreamlike haze before slipping off to sleep.

"Mama, let me help you. I can handle it." B.A. pleaded warmly as he pried the grocery bags from his mother's arms. B.A. now had five bags clutched in his bulging arms, Murdock carrying two, B.A.'s mother grabbing the last one and complaining about not being allowed to carry more as they made their way to the stairwell. B.A. barged up the stairs, leading the way, until he almost stumbled over another resident who was coming down the stairs that he hadn't seen. He lowered his arms slightly to try to catch a glimpse over the bags at the person he had almost bulldozed over. "Excuse me . . ." he apologized then stopped mid-sentence as he peered down into two rich amber black-rimmed eyes that were shining back up at him.

"Scooter, you remember Josey, don't you?" B.A.'s mother asked as she maneuvered past Murdock to stand next to her son on the stairs. "She was Scooter's best friend when he was a lil' tike." She whispered back to Murdock.

"Hi, Bosco," the soft female voice drifted seductively to B.A.'s ears.

"Hey, Josey," B.A. almost whispered as he looked her over and gulped audibly. "It's been a long time."

"Sure has. Never thought you'd grow up to be so strong and handsome," she gently touched one of his bulging arms.

"Enough jibberjabberin', Josey. We need to get upstairs to put these groceries away before they ruin." Mrs. Baracus scolded, mostly just to break the tense and awkward silence that was emerging between the two childhood friends.

"Agreed, Mrs. Baracus. Maybe I'll see you around later, Bosco." Josey smiled. B.A. just grinned back sheepishly, his eyes averting to the ground in slight embarrassment. Josey and B.A. moved awkwardly at the same time, both unfortunately going in the same direction. They did this about twice until B.A. stood with his back as close to the wall as possible to let Josey be the one to move by first. Josey leaned back against the rail to slide past B.A., touching his arm again as she went by. She smiled sweetly at Mrs. Baracus and Murdock and went on her way. Once upstairs and the groceries put away, Murdock began singing quietly as he walked by B.A. toward the living room, "Bosco and Josey, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G . . ." B.A. growled disapprovingly and Murdock scampered into the living room giggling all the way.

At dinner that night, Murdock began asking questions that he knew had plagued B.A.'s mind throughout the day after seeing Josey in the stairwell.

"Mrs. Baracus, who was that nice girl we saw earlier today?" Murdock asked innocently.

"Oh, that was Scooter's best friend when he was really little. Her name is Josephine Masterson, but everyone always called her Josey . . . sometimes Joey when she got a little older. She was a bit of a rough'n'tumble tomboy." She laughed heartily as she related some of the adventures Josey and B.A. had had when they were younger, all to B.A.'s embarrassment. "Mama," B.A. pleaded like a child.

"Oh hush, Scooter," she snapped back. "Anyway, her family moved to the other side of town when she was about eleven."

"And she moved back?" Murdock prodded as he took another bite.

"Yeah, about a year ago she moved back in with her elderly mother. Her father died some time ago and since she graduated college, she worked at the hospital. She left that job not long ago, though, because she wasn't happy. She is now the director of a new recreational center on this side of town." B.A.'s attention perked
at this.

"A new rec center?" he asked.

"Yeah, she and a few other friends of hers have moved in, reconstructed the old YMCA, created some programs for the local kids that are doing rather well. They even have a soup kitchen and halfway house going on in the rear of the building for some of the homeless in this area of town," she related. "She's helping the old
neighborhood and she has the connections around town to help get it done. She's grown into such an independent, strong woman."

"Sounds impressive. Think we could help her out with some things during this little time off?" Face asked as he wiped his mouth with a napkin.

"Don't see why not, she always loves when she has volunteers in to help," Mrs. Baracus said as she looked over to B.A., urging him to agree.

"We'll see if we can stop by there tomorrow, mama." B.A. conceded just before he finished gulping down his glass of milk.

The next morning, the van pulled into the rec center parking lot. They walked through a new fenced in gate onto the freshly paved basketball court that stood in front of the rec center. They walked close to the fence so as not to interfere in the full-court game that was going on.

B.A. walked through the large metal doors first, his eyes widening at how large the reconstructed YMCA now looked. He smiled at the pool table and arcade games in the corner and the living room set-up in the opposite corner. As they walked further toward the rear of the building, Hannibal stepped up his pace and walked in front of his Team.

"May we speak to a Ms. Josephine Masterson, please? We have a friend of hers with us and would like to help out with this center while we're in town." Hannibal explained to a receptionist at a desk near the rear of the building, off to the side of a hallway leading to a second hangar like building that housed the kitchen area and the halfway house they set up at night.

Before the receptionist could make a call to the back, a woman emerged from the hallway, head buried in some paperwork. She moved forcefully but gracefully; her mahogany-colored hair flowed to just past her shoulders, her denim shirt flapping around her hips with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows and the first three buttons undone, her slightly darker jeans tight on her hips but baggy toward the bottom where they pooled over black boots. She wasn't paying attention to what was in front of her and practically tripped over Face.

Face caught her elbows to steady her and flashed her one of his warmest smiles when she looked up at him. She apologized with an embarrassed smile of her own as she pulled away from his grasp, then looked around at the other men in front of the receptionist desk. She saw a lanky man sitting on the edge of the desk with a silly grin, blue baseball cap, brown bomber jacket, T-shirt, khakis, and all-star tennis shoes. There was an older man with silvery-white hair, shiny blue eyes, a denim shirt and black denim jeans. Then her eyes fell on the fourth man and her breath caught.

"Bosco!" she squealed as she dropped her papers on the desk and leapt up to throw her arms around B.A.'s neck. B.A. leaned down and started to put his arms around her, but then just stood there with his arms out in confusion. "This is a real surprise."

"Yeah," B.A. said sheepishly as he glanced down at his shoes.

"We heard such wonderful things about what you're doing here and thought we'd mosey on down and help you out, if you want." Murdock said, his words dripping with charm as he tipped his hat at Josey.

"Help is always welcome, thank you," she replied happily and stepped up to the desk to sign some papers the receptionist needed her to sign. "I'll be with you all in just a moment." B.A. soaked in the vision of Josey as she leaned down to the desk to sign the papers . . . yes, it certainly had been a long time.

Outside the rec center, a commotion had erupted on the basketball court. The Team made their way to the front door as the few youngsters inside ran to the courts. Josey had just finished her paperwork and sprinted out the front door ahead of the Team. She sighed in annoyance as she saw what she had suspected she would.

"O'Shea, . . . I told you and your boys to keep out of here." Josey said sternly, her brow furrowing in anger.

"Ah, Ms. Masterson. Yeah, you told us to go away, but that was yesterday. Today is another day," the tall, dark haired man that appeared to be the leader said with a condescending sneer.

Josey walked defiantly up to O'Shea, his dark eyes glittering with amusement as he peered into her amber eyes, now spitting fire at him. "You will leave now and never return," she spat through gritted teeth, her fists propped on her hips.

"Or what?" O'Shea challenged as his sarcastic smile grew.

"Or you'll have to deal with me, sucka," B.A. growled as he stepped up beside Josey, looking straight across at O'Shea, the muscle in his jaw twitching in anticipation.

O'Shea motioned for his two friends to step forward, which caused the rest of the Team to step forward in reaction. Hannibal pulled out a cigar and lit it up, taking a moment to get a good drag off of it before he added his two cents. "I think the lady asked you to leave rather nicely. Why don't you and your friends, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, get on your tricycles," he said, pointing to the three goons' motorcycles, "and get back to whatever slimy rock you crawled out from under?"

"Wow, you guys are THE Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?" Murdock squealed in excitement. "I've always wanted to meet you two, could I get your autographs?" he asked, pantomiming a pad and pencil in his hand.
O'Shea slapped his hands away.

"Well, our business here was done today, anyway," he said, glancing over to one of the older teens standing next to the basketball hoop who averted his eyes to the ground in response. Face took notice of the boy for future reference. The three men sauntered back to their motorcycles and rode away in a huff.

"See what happens when people become all famous, Faceman. They get all jaded and cynical about the world and look down on their fans. Egomaniacs!" Murdock sulked as the Team followed Josey back toward the Rec Center.

"Not all stars are that way, Murdock." Hannibal consoled Murdock and shot him a grin while brushing his gloved fingers on his chest. Murdock smiled back, "Thanks, Colonel. It's seeing stars like you that care about their audience that gives me hope." Face shook his head in disbelief.

"Josey, what did those goons want to do here?" B.A. said in a concerned tone as he put a cautious arm around Josey's slim shoulders.

"This building used to be the YMCA. Well, it was condemned for a long time, during which O'Shea and his boys used it as a drop-off point for their drug ring. Then, my group came in and bought the property, restructured the building and programs, and opened this rec center. O'Shea and his boys didn't want to stop using this place for their work, though, because it had become central to their operations apparently." Josey related as they all entered the building once again.

"What about the police?" Hannibal queried.

"Well, that's the thing . . . the first time I called the cops, they came out and really didn't do anything. I found out later that the ones that work the beat this area are on O'Shea's payroll, under the table, of course. For my troubles, O'Shea's guys came in and broke up some of our equipment, . . . but we were back on track within the week. His men only come around to work once a week or so, but the thing that has really gotten under my skin and made me more determined to get them off my property is that they are now trying to sell their stash to the kids here."

"Do you know of any of the kids out there that might be working for them now?" Face asked, remembering the one kid O'Shea had looked at before he left.

"Well, Tony has admitted to me, in confidence, that he did sell some earlier this year, but the reason he did it was to help bring in some money for his family, . . . well, his foster family, who is struggling to hold onto their small apartment." Josey related in a hushed tone.

"Hannibal, I think we could help Josey with this little problem." B.A. interjected as he turned to face his CO, a pleading deep in his soft brown eyes.

Hannibal paused for a long moment, taking stock of the concern in his Sergeant's eyes. "Agreed, Sergeant. Josey, the A-Team is now at your service," Hannibal said as he bowed low for overdramatic emphasis.

Josey's mouth dropped open as she looked around at the men around her, her eyes falling at last on B.A. "Bosco? You're in the A-Team?" she questioned astonishingly.

B.A. almost blushed and replied with an uncharacteristically soft "Yes, ma'am."

"You must have been sent by a guardian angel, because I was beginning to fret about what I could possibly do.... thank you," she lifted B.A's chin to look into his eyes, her warm smile sending a slight shiver through him. "Thank you,... all of you." She looked around quickly to the other Team members.

O'Shea threw a chair across the warehouse as he stepped in, his anger boiling over at what had just occurred at the rec center. The two men following him distanced themselves once inside the warehouse. The ruckus outburst by the drug pin caused the other couple of men under his employ to poke their heads out of the office.

"S'wrong, boss?" a dumbfounded brown-haired goon with a sloping forehead asked innocently enough.

"Everything is wrong, Gus." O'Shea seethed as he tossed another chair toward the stupid goon, shattering into splinters against the doorframe where Gus's head had just been before ducking back in the office at the sight of the flying furniture coming his way. "Seems Josey got herself some backup. They just punked us out,... and
Big Willy ain't gonna' stand for that," he sighed dejectedly. "If we don't rectify this problem immediately to regain our control of that turf, heads are gonna' roll for sure. I ain't gonna' be the head of an unsuccessful operation, because my head will roll first, . . . and I'm NOT gonna' let that happen."

"Sure, boss. We'll do whatever you want to get these guys out of the way." Gus stuttered, trying to reassure his boss.

"He'll be back, Hannibal. What are we going to do?" Face fretted.

"Yeah, he'll be back . . . and probably before the day's over. We'll just have to be here, ready to give him a regular superstar welcome when he does come back." Hannibal said cryptically, smile spreading across his face.

"O'Shea shouldn't come back today. He usually stays away for about a week after he does make an appearance." Josey stated as she sat on the edge of the receptionist desk.

"True, but that was before he got crossed by us. If he is as egotistical as I read him today, he'll be driven to gain face again with his boss and try to regain his turf." Hannibal hypothesized.

"Very perceptive of you, Colonel. Going by what we know of O'Shea already, I could make some assumptions about his personality traits, . . . he seems to suffer from narcissistic antisocial personality disorder. I believe you are right about his need to regain his turf before the day is out. When do you suppose he will return?" Murdock related in a stiff British accent, which couldn't help but bring a smile to Josey's face momentarily.

"He'll want to make a statement, . . . when will you have the most people here, Josey?" B.A. asked.

"Probably around five or so, . . . that's when a lot of the kids are around here and that's when we start serving dinner for the homeless in the area and they start setting up their cots for the night afterward. But, you don't think he'd come here and endanger all those innocent people do you?" Josey asked, amber eyes flown wide in
concern as she clung to B.A.'s arm.

"He can and will, lil' mama." B.A. soothed, putting his arm around her and rubbing her back slowly. "S'alright, though. We won't let him hurt any of them."

That evening, Face stood against the doorframe, watching all the kids now overrunning the main part of the building. He had convinced a number of kids (some with cash) to go home. A handful of others wanted to stay there so he convinced them to at least come in from the basketball court because of what might happen.

"You know they're gonna' come back here, don't ya, mister?" a quiet young man's voice fluttered over to Face.

"Yes," Face retorted, turning slowly to look at the slim boy he had took notice of earlier. Face could see the concern in the young kids eyes and thought of the situation the kid was in. Face leaned over to the boy and spoke softly, "Tony, you care about your foster family, right?" They boy nodded vehemently. "I wish when I was your age I could've found a foster family like yours. If we need your help, would you be willing to do whatever needs to be done? It will help out this center, the neighborhood, and your family by getting rid of the O'Shea scum." The boy looked at Face warily, but then nodded his head. "Good boy, Tony."

Face stood with Tony at the doorway, both looking out toward the street. Tony would be able to tell them when the drug guys were coming and who they were, if he could make them out. Tony saw something coming down the street and motioned to Face who dropped low and peered through some binoculars to get a better look. He didn't see Tony moving behind him and was then overcome by unconsciousness as Tony slammed his head against the doorframe. Tony ran out to the street to warn O'Shea and his crew.

"Face, do you see anything . . . . . . Face, . . . . . . . do you read me, . . . . . . Damn it!" Hannibal's voice came through the walky-talky laying on the floor beside the unconscious Face.

In the rear of the building, Hannibal told Murdock to race to the front to check on Face. B.A. started herding the few kids and couple of homeless that'd shown up already together to the back of the building. Murdock left the kitchen area where he had some huge pots of water boiling away and ran to the front. There, he found the
unconscious Face, picked him up, noted the approaching trucks, and scurried back to the rear of the building as fast as he could.

"Colonel, found Faceman knocked out and noticed the bad guys a'comin' this way." Murdock related hurriedly as he laid Face down, slapping his cheeks to wake him. Face started to come to so Hannibal ordered Murdock to return to his original position and be ready. Murdock hesitated, but then complied.

The first truck pulled onto the basketball courts, crushing the fence. The second one plowed around the side toward the rear of the building. The third went around the long way to get on the other side of the building.

"Masterson, I don't know who you got to help you, but it's too late for you. You want to play rough, . . . then let's play rough," O'Shea's voice gritted through the bullhorn.

"Listen, O'Shea, . . . I don't think it's wise for you to go into a situation not knowing who you're up against." Hannibal retorted through his own bullhorn.

The side door opened, O'Shea and his two goons that had been with him earlier walking in with him. They walked right by the open inside window of the kitchen, Hannibal ordering them to stop right there.

"Or else what?" O'Shea challenged.

"Now Murdock, B.A." Hannibal yelled as two large pots of scalding water were poured out the window onto the two goons, O'Shea getting out of the way and running back outside.

Something crashed through the window, emitting a smoky gas. "Everyone to the floor, get to the rear doors and get out," Hannibal ordered. B.A. rushed to the door, making sure to get all the innocents and Josey out, then the rest of the Team. As they left the door, the trucks rammed forward from all sides, crushing in some
of the walls, then throwing out some bottles lit on fire, backing out then leaving. B.A. rushed to get the hose to the fire hydrant out front, the rest of the Team struggling to help as Josey called the fire department with her cell phone.

By the time the cops and fire department got there, the Team was struggling on and were relieved for the help. After the fires were put out, the kids were accounted for by the receptionist, but Josey was missing.

"Where's Josey?" B.A. growled, concern straining his voice as he searched the small crowd.

"They took her." A small voice called from the wooded area behind the rec center. Tony stepped out timidly. Face ran to him, grabbing him by the collar and tossing him against the tree, "You warned them, . . . knocked me out and warned them, . . . and then you let them take her!?!" Face spat incredulously.

"Why'd you do it, lil' brotha?" B.A. asked, trying to sound as considerate and understanding as possible, his mind racing with thoughts about what they might do to Josey.

The kid started crying, racked with guilt and shame and fear, . . . "They got her, . . . my foster mother. I didn't want to work for them any more, but they didn't want me to stop. They took her, beat my foster father pretty bad, . . . . I had to help them, to keep her alive." He tried to suck back the sobs. "They're the only family I've ever had, . . . they really do love me and I don't want to lose that, . . . I didn't want to help them." Face's grip
softened as he looked in the boy's eyes . . . he was telling the truth. Face slowly embraced the boy, feeling in him a kind of kindred spirit.

"Tony, . . . you want to help us finish them off, . . . get Josey back and your mother?" Hannibal asked.

Tony looked up at Hannibal, his eyes swollen and red from the sudden outpouring of emotion. "Hell, yeah."

"You wouldn't happen to know where O'Shea's headquarters is exactly, would you?" Hannibal asked.

"I sure do," Tony answered back.

Hannibal let the smile grow on his face. "Hey, B.A., . . . you think we could make use of that second fire truck over there?"

B.A. smiled himself as he, Hannibal, Murdock, and Tony headed for the fire truck.

Back at the warehouse, O'Shea threw Josey into a small closet with another woman who had been cowering in the corner of the closet for who knows how long. "I think your days of helping the community are over, Josey." O'Shea hissed. "That property is mine now."

Josey spit at O'Shea as he slammed the door shut.

"Josey? Josey Masterson?" the woman squeaked.

"Yes, . . . who are you?" she eased toward the cowering woman who jumped at the Josey's hand touching her shoulder.

"Tony's mother," she whispered with a sob.

Josey instinctively embraced the woman gently, humming softly to her as she would a baby, repeating over and over that everything would be alright.

After dark, O'Shea and his men awaited the arrival of Willy, so that they may plan their next actions. Willy arrived around ten that night, painfully aware of his operation's actions that day, which he berated them about for a full hour after his arrival.

"Now that that is out of the way, we may now make our plans. Much must be done." Willy emphasized as he sat down in front of the men, all eyes on him.

The meeting was interrupted, however, when a reinforced fire truck crashed through the warehouse side. Hannibal stood tall on the back of the truck and made a wide circle motion with his arm, grin gripping the cigar in his mouth. From his clutched arm shot a powerful jet of water from the hose, blasting the men on their

Murdock and Face climbed to the top of the fire truck and leapt off the roof, taking out a couple of the goons, wrestling with them, and knocking them out with the butts of their own guns. B.A. leapt out and attacked O'Shea, bashing his head against the floor as he asked repeatedly where Josey was. Unfortunately, he knocked O'Shea out before he could answer. Hannibal pinned the last conscious goon against the wall as he leapt down and walked toward him, shutting off the water resulted in the man crumpling to the floor, gasping for air. "Well, well, look who we got here. Big Willy DeFalco. Small world, isn't it?" Hannibal asked as he cocked his gun on Big Willy.

The Team gathered the criminals and tied them together, hearing police sirens coming in the distance. They had dropped Tony off outside the warehouse when he'd shown them the hideout and had him call the police for this district. Unfortunately for the bad guys, the district their hideout was in was just over the division line of their bought police, so they would be prosecuted for their operations and looking at the drugs in this warehouse, they would be put away for awhile.

Then they heard a pounding on a steel door near the rear of the warehouse. Face pulled out his trusty picks and got the lock open, B.A. practically knocking him over to open the heavy door. "Josey," B.A. sighed in relief as he scooped her up in a bearhug. "We got 'em, Josey."

"I know, Bosco, I know. Never doubted you would help me. Thank you." She said as she leaned back, looking up over his gold covered chest into his eyes. B.A., in a sudden impulse, kissed her softly. Then, seemingly remembering where he was, he set her down gently and apologized embarrassedly for his sudden show of emotion.

"Don't apologize for caring, B.A. I've wanted to show you how much I cared about you since we were little." She smiled warmly, which only made B.A. blush more.

"Ma," Tony yelled as he entered the room and clutched his foster mother. "It's over, Ma."

"I know, baby, I know." She cried as she held Tony tightly to herself.

Face smiled at the sight, knowing the boy was lucky to have found a family like that. He looked around at the A-Team, enjoying the feeling of family he had with them as well, until Murdock snuck up behind him and noogied his styled hair, "Ah, we're just all one big happy family."

"Murdock!" Face screamed as he snatched Murdock's hat and tried to swat him with it, in reality relishing the brotherly teasing they gave one another.

Hannibal looked on proudly at his boys, then noting the growing closeness of the police sirens. "We have to get gone for now, Josey. But, we'll see you back at the apartments tomorrow, I'm sure. We'll be leaving in a day or so probably." Hannibal said as he pulled B.A. away from Josey.

"See you later, Bosco," Josey sighed dejectedly as she watched the Team leave the scene and waited for the cops to come to give her statement.

The End


Blast from the Past by Roxilicious



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