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Bayou Night

Bayou Night
by Live Lady Roadkill

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: A-Team owned by Stephen J. Cannell etc.
Comments: Please-- Need'em, want'em, very much appreciate'em and makes my day when I get'em
Summary: a sweet little pwp between Murdock and BA after a successful job in bayou country
Warnings: Slash



Settled and quiet, the evening breathed its sigh. The lack of anticipation blossomed idly and filled the air with flourishing sweetness in the sweltering heat. It was such a night that required a ripe tiredness to appropriately relish.

BA relished it.

With slow and deep purging breaths, the big man drunk in the sight of his sleeping lover shrouded in mosquito netting. Blood fired his already warm body as he stood there watching, studying and loving every part of him. He could watch him like this forever, for it was the only time his lover was still.

Long, naked limbs were strewn about seeking coolness, but only collected sheets on sticky skin.

Having stood long enough, he closed the distance between himself and the bed. BA carefully reached under the netting and gathered the books and comic magazines surrounding his crazy angel. Once he smoothed a few wrinkled pages, he placed the items next to the lamp. BA marveled at Murdock's ability to sleep in the humid heat of bayou.

Sweat pearled everywhere where there was skin. Everyone's hair, but BA's stayed wet-matted against their heads. Face complained endlessly about this throughout this mission. They would leave in the morning and even with this promise, the complaints did not cease.

Wiping his brow, BA weighed the options of crawling next to Murdock and standing all night. Both had their pros and cons. Lying down would be hotter and he'd be close to his lover. Standing up all night would be cooler, but he wouldn't be able to sleep.

The buzzing and biting insects made the decision for him.

He turned the lamp off and felt his way around. With care, he settled down on the bed and closed the netting around them. The sheets stuck to him and his eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. Murdock's silhouette began to appear before him. Lying still, he could see the soft raising and falling of his breathing. A little more time passed before he could make out the larger details of the man next to him.

The sharpness of his nose and stiff hairs on his chest, refusing to let the sweat weigh it down. The high, proud forehead, unobscured by the hat.

BA filled in the blanks that he could not see clear in the darkness. Like the fine mouth that was always quick with a smile and a kiss when no-one was around. The lines that defined each muscle and bone beneath the skin. The eyes--BA's favorite part of Murdock when they were looking at him.

"When are you gonna kiss me?"

BA was startled. He smiled and said, "Thought yah was asleep."

Murdock turned his head towards BA and extricated his arms from the sticking sheets, but not succeeding much. He let the limbs drop and opted not to move. "In this heat? You've gotta be kiddin'."

Thoughts of becoming hotter if they should kiss crossed BA's mind in a flash, but was quickly forgotten. He wasn't going to rob them of another moment.

Murdock required a lot of affection and BA had it to give in abundance. They have yet to reach a point where there was a deficiency of devotion or was there a deep craving for it.

BA hefted himself on an elbow and a hand with ease so he was hovering over Murdock. He could make out a smile in the darkness and he knew without being able to see it that Murdock's eyes were playfully dancing with light. This made BA smile.

They were so strange together and yet, they made perfect sense. Years ago, when Hannibal discovered the truth about them by accident, he made no comment, shook his head and walked off. He really didn't want to know or speak of it. They never knew his exact thoughts, but he put them together whenever sleeping space was limited or when they needed to be together. Oddly enough, Hannibal put them together when their needs were the greatestˇBA when his temper flared and Murdock when he was manic.

Salt and sweet allspice was Murdock's flavor. BA pressed further when he felt arms slowly coiled around his neck and shoulders. The humid air wrapped around them and in them. Delving, searching and pulsing. BA sank down, giving into the heat within, and ignoring the heat surrounding them.

The bayou's conditions were somewhat reminiscence of the jungles of Vietnam, reminding both men of the first time they kissed.

It was daring and deadly then.

Once they did it, they guiltily thought everyone knew, but that didn't stop them from wanting more, doing more. They half expect to find a bullet in each of their brains because of what they were doing, but they didn't care. It was Vietnam. The place where men in great, big, white houses sent the unwanted to be disposed of. BA wasn't wanted because of his skin color and Murdock wasn't wanted because he was an unknown that could not be harnessed.

They were so young then. They are still young, but their minds were of old men. They lost their last shreds of fear when Murdock began to heal from his mental wounds. They healed together. They never laughed at their own past naivet╚ of their beginnings.

BA let his lips trail down to the hollow of Murdock's throat and tongued the little indentation at the base of the neck. Murdock groaned as he stretched his neck back and he hugged the muscled shoulders.

The heat was rising between them and they parted. Murdock's breath came in slow heaves as he reluctantly released his lover. BA fell back on his side next to Murdock. They knew the other's thoughts and were comfortable with silent promises of tomorrow. The air felt strangely cooler now as they let sleep overcome them.


Bayou Night by Live Lady Roadkill



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