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Something New

Something New
by Captain Marina

Rated: NC-17 Slash
Summary: A response to the mayonnaise poem challenge issued by Jade.
Warnings: slash..ok I normally don't write be gentle with me...
Disclaimer: I don't own the team.

"Murdock, I am not sure about this," Face said nervously.

Murdock grinned. "Come on, Face you know it will be lots of don't be shy."

"But what if Hannibal and BA hear us?"

"Well, who cares if they do...I mean we are two grown men and if this is the way we want to spend our Saturday afternoon...then so be it."

"But they would probably think its sissy."

"Well... let them think what they want," Murdock replied and took off his jacket. "I enjoy it...I know you would enjoy it too, if you would just let yourself go."

Face smiled a little and began undressing.

"And just think when we are finished we will be hot, sweaty, tired, but we will feel a rush of adrenaline. It will feel good, better than anything you ever felt in your life. Trust me pal...I am an expert. I am sure you are tired of the same old thing, Face...don't you want to try something new....try something a little adventurous."

"Yeah, I have... and who better than with you, Murdock?"

A little while later, Hannibal walked by the door and heard the rhythmic banging coming from inside the room. He leaned in closer to the door.

"You drink coffee, I drink tea, You can smear chocolate sauce all over me, But if that fails to get a raise, Don't worry Babe, We can always try mayonnaise."

Face giggled. "Murdock you are so silly sometimes."

Murdock grinned. "Well, it helps my concentration."

"Hey BA, come here!! You have to hear this." Hannibal said as he motioned for the sergeant to come over to the door. They both leaned in and put an ear up to the wooden surface.

"No, Face not like that...hold on to it, would ya."

"But Murdock...I can't get a good grip on it. It keeps slipping out of my hands."

"It's because you are all sweaty. We have been at this a long time." Murdock looked down. "Oh shoot...It's not that hard."

"Oh it's hard all right....really hard....."

"Oh yeah? Let me see."

Face grinned. "Okay."

"OWWWWW...Face...that hurt"

"I'm sorry, Murdock, I didn't mean to hurt you. Here let me massage it for you. It will make it feel a whole lot better."

"Oh yeah...oh thank you, Faceyman...that does feel good. A little lower...oh yeah....right there...that's it...oh don't stop...."

"Right here?"

"Oh yeah...that's the spot.....oh... that feels so good," Murdock moaned in absolute pleasure.

"Hey man, what are those two doing in there?"

A puzzled look came to the Colonel's face. "I don't know, BA., but I sure know what it sounds like."

"Aww...Hannibal you don't think they wouldn't."

"Face, I am really surprised at your stamina....I think we could do this all night if we really wanted to."

"Oh... I don't know, are starting to wear me out...I feel sore already."

Murdock grinned.

"Ok that's it....I have to put a stop to this!" Hannibal burst open the door to the room. "Captain, Lieutenant, we need to have a serious talk! This kind of thing cannot go on!"

Face stopped massaging Murdock's head. "Sorry about that, pal. I didn't mean to hit you like that. You were standing too close."

"No problem, Face," Murdock said as he put the jump rope down. "But I think you should stick to running. Howdy Colonel, Face and I were just trying to get in shape, after all you did say we looked a little flabby. Whatcha want to talk about?"

"Umm...well...nothing...carry on...." Hannibal blushed, quickly closed the door and walked away.

OK sorry, I had to do it....hehehehhehehe.....


Something New by Cap'n Marina