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Time to Pay

Time to Pay

by Chickybaby


Rating: Oh, very much NC-17

Warnings: There is m/m sexual situation and discipline because.....

Summary: This is based on the Sheriffs of Rivertown. Someone in the chat, can't remember who, asked how did the guys get punished for what they did for B.A. I took it upon myself to answer the question in this little diddy.

Comments: If ya wanna.....If ya wanna ~sings~

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the boys, I just write about em for the mere pleasure of fun. They belong to Stephen J. Cannell, of course.




If they thought that B.A. had simply forgotten about them drugging him to get him on the plane, they were horribly mistaken. He smiled when he saw them turning in their badges and he didn't do the same. HE was going to pay them back for this one. He looked over at them as their clients left for the airport and said, "Speakin' of planes, there's still that matter of you druggin me." He was enjoying watching them squirm. Murdock said, "You aren't still mad, are ya?" B.A. backed them up in the cell and drummed the nightstick across the bars, "Two days in jail...I love it when a PLAN comes together."


Murdock looked amazed. He didn't want to be locked up for two days. Neither did it look like the rest of the guys. When B.A. left, he said that he was going to find other travel arrangements for them. They didn't like boats and they knew that was exactly what B.A. had in mind for them.


Murdock smiled to the other guys, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting out of here. I'm not stayin cooped up in here, plus, I have to find Billy...I lost him when we were fighting the bad guys." Hannibal said, "Look Murdock, I don't think that would be a great idea. B.A. is mad already and I don't want him to pulverize us." Murdock retorted, "Well, I'm getting out, Face, are you with me?" Face shook his head, "I don't want B.A. ringin' my neck, I'm stayin right here." Murdock laughed, "I'm not afraid of the big guy, he's gotta catch me first anyways." Hannibal and Face looked at each other, shaking their heads. "Murdock, you know B.A. is gonna strangle you, why don't you just let it be?" Hannibal asked.


"Because Colonel, B.A. would never hurt me and he wouldn't you guys either. So, just come on...we can knock him out and drag him on the plane again. He won't even realize it till we get back and he'll forget about......" B.A. had just walked in and overheard some of what Murdock was planning, "Crazy fool! You think I won't do nuthin! Hannibal and Face aren't going to get punished as severely as you are now..Plottin against me like that." B.A. yelled at Murdock.


Murdock looked completely dumbstruck. He thought B.A. would be gone longer and his heart began going so fast, he thought it was going to shoot out of his chest. B.A. then said, "Ok, Faceman and Hannibal, you two or off the hook cuz you weren't going to go along with the crazy man's scheme. Murdock, You're mine, though. I don't like people conniving against me like you were going to do. Hannibal, Face..." he said as he was unlocking the door.... "You two go now and enjoy yourselves. An' don't you try to get no sleepin powder or needles, or you get what the foo' is gonna get. I already booked us on a boat and if you try to do anything to go against that, you are going to get it worse than he is about to get."


Hannibal looked on in amazement, but he wasn't about to try to stop the sergeant. He just nodded and took Face with him to the bar to get some drinks. Before he left, he went over to the Captain and patted him on the shoulder saying, "Murdock, I told you. I'm sorry, but I can't do anything. You've made him pretty upset. Good luck now." Murdock just nodded his head.


When the two were completely gone, B.A. walked over to Murdock hitting the nightstick in his hand. He circled around the tall, lanky pilot slowly, measuring him. Murdock was starting to feel afraid. He wished he would've just kept his mouth shut. He should've known that B.A. was going to let em go early.


"MURDOCK!" B.A. shouted, causing Murdock to jump nearly out of his skin. "I guess you know what's going to happen. Trying to devise a plan against me, going to try to break out and knock me out with some of those drugs. You are gonna pay, sucka!"


Murdock gulped, "B.A., I'm really sorry. Please forgive me?" B.A. laughed, causing Murdock to smile a little..."Shut up, I'm laughin cause you actually think I'm gonna let ya off da hook, foo', you are gonna get punished for if, ands, or buts...well, except yours." Murdock hung his head low..this was not going to be good.


B.A. walked over to the desk and pulled out a whip. Murdock looked over at him with his eyes bulged out..."B.A.?" B.A. answered, "That's right sucka, you are really gonna get it." "Please, buddy...I'm sorry, I really am..please don't do this." Murdock pleaded, looking into B.A.'s eyes like an innocent child.


"Shut up! You are going to get and get it hard. Now, take off all your clothes, down to the your naked body and come back to the middle of the room, NOW!" B.A. commanded as he went to turn down the shades to the windows and locked the doors. He didn't want anyone walking in on them.


Murdock did as instructed. B.A. then went over to the desk and got out two pairs of handcuffs. "Murdock, go over to the cell and stand in front of it." He did so, and B.A. walked over to him and took one of his hands and placed it in the cuff and locked it to one of the bars and did so with the other hand. Murdock was left on the bars, his body completely vulnerable to whatever B.A. had planned for him. B.A. took off his shirt and went to grab the vicious whip from the desk. He announced to Murdock, "I am going to give you 50 lashes with this and your going to take them. I am not letting off. You WILL receive the full 50, no matter how much you beg." Murdock simply nodded and closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. "Murdock, before we begin, tell me, did you think, honestly, that you would've gotten away with your plan?" B.A. asked. Murdock laughed, "In a way, yes, but....I knew you would've eventually caught me." B.A. said, "Yup, sucka, I would've definitely caught you. B.A. couldn't help but look at Murdock's slim body and bottom. He was getting a little turned on by his prisoner. B.A. shook his head to come back to reality, "Ok, I am going to begin now." B.A. announced. Murdock nodded his head and braced himself for the worst. He saw B.A. take a hold of the whip and he stood to the left of Murdock. He rose the whip and let it fall through the air....... CRACK..... Murdock let out a slight yelp and tried not to scream.... again it went through the air with a loud swoosh and a ....... CRACK!.... Murdock was getting the living shit beat out of him...he quickly regretted his actions....... then again......... CRACK....the third stroke hurt a lot and Murdock was wiggling his body, trying to evade the harsh blows of the implement. Then again, CRACK.... B.A.'s strength was nothing to be reckoned with......... CRACK............5 strokes were killing Murdock's the 15, Murdock was pleading for forgiveness. B.A. said, "I dun wanna hear it are getting what you deserve!" Murdock's body was wiggling and squirming, but nothing would help to evade the blows he was receiving.


Murdock began perspiring heavily now and then finally the last blow came to him. He had taken all 50 of the strokes for his disobedience. B.A. walked up behind Murdock and looked at Murdock's back. It was covered in welts from the whip. He began kissing Murdock's back, and Murdock had a look of confusion over his face. "B.A.?" Murdock asked. B.A. responded, " I wanna punish you with my hard cock, Murdock...I like you a lot and you look so damned vulnerable..." Murdock smiled, "I didn't know you liked me...."


B.A. responded by kneeling down and kissing Murdock's bottom, spreading the globes apart and licking his hole. He let off and inserted his finger and quickly began working it to spread it. When he had finally done his job, he pulled down his pants and rammed his member into Murdock, quick and hard. He thrusted Murdock hard and fast from the get go. Working his member into Murdock, he growled and moaned. He rubbed his hands over Murdock's sides and grabbed hold of his hips, pulling him closer into his penis. He reached to Murdock's front and began working his as well, pumping it, making it very long and hard. He smacked Murdock's butt with each thrust.


B.A. groaned out loud when he was cumming into Murdock's ass, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Murdock's legs went out from under him, completely exhausted. The punished man was extremely worn out. B.A. took himself out of Murdock and released the man from the cuffs. Murdock fell into a heap on the floor and B.A. looked the man over. Murdock was breathing in and out heavily and after a few seconds he attempted to get up. When he found his way to his feet, he smiled, "B.A. thank you..That was wonderful." B.A. laughed, "Yeah, it was damn good. But, I haven't finished punishing you yet Murdock" Murdock whined out loud, "B.A.! My back hurts, you've punished me enough I think. Come on, what else could you possibly do to me?" Murdock was getting aggravated, he couldn't take anymore.


B.A. pulled out a chair and sat down in it. "Well, that was for merely scheming against me, babe, you still have to be punished for helping drug me to get on the plane." Murdock sighed, "Hannibal and Face had a part in that too you know?" B.A. nodded, "Yea, but they aren't getting punished anymore cause they didn't go along with your lil plan." Murdock was getting upset, "Fine, what are you going to do to me?" B.A. said, "I'm not going to do anything to you. I just like seeing you get afraid, you look so damned cute." Murdock went over to B.A. and slapped him on the arm, "You wanna give me a heart attack or something?!" B.A. said, "Absolutely not! I wanna give you something better." B.A. got up and went over to Murdock inserting his tongue deep into Murdock's mouth. They began kissing and B.A. reached behind Murdock and cupped his bottom in his hand. He retracted his tongue and said, "I love you Murdock, but you know what, you really shouldn't try to get one over on wind up hurting only yo self." Murdock laughed, "Yea, no more scheming...I promise."


"Go put your clothes on Murdock, and let's go out for a while. We have two days to kill in this town, so let's make the best out of it, ok?" B.A. said. Murdock nodded and went to put his clothes on and they left. They went up to the bar and spotted Hannibal and Face. Hannibal and Face looked over and Murdock sympathetically. "How are you Captain?" Hannibal asked. "I'm ok, Colonel, but I'm never goin to do that again. B.A. has no mercy." Murdock said, smiling. "That's right fool, don't try anything else, or you gonna get it."


"So, exactly what did B.A. do to you?" Face asked. Murdock looked around the room and leaned into Face and whispered something in his ear. Face's eyes went larger and he looked at B.A. and said, "Really?" B.A. just nodded, laughing to himself... "Umm..Hannibal, do we have to knock B.A. out anymore, I hear that the repercussions aren't all that lovely?"



The End.



Time To Pay by ChickyBaby



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