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Bad Flyboy

Bad Flyboy

by: Chickybaby


Rated: NC-17

Summary: Hannibal finds out about Murdock and B.A.'s relationship and comes to a decision......

Comments: Sure...bring em on, baby! *be nice though..*

Disclaimer: These guys don't belong to me, I don't make any money off of this stuff, I just do it for fun...they belong to Mr. Stephen J. Cannell.... *sooooooooo envious of him, I am*

Warnings: male/male slash and some discipline




Part 1


 Murdock walked through B.A.'s apartment and looked around at all of the little gadgets that his lover had been working on. He had always known that B.A. was a genius underneath all of his muscles. He looked at one piece in particular and started tinkering with it. To him, it looked like a little toy that just was in need of being played with. He picked it up and started making unusual noises for it's voice, "I am the almighty Demlock from the planet Manwuh." He was really getting into this when all of a sudden, B.A. came in there yelling, "Murdock, what are you doing wit ma stuff?! Put it..............NO!" Murdock was caught off guard and let the gadget fall to the floor and it shattered into a million pieces. He looked down at the mess and could feel his heart racing. He knew he shouldn't have been messing around with B.A.'s stuff. He had told him over and over again not to do that. He gulped and said, "B.A., I'm so sorry, please forgive me....I feel so bad." B.A. walked over to Murdock and said, "You think ya feel bad now, wait till ya see what I'm gonna do wit cha." He roughly grabbed Murdock and lead him over to the couch. He bend the 6'2 frame over his massive thigh and pulled his khakis and underwear down in one, swift motion..exposing Murdock's butt. He raised his large hand in the air and it came crashing down on Murdock's vulnerable posterior........SMACK! "I told ya, sucka, not to be messin round wit ma stuff" SMACK! "and what did you go and do?" SMACK! "You broke that homing device I had been working on for 3 months! SMACK SMACK SMACK.......over and over again...his massive hand came down on Murdock. Murdock was in utter tears now, begging B.A. to stop... However, B.A. was not going to give in...he continued to lay it on him long and hard. After about 10 minutes of the punishment, B.A. finally stopped and began massaging Murdock's derri're. Murdock hung his head low and cried all he could, saying "I'm sorry, Sir, I promise I will never touch your gadgets again...please forgive me." B.A. answered, "I forgive you, sweetie, just don't do it anymore." Murdock smiled and got up. He looked B.A. in his chocolate eyes and kissed him on the mouth. B.A. pulled away gently, "Murdock, you know Hannibal has a job for us to do, we have to go in a little while. I love you, but I'm sorry, we have to wait, ok?" Murdock winked at him and said, "Sure, mudsucka, I can wait."


B.A. said, "Ok, go get yourself cleaned up a little bit and we'll go as soon as you get out" Murdock walked gingerly into the other room, holding his bottom, to get ready. When he came out, B.A. embraced Murdock, kissing him passionately on the mouth and reached back and grabbed Murdock's ass, squeezing it. Making Murdock whimper, B.A. said, "That's just a little taste of what tonight brings you."


Murdock smiled and said, "I can't wait." B.A. just smiled and said, "We hafta go get Hannibal and bring him back here and then Face said he was going to be over a little later. He had some important things to attend to before the mission." Murdock nodded his head and the two left to get Hannibal.



As Hannibal entered the van, he told B.A. and Murdock what the mission was about. A group of ex-marines were trying to take over a small town in Tennessee and they had killed one of the people who were living there. Murdock nodded, listening attentively. He hated people who were like this and he couldn't wait until he could ring their necks. As the van pulled back up to the apartment, Hannibal got out last and started up the stairs behind Murdock. He had noticed the Captain walking very slowly. He didn't know what was wrong with the Captain so he decided to wait until they got inside to inquire about it.


Once inside, Hannibal pulled Murdock to the side and asked, "Captain, what's wrong? Is everything ok? You're walking really strange...are you going to be ok during the mission?" Murdock felt a streak of panic, "Um, yes, Sir, I'm ok, my back just hurts a little..that's all." Hannibal nodded, not fully believing him. He watched as Murdock walked away from him and went over to the couch and accidentally let his whole body fall with a thud...landing directly on his butt. He jumped up really quick and started rubbing his bottom. Hannibal said, "Captain, there is something you are not telling me..NOW out with it now, what is wrong with your.....backside?"


Murdock looked pleadingly at B.A. and B.A. stepped in..."Hannibal, I guess now is as good as time as any. Face isn't going to be here for a while, so we don't have to tell him....." Hannibal was getting anxious...."B.A., Murdock, I'm losing my patience" Murdock answered the Colonel," B.A. and I, well, we are in a relationship with each other. " Hannibal nodded... astonished... "Ok, Captain, I understand that...It's very shocking.....but tell me, why can't you sit down and how long have you two been together?" Hannibal couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of them together... Murdock responded, "Me and B.A. have been together for about a month, and my bottom hurts because....." Murdock stopped for a second to clear his throat, he could feel his face getting redder...."my bottom hurts, because...." "Yes, Murdock?" questioned Hannibal. "Because B.A. spanked me....he has been since we've started seeing each other, Sir."


Hannibal looked on surprised....."So lemme get this straight guys, Murdock, you and B.A. are together...and B.A. spanks you, right? And why exactly does he spank you?" Hannibal was getting amused by all of this.


Murdock responded, "Well, today, I broke his homing device because I was playing with it when I wasn't supposed to, and the other time was when I crashed the plane and almost got us all hurt." B.A. answered, "Yea, Hannibal, I didn't know how to tell you and neither did Murdock, so we just didn't say anything. I do spank him, but only when he has been done something very wrong."


Hannibal just sat and looked at the two men. He was at a loss for words, so he took out his cigar and chomped down on it and spit and then lit it up. He had to admit, how unorthodox B.A.'s methods were, it did seem logical. Hannibal spoke up, "Ok, guys, I don't have a problem with you two together or anything, that's fine. And I agree with B.A., Murdock, that you should have some form of physical discipline, so I am not against that either. However, I do find that you do seem to get into some trouble and if it is ok with B.A., the next time you do something appalling, I will assist in the spanking...but only when it is in the punishment area, ok?"


B.A. looked at Hannibal in amazement and said, "I think that is a good idea Hannibal. Murdock, is that ok with you?" Murdock's heart was about to come out of his chest. He couldn't believe that he was going to have two men punishing him now instead of just one. He asked, "B.A., you know that I'll do whatever you want me to, but please, can we not tell Faceman about this?" Hannibal and B.A. nodded in agreement. Murdock let out a big sigh of relief. He thought(ok, now I just gotta stay outta trouble).



About 30 minutes later, Face came in and gave Hannibal all the information he had on the marines. They were pretty bad guys, so they had to work fast since they weren't as dumb as their other foes. They got all their gear ready and made their way to the airport. Faceman gave B.A. his nighty-night and Murdock taxied off the plane and was soon high in the air.


They arrived to the little town and got busy in a hurry. They decided to head the marines off when they came in town that day to bully the people around. Murdock got his stick of dynamite ready and threw it a little too short and when it went off, it exploded just short of Hannibal, scaring him to death...he yelled out, "Watch out, Murdock!!!!! Aim it at the bad guys. " Murdock cursed himself and began the assault on the baddies. He knew that his commander wasn't going to let him off the hook for his error. ^ How could I've let this happen, shit..^ he thought to himself.


When the mission was over, Face gave the town back around 70 percent of their money and they left to go to the airport. He was not happy because he saw the stern look in his commander's eyes. B.A. was in the back, sleeping as usual and Faceman was reading his new book. Hannibal made his way up to the cockpit and looked at Murdock. "Captain, what in the hell where you thinking back there?" Murdock lowered his head and sighed, "I'm sorry, Colonel, I didn't mean to, It was an accident..." Hannibal finished "That almost got me killed, Captain. Tonight, you stay over at B.A.'s house and I'll be there at 9:00 on the dot and you know for what reason. We are going to help you with staying focused on your job." Murdock just nodded his head and looked out into the sky. At least for now, he was safe.



Murdock and B.A. went into the house. The clock read 8:45 and Murdock was getting nervous...then B.A. said, "Murdock, sweetie, don't worry, Hannibal just wants to teach you a lesson. You know you deserve it sweetie, what were you thinking anyways?"


Murdock answered, "I wasn't thinking, I just started to zone out for a minute, and look what happens...I guess I do deserve this. I'm going to go get me a soda and come back in here for a minute and watch T.V. , try to relax a little bit before things get heated up around here." B.A. giggled and Murdock moaned at his own comment.


At exactly 9:00, the doorbell rang and there stood Hannibal with a bag in his hand. It was a fairly large duffel bag and Murdock looked at it curiously.


Hannibal then said, "B.A., me and you are going to discipline Murdock tonight for what he did out in the line of duty. The dynamite almost got me and we have to teach Murdock a lesson for not paying attention." B.A. nodded in agreement and Murdock stood up..awaiting his instructions. He knew if he whined about this, it would only get worse. "Go move the couch out of the way and bring that coffee table into the middle of the room." ordered Hannibal. Murdock did as he was instructed quickly and came back before his Commander. "Now, move that chair over here and take my duffel bag over to the coffee table and lay out its contents on the table."


Murdock moved the chair and came back for the duffel bag and he retrieved the implements from within. He laid out a leather paddle, a razor strap, and the cane. He gulped as he saw these three things because these were the ones he hated the worst. Hannibal sensed the delay in Murdock and rose his voice, "Captain, get over here now, right in front of me and B.A." Murdock rushed over to the two men and looked at them with his large, liquid brown eyes and Hannibal could see the fear in his pilot. He hated to do this, but both he and B.A. knew that what they were doing was right. He then spoke out his last instructions for Murdock and what was going to be done with him tonight.


"Murdock..tonight you will be reprimanded for your actions on the field. You will receive each of these implements...the paddle, strap, and cane. You will receive, from me, 30 strokes with the paddle on each cheek...then with the strap, you will get 50, and then 25 with the cane. I will then leave and let B.A. take care of you the rest of the way. I will, however, punish you because you almost got me killed and you must learn to stay focused. Do you understand, Captain?"


Murdock answered, "Yes, Sir."


Hannibal said, ", I want you to strip down to the nothing and bend over right here in front of me. "


Murdock undressed and got into position.


Hannibal announced, "B.A. you will be the one to count out each stroke of the implements..and please, keep count, or we'll have to start over. " Murdock moaned at that thought.


"Ok, thirty to each..which accounts for 60 in all with the leather paddle." Hannibal said..."B.A. get ready to count." Hannibal lifted the paddle and it came down on Murdock....B.A. counted, "1..." Then again.......SMACK!!!!!!! "2.." CRACK!!!!'......... "3"........... Murdock whimpered......his bottom growing red with the 35th stroke.............."35......" Murdock was now crying, but didn't move out of position, he vowed he'd take this like a man because what he did was stupid today.........and finally, Hannibal laid it in one more time............."60..." B.A. had finished that count. Murdock didn't know if he could move or not, so he stayed there bent over crying silently. Hannibal did have mercy and told Murdock," You can take a 5 minute breather, Captain." Murdock came to his full height and reached back and grasped his butt and went into the bathroom. He had to regain his composure. B.A. said to Hannibal, "Man, his ass is really red..You really gonna give him all those strokes?" Hannibal nodded his head..."Yes, B.A., I don't enjoy this, but I have to do this.....Murdock needs to learn discipline. You know it and I know it." B.A. nodded, " Yea, you're right, but go a little easier." Hannibal looked at his watch and saw that the five minutes was up..just as he was about to yell, Murdock came back in. He walked in bravely and the tears gone. He didn't like to show his weakness. He walked in front of Hannibal and said, "Returning, Sir, reading for the remainder of my reprimand, Sir." Hannibal couldn't believe how well Murdock was acting. He saw in those eyes of Murdock's, however, a tinge of fear. He felt really sorry for the Captain, but this had to be done. Hannibal said, "Ok, Murdock, pull that chair over here in the Middle of the room and bend over it..Grasp the arms and B.A. will count again."


Murdock went over and got the chair as instructed and grabbed the sides of the chair. He saw Hannibal walking over to the coffee table out of the corner of his eye and the razor strap falling to the side as Hannibal took his place behind him. Hannibal looked over at B.A. and nodded. Murdock closed his eyes and the next thing he felt was the sting of the strap across both of his globes at the same time...."One..." this went on to Murdock what seemed forever. He was trying really hard not to cry in front of his Commander like a baby....then he heard............"48..".......CRACK!......."49...." Murdock's tears were streaming down the side of his face and he was about to let it all come out at once when he heard........."50..."


Murdock tried to stay in position, but he fell to his knees on the floor and put his head in the seat of the chair. He put his face in his arms and cried silently. Hannibal didn't want to seem like the villain here, and he wanted to get his out of the way as soon as possible. He told Murdock, "You only have 25 left with the cane and it will all be over, Captain." Murdock's head jumped out of his arms and he looked into Hannibal's blue eyes and whimpered to him, "Please, colonel, please, I'm so sorry.......please though, not 25 strokes with that..." he pointed at the cane. Hannibal's heart went out to the man. He reasoned that he had already received 110 strokes. Hannibal said, "Okay, Murdock, is 10 ok? That is as far as I'll go down. It's not like I enjoy this, H.M., I just don't want you to become so unfocused in a mission where you actually hurt someone or understand, right?" Murdock nodded his head in agreement and asked, "Where do you want me to be this time, Sir?"


Hannibal told B.A., "Pull that desk over in the center of the room a little. Murdock, I want you to bend over the desk and spread your legs as far out as you can get them." Hannibal nodded to B.A. as Murdock got into the desired position.....Hannibal swung the cane around a few times....then he let the cane touch Murdock's bottom. He brought it back...then back down to get the full measure of his swing.. Then, the vicious stick came down hard and fast......"One....."" SWISH......."Two...." CRACK!!!!!" "Three"..........Murdock bit down on his lip, he was not going to cry this how...then finally........"TEN!" B.A. had finished the count and Murdock slumped over the desk, breathing in and out heavily. He hadn't made a sound throughout the whole caning and B.A. went over to Murdock and looked in his eyes. The man was totally exhausted and B.A. turned to Hannibal and asked him to leave for tonight. Hannibal said ok and walked over to Murdock before he left and patted him on the back, "You took that well, Captain, I hope you've learned your lesson." Murdock just nodded vaguely.



B.A. came back over to Murdock after letting Hannibal out and knelt down to look at Murdock's bottom. It was covered in welts, lashes, and bruises of all sorts. Murdock was still slumped over the desk and he was way too tired to move. B.A. kissed his forehead and lifted him up and took him into the bedroom and laid him down on the bed. He looked at Murdock's face and noticed a trickle of blood on Murdock's lip...He asked gently, "Murdock, why is your lip bleeding?" Murdock looked up and responded, "B.A., I didn't want Hannibal hear me scream, so I bite down on my lip." B.A. almost started crying himself. He loved Murdock now more than ever...he had to ask him this question though..."Murdock, did you really want Hannibal doing this to you, or what was it?" Murdock answered, "B.A., I let him do this because I thought that was what you wanted. I'll do anything to please you, you know? I love you so much." B.A. looked into Murdock's eyes and he could see his honesty, soul, and everything good in this man. B.A. looked all up and down Murdock's lanky form and leaned down started kissing Murdock's bottom. It looked like it hurt so bad. Murdock started relaxing more. B.A. got up and went over to the dresser drawer and got some cooling ointment for Murdock. B.A. rubbed it all over Murdock's battered bottom. B.A. said, "I'll tell Hannibal not to do this to you anymore. I think he went overboard with this. He thinks you can take it, but I know that you can't. I mean, you can bite your lip and all, but you just really couldn't take this. This was really too much..I'm sorry, Murdock...I shouldn't have let him do this."


Murdock shook his head, "B.A. don't get upset with Hannibal. It's not all his fault, I almost did kill him with that stunt I pulled. I admit, this hurts a lot, but I love you and I thought you thought I deserved this. I just want you and only you. If you want to tell Hannibal to stop..that is totally fine by me..but don't get mad at him." B.A. said, "Ok, I'll just tell him not to do this anymore and leave all the punishments and that type of thing to me. " Murdock agreed to that statement rather quickly and B.A. couldn't help but laugh.


B.A. looked down at Murdock's red bottom and cupped it with his massive hand. Murdock looked into B.A.'s eyes and reached in for a kiss. They began to kiss each other passionately. B.A. ran his fingers through the other man's thinning hair and kissed Murdock all over his chest and up and down his neck. He laid on top of Murdock now and began kissing him all the way down to his groin. Murdock's stiff penis was now in the grasp of B.A.'s massive hands, who was working at it...kissing it..caressing it....He then took the whole length into his mouth and proceeded to suck. He let Murdock cum in his mouth and then he cleaned Murdock up by licking his juices up with his tongue. Murdock laid back with a look of pure tranquility. He loved B.A. so much and he was glad that Hannibal wouldn't be punishing him that way any longer. B.A. crawled up next to Murdock and turned Murdock over on his stomach and began to massage his back and lower back gently. Murdock said, "My my my...big guy..what strong hands have thy..." B.A. mocked growl, "Stop that rhyming, Fool!" Murdock giggled sayin, "The Big Guy love me........He really loves me........" B.A. reached down and kissed the pilot on his neck saying, "You damned right baby, I love you with all my heart." Murdock was feeling an emotional high right now and he laid there with his eyes closed and smiled.


He gradually fell asleep and B.A. curled up next to Murdock, enwrapping him with his arms, holding him closely. He loved Murdock and would do anything for him...even tell his Colonel not to discipline Murdock anymore...which is another thing all together he thought......





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