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by Live Lady Roadkill

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: A-Team owned by Stephen J. Cannell etc.
Comments: Please-- Need'em, want'em, very much appreciate'em and makes my day when I get'em
Summary: Post Curtain Call with a twist.
Warnings: unusual slash pairing(s)-- no sex




There was still danger to Murdock's life. The infection spread in spite of the bullet's removal. Even while in pain and in the heat of fever, Murdock urged them to leave him behind to save themselves. Hannibal refused. Not only because he had never left a member of his unit behind, there were other reasons. Selfish and important reasons.

The gesture of self-sacrifice gripped Hannibal as well as the Captain's bravery. Even half-conscious during the bullet's removal with no painkillers, Murdock didn't cry out. He struggled to remain still for Hannibal. Murdock saved his life by taking the bullet that was meant for him. The bullet that was meant to strike him and his arrogance down. Murdock saved him and his arrogance. But his arrogance left him when he saw Murdock rolling and writhing on the ground in pain after the shooting.

It would have been quicker to get him the medical attention he needed to have left him behind, but that meant the possibility of never being able to see him again. It would be confirmation that Murdock was indeed the mysterious fourth member of the A-Team. If this were proven, they'd lock him up in the deepest part of the VA where not even they could get to him easily. Or even worse, the military police would arrest him and put him in the stockade.

No. Hannibal wouldn't let anything happen to Murdock. He needed him too much. They needed him too much.

Hannibal was distracted from his vigil in the little waiting room by BA's low rumbling growl as he paced. Hannibal's eyes followed him for a few minutes as he leaned forward in his seat to rest his elbows on his knees.

Tawnia recommended this place and assured them that the doctor could be discreet. The other places Hannibal had in mind were too far away and Murdock's fever was spiking again. They didn't have much of a choice. Silently, Hannibal, Face and BA reaffirmed their agreement to go together if the MPs showed up at the clinic. It would assure that Murdock would get better medical treatment faster.

The doctor seemed a bit startled to see Tawnia at first. Hannibal could tell that Tawnia had something on him from his disconcerted behavior towards her. But the doctor became all business when he noticed Murdock being brought in and proved himself competent in Hannibal's eyes as he took immediate charge of the wounded man.

Face was quiet and this drew Hannibal's attention to him. Face sat alone against the wall where he could be the first to see Murdock when the door opened. Even though it was Hannibal's fault in getting Murdock shot, he could tell Face didn't blame him. Hannibal could tell that the kid was blaming himself for not controlling Hannibal as well this time. That was his self appointed job. To keep Hannibal and Murdock both from going overboard. He should have been more adamant against Hannibal's plan this time.

Hannibal in turn thought he should have listened to Face more. But he thought this only once. Face was right and he'd listen to his lieutenant closer in the future. His attention went back to BA pacing . or rather stomping back and forth across the small room.

BA portrayed how they all felt so much better. He was worried. Angry. And worried. He hated to see anyone hurt. Especially the crazy fool. BA had the courage to do what they all wanted to do. Take Murdock into his arms and rock him. Hannibal had listened to BA talk to Murdock while he fought for consciousness and strength. Everyone knew the big man cared very much for Murdock, but listening to BA speak of how much he needed Murdock made Hannibal aware of just how important Murdock was to all of them. Not just him. The doctor turned down BA's offer to donate blood to Murdock and assured him that he had what was needed. BA was looked lost when the only tangible way he felt he could help Murdock was turned down.

Tawnia seemed distant and detached all during the events of earlier that day. But now, it seems as if everything was catching up to her. She was hugging herself tight and kept glancing from the door to the clock. Hannibal detected some tears in the corner of her eyes threatening to fall, but she kept them from falling.

Hannibal was about to go to her when the doctor stepped out. He tentatively smiled and nodded. Everyone bombarded him with questions. After getting a few satisfactory answers, BA asked the most important question of all. "Can we see 'im?"

"He's resting now," warned the doctor, "And he's been a bit out of it when he does regain momentary consciousness."

Everyone gave some indications that they understood this. Murdock was weak and probably will be loopy on pain medication. Before the doctor could say one or two people at a time, they all walked past him. Tawnia shrugged and smiled at the doctor as she followed them. The doctor backed up against the wall and swallowed nervously as she passed.

Face sat down in the only chair available and held tightly onto Murdock's hand as he lay there on the examination table. Hannibal adjusted his blanket and rested a hand on the pilot's forehead and let out a long sigh of relief. The doctor did a great job of bringing down his fever.

The touching roused Murdock a little. Through hazy vision he could make out Hannibal's shape and shock of white hair on top of his head. He forced a tired smile and with effort he asked, "Got away?"

Hannibal flashed a bright smile and nodded. "Yeah, we're all safe captain."

Murdock drifted off momentarily with a hint of a smile and sighed. Then he groggily said, "Sorry 'bout bein' so much trouble."

Everyone glanced to Hannibal, but returned their attention to Murdock. Now that Murdock was going to be okay, everyone let it be known that they did blame Hannibal freely. Hannibal focused his attention to Murdock as he adjusted the blankets once more just to be doing something. "You're no trouble at all, Captain."

Murdock mumbled and moved about as if he were trying to get more comfortable. Only he was rewarded with pain in spite of the medication. The doctor was about to step forward to tell them to leave and let his patient rest when Murdock asked, ".Sugar-Bottoms?.."

Everyone forgetting themselves, responded at once.

"Yes, Murdock?"


"What is it?"


Murdock lost consciousness and everyone looked a combination of embarrassment and stunned. The doctor began pushing them out while, saying, "He needs his rest. I'll let you know if there are any changes."

Once they all were out in the waiting room again, each slowly reverted to different extremes of emotion. Face wanted to hide, Tawnia was becoming put-out and angry, BA looked as if he was torn between who to kill first and Hannibal was embarrassed to no end.

Hannibal put the pieces together and refused to let his eyes fall to the floor. "He calls you Sugar-Bottoms too?"

The reactions of all the people in the waiting room confirmed it. Face scoffed as he began pacing wildly in a small circle. "You mean to tell me he's been sleeping with you, too?"

Hannibal glanced at BA's scowl and Tawnia's glare at Face and helplessly found the situation amusing. "Looks as if the Captain has been sleeping with us all."

Face stopped pacing and threw his arms up in surrender. "If he's sleeping with all of us, why is he sleeping with her?!?!"

Everyone was curious about that now that Face had brought it up and looked to Tawnia. Seeing there was no way out of it, Tawnia slouched and rolled her eyes and spoke. When she spoke, her voice lost the familiar feminine sweet quality and took on a slight baritone quality. "I'm what most people would call a she-male, you dope."

Face jumped back two steps and scrunched up his face in scrutiny. "You. Yo-you're a man?"

Tawnia folded her arms across her ample boobs and shot back in the masculine voice, "Air-head."

Hannibal's attention was focused on BA and vice versa. They were thinking the same thing. How was it possible for the other be the bottom and be the men that they were? Face and Tawnia resumed their name-calling and Hannibal finally stepped forward as he and BA seemed to come to a silent understanding.

It was difficult for Hannibal be the voice of reason when all he wanted was to selfishly take Murdock for his own. He raised his hands and stepped between Face and Tawnia holding his palms out as a signal for them to shut up. Once he had their attentions he lowered his arms and fished out a cigar. Face dutifully lit it. While Face lit the cigar Hannibal looked the lieutenant in the eyes and saw that he was in it deep with Murdock also.

Once the cigar was going good, Hannibal's mind race. He put aside his own heartache of finding out that not only his lover had been double-crossing him, Murdock was quadruple crossing everyone. But Hannibal found the irony in the situation and appreciated it for what it was. Especially when he looked at Tawnia, if that was his real name. He looked at Tawnia's crotch with curiosity and Tawnia cleared his throat to get his attention. Tawnia had returned to his sweet voice as he said, "Its all there."

Hannibal snapped his head up and grinned. "I'm sure it is."

Face mumbled, "If I didn't love Murdock so much, I'd kill him."

Hannibal chuckled and got down to business. "Seems as if we're all in the same boat, here. .. Sugar-Bottoms... And I thought I was the only one.. As all of you thought so too. But this doesn't change the fact that Murdock is hurt and will have little bit of a recovery ahead of him. That boy will have a LOT of explaining to do during this time too. I guarantee that much.... Now we can start tearing into each other and not get any answers from him. Or be cooperative and find out what the hell was he thinking."

BA offered, "We can make 'im pick one of us when he's well enough."

Tawnia snorted, "What makes you think he'll choose you?"

Hannibal flashed a warning look at Tawnia as BA smiled confidently and he folded his arms across his chest. "Believe me. Me an' the fool have had our moments."

Face rolled his eyes and threw himself into a chair. "Please, spare us the details. I'm having a hard enough time with the fact that he's been cheating on me with not one, but three other people. And not just anyone either, my friends."

BA and Hannibal glanced at each other and then looked to Face. They were all hurting and they didn't need to start hurting each other more. Hannibal saw that Tawnia was in agreement with them and s/he sat next to Face. "You're right, Face. I'm sorry I called you an air-head and all those other names."

Face sighed and let go of some of his anger and worry over Murdock. He nodded slightly. After a few moments he helplessly glanced up and down Tawnia's body. S/he smiled at his curiosity and he hesitantly asked, "You're really a man?"

Tawnia shyly nodded and said, "Yes, from the waist down, at least."

Seeing that Tawnia and Face weren't going to tear into each other anymore, Hannibal let out a deep breath he didn't know he was holding. BA stepped up to him and looked at him while trying not to seem intrusive. "I can't believe it about the crazy man.. Going at it with all of us."

Hannibal laughed softly and nodded at his sergeant. "I wonder what his secret is."

"This is gonna be a big problem for a long time to come. I know how I feel about him and its kinda obvious that Face needs him as much as I do."

"I need him too. And if he picks one of you, it'll hurt like hell, but I'll step aside for the good of the Team."

BA hrumphed and shook his head. "It'll kill you and you know it. I can tell it. The fairest solution to this is put a stop to the fool's bed-hopping for us all."

"You think that's gonna really happen?"

BA giggled in irony while he shook his head honestly.

An hour later, Hannibal and BA were no closer to a solution to their problem and Face and Tawnia became interested in what was being discussed between the two bigger men. Face and Tawnia had tentatively compared notes on Murdock and they were relieved to find that Murdock did different things with them instead of treating them the same in bed. It didn't make sense to them, but it was at least good to know that Murdock didn't treat them in an assembly line manner and made them feel special in his own way. They assumed that Murdock treated Hannibal and BA differently too. But there was the pet name 'Sugar-Bottoms' to contend with.

Face approached BA and Hannibal with Tawnia beside him. "Why don't we all keep him?"

BA scrunched up his face and pulled his head back to get a fuller view of Face. Hannibal didn't care for the idea either but he was willing to listen to a fresh new idea. Face glanced at Tawnia with a smile before he began. Tawnia winked at him and BA growled at the two of them disapprovingly. Face took two steps away from BA as he explained his solution. "Can any of us let go of Murdock and let him be with just one of us without feeling like our gut had been kicked out and stomped on?"

Various glances and looks said that they all could not and Face continued. "He's been doing this for years and without us knowing about any of the others. I'm going to have to ask him what his secret is when he's up for it.. But its obvious that he's good at what he does and he does care for every one of us. He has made me feel loved and Tawnia says the same. So if we're agreeable to it, why not let him keep doing what he's been doing?"

Hannibal's first reaction was absolutely 'No.' Then he thought that if they forced Murdock to choose there was a chance that he wouldn't be picked. There would be three miserable and hurt people left to lick their wounds and plenty of resentfulness to go around. His gut wrenched at the thought of not being the one and he began to consider Face and Tawnia's solution. It bothered him that he would have to share Murdock with three other people but it wasn't as bad as not having him at all. The only difference would be that they would be aware of the others for now on.

After working out some details and talking about their thoughts on the matter, they came to an agreeable plan of action that needed a little more work, but that could wait. They then focused on worrying about Murdock. The next day, BA had an idea for them all to get a little revenge on Murdock. Since he was much improved, they all greedily agreed to it.

The doctor let them in to see him after a very productive night of rest for Murdock. The doctor walked a wide circle around Tawnia who smiled at him with a twinkle. To answer Hannibal's questioning glance, Tawnia said, "He and I had a little roll between the sheets a few years ago. He was a bit drunk and discovered the truth about me the morning after."

Hannibal chuckled as they filed into Murdock's room. He was smiling tiredly and gingerly sat up a little straighter against the raised bed. He gave each person a deep piercing momentarily gaze that made each individual feel like they were the only one. It was clear that Murdock truly loved them all. Hannibal said, "You look a hell of a lot better than you did yesterday, Captain."

Murdock sighed happily at having all the people he loved around him, safe and sound. He settled back and rested his good hand across the sling to keep the arm still and to keep from aggravating the wounded shoulder. "I feel a lot better, too."

Hannibal let his emotions through and said quietly, "Don't you ever do that again."

Murdock reluctantly nodded and said, "But he would have killed you for sure."

"I know. And I thank you for my life. I can never repay you."

"Would've done the same for me,. for any of us. So don't worry about it."

"Shuddup, fool."

Murdock grinned at BA and said, "Awww, BA . I wanna thank you for cradling me in your arms and sayin' all those nice things about me."

"I dunno what you're talkin' about. Must've been hallucinatin' or somethin,'" said BA defensively.

Face honestly said, "Its great to know you're going to be okay. You had us all scared half out of our minds the entire time."

Murdock smiled as he sighed. "I knew you'd get me through. I never lost faith in you guys."

Tawnia stepped forward and said, "I had my doubts for a while, but they were incredible."

With their true thoughts out of the way and they had expressed how they felt, now it was time to dish out revenge. They would have to keep control over their enthusiasm, because Murdock was still a bit weak and would need a period of recovery before he was back to himself again. But this was something that couldn't wait a minute longer. It would give Murdock something to think about during his recovery.

Hannibal grasped Murdock's hand and said, "You need to get better for all of your Sugar-Bottoms."

Murdock's breath got stuck in the back of his throat as his eyes grew large in fear. Hannibal smiled warmly with his eyebrows raised. Murdock whipped his head around to see that Face had a similar expression. BA stood with his arms folded across his chest and looked down at him in disappointment. Tawnia also had her arms folded across her/his chest and was twitching her/his mouth in amusement.

Not knowing what else to do, Murdock began to sink under the blankets to hide. Hannibal pulled the blankets from his head and carefully arranged the blankets neatly across his lap with a knowing smile. Murdock struggled to find his voice, but Hannibal spoke first. "You have a lot of explaining to do, Sweetheart. But first you need to get better. While you were out of it, we all have come to an agreement that we all love your sorry ass and can't bare the thought of doing without you. And sooooo.."

BA picked up where Hannibal left off. "All of us decided to keep you and keep things the way you had them."

Face leaned back in his seat and pulled out his mini-notepad and pen. "The doctor said he'll be laid up for three weeks. That'll mean he'll be unavailable until the fourteenth of next month. Anyone wants first dibs?.. Oh.. With your permission of course, Murdock."

Murdock closed his eyes and moaned, "I wanna die right now."

Tawnia added, "I don't know about all of you, but I really hate the pet name 'Sugar-Bottoms.'"

Everyone was in agreement with Tawnia and demanded new pet names-DIFFERENT pet names from Murdock on the spot. Face jotted them down for Murdock and they began to work out a schedule to spend time with Murdock. They were careful about the schedule because they didn't want to wear him out .. Too much.



Sugar-Bottoms by Live Lady Roadkill



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