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Inflight Kareoke

Inflight Karaoke
by Cabaret

Rating: G
Disclaimer: A Team are not mine, at all.
Summery: Murdock's been with the Team for 2 weeks in Vietnam, Hannibal's been away and some controversy over karaoke has arisen.
Warnings: This is very silly. No others.
Author's note: Yonks ago I promised to write a birthday fic for Susie... she may be a year older by now mind you, but here it is! (oh and it's quite possibly the shortest thing I've ever written, but it tickled me, so I thought what the heck!)
Comments: Yes please!


"Oh-oh Susie Q, Oh-oh Susie Q, Oh-oh Susie Q Babay I love you, Susie Q" The Texan drawl rang out over the radio of the chopper and into the back to entertain the grunts.

"Hannibal, make him stop, please, ya gotta make him stop, he's been at it for days now." Face held a firm grip on his gun.

"Hannibal if you don't stop him, I'mona throw the crazy foo' out this chopper." BA growled.

"Surely that would be bad for us?" Hannibal questioned.

"Be bad for him first and we'd get some peace." BA snorted.

"I likea way ya walk, I likea way ya talk, I likea way ya walk baby all the time, Susie Q."

"It wouldn't be as bad, cept after three days of singing this song, he still can't get the words right." Face groaned.

"Yeah, next time you disappear to Hanoi for the weekend, take the fool with ya." BA edged towards the cockpit.

"OOOOOAAAA SUSIE Q! OOOOOAAAAA SUSIE Q MMMMMM SUSIE Q BABY I LOVE YOU SUSIE Q!!!" Murdock screamed at the top of his lungs as he swerved a missile that could just as easily been a sleeping dog to avoid.

"Any chance of getting there in one piece Captain?" Face asked.

"Sure thing Facey, there's no problem here." Murdock replied casually before breaking into song again.

"There will be if you keep singing, may I attract your attention to your left shoulder?" Face continued ever so politely.

"What? I am trying to fly here ya know!" Murdock hammed up his annoyance, let go of the controls and spun round to see BA smiling down the barrel of his gun that was pointed at his head.

Murdock sat very still as the chopper began to plummet.

"Wanna stop singing that song sucka?" BA growled.

"Uh BA?" Hannibal said calmly.

"Nope." Murdock looked very unsure of himself as he took a deep gulp.

"BA?" Face looked to Hannibal who was puffing vigorously on his cigar as the chopper began spinning.

"Wanna stay alive?" BA asked cocking the gun.

"Yup." Murdock sounded very firm in this.

"Your choice fool."

"I suggest you listen to the man Captain." Hannibal added, his voice not wavering.

"You gonna stop singing that song?" BA furrowed his brow in the stand off.

Murdock twitched as he mulled it over, how could he back down?

"OK, no singin, can I do my job now?" He said calmly with a small smile creeping across his lips as he glanced down at the ever nearing tree tops.

"Huh?" BA looked down. "Who flyin this chopper man? We gonna crash!" The realisation struck him that the co-pilot had been injured earlier and was strapped down in the back beside him. "Whatcha doin ya crazy foo?"

"Oh *now* he realises." Face said in exasperation.

"Addressing a problem with the troops, you said you had an issue. I, as a responsible Captain merely want to facilitate your need during the flight." Murdock polished his best English accent as he straightened his baseball cap.

"I think I'm gonna have to start bringing on stewardesses onto these flights." Hannibal commented. "I think Ray's gonna be sick, gangway Face!" Hannibal held Ray over the side of the chopper as he threw up the mornings breakfast.

"You gonna start flying fool?" BA shouted as he waved the gun.

"Are all matters resolved?"

"YES!" The chopper roared in unison as every man saw their impending deaths loom below them.

"Course by now we're probably gon crash y'all know." Murdock didn't turn around but remained fixed on BA who was by now flaying his arms around quite hysterically.

"Do Summit Murdock!!!" BA shouted.

"Well, I could if I had Susie with me." Murdock raised his eyebrow at BA's gaping mouth.

"BA, let him sing." Face yelled.

"S'not such a bad song ya know BA." Hannibal commented as he pulled Ray back into the chopper.

"Fine then! Sing foo sing!" BA shouted his eyes bulging with fear as the skids touched tree tops.

"Right then...." Murdock spun round and grabbed the controls. "Everyone happy?"


"No more issues?"


"Get on with it Captain." Hannibal urged.

"Ahem.... Ooooohhhhh Susie Q, Oooooh Susie Q, Oooooohhhhhaaa Susie Q Baby I love you, my Susie Q........"

The chopper skidded through the tree tops and emerged at the side of a river in a nose dive. Murdock yanked the tail up and the nose trailed through the water as everyone was thrown to the front.

"Shesh! Everyone wants to be a pilot now a days, back off guys!" Murdock snapped the order and pulled the nose back as everyone was thrown to the back. Finally they began to climb again as the chopper seemed stable once more Face dashed to the side.

"Where's that stewardess?" He gulped and another breakfast was thrown over board.

"Well if she was here that's your chances over board." Ray said as he felt like joining Face for a second round.

Murdock let go of the controls one more time and spun round.

"I could change the song ya know, only she really likes it and it's kinda catchy, but if you really don't like it......"

"Song's fine man, keep singin." BA looked quite green, but he waved Murdock back to the controls, the chopper lurched again and began to fall.

"Well, if you're sure. I was gettin sick of it myself, ah well, if you like it then big guy, this one's for you..." Murdock launched into a rendition of BA Q as he regained control of the chopper once more.

BA sat ridged throughout the rest of the flight, until the skids touched ground at the base. He ran from the chopper to the motor bay as fast as he could.

"What's eatin him?" Murdock asked casually as he sauntered out.

Face was about to enlighten him with a loaded gun, when Hannibal pulled him aside.

"Before ya kill him, consider this Face, BA did start it, and I think he's just proved what he can do when the shit hits the fan. I think we should keep him, whaddaya say?"

"I want to kill him Hannibal, it's only been two weeks, but I really want to kill him."

"Me too Hannibal." Ray confirmed as he exited the chopper and throwing a dry glance to Murdock headed strain to the latrines.

"I take that as a yes then." Hannibal grinned. "I'll get him assigned permanently tomorrow, then you can kill him."


"Sure... Now what's this about Susie?"

"This girl he's fallen in love with or summit, or his invisible dog, it's hard to keep up with that one."

"No, his dog's called Billy, must be a girl. try to keep up Lt, a man should have a hobby."

"You're not suggesting I take up Murdock as a hobby are you?" Face asked not quite understanding.

"Why not? First, get him together with this Susie..."

"Could be tough sir, she the daughter of...."

"I have faith in you Face." Hannibal cut him off as he spun Face around. BA was marching towards the young pilot with a large vice in his hands. "And calm BA down before he kills the best damn pilot we have."

"Oh for the love of....." Face sighed as he ran to intercept the two men.

"I think it just might work." Hannibal chuckled as he walked away hearing shouts of protest from the three men, the last one being:

"I ain't never gonna fly again, let alone with THAT crazy foo!"

"Should make life interesting." Hannibal giggled to himself as he lit a cigar.

The End

Inflight Karaoke by Cabaret



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