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Brothers Keeper

Brothers Keeper
by Lisa

Rating. Right now I would say PG later who knows.
Summary. Face uses his old Doctors scam to break Murdock out of the VA and encounter bank robbers with one wounded man. (later who knows where it goes)
Story idea by Ratgirl and Orphaned stories.
Warnings. Right now, violence. little blood.

Disclaimer. The AT guys don't belong to me and I'm not making any profit from this. Dang it!




Part 1


"Go and get Murdock, Face. We need to fly the client out of here in a hurry. BA and I will be waiting for the both of you at the rendezvous. Timing is critical. We have to get her out and make it there before the rest of the party show up. Got it?" Hannibal looked at Face with a grin and lit another cigar. He knew that Face loved finding new ways to get Murdock out, and the bonus was there is a new nurse working who didn't already know him.

"Got it, Hannibal. I have a new outfit to try out for the occasion. And I had new cards printed up." Face smiled proudly and pulled a card out of his wallet and handed it to Hannibal. "DR. JOHN G. DAVIS Psychiatry" under that name was " DR. TINA M. COLLINS Gynecology"

Face grinned and looked at Hannibal who seemed to be surprised and confused. "Psychiatry and Gynecology?"
"She just joined my practice. I thought she would make a great business partner. What do you think?" Face continued to smile and seemed pleased at his ingenuity.

BA spoke up from the drivers seat. "A business partner at gettin' the ladies to trust you, ya mean? What do ya say when they got a problem?"

"You better get going Lieutenant, and leave the card in your wallet." Hannibal laughed to himself. Face never gave up at finding ways to get the ladies. "We will meet you at 11:00 hours."

Face scoffed at Hannibal's warning to not show the card then turned and got into his Corvette. On the way, he called Murdock and told him to be ready. They tried to talk in code about what was going on in case the phone was tapped. To anyone listening, they were talking about the next episode of 'Ben Casey' that was being replayed on television. But Murdock knew the where, when, who and how Face was coming.

Face turned into the parking lot and grabbed his doctor's coat from the backseat. He adjusted his tie and grabbed a clipboard from the trunk that had the latest fake discharge papers and medical history. As he walked towards the hospital, several nurses walked by and smiled at him. He smiled back and turned to watch them walk by. He shook his head to himself wishing they didn't have a job right now. He had the easy part so far; most of the legwork had already been done. The getaway would be the hard part.

He walked up to the nurse's station and saw the pretty new nurse writing her charts for the day. He smiled and waited for her to acknowledge him. She looked up and quickly did a double take.

"Can I help you Doctor?" She said with a smile, brushing her long blonde hair from her shoulders. Face smiled at himself and pulled the card from his pocket.


A few minutes later, Face and Murdock were walking out to the Vette. Murdock looked around and took a deep breath. He loved to be out of the VA. He didn't care what reason it was. He loved to be with his unit and help when he could. Now and then he looked over at Face, shaking his head.

"What is so funny Murdock? You got out of there didn't you?"

"I can't believe that nurse let you go so easy. She is very much by the book. She never even noticed that the order wasn't signed. And why was she smiling? I know she's pretty, but she has the personality of a Coke machine!" Murdock kept laughing to himself while Face scrambled for an explanation.

"She was very sweet. I gave her my card and asked her to give me a call if she ever needed anything or had some time off." Face looked totally innocent until Murdock reached into his pocket and grabbed a card. Face tried to brush his hand away but Murdock held tight and held him back while he read.
"Psychiatry and Gynecology?!" Murdock pushed the card back in his pocket and turned a nice shade of red.


While Face had been working on the nurse, a man sat in a black sedan and waited a few miles away. He hated sitting there. His job was the getaway driver, but he hated sitting and waiting. He loved to be in on the action. He lit another cigarette and kept looking at the dashboard clock. He knew the robbery was timed, and his brother Mike and the other guy, Tom, would be running out any minute. He didn't trust Tom at all, but he was tough. He was all business and had eyes of steel. The only person tougher was Mike.

Mike looked out at his brother in the car. He wished he hadn't asked him along but he knew that Paul needed the money too. He kept thinking to himself, 'He better not screw up. He better hold his weight.' His job was to watch out for his brother and keep him alive. Ethics were another matter entirely.

Inside the bank, the teller was stuffing money into the bag and shaking nervously. His head had stopped bleeding from the blow he had taken from the robber's gun, but kept blinking the residual blood mixed with sweat from his eyes. He wanted to hit the hold-up alarm, but there was never a moment when their eyes weren't on him. He handed the bag to Mike and stepped back.

The rest of the people in the bank were on the floor, including the unconscious security guard. Across the room, a man lying on the floor was waiting for the perfect time to pull his gun. He was an off-duty policeman and knew he had to do something.

"That's all I got. Now please leave." The older man was shaking and wanted to look brave. Tom walked towards him and pointed the gun at his head.

"That better be all or we will come back." Tom laughed and kicked over some displays to prove his point. They both ran out of the bank and hopped into the car.

"MOVE!" Mike screamed at Paul as the younger man hit the gas.

As soon as they'd gotten out the door, the off-duty officer ran out of the bank and shot as many times as he could at the car. One of the bullets struck Paul in the shoulder and the car swerved sharply. Tom looked back and thrust his gun out the window. The last thing he saw was the guy falling to the ground. Mike grabbed the wheel and tried to keep them going straight until they were a few miles away. They came upon an alley and pulled in. Mike jumped out and ran to the driver's side to check on his brother.
"This is pretty bad Paul. You need a doctor, and we can't go to the hospital." Mike grabbed a towel from behind the seat. "I will take care of you, don't worry." His brother looked at him like he did when Paul would fall off his bike and scrape his knees. Sweat was pouring down his face and he struggled to breathe through the pain. "Help me Tom. We have to move him over."

Tom stared at him a long time before moving. "We should leave him. We have to move. We didn't make it that far." Then he smiled smugly. "More of a cut for the rest of us then."

Mike stared angrily disbelieving at him and reached for the revolver in his waistband. "Get over here now and I will forget you said that. Otherwise it will be you who is left here." He had known Tom a long time and knew it was the drugs in him talking. Tom slowly got out of the car and moved over.

"Help me get him into the back. There's a VA hospital nearby. That means a doctor. Lets go."

Face and Murdock reached the car and were talking while Face threw his clipboard in the back He made sure he had his keys and was about to get into the car when he heard a squeal of tires. Murdock turned to see where the sound was coming from and saw a man jump out of a car pointing a gun.

"Hey, Doc. We need you for a minute." The man looked nervous and Face knew instinctively that either these guys were serious or this was another set up. Both men put their hands up.

"I can't really come right now guys. I have an appointment to keep with my patient here." Face tried to be calm but was too busy trying to figure out what was going on.

Tom walked over to Murdock and pointed the gun to his temple. He looked to see if it got the reaction he wanted. It didn't. Face stood firm and didn't move. His eyes were glued on Murdock to see if the could think of anything. In a flash, Tom crashed the butt of the gun to the side of Murdock's head. He crumpled to the ground with a moan and Face watched him fall. He ran over to Murdock, grabbed his handkerchief and put it over the wound. Murdock's eyes were open and looked glassy. He seemed just as surprised as Face and was trying to figure out what was going on.

"Lets go now or he will need surgery for a bullet, Doc. Lets go. Pick him up. If you do as you are told, nothing more will happen." Tom was still pointing the gun at Murdock who groaned as Face helped him to his feet. With some difficulty, he helped Murdock, who was swaying from left to right.

"I think we are in trouble here, Murdock." Face said as he helped him into the now crowded car, dropping the bloody handkerchief on the ground.


In the meantime, Hannibal and BA were waiting in the Land Rover at the rendezvous point for Murdock and Face. He scanned the sky and waited to hear the helicopter. BA was getting nervous too.

"Were in the hell are they?" Hannibal was beyond mad. Face knew how important it was to get her out of there quickly. A ground escape was possible, but they would mean a lot of driving over rough terrain and hired guns after them.

The frightened woman in the back seat was looking around. She wanted to get out of there. They had saved her from her rich mobster husband, but her getaway would be dangerous. She knew what he was capable of.

Hannibal looked at his watch and nodded to BA who started to drive away. They heard jeeps in the distance. Hannibal checked his gun for ammo as they started down the road.

"Mrs. Cook, keep your head down. I think we can make it, but you have to stay there. Go BA. Try to make it to the main road." He stuck his unlit cigar in his mouth. "Where in the hell are Murdock and Face?"




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