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Title: Say Cheese

Say Cheese! Or...Why does the General want to take a picture?
by Georgia Bentz

Rating: G.
Summary: This is based on a photograph at Craig's A-Team Resource page (Page one of pictures in the Downloadables' section). I know I know, shameless plugging for a site that's not even mine. But hey, That's where I got the idea from. Why is there a picture of Stockwell, The Guys and Frankie? Who knows? But this is my take on this promotional picture. Hope you like it. It's a bit of fluff. OH! And it's unbeta'd. Comments are welcomed and received. Thank you for reading this spur of the moment fic. :D


The group was crowded around the cameraman's back drop. A light hazy blue color. They were all there excluding Carla who had called in sick to work. The Team suspected it wasn't a stomach bug, rather a 'General Bug' instead. As they were getting into their places the photographer started to speak.

"Okay everyone smile! You four in the back could you have the strange looking one with the baseball cap on put his arms around....Hmmm... You and You!?"

He pointed to both Face and BA. Then he started speaking again to Hannibal.

"And you. You silverhaired guy maneuver them so that you stand, above him! And please put your arms around the scowling one, the Kid who thinks he's from Cosmo. And the baseball capped one." The photographer said.

Stockwell had a miffed expression on his face at being at the bottom row. But the photographer wasn't finished giving out orders.

Then he pointed at Stockwell and spoke. "And you...Ummm Hunt was it? Well you sit beside Greasy head...."

Frankie's face became contorted as he was referred to as 'Greasy head', but Hunt sat down next to the special effects man anyway. Frankie started to smile though as soon as he saw the camera.

Photographer spoke again. "Now Hunt. I know you think those yellow glasses are groovy. But they're really not. Poor taste in fashion I should say."

The photographer clicked his tongue and the general sighed and removed them.

"Ahhh that's better." Sighed the harried photographer.

He pointed the camera at them all and the general only cracked half a smile.


Finally the picture was snapped just as Murdock said, "CHEEEEESSSSEEE!"

Frankie crossed his arms and Face did too just as the camera flashed. Then as they were all leaving Frankie spoke up.

"Now why did you get our picture taken?"

Hunt smiled his smirky disgusting smile. "Because Gentlemen. The best way to hide is in plain sight. And if the photographer knows his money like I know he knows his money he'll keep his mouth shut. I did it because it was my way!"

He climbed back into the awaiting abel car and the five looked at each other before getting into the van and going outside the outskirts of town. But the van stopped. They went back to the photo place.

There they bought the picture plus the film and the camera.

They went back to the 'house' Stockwell had assigned to them and built a roaring fire. They threw the huge 8x12 picture into the fire then expertly hid the camera and the film.

Hannibal smirked and said. "And we did it Our way!"

He smirked some more and the Team including Frankie went to Village Cuchina to have a drink and some pizza.

The End.

Say Cheese! by Georgia Bentz



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