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Measure of a Friend

Measure of a Friend
by Wendy W

Rating: PG
Warning: None
Summary: Another response to Cap'n's challenge to start with "There was a loud bang" and end with "I love you!"
Disclaimer: Don't belong to me; couldn't afford the ammo
Comments: As long as they don't involve fruit or vegetables being hurled at me




There was a loud bang, followed by the clang of metal, a muffled curse, and then a petulant "Sorry! No problemo!"

Face looked toward the closed kitchen doors with a mixture or concern and frustration. Since he'd been bed ridden with a case of pneumonia, which had nearly landed him in the hospital, Murdock had appointed himself Face's chief physician and head chef.

At first, Face had appreciated the concern and the company, but as he'd started to feel better, the undivided attention was quickly become overwhelming, especially since Murdock seemed determined to try out every appliance and utensil in the state of the art kitchen. Not that he hadn't enjoyed the Mariachi band sculpted from cheese, or the snow men made of meatballs and displayed decoratively in "drifts" of cheesy spaghetti, it was just that Murdock's chronic cheerfulness was beginning to seriously fray his nerves. True, the zany pilot was his best friend and he never tired of hearing about Face's latest scams or conquests, but when he was sick and
feeling lousy, he didn't WANT to be cheered up! He liked indulging in a little self-pity and depression from time to time, and Murdock was seriously impeding that! Of course, it also didn't help that Murdock wasn't a voluptuous blonde with legs that stretched to heaven and back. Face missed the companionship of a woman.

He had been in bed for two weeks straight, with another week and a half spent resting on various couches in his scammed beach front condo. Now, he was getting restless and wanted out! However, Hannibal and Murdock Welby, M.D., along with Maggie Sullivan, said he was to be under house arrest for at least another week. Jeez, he was tired of this! If Hannibal hadn't stuck him with perimeter guard on that last case, he wouldn't have been outside in the rain for six hours in 50 degree temperatures, waiting for the bad guy, who never did show up! Ahhh, he needed a date! A little sympathy from a beautiful, brunette would go a LONG way to restoring his good humor.

Another crash sounded from the kitchen, announcing the impending serving of dinner. He wondered what was on the menu. Murdock had been behind closed doors, most of the day. That was NEVER a good sign. Settling his features into a defiant, cranky scowl, he looked up as the kitchen door burst open.

Out slithered a lanky creature in a grass skirt and coconut shell bikini top, with a lei of strung parsley and artichokes around the neck. Completing the ensemble was a pair of blue high top tennis shoes.

With a leaf of spinach tucked festively behind one ear, Murdock grinned in sheer delight at the dumbstruck look on his friend's face. Proudly sitting on the intricately etched silver tray he was carrying, was a "pig" sculpted from a large amount of Spam, with a tomato nestled in what looked like a cave.

"Sorry, Faceguy," he said casually, "we were all out of apples, so I had to use a tomato in his mouth! Bon appetite!" Noticing the way his friend was staring at him, he feigned a seductive pose, and said "What's the matter, Facie? I thought you liked brunettes!" He set the elaborate meal down, his coconut shells clinking together merrily, and announced "Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!"

Face simply stared at decidedly hairy best friend and the "pig" for another moment before the flood gates of laughter burst open, all thoughts of women and annoyance gone in an instant. Before he lost all power of speech, he managed to stammer "Mmmmurdockkkk..., I.... love..... you!"

The End


Measure of a Friend by Wendy W