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Murdock Gets A Fish

Murdock Gets A Fish!
by Georgia Bentz With special help from TVnewscam, otherwise known as Stephanie. She pushed me in the right direction.

Rating: G.
Summary: Murdock gets a fish. But it's also used to get him out of the VA!
Warning: Nothing but pure fluff for my birthday which is today. :D

Scene #1: VA Hospital inside room #104.....

Murdock hummed softly as he watched his favorite character Flipper did his famous rescuing and soon it was the end of that show.

"Ahh Flipper ya nev'r cease ta amaze me."

He laughed softly and looked at his brand new Flipper shirt.

He had gotten a telephone call from Face saying he'd be there in minutes to pick him up. He glanced around for a comic book to read and picked up his new Aquaman comic book. Aquaman what a character.

Aquaman could talk to the underwater sea life. It was amazing. Murdock started speaking dolphin talk. And waited....

Scene 2: The 'Vette....

Face looked at the fish. The fish looked back at him. "Well it's not the worst idea I've ever had Fish. And besides Murdock'll like you. Probably call you Sam or something."

The fish gave him a look and moved his mouth up and down. Face suddenly remembered he was talking to a fish, sighed, wondered about his own sanity and entered the VA ready for his scam.

He entered and soon was in front of the nurse's station. He put the vase with the fish inside it swimming around freely on the desk and waited. Waited for the nurse he knew would come. Finally she arrived and he read her name tag.

"Ahh Jill, nice name by the way, I'm Doctor Matthews and I'm here to get a...Uhhh..ummm this is embarrassing..." He opened a piece of paper and pretended to read it. Squinting at it a few times. "A Mr. Morduck? Murdackz? Ummm Room #104?"

Jill smiled at the handsome doctor. "Ohhh that Mr. Murdock's room. What do you need him for sir?"

"We, the agency I work for, has just found out that Mr. Murdock has been given the great gift of speaking to underwater animals. We figured if he could talk to this fish our guesses would be founded and we could do more experiments with him elsewhere. Have you EVER heard of Water Land?"

The girl shook her head.

"Well! There is a dolphin there that is more famous then Shamu even!"

Jill's eyes widened and then she spoke again.

"Oh? Well okay I guess you can see him. Come with me. And don't forget the fish."

Face was about to follow her, but remembered the fish just in time and gave her a dazzling grin.

Jill knocked on the door and soon opened it. Murdock looked up and greeted her with a smile.

"Wull if it ain't m'fav'rite nurse. Jill Wills... How's it feels?" He grinned at her and she smiled back.

Then she pointed a thumb at the other person. "This is Doctor Matthews. And he's here to bring you to do underwater...What was it Doctor?"

Face spoke. Now was the hook, line and sinker part. "Right. We've just found out you can speak to underwater animals. And we need you to talk to this fish first. That way our guesses can prove founded."

Murdock glanced at Face, then back at Jill. This was one of the most outrageous scams his friend had EVER put him up to. It went right up onto the list consisting of Tuberculosis. He shook his head and smiled at the nurse and 'doctor'.

"Oh righ'. I been practicin'. Lemme see th' li'l feller."

He put out his hands and Face handed him the 3/4 gallon vase. Which was pretty tall standing wise. It had a plant on the top since the fish was an air breather as well as a water breather.

He took the fish into his hands and sat down on the bed. He looked at the fish. The fish came up for air and looked at him.

"Hey ya there. I'm s'ppos'd ta talk to you."

The fish listened while Murdock prattled on about Flipper. Even Face was amazed at that. Finally Murdock was finished.

"His name's Sam an' he don' like vases. He'd ruth'r have a fish tank an' his cousin's name is Flipper too."

Murdock announced as he handed the vase back to Face. Face nodded towards Jill and soon she gave them the okay to go. The two men nodded and soon were on their way out to the van.

This time Murdock carried Sam. He leaped gracefully inside and introduced Sam to everybody. Including Billy and BA. The van drove off onto another case, and there was dolphin chatter to be heard.


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