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by Susie Owens

Rated G
Warning: None
Summary: Murdock has an idea
Copyright 2002
Disclaimer; I do not own the Ateam or Bonanza
Author Notes' Hi I now have the Pax channel and thought of this story after watching Bonanza again.


As the black van pulled up in front of the studio, the side door opened and out leaped a very rambunctious young man.

"I can't believe we are here "

"Murdock. It's just a studio. We've seen them before," replied Face as he got out of the van.

"Not 'just' a studio, Face. This is where they shot the original Bonanza. You know, the Cartwrights....Ben and his sons-- Adam, Hoss and Little Joe?"

Murdock paused for a moment as he looked around. Then he ran over to a spot. "This is where they come riding up in the opening credits. Hey guys, why don't we do that? I mean we could each be a Cartwright."

Hannibal looked over at Murdock. "Really Captain.... who do you see us as?"

Murdock smiled. "Hannibal, I see you as Ben Cartwright. A father and leader to us. A man who has his feet planted on the ground."

"Yeah, I can see myself as Ben Cartwright. What about Face, BA and yourself?"

Murdock hurried over to BA. "Hoss. BA, I see you as Hoss."

BA growled at Murdock. "I ain't a horse, fool."

"Not horse, BA, Hoss. Both you and Hoss are giant men, but gentle as teddy bears. And will fight like lions if the family is in trouble."

"Ah Murdock, I don't think Hoss had gold covering half his body," Face pointed out.

Murdock waved his hand away. "Face, you would be Little Joe."

"Little Joe? Why would I be Little Joe?"

"That's easy, kid," the colonel commented. "You're the youngest and most of the time he always gets the girl ."

"Yes, but Hannibal, I am a con artist and Little Joe was not."

Murdock and Hannibal looked at each other and Murdock replied. "As many times as I seen Little Joe talk Hoss into something, like the time Hoss was trying to fly, Little Joe could impress a girl. I would say Little Joe could con with the best. Don't you, Hannibal?"

"Yeah Murdock, I do.. so, Face is Little Joe."

"Okay fine, I'm Little Joe and that leaves Adam for you, Murdock. So, what do you have in common with Adam?"

"Well, we both were happier not on land... me in the sky, Adam at sea. We both held the family together."

"Hey fool, Adam left the family." BA eyes lit up. "Does that mean you are going to leave, fool?"

Murdock snorted at BA. "No, I'm not going to leave like Adam did."

Hannibal placed his hand on Murdock's shoulder. "He went on to better things, Murdock."

"Yeah, he became a doctor."

Hannibal nodded his head while Face and BA just stared.

Later that day.

"I can't believe I agreed to do this," Face replied

"I do," BA replied and shook his head. "Hannibal and that fool suckered us again. Come on, let's get this over with."

The Bonanza music played as four men rode up to the camera on horse back.

First, Hannibal dressed as Ben Cartwright, with a cigar. Then next came BA, dressed as Hoss Cartwright, only this Hoss Cartwright growled and then winked at the camera. Then came Face, dressed as Little Joe Cartwright, smiling his ever charming smile that made girls swoon. And the last one to ride up to the camera was Murdock, dressed as Adam Cartwright and he tipped his hat and smiled at the camera... a very happy man.

Bonanza by Susie Owens



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