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Vacation Blues

Vacation Blues
by Lorna

Rating: PG
Summery: The A-Team go on vacation but things don't go to plan.
Warnings: Implied major character death
Disclaimer: Only in my dreams do the A-Team belong to me - please don't sue me!
Author's Note: Keep in mind this is my first fic sorry if no one likes it!
Comments: Please! But no flaming!

* * * * *

The A-Team were on vacation deep in the woods away from the bustle of city life and more importantly the military. Work had been quiet for the last few weeks so Hannibal had decided that it was time for a much needed holiday. Face had conned Murdock out the VA much to BA's disgust. At the moment Face was staring out at the lake behind the cabin, skipping stones.
"Hey kid," Hannibal strolled down towards him, lighting a cigar. "How are you doing? You've been down here for quite a while."
"I was just thinking," Face replied.
"What about?" Hannibal asked as he too started skipping stones.
"Murdock," Face said. Hannibal could see lines of worry on his lieutenant's face. "He's been so distant since I got him out of the VA."
"Has everything been alright at the VA?" Hannibal asked, concerned. He also noticed the change in his Captain's behaviour. Less enthusiastic, less bouncy. "Any problems?"
"No I asked him and he said everything was fine, he said he was tired but I don't know." Face sighed, turning to look at Hannibal. "Something's up."
Hannibal nodded. "I think he must have a cold or a virus. I heard him coughing all night. Come on lets go and talk to him."
Face nodded and followed Hannibal towards the cabin.

* * * *

"Hello? Can I speak to Doctor Richter?"
There was a pause on the other end of the line while the nurse on the other end of the phone went to find the doctor. Murdock nervously fiddled with the cord of the phone. The day before he'd left the VA, Doctor Richter had expressed his concern about the cough that Murdock had developed. It wasn't so much the cough that concerned Richter but the black outs that happened after the coughing seizure, so he had sent Murdock to have some medical physicals and blood tests and Murdock had been anxiously waiting for the results. A voice on the end of the phone came on bringing back Murdock's attention.
"Hi Doc. It's Murdock," he greeted.
"Murdock. How are you?" Richter asked, he didn't seem too concerned about Murdock's absence as he had figured out a long time ago that he was part of the A-Team.
"I'm okay, I guess." Murdock replied. Actually he felt worse then the last time he'd seen Richter but he didn't want to worry him. "I...err...was just phoning to see if you had the results of the tests backs yet."
There was silence on the phone for a while, alerting Murdock that there was indeed something wrong. "Yes, yes we have. I'm afraid there's bad news." Richter finally said, grimly.
"Well just give it to me straight doc," Murdock said, preparing himself for the worst.
"I'm sorry Murdock, but you're dying." Richter said slowly and sadly.
"I'm dying?" Murdock asked in disbelief, he hadn't quite prepared himself for that.
"I'm afraid so. You have a tumor in your left lung. If its not removed immediately you will die. Do you understand? You need to come back to the VA immediately." Richter told him.
"I understand," Murdock mumbled, numbly.
"I'm so sorry Murdock." Richter said, sadly.
"Yeah me too," Murdock agreed before hanging up the phone.
"I'm dying," Murdock mumbled to himself as the thought suddenly sunk home. All the tension and pain that had been cooped up inside of himself suddenly caught up on him and he sunk to the floor of the lounge sobbing. The sobbing turned into a painful wracking cough and Murdock bent over double trying to ease the pain.
"Hey fool, where's Hannibal?" BA breezed through the lounge then stopped as he saw Murdock's coughing seizure. "Murdock!" He yelled as Murdock's cough stopped and his eyes rolled up to the top of his head and keeled forward. BA caught him before his head could hit the floor.
Seconds later, Hannibal and Face burst through the door, having hard BA's yell.
"What happened?" Hannibal asked as they knelt beside BA and Murdock.
"I came in and he was coughing, then he just passed out." BA told him.
"Lets get him to bed," Hannibal ordered.

* * * *

"Hey Murdock," Face smiled softly as Murdock entered the room. He looked pale and drawn.
"Hey," Murdock gave a small smile.
"Hey fool, you okay?" BA asked, entering the lounge carrying a large glass of milk. He sat himself down on the sofa next to Hannibal.
"I'm okay. Sorry if I scared you all." Murdock apologized, trying to ignore the worried stares from his friends.
"That's okay Murdock." Hannibal dismissed his apology with a wave of his hand. "But we're worried okay? You've been so distant for the last few weeks, is everything okay at the VA?"
Murdock leaned against the door frame, he didn't want to tell the guys but he needed to get back to the VA, slipping away would only worry them. Finally he answered. "Everything's fine at the VA. I've just been a bit tired that's all."
"Come on, there must be something wrong Murdock," Face pressed, gently. "You passed out."
"I've just had a lot on my mind okay?" Murdock snapped. He knew they were concerned but he just wanted to be left alone for a while. He saw the stunned look on the Teams faces, sighing he mumbled, "I'm sorry."
"That's okay, Murdock." Hannibal nodded. "We didn't mean to push."
"We're worried about you fool," BA said, frowning.
Murdock nodded as he slowly walked towards the patio doors and opened them, he needed some air and the team needed an explanation. "I need to go back to the VA immediately."
"Murdock, I don't understand," Face said, confused. Had Murdock ran out of medication? Was it something one of them had done to make him unhappy? "What do you mean?"
Murdock turned in the door way to look at his friends. "I'm dying," he murmured softly, so softly that they almost missed it. "I have a tumor in my left lung." There was silence as Murdock stepped through the doors and clung to the rail that ran around the cabin.
As soon as Murdock passed through the door, Face crashed to the floor unable to stand any longer, the news had left him numb and shocked. "I don't believe it," he mumbled, " How could we not know?"
"I'll go and pack up the van," BA said gruffly, he needed air before he punched something.
Hannibal nodded then stepped outside, he placed a hand on Murdock's shoulder. "How long have you known this?" he asked, gently.
"I've been sick for a few weeks now it started with a cough. I didn't think anything of it, just thought it was a cold and that it would go away. Then when it didn't I told Richter and he ran some tests on me." Murdock explained, keeping his back to Hannibal as he gazed out into the woody forest. He hesitated before choking out. "I didn't know I was dying until this morning when I phoned the VA for the test results."
"I'm so sorry, Murdock." Hannibal said, sincerely.
Murdock turned around to face him. Hannibal was shocked to see fresh tear tracks down the captain's face. Murdock gave a wan smile. "It's not your fault Hannibal. Its my problem. I'll deal with it."
Hannibal's gaze turned stern. "No captain. We're a team, anything that happens to one member of the team happens to all of us. Its the teams problem now and we'll deal with it as a team okay?" Hannibal's gaze turned soft and sympathetic again and he squeezed Murdock's shoulder before releasing it.
Murdock gave a relieved smile. "Thanks Colonel. That means a lot to me."
"Don't worry, we'll get you back to the VA." Hannibal assured him as he stepped back inside to find BA.
Murdock sighed heavily and sat down on the swinging chair and looked out into the woods.
Face leaned against the door frame, hidden in the shadows. When he'd managed to get up off the floor he desperately wanted to run to his best friend and find him laughing as he made it all a joke instead he overheard the conversation with Hannibal. His best friend was dying. This wasn't supposed to happen, they were supposed to be indestructible.
"You can stop hiding Face," Murdock said aloud, eyes never wavering from his view of the woods.
Startled that Murdock knew he'd been there, Face came out from the shadows and sat down beside Murdock on the swing. "Are you okay?" Face asked concerned, then mentally kicked himself at how dumb the question was, of course he wasn't okay he was dying. "I...I mean..." Face started to stammer.
Murdock cut him off with a pat on his arm. "I know what you meant, muchacho," Murdock smiled at his friends distress. "Just a bit tired is all." Murdock wiped a hand across his face, drying his tears. "Sorry I ruined the vacation." he said, looking at Face sadly.
"Oh well you know it would have got boring eventually." Face replied, reassuringly. He changed the subject quickly, not knowing what to say to his friend. "So, how come Billy didn't want to come on vacation with us?"
Murdock was relieved for the change of conversation and replied, with a smile, "Oh Billy has a girlfriend."
"Really?" Face asked, surprised.
Murdock nodded, happily. " Uh huh, she's a spaniel called Josie."
Face nodded his head, smiling as Hannibal appeared in front of them.
"The van's all packed up. Time to get rolling." He announced.

Part 2


Two days and fourteen hours later, Face sat in the hospital waiting room outside the Intensive Care Unit that Murdock was in, clenching Murdock's brown leather jacket in his hands so hard that Hannibal, who had been watching him for the past twenty minutes, feared the jacket would crumble into tiny pieces by the time Face was through. Mind you the same could be said for Murdock's beloved baseball cap which was undergoing similar torture from BA who stood staring wordlessly out of the window.
As he was in a hospital he was forbidden to smoke but Hannibal still had a cigar clamped between his teeth, unlit. He took it out of his mouth and studied it while he reflected on the last fourteen hours.
It seemed to take forever to get from the cabin, actually two days, to the VA even at the breakneck speed which BA had traveled, earning them a few too many speeding tickets. When they got there Richter was waiting for them and ushered them into a private part of the hospital where they wouldn't be disturbed and told them all to rest before Murdock's operation took place. When it was time for Murdock's operation, the team promised Murdock that they would be here when he came out. Murdock had smiled bravely and told Face jokingly 'no hitting on the nurses' the he was rolled into surgery.
That had been fourteen hours ago. The surgery would be complicated as it involved removing the tumor from Murdock's lung, the doctors warned them that it was a risky operation and it would be touch and go. All they could do was wait until the surgery was completed.
Face let out a loud sigh and got up to peek into the tiny window of the surgery door, not that he could see anything.
"Sure is taking an awfully long time in there." Face said nervously. "Do you think he'll be okay?"
"Murdock may be nuts but he's strong." BA said, gruffly.
"The doc did say it would take a while," Hannibal pointed out.
Face nodded reluctantly, he started to pace the length of the room, still clutching Murdock's flight jacket.
The door to the waiting room opened and Richter entered.
"How is he Doc?" Hannibal asked, as the three of them gathered around Richter.
"It was touch and go for a while," Richter told them, his tired face suddenly broke out into a grin. "But Murdock is fine. The tumor was successfully removed, the operation was a success."
The relief on the team's faces were evident. Face finally let go of the breath he didn't realise he was holding.
"Can we see him?" Face asked, urgently.
"He's unconscious still but I don't see why not." Richter nodded. "Follow me."
Richter led them down a corridor to a private room and ushered them in, before leaving himself.
Murdock lay unconscious on the hospital bed hooked up to IV's and breathing apparatus.
Face sat beside the bed and gently, without moving any of the IVs, took hold of Murdock's hand.
"Hey buddy, we're here." Face whispered to Murdock, reassuring his unconscious friend. "Do you really think he's okay, Hannibal?"
Hannibal came and sat on the other side of the bed, while BA hovered near the bottom of the bed. "Sure he is."
"Fools too stubborn to give up," BA remarked.
"Murdock? Can you hear me?" Face asked, hopefully. Silence was his answer. Then a moment later he felt a pressure on his hand,
"Hey! He squeezed my hand!" Face cried, excitedly.
"He's coming too," Hannibal said as Murdock's eyes blearily fluttered open and blinked into focus.
"Hey," Murdock croaked, giving them all a weak smile.
"How are you?" Hannibal asked, grinning widely.
"I'm okay," Murdock replied. "Just tired. Am I still alive?"
BA snorted and gently swatted his foot. "Course you are fool!"
"The operation was a complete success." Face told him. "You're going to be okay."
"That's a relief," Murdock smiled sleepily.
"It certainly is, Captain." Hannibal agreed. "Right then, you get some sleep. Come on BA lets get some coffee."
"See you later fool." BA smiled as he and Hannibal left the room.
Face smiled at Murdock. "I'm so glad you're okay. I thought I'd lost you for a moment."
Murdock shook his head. "Never gonna happen, muchacho."
Face grinned. "I'll let you get some sleep." He got up to leave but noticed Murdock hadn't let go of his hand.
"Can you stay foe a while?" Murdock pleaded. "Keep Billy company?"
"Billy's here? Where?" Face asked, putting his hand in his jacket pocket.
Murdock pointed to a spot of air near the end of the bed.
"Hi Billy," Face withdrew a doggy treat from his pocket and placed it on the bed for Billy to eat.
"Thanks Facey," Murdock smiled.
"No problem. I'll be here when you wake up." Face assured him with a squeeze of his hand. He watched the pilot fall to sleep before settling back into his chair, happy that his best friend was alive and well.

The End.

Vacation Blues by Lorna



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