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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

 "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

 by ChickyBaby


Rating: NC-17

Summary:  Set after Holiday in the Hills...Murdock finds a strange attraction to B.A....

WARNING: This story contains very very very graphic m/m sexual situations, a little of this, a little of that... O... if ya don't like this type of thing... it be a good idea not to read it... if you do... sit back... relax... and try to enjoy

Comments: If you want to... but remember... this is my first story... so be pretty please, be kind... rewind... oh... wait... wrong thing...o... you get the idea

Disclaimer: These guys aren't mine... I don't make any type of money off of this... and it would be sad if I did... probably wouldn't earn a single red cent... in other words... they belong to Stephen J. Cannell..*that lucky dog*



    Murdock supervised B.A. as he was fixing up his soon to be airplane.  He couldn't help but notice that B.A. looked really good while he was being so manly.  He had always tried to hide his feelings about other men while he was around the team. He didn't know how they would react to it.  He wanted to tell B.A. right then, but all of a sudden he heard a noise. B.A. asked, "What was that?!"  "Oh, it's Hannibal" answered Murdock.  His heart pounded.  He thought it would be just the two of them for a while.  Throughout the whole job, Murdock was scared.  He was afraid he might accidentally not be able to crash the plane, he was afraid of his feelings for B.A. He had been feeling this way for a long time.  Every time that B.A. called Murdock a 'crazy fool', his mind would think about that other little crazy thing called love.  He had fallen head over heels in love with B.A. and he couldn't hold it in much longer. 


    As Murdock was getting ready to taxi his plane that B.A. had beautifully made for him, he looked over in B.A.'s big, brown eyes as he was telling him the proper things he should know about and accidentally let a "I didn't know you cared, sweetheart".  He had hoped that B.A. didn't think too much of it so Murdock snuck a wink in there.  He was getting so excited and began singing his heart out as he flew high in the sky.  His heart was racing.  He couldn't wait until the job was over. 


    Murdock safely left the man to the other man and hurried back to save his team.  Now that the job was over, he begged for B.A. to take him back to the V.A.  He said that it was really important that he wanted to tell him something.  B.A. never had seen Murdock look so serious before, so he agreed.  When the two were in the Van, Murdock fiddled with the radio and found the Rolling Stones.  He bobbed his head to the beat and started leaning over to B.A. singing loudly.  B.A. just growled wondering why in the hell Murdock wanted him to take him back.  He was beginning to think it was just to annoy him even more than he already was with him.  He hated riding with Murdock and he thought that Murdock really needed something.  He finally couldn't take it anymore and shouted "Crazy Fool! Wus wrong witcha. I thought you needed somethin' to talk 'bout" 


    Murdock leaned forward to cut off the radio and closed his eyes tightly.  "Yes, B.A., there is something I need to discuss with you"  "Tell me what it is sucka, before I pound ya!" B.A. said.  He was getting aggravated.  Murdock took a deep breath.  "I don't know how to tell you this...but..."  "Out with it sucka!" B.A. said.  Murdock's face was growing bright red and he couldn't take the pressure, so he shouted, "B.A., I think I'm totally and utterly in love with you big guy.  You are the one guy I care about and I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with you..I can not help..I don't know how it happened, but I do. I know that you are not homosexual, so if you don't want to talk to me anymore, that's fine. I just really needed to get that off my chest."


    B.A. slammed on the breaks and his eyes nearly fell out of his head.  He didn't know exactly what to say.  He was speechless.  he was wondering how in the world could such a gorgeous man like Murdock be in love with him.  He had had feelings for Murdock, but he dismissed them because he thought for sure that Murdock was completely heterosexual.  He had been hiding his feelings for so long and he had almost gotten over them.  That is, until Murdock had told him his secret obsession for him.  He pulled the van over to the side of the road and just stared.  Murdock looked out the window.  He was afraid that B.A. was going to kick the living crap out of him.  His heart was now pounding with pure adrenaline.  He was shaking his head back and forth and was terrified. So terrified that he let a tear escape.  B.A. broke the silence and asked Murdock  "Ya really in love wit me?!"  Murdock jumped at the question.  He had been in his own thoughts and he looked over at B.A. and nodded his head yes.  B.A. could see that Murdock was terrified that he was going to do something to him.  B.A. looked at Murdock's big brown eyes and gently smiled at the lanky man. Murdock let out a half smile and asked, "B.A., are you mad at me?"  B.A. looked at him and decided he would play with his mind like Murdock had been doing him all those years.  Annoying him with his little invisible friends and crazy fixations.  He looked sternly at Murdock and growled "Crazy fool! Whadda you think?!"  Murdock answered, "Ummmmmm... I dunno"  B.A.  grew closer to Murdock, pushing his face up to the other man.  Staring him down, Murdock closed his eyes because he was sure that B.A. was going to knock his lights out.  He knew this was a bad idea.  Then, he felt a soft pair of lips meeting his.  B.A. was kissing Murdock very passionately and Murdock was not believing what he was feeling.  He opened his eyes slightly to make sure that he was not hallucinating again. He saw B.A. beautiful face kissing him.  He couldn't believe he got this reaction out of the big man.  He then felt a hand going down to his groin.  Murdock softly let out a moan and then pulled away.  Breathing heavily he said, "Oh B.A., I didn't think you felt the same way."  B.A. said, "Murdock, you crazy sucka, I'm in love wit you too."  Murdock closed his eyes tightly.  He softly said, "B.A., I want to be with you."  B.A. answered, "Me too, lets go somewhere private."


    As B.A. pulled up in the Hotel Driveway, Murdock was fidgeting around.  He was so afraid, exited, and giddy all at the same time. He didn't know how to control all of his emotions.  Murdock went to the desk and got the two a room.  They went up to the room and they both walked in eagerly. B.A. grabbed hold of Murdock's collar and pulled him close to him.  He kissed him, inserting his tongue into Murdock's mouth.  Murdock couldn't believe that he was getting this kind of reaction out of him.  He had never dreamed that B.A. was going to react like this. He had always thought of B.A. as rugged man who was lucky with the women.  B.A. pulled away from Murdock and said, "I've always been crazy about you Murdock, I just never thought that you would feel the same way bout me. I hope that the two of us can be together for a long while." Murdock shook his head.  He smile manically and answered back "I never thought that you would want to be with me.  I am so happy right now." Murdock took off his jacket and went over to the bed and sat down, rubbing his hands through his hair.  He was getting extremely aroused and was almost about to explode.  B.A. was taking off all his jewelry, placing it on the dresser.  He came over to Murdock who was still on the bed and looked at his cock.  He could see it bulging out of his pants. Murdock looked up at B.A. and smiled.  B.A. kneeled down and kissed Murdock quickly in the mouth and made his way down to his throat.  He let off for a second to take off Murdock's shirt and  leaned Murdock back and took off his pants.  B.A. kissed Murdock's chest, sucking on the nipples.  Murdock groaned out loud. B.A. went down and Murdock raised his hips as B.A. slipped his boxers off his waist.  B.A. then proceeded to suck on Murdock's throbbing penis.  Sucking in deep and hard, making Murdock groan with every motion that B.A. was making on his cock.  Murdock raised his hips.  B.A. couldn't take it anymore and let off of Murdock and stood up and Murdock just laid there breathing in deeply. 


    B.A. took off his clothes, exposing his enormous, masculine body.  Murdock looked over at B.A. and saw his large cock.  B.A. went over to the bed and laid beside Murdock taking his tongue in his mouth.  Then B.A. turned Murdock on his stomach and placed a pillow under his hips. Murdock's buttocks were raised high in the air and B.A. leaned over and grabbed the lubricant and rubbed it all over his throbbing cock.  B.A. asked Murdock, "Are you sure you want to do this now?" Murdock replied "Oh, baby, yes. Give me all that you can give." B.A. smiled and leaned over and kissed the back of Murdock's neck and went all the way down to the small of his back.  When he had reached the end, B.A. inserted one finger to stretch his hole.  Murdock groaned.  B.A. inserted his finger in and out of his lover's sacred place.  He then inserted two fingers stretching even more so he wouldn't hurt him.  Then B.A. leaned over and kissed Murdock's body again and whispered, "I've always wanted to do this to you babe." Murdock answered with a smile, "I've always wanted you to do this to me" B.A. smiled and placed the tip of his hard cock at the place where the two of them would be joined as one.  He inserted his cock gently into Murdock and Murdock groaned, burying his face into the sheets.  B.A. was worried that he may be hurting this lovely man, and asked him "You alright?"  Murdock replied breathlessly, "Oh yes baby, don't worry about me, just show me your love to me"  B.A. then went in and out of Murdock slowly at first then his thrusts grew more rapid.  B.A. went in and out of Murdock.  Murdock took a hold of the sheets and grasped them tightly.  He whispered, "Oh, B.A., I love you so much...let me have all of you."  B.A. cock was swollen inside of Murdock and he was getting ready to explode right into Murdock.   B.A. thrusted Murdock faster and faster...harder and harder.  Murdock braced himself for what he knew was about to enter him.  He let out a giant moan and B.A. was grunting louder and then exploded all inside of Murdock.  He squirted all of his juices inside of him and collapsed on top of Murdock.  Murdock breathed heavily, "B.A., I love you so much, thank you so much for letting me be with you."  B.A. answered, "No, you crazy fool, thank you. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here right now and I love you too. I guess you are a crazy little thing called love.  Murdock laughed and rolled over on his back. 


    After the two had showered and gotten ready to leave B.A. had to talk to Murdock about what just happened and another secret that he had.  Murdock sat on the edge of the bed waiting for B.A. to get ready.  B.A. looked over at the skinny man watching "Woody Woodpecker".  He went over to the T.V. and turned it off and Murdock screamed, "What'd you do that for, B.A.?! You know I love Woody"  B.A. said, "I need to tell you something else about me."  Murdock looked at him and then just shook his head ok.  B.A. then said, "I really do love you Murdock and I want to be with you very much..." Murdock shook his head, "Yes, and I do want to be with you too, but you do have a 'but' in there right?!"  B.A. said, "Yes Murdock.  I, as you can probably tell, am a very dominant male and I like to take control of things. " Murdock replied, "Yes, B.A., I realize that and I have no problem with it.  I trust you completely with whatever you want to do with me."  B.A. smiled and told him, "I'm glad you feel that way Murdock 'cause you have to know that if you ever do anything that would hurt yourself, since I love you so much, I will have to punish you for it."  Murdock looked confused and asked, "Punished? You mean like telling me I can't do a certain thing or something?"  B.A. laughed and told him, "No, baby, I mean spankings.  If you do something that could bring ya harm to yourself, I will have to spank you for it."  Murdock laughed and said, "You want to spank me for doing things to myself that may hurt me?"  B.A. stated, "Yes, I love you very much.  I have for such a long time and it seems at times, that you want to take unnecessary risks that could hurt yourself.  For instance, you clipped that plane from a repair line.  I mean, you weren't even thinking when you did that.  I admit, I am afraid of flying and I'll do anything to avoid it. But, what you did was very wrong." 


    Murdock sat back on the bed and thought hard about this.  "What if I disagree?" he asked.  B.A. said, "If you disagree, then I am sorry, but I feel that you lack the discipline that you need.  Keep it mind, baby, I won't hurt you... well... not too badly."  Murdock thought about what B.A. had just told him. He realized what B.A. had just said was true. He did take unnecessary chances like that and he did trust B.A. with him; his body, soul, and everything that composed him.  He turned to B.A. and looked at him with his gorgeous brown eyes and told B.A.,"B.A., I agree with you that I do deserve discipline and I love and trust you." B.A. smiled and realized that Murdock really did love him.  He said, "I am glad to hear you say that Murdock.  And since you feel this way, I will have to punish you for what you did today with the plane-rental scam.  Murdock sat on the edge of the bed and his heart nearly went down to the bottom of his feet and he put his hands in his face and asked B.A. "What are you going to do to me exactly?"


    B.A. said, "I am going to spank you with my weight belt.  You will receive 25 lashes with it for your behavior.  I know that this belt is very large and it will hurt but Murdock, you must learn to be more careful. Now, Murdock, I want you to address me as Sir when I'm punishing you and I want you to take off all your clothes, boxers included, and place them on the chair over there." Murdock let out a deep sigh and said, "B.A., couldn't we just forget about this one....I mean, I didn't know that I was going to be here today, so does it really count, oh buddy, oh pal???"  B.A. shouted, "Fool, I said do it now!"  Murdock nearly jumped out of his skin and looked at B.A. pleadingly, but B.A. wasn't going to give in to those beautiful eyes.  He wanted Murdock to realize how wrong his actions were today and instructed Murdock loudly, "Take off all your clothes right now and get on the bed, with a pillow under your hips.  I want that ass raised high in the air.  I don't want to hit you anywhere else but there." Murdock took all of his clothes off very quickly and got into position.  He raised his hands over his head and grasped onto the sheets.  B.A. took off his large weight belt and let it fall to the side where Murdock could take a glance at it and he gulped.  He had never received a spanking before, but this was going to be a whippin'.  A long hard one at that.  B.A. questioned, "What am I spanking you for Murdock?"  Murdock answered, "Well, actually, Sir, you are WHIPPIN' me for scammin' a broken plane off a repair line.  I know how to crash those thing o.k. and nobody got hurt. So I really dunno what this is going to accomplish."  B.A. got angry at Murdock's answer and raised the belt high in the air and let it fall across the two lovely globes of Murdock. Murdock let out a scream that went all over the room.  B.A. said, "Murdock, your wisecracks are NOT going to save you from this, so you might as well tell me what this is for. BEFORE I GET MAD, SUCKA!!"     Murdock thought to himself *If he isn't mad right now, I don't wanna see you mad*  Murdock said loudly, "Ok.....ok........I put myself in danger and everyone else on the plane...I'm sorry, Sir, please don't hit me again."  B.A. answered, "I'm sorry, but you will be punished..30 strokes now for your remarks." Murdock groaned out loud..."OH NO!"  B.A. announced, "Oh yea, sucka!"  Murdock's buttocks clenched as he heard the sound of the belt goin down on through the air....




B.A. administered the 25 strokes promised to Murdock and he knew that he had added five more to the count.  Murdock laid there crying his heart out.  He was crying so bad, that he was beginning to hiccup.  B.A. looked at his lover's bottom, which was covered in dark red lashes.  He felt bad for him, real bad, but he knew that Murdock deserved all 30.  Murdock caught his breath and asked B.A., "Is it over now?"  B.A. answered, "Is it over now, what?" Murdock thought quickly and said, "SIR! Is it over, Sir?"  B.A. sighed and told Murdock, "No, I'm sorry, hun, it's not over yet.  I only gave you 25 strokes and I promised you 30.  I hate to not fulfill my promises and if I say I'm gunna do somethin, I do it." Murdock felt a new stream of tears coming to his eyes and braced himself for the final 5 strokes.  B.A.  felt so bad that he had to bruise the lovely bottom more, but he would rather see that than his baby dead in a plane crash or worse.  The thought made him even angrier than anything and he took all of his strength and punished Murdock's helpless buttocks even more.  SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!


The large belt had finished its job and B.A. put it down and sat beside Murdock.  Then man had been punished thoroughly and he just lie there crying to himself.  B.A. looked at Murdock's bottom and touched it. He felt the heat growing from it without even laying a finger on it. He felt that he may have went a tad to far with it and reached down and kissed Murdock's bottom passionately.  B.A. said, "I'm sorry that I had to punish you so hard. I just don't want you to get yourself hurt."   Murdock tried desperately to contain himself and said, "B.A., I understand...I am not mad at cha...I, I know I did deserve this...please though, don't hit me hurts so much..."  B.A. raised his hand to get some lotion to put on his lover's bottom to help cool it and Murdock clenched his eyes because he thought he was going to get hit again...B.A. sighed and closed his eyes, "Murdock, I am done. I am not going to hit you anymore today. I believe you are sorry and I really don't want to do this again." Murdock sighed with relief as he felt B.A. putting the lotion on him to help with the burning.  "Yea," Murdock replied "...I hope you don't have to do it again either....but I love all this attention I am getting. Your hands are so strong, yet so filled with love at the same time." B.A. laughed. "Yes, Murdock, that is true. I love you so much... you are definitely the crazy little thing called love."  B.A. and Murdock laughed....Murdock couldn't believe all this attention he was getting and how much B.A. cared about him..."Hey...B.A?" Murdock said. B.A. answered, "Ya, what is it babe?".. Murdock said in his Bogart impression..."I didn't know you cared, sweetheart." He turned his head around to B.A. and winked at him.  B.A. just shook his head and laughed. "Shut up you crazy fool!"


The End... or is it??



Crazy Little Thing Called Love by ChickyBaby



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