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Souls Bound Together Through Eternity

Souls Bound Together Through Eternity

Author Of the 2nd Half of this fic: Flight O'Fancy, A.K.A. Georgia Bentz

A-Team In Time Challenge from Murdock's Doc
Hello all, This little challenge originally started out as a thought for another story. Unfortunately this particular story idea is about 8th in line behind my current series and other stuff under development. To be honest, I'm getting a little impatient for it's appearance as a story.
SOOOO I'm issuing it as a challenge to see what others can do. I know it's sorta like "Time Travelers" but this is along the lines of reincarnation and who the guys were in a different life.
Challenge: Take the story starter below and write a fic where the A-Team experiences a former life. You get to pick the time in history, any event, the identity, relationship, and sex of each of the A-Team's former personality. (Like Face was Helen of Troy in a former life, or B.A. was Hercules, Hannibal was Hannibal and so on) Most of all have fun! Archive: Please archive this challenge - if you think it's original enough Challenge Title: A Team in Time -

Part 1 from Murdock' Doc


The sound of automatic gunfire crackled heavily in the night air was followed by the sound of shouts and heavy footfalls on the run. "What's the plan Colonel?" Lieutenant Templeton "Face" Peck asked between heavy gulps for air.

"It was your idea to bring Murdock to the carnival sucker," Sergeant "B.A." Baracus snapped out as he poked his head around the corner of the tent to see if anyone had followed.

"Quiet down guys," Lieutenant Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith ordered as he joined B.A. at the corner.

"How was I supposed to know that Decker and his goons would be here?" Peck whined between breaths.

"Ah Facey, it bein Military Appreciation Day and all, maybe ya shoulda been able to figure it out." Captain H.M. "Howlin' Mad" Murdock suggested innocently as he stood by his friend.

Face glared at his friend coldly, "Thanks Murdock, I really appreciate your support."

Murdock threw an arm over his best friends shoulder and smiled, "Any time."

Hannibal tapped on B.A.'s arm and turned. "Here they come, we'll hide in that tent over there," he said pointed towards a tent with the sign "Madame Sophia's Fortune Telling" displayed over the doorway.

"Oh goodie!" Murdock said with glee, "Always wanted to know my future."

"Shut up fool," B.A. growled as he pushed his friends towards the tent.

Inside the tent, the four men ducked behind several brightly colored panels, where they listened to the shouting of their pursuers. "I saw them over here, everyone spread out and check the tents."

Holding their breaths the A-Team waited as they heard the flap of Madame Sophia's tent being opened. All eyes opened wide when they heard a voice.

"My price is two dollars," an elderly woman said.

"Ah, did you see anyone come in ma'am?" A soldier asked politely.

"Only you have come for your future," the woman responded in an eerie voice.

"Thank you," the soldier replied nervously, "If you see anyone please let Colonel Decker know."

The flaps of the tent rattled again and the soldier was gone.

"I see all," the woman said in a voice that seemed to mystically echo around the tent.

When the woman began to hum, the four men hidden in her tent exchanged curious looks. The humming ended after a moment and the woman spoke again.

"From the dawn of time four souls stand united against the evil of this world. Kings, princes, brothers, fathers, they are forever together in time."

Her voice was almost hypnotizing, and Murdock was the first to fall under the spell. Easing out of his hiding place he moved towards the woman.

"No boundary exists for these souls who forever dance through birth and death, never apart." The woman said hauntingly as she watched the first man approach her. "Friends, lovers, sons and daughters, time over time together."

"Murdock" Face hissed under his breath when he noticed his friend's departure.

Curiosity got the best of him as he peeked around the panel and watched as his friend became engrossed in the old woman's words.

'Lovers?' he wondered to himself, 'That's sick.'

Still, he found himself moving closer to stand beside his friend.

"Come forth eternal souls," the woman said, in a voice almost like a song, "Your past is your future, united together."

Hannibal and B.A. slipped out from behind the panels and approached the other half of their team.

"We're sorry to disturb you . . ." Hannibal said before the woman interrupted him.

The woman lifted a slender finger and pointed at Murdock, "You know, in this life the past touches you, haunts you."

Eyes turn to Murdock as he nods.

"Colonel, we ain't got time for this jibber jabber," B.A. said gruffly, "Decker's gonna figure out where we at."

The old woman's eyes close as she began to speak again,

"The hounds of hell pursue you, and have done so in many forms. They touch you, hold you, but never keep you long. One life to the next you serve gods, goddesses, the power almighty, never wavering from the light."

Her eyes open and the crystal blue of her eyes seem to look into the souls of each man standing before her. Weakly, she rises from her chair and shuffles to a side table. Lifting the lid on a box she withdraws several items and returns to the men.

"I have a gift that has waited for hundreds of years to be given to you." Unafraid she stands before B.A. and reaches out to touch the gold around his neck. "You've been given a hard lot in this life child, but the tender golden light in your heart remains bright for the innocent."

Her hand drops, and she grasps his hand and places a small medallion in it before moving on. In front of Hannibal she clicks her tongue against her cheek, "Always the leader regardless the form." Shaking her head she places a medallion into the Colonel's hand.


"Your sweet words, ah what can I say in comparison," the old woman whispered as she took Face's hand, "In your heart you know the words better than I." Sighing deeply she drops a medallion identical to the other two given out into the handsome man's hand. Finally, she moved to stand before Murdock.

Tenderly she reaches out to stoke his cheek, "So much negative in your current life has brought forth the negative in the past." She paused and pressed the final medallion into the Captain's hand. "Find the positive in the past."

Stepping away, the woman smiles warmly at the four men. "Bring the medallions together and you will be granted the gift of a memory."

She turns her back on them, "Now go."

Part 2 from Flight O'Fancy

They go out of the tent all wondering what this Gypsy woman has given each of them. The gift of a memory? They all have memories. Fingering their medallions simultaneously they are unaware of what is going to happen next.


Murdock speaks. "I say we put 'em together. No harm in that right? After all she did seem purty insistent."

Face shakes his head in wonderment and disgust. "She was an old Gypsy woman. She probably gave us some old charms. Or maybe she cursed us?"

BA shakes his head too. "I don' b'lieve in gypsies. They all bad luck in my 'pinion!"

Hannibal looks at his medallion wonderingly. "You know I don't know what it is.... But this thing seems familiar. Like an old friend. Like it's calling out to me to reach out and put them together...."

Face sighs deeply as does BA. Face decides to speak up trying to be the voice of reason. Trying to get Hannibal to see that they will probably end up in worse trouble then before. He speaks. "Hannibal please don't talk anymore about the medallions. They're giving me the creeps as it is. Maybe we oughtta chunk these medallions in the nearest trashcan and get out of this stupid carnival."

BA speaks putting in his two cents. "I'm wit' th' Faceman. We dunno what's gonna happen Hann'bal!"

But it's Murdock who gets Hannibal's deciding vote. "Yeh. It's callin' to me too Hannibal. I say we put 'em all together an' see what happens."

Hannibal responds in stereo with him. "And see what happens. Yeah that sounds like a great idea Captain. I-I can't take it anymore...."

Hannibal holds out his hand and Murdock holds out his hand, each revealing the medallion in each palm. Reluctantly the other two hold out their palms and revealing identical medallions. The mantra goes through their heads:

"From the dawn of time four souls stand united against the evil of this world. Kings, princes, brothers, fathers, they are forever together in time. Come forth eternal souls. Your past is your future, united together."

A slight mist surrounds them. Then a voice says: "Put the medallions on Gentlemen and then you will remember. Remember a time so long ago it's been forgotten. You were all at different places at different times, but your souls were connected. A muscled boyfriend, A Troyan, A king on a long trip, A slaveboy trying to get free....Remember...Remember...."

As if in a daze all four stand in a circle and simultaneously put the medallions on. The mist thickens and then it happens. There is a jolt! And they are back in time. But where exactly? A land of Gods and Goddesses. Tempters and Temptresses....

The land that time forgot except in legends folk tales and stories. Suddenly the four fugitives' bodies disappear and there standing in their place in different spots in time are familiar figures we've come to love.

Intermission, Introduction of Souls as they will appear:

Character #1 (Face's Soul): Helena of Troy The most beautiful woman in the world.

Character #2 (Hannibal's soul): Her husband King Melenaus. The most jealous king in the world.

Character #3 (BA's soul): Paris the one who gets Helena away from her husband,  while aforesaid husband's on a long journey. And Paris is very muscled and strong by the way.

Character #4 (Murdock's soul: A slaveboy who runs away from King Melenaus and frees a lion from a thorn in his paw. The slave's name? Merdoche. (Mur-Doh-Shay), but his name was changed to Jerome after he was captured.

Now on with the story Once more....

Helena looked outwards and rose as her maidservants put the finishing touches on her long bronze hair. It had been blonde once but had turned an anstonishing tone of bronze. It made her even more attractive to the king and therefore he had foregone the 'tradition' and had kept for himself one queen and one queen only. Helena.

Helena knew she was the most beautiful woman in the world. The gods had told her so, and she believed them of course. But she wasn't vain. She had a way with words. Anyone said yes to her before she even asked a question. That's how she'd gotten to be queen. She'd stood out among the rest and had won the king's heart and soul. He could deny her nothing. Minerva stuck a red flower in her hair.

"To go with your red lips majesty." Minerva (She had been named after a goddess) had said meekly, keeping her eyes lowered as was the custom.

"A gold braid for your hair as well. We must adorn it in the latest fashion." Answered Maltana. Intertwining the gold into the hair and attaching it to the red flower. Maltana critically eyed her work. And nodded. The day's dressing was done. The Queen was finally free to move about.

Helena feeling herself free of the maidens skipped out to the balcony overlooking the sea. Ahhh the deep blue sea. She wasn't unhappy in the palace. Just was a wanderer at heart. But her husband had explained that queens never roamed, they stayed put! Helena had sighed but she agreed and had stayed put!


King Melenaus was planning a trip. He called for his servant Jerome. Jerome came but he was none too happy about it. He wanted to get away from this place. Ever since he'd been captured he had been planning his escape back to Malta. His home. He missed his mother and sisters. He'd been sold for a debt. So his mother and sisters could live.


Meanwhile the king was bellowing. "Jerome! Get in here quick! I need you to dress me in my armor!"

Jerome came. His brown curls bouncing above the circle of silver that lay just above his forehead. The sign he was a slave. Straightening out his plain toga (Only royalty got embroidered togas), he apologized to Evie the cow and went upstairs.

He muttered. "The name is Merdoche. I am not Jerome. I am named for my father."

But to say that in front of royalty that would most assuredly lose him his head. He shut his mouth for fear the other servants would catch him in his disobedience. He ascended the stairs and climbed them to his master's wing.


He knocked on the door and soon the king bellowed some more. "Get in here you fool! You were supposed to have been here when I first yelled for thee."

Merdoche lowered his eyes and nodded. Not saying a word to this king. This person whom he despised. The only person who made him happy was the queen. She was really nice. But they fraternized at a minimum. So that even the king didn't know how close the man had gotten to his wife.


Merdoche answered. "As you wish Majesty. I shall be even faster the next time. I shall not offend thee again Majesty."

King Melenaus nodded, then spoke again. "Thou whilst not disappoint me or I shall cut off thy scrawny head."

Merdoche glowered through his lowered eyes. He would be free of this tyrant soon. He was sure of it. He had it all planned out. He would escape into the forest. He would survive. He was sure he would. "I shall not Majesty."

Merdoche fastened the armor with nimble fingers. He was hoping his master wouldn't need him. He was hoping that he would need to 'guard' Helena. He was relieved at the next words that came out of the king's mouth. "You will not be needed Jerome. Alpha is going with me. As is Trinity and Pelos. That is more then enough to accompany me on my journey. You must guard Helena with your life."

Merdoche nodded. He was relieved very relieved.

In another part of the world.....

Paris was attending to his duties. When all of a sudden he was approached upon by women of unearthly beauty. Their beauty struck him, and he knew at once that they must be goddesses. They were all pushing and shoving each other. Mumbling about a golden apple and who was the prettiest.  He raised his head as the leader of the group approached him.  "Who's the prettiest one?" She pointed to herself and to the two other women in the group.

"Go on. Tell me. Who's the prettiest one?"

Paris scratched his head as he tried to sort out the three goddesses. He finally figured out that the demanding one was Hera, and the others were Aphrodite and Pallas Athena. He shook his head and took a long time deciding. Finally Hera spoke up into his ear. "When you choose me, her breathy voice tingled into his ear. You will become the mightiest man in the world."

So Paris was going to choose her, but he was interrupted by the others. He noticed their escort, whom he assumed to be Hermes, was quiet as the ladies laid out their offers to him. Pallas Athena offered him Eternal Glory. But it was the last vote that was decided for him.

Aphrodite promised him something of worth. "I'll give you the most beautiful woman on earth. That is if you will choose me!"

Paris smiled. He knew his father, the King of Troy, also known as Ilium, would approve of his son marrying the most beautiful woman on Earth. So he chose Aphrodite. Much to the consternation of the other ladies. Regardless of such Aphrodite whisked him to Sparta where Menelaus's castle was. Everyone invited him in and soon he and Helena were in love.

But it wasn't a regular love. No. Aphrodite had cooked up a potion. She had come into the queen's bedchambers disguised as Maltana and had given the queen her nightly drink. As the queen drank the potion 'Maltana' said a spell.

"Tomorrow when thine awake. A handsome man your eyes will intake. You will take his proffered hand. Then join him in his land. You will love this man and follow him with all your heart. Though someone comes for you. With Paris your heart will not want to part."

As Aphrodite was saying her spell over the queen, Merdoche sneaked out of the palace under the cover of darkness. He had taken nothing with him except for his sandals and he was soon in the forest. He had taken nothing to eat or drink with him and soon he was hungry. Also he needed to find shelter. He spotted a cave and walked towards it. Climbing inside. Not knowing it housed a big fierce lion.

The next morning dawned bright and clear.

Merdoche had not a care in the world. But when he awoke he was face to face with a fierce looking lion. The lion growled a little at him. But Merdoche had a way with animals. He smiled humbly and made a bow towards the king of beasts. Was it his imagination or did the lion smile at him?

He shook his head and the lion headed out the cave. Soon it came back carrying fresh meat between its jowels. He pushed the meat towards Merdoche entreating him to eat. Hesitantly he ate. Then he noticed the lion's paw. It looked swollen and tender....

At the palace:

As the day dawned bright and clear Maltana and Minerva again dressed their queen. She seemed unusually happy and sent for the young man who had been their guest for a couple of weeks.

"I must see our guest. It is a matter of urgency." The young queen suddenly announced.

"You mean Paris Majesty?" Maltana asked a little nervously.

Helena nodded urgently. "Yes. Yes. I must see Paris. Send him up to my room. After I am dressed and my hair is suitable."

Minerva spoke up. "Yes your Majesty. It shall be done."

After she had gotten dressed Paris arrived in her room. Looking quite nervous. He still had no idea she was a queen. Since they had arrived long after the king had gone on his trip. He spoke. "You sent for me My Lady? Have I done something wrong?"

Helena shook her head no. "No. You've done nothing wrong. Just take me away from here. I can not bear it any longer. And I love you."

Paris's heart leaped into his throat. He loved her too. He had seen her all around the palace but he hadn't gotten up enough courage to approach her. He had been planning to take her away. So he nodded. "As you wish my lady. Thy wish is my command. The horses shall be ready."

Helena was ecstatic and soon she and Paris were on their way to Troy. The servants were in shocked silence and Aphrodite was rather pleased with herself. She got what she'd wanted. A golden apple. But all would not be well when the king came back. So Aphrodite made herself scarce. Wiping the servants' memories clean.

The Long Journey and the way home with King Melenaus....

Wondering about the king? Well of course he was on a long journey. But history doesn't say where. He was sent across some mountains to assist some man with some elephants. The man's name was Hannibal and since the King possessed keen wit he decided to see if he could help Hannibal with the elephants.

Because the elephants were scared to go across the mountains. So he was sent to help. He figured out a way to get them across quickly. Soon he and Hannibal were shaking hands and King Melenaus was soon going back to his palace.

But all was not well when he returned. He had no wife. He had no servant and the other servants wouldn't tell him a thing. So he had them all killed for insubordination. Then he went to seek out the gods. Pallas Athena appeared almost giggling it looked like. But one never said that in front of a goddess. Pallas Athena spoke for she knew what Aphrodite had done.

"Your lovely Queen has fallen in love with another. She has been bewitched. You must get her back."

For the Gods loved pitting themselves against the others. It kept Zeus amused and kept each other on their toes. Soon the mortal king spoke again. Making Pallas Athena roll her eyes. She hated mortals. But if it helped getting back at Aphrodite for what she had done, then it was worth it to interact with mortals.

"But why? Was she bewitched? Or is it a true feeling? Was she not happy with me?"

His eyes were clouded over with some kind of emotion. Ugh! Emotions is what these weak mortals ran on. And Pallas Athena hated it. But she spoke as sweetly as before.

"It was Aphrodite. She was the one who made the spell and bewitched your wife. You must gather an army and go to Troy and kill Prince Paris. Then and only then will the spell be broken and you shall get thy wife back."

King Melenaus thanked the goddess and was going to give her something. But she disappeared before he could. He only shrugged and gathered a large army of the queen's ex-suitors. Among them  their leader, his brother, Agamemnon. They had all agreed to fight with the king if Helena were to be missing. Calling on their devoutness to his wife he and the army scrambled to Ilium.

In the forest....

Merdoche smiled again at the lion and spoke. "O mighty King of the fowls in the air, King of the beasts on land, King of all that you survey, Might I see your paw?"

Merdoche held out his hand expectantly and waited to see what the lion would do. The lion seeming to understand what the young man wanted to do. He lifted his paw and put it into the proffered hand. Merdoche looked it over. He studied it and found that there was a thorn in it. He shook his head and prepared to pull it out. With a quick tug it was out. Merdoche threw it out of the cave and the lion licked the paw first. Then he licked Merdoche.


Merdoche smiled and spoke. "For you I would do it gladly. You did not eat me when I first got here. Though you had a chance. And you fed me. I am bound to be your friend for life."

The lion seemed to accept that. And licked Merdoche again. Merdoche knew he had found a lifetime companion. But his stay in the forest was a happy. However, only for a short time. He was to be under Melenaus's thumb again. But he enjoyed his stay while he could.

Meanwhile in Troy 10 years later.

They had fought and fought in Paris's city. For ten long years and they were no closer to getting inside. Finally someone hit upon a plan. They set to work and built a HUGE horse. King Melenaus got inside as did nine other soldiers.

Then the rest went to a nearby island. That night the Trojans thought that their enemies had left and saw the horse.  They brought the horse inside the city walls and that night almost everyone in Troy's city was killed.

Because of Aphrodite's treachery.  The only people who weren't killed was Paris, and of course Helena. For it hadn't been her fault that she had 'fallen in love' with Paris. Paris was put into a dungeon for the rest of his life. Helena was brought back home. And there the couple resumed their life. But what of Merdoche? The king ordered his aides to find Merdoche and to capture a lion.

That same day the lion went hunting. But he never returned. Merdoche was sad thinking that his friend had been beset by even bigger and wilder animals more powerful then his majestic friend could ever fend off. So he went to find his lion friend. While he was out and about he was captured by the King's guards.

They locked him in a deep dungeon.  King Melenaus thought up a suitable punishment. Then he hit on it. His servant would fight a lion. Of course Jerome would die. But that was the price for his disobedience. For not watching over Helena. For getting him into that War With Troy for ten years.

The day arrived for the lion/servant matchup. Many people had bets going on who would win. Most put their bets on the lion. A few some put their bets on Servant Jerome. Finally the hour came upon them, and shackled Merdoche entered the arena. He was supposed to be gladiator. He waited for the terrible sentence to be passed. As he looked up at the throne King Melenaus glared at him and spoke angrily.

"For your disobedience you must fight a lion. But not just any lion. We've found the most ferocious one that could be found. And he's mighty hungry." He turned to his guards and spoke to them. "Release the beast! Let us watch as the disobedient is eaten for judgment."

For a moment Merdoche was afraid. He'd heard of these bouts he turned from the throne and readied himself for an attack.  He heard the lion's Mighty Roars. He saw it walk out and then his heart rejoiced. It was his old friend from the forest. He was so happy he started to walk up to the beast.

The beast in the midst of another roar recognized his friend and met him the rest of the way. The lion licked Merdoche's face and held up his paw. Showing his friend that it was all better. Merdoche grinned and forgetting the crowd, his king and the others he wrapped his hands around the mighty beast. Then petted the mane and spoke into his ear.

"I am glad that thine paw is healed. I thank thee O Royal One for not eating me yet again. I humbly am your friend for life twice over."

The lion gave Merdoche a hint of a smile and licked him again.

King Melenaus couldn't believe his eyes. The lion had not eaten his wicked servant? Then perhaps his servant deserved his freedom. He called Merdoche to the throne. Merdoche again stood in the front of the high throne with the lion by his side.


The king spoke up. "Jerome thou hast regained thy freedom. Guards take these shackles off of him. Greet Jerome thy free country man."

The guards did as they were bid, and soon Merdoche was sent off on his own. The lion following at his heels until they again reached the forest. King Melenaus took his wife inside and they celebrated being together. And Paris? He was the new aide to the King. They still didn't get along. But King Melenaus was going to be damned if Paris tried to steal his wife again....

Back to the present....

The mist slacked off and again there were four men standing in a circle. Each wearing a golden medallion. The mist totally cleared and they were brought of their daze. Each man is shaking their head.  But they remember each detail.


Murdock smiles and speaks. "I foun' th' pos'tive in th' past. Animals. No won'er I like 'em so much!"

Face speaks up just then. "Yeah. Imagine me in a different lifetime as the most beautiful woman in the world. Though nothing's changed much. I'm still handsome all the ladies say so." With that Face brushes a hand through his short bronze hair and smiles self assuredly at himself.

Hannibal speaks and he locks gazes with BA. "You know what that life reminded me of? Back in 'Nam where you fought me each and every step of the way."

Hannibal's eyes sparkle though. He certainly does remember his past life clear enough. And is happy that he's been brought to the Gypsy's remember it.

BA just nods not saying a word. Dumbfounded that he's been a prince. But they were all there. He smiles as he found out that he'd fallen in love with Helena/Face. He chuckles and soon the four make their way out of the fairgrounds. Decker not hindering their escape this time. They climb into the van with very reflective looks on their faces each fingering their medallion.


A voice picks up in the wind echoing the mantra: "From the dawn of time four souls stand united against the evil of this world. Kings, princes, brothers, fathers, they are forever together in time. Come forth eternal souls. Your past is your future, united together."

The End?

Souls Bound Together Through Eternity by Georgia Bentz



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