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The Vacation

The Vacation

by Susan Kirksey

Rated: PG
Warning: Mush.

Susan was in the bedroom packing everything she could find for the vacation of her dreams. She was going to the 'Big Sky Country' with her husband of 1 year for their one year anniversary. As she ran back and forth from the dresser to the suitcase on the bed, Susan remembered the first time she saw and fell in love with Templeton Peck.

It was winter in Langely, Virginia. She had just been hired by General Hunt Stockwell to assist him on keeping track of the A-Team. One day while walking in the hallway with a load of files, she and Templeton Peck collided with each other. "Oh; I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" She saw stars but not like the stars in cartoons. As his strong, but gentle hands helped her off the floor, Templeton wrapped his arms around her. She enjoyed this very much.

Templeton Peck was 32 years old. She was 10 years his junior. Fresh out of law school, The A-Team knew she had little or no experience in assisting them to obtain their pardons from the government and to finally be free of General Stockwell and his crazy ass missions. They welcomed her into their little family with open arms. Especially, Frankie "Dishpan" Santana. Col. John "Hannibal" Smith offered to buy her dinner.

"Er, Hannibal. Don't you have to call Maggie and let her know how we are?!" She looks at Peck, who's the glib of the team and says, "If I didn't know any better, Mr. Peck, I would say that you're trying to get me alone with you." "She knows you yet, Face." Hannibal said with a cigar in his mouth.

"I didn't say that you couldn't try to ask me later, Mr. Peck." she said very seductively. This brightened the expression on Templeton Peck's face. "Maybe we can have a romantic dinner. Yes, where the gentle strains of gypsy violins and the bubble of champagne mixes mystically with the sizzle of musaka. Where the sound of two hearts beating can unite in one single heartbeat."

Frankie heard every word The Faceman was saying to reel Susan in. Naturally, Frankie was taking notes. When Susan went into the kitchen to get something to nibble on, Frankie went in behind her and tried to use the same tactics with her that Face had used earlier. Frankie inched his way up behind her. She could feel someone's being in the kitchen with her. Who ever it was slipped his arms around her waist, just didn't feel right.

Susan didn't like that at all. With one swift elbow jab, Frankie went down on the floor in very bad pain. "Arggggggg!" he wrenched. She turned around and saw Frankie. "Don't ever sneak up on me, Mr. Santana!" She helps him up and walks into the living room. Days turned in weeks. Weeks turned into months. Months later, Susan found herself thinking about Peck for a long time.

The couple were married in a small and quaint little church outside of Langely. Rocky, at first are all marriages, Templeton and Susan Peck were briefly separated in the beginning. They were reunited and spent every single minute they could together. Every chance they had, the couple would let each other know how they felt about each other.


Brought back to the present by the sound of Hannibal beating on the door trying to get her out, Susan closed the suitcase and headed out for her romantic vacation with her husband."Aren't you ready yet?!" Hannibal demanded as he lit a cigar. "Just calm down. You know that you're suppose to remain calm."

Susan was a bit worried about leaving Hannibal there with Stockwell and Carla. BA, Murdock and Frankie along with Face assured her that Hannibal would be safe. "I don't mean to sound like his mother or something it's just that Hannibal means the world to me." Face puts a hand of reasurance on her shoulder. "Hannibal will be okay."

As they drove off, Susan leaned over towards her husband who had opened a bottle of 1977 wine. He pours the wine into two galsses. He hands one to Susan. "What are we going to toast to?" he asked slyly. "I have an idea." she said wrapping her arms around him. "How about to us. May the romance and mystery never die." "I'll drink to that."

The glasses are placed on the floor. Face holds Susan very tenderly in his arms and the have an equally tender and romantic kiss. She looks up with a devil look in her eyes. "I have a fun idea!" He looks at her. "What is it?" "Let's park." "Let's what?"

"You pull over to the side of the road and we," she plays with his shirt collar, "hold and kiss each other." Face pulls over to the side of the road. They get out of the car and Susan runs over into a field of flowers. "Can't catch me!" Face runs after her.

"Wanna bet?" He catches her. "I caught you!" he said breathless as he pinned her to the ground. Her arms are pinned by her head. Susan tries to wiggle free of his grasp but she can't. Face leans down over his wife and kisses so tenderly that he releases her so she can wrap her arms around his neck.

She can feel his full desire pressing against her. "Face, maybe we should get to the cabin before we go any further." Templeton helps her up. "Maybe you're right." he says as he slaps her ass. He takes off running. "Do I look like a football player?" she asks him as they start running back towards the car. They both could be heard laughing.

Meanwhile, back in Langely, Hannibal and Murdock were in the yard talking. Hannibal had just been released from the hospital. He had emergency surgery. "I wonder what Face and Susan are doing." Hannibal looks at Murdock. "Captain, there's no telling how Face and Susan are enjoying their vacation."

They were right. One minute, Face and Susan were in a field ready to make love to each other and the next minute, Face was kissing Susan in his arms. He threw her gently on the couch. She enjoyed that. She enjoyed everything about her husband. His smile. His charm. The way she felt when he made her laugh and the way she felt when he tickled her.

Face went into the kitchen to get some strawberries and whipped cream. When he came back out, Susan was lighting a fire in the fireplace. He had stripped down to his jeans and socks. Strawberries in one hand and whipped cream in the other. He sat down in front of the fireplace and wrapped his arms around his gorgeous wife. "You're so beautiful to me. Even if no one else sees that, I do."

"I love you, Templeton." she said as she kissed his hand. He had a strawberry in his hand. "Taste this. Tell me what you think." Susan tasted the strawberry with whipped cream. "Mmmmmm. Tastes great." She pauses. "Do you have the whipped cream?" Face reaches over to the coffee table and gets it in his hand. "Did you want this?"

Susan opens the container and places one finger in the whipped cream and seductively licks her finger. "Why don't we sit here in front of the fire and feed each other strawberries and play with the whipped cream?" she asked. Face looked at his wife and smiled.

Back in Langely, Hannibal and Murdock were sitting in the yard remembering when Susan first came into their lives. "Murdock, I remember when Susan was born. She was a beautiful baby." "I remember when you and Face brought her to one of our hideouts and she helped us escape from Decker and Lynch. The way she walked out there and seduced them was nothing more than magic."

Hannibal looked at Murdock. "Where do you think she gets her fighting spirit from?" They share a laugh. A moment later, BA and Frankie come out there. "What's so funny?" asked Frankie. "Hannibal and I were just remembering when Susan first joined us." BA smiles when he hears this. "I remember she told me not to worry about flying on a plane. We couldn't get there any other way but to fly. Hannibal, remember she held my hand all the way to Africa and back?"

Hannibal nods his head 'yes.' Frankie looks at the sun setting in the west. "Have you all ever wondered what makes the sun so beautiful?" The guys all stop when they hear Frankie say this. "Frank," said the colonel surprised. "I never knew that you were into thinking about things like that?"

BA adds, "I know exactly what Susan would say if she were here." Murdock looks at the mudsucker. "What's that, big guy?" he asked. "She would say, 'I didn't know that Frankie even had a brain much less could think!'" Everyone in the backyard shares a laugh. Even Frankie.

Back at the cabin, Face and Susan were outside in the yard looking at the starlite sky. He wraps his arms around her. "Isn't this breath taking?" Face kisses her neck, "From where I'm looking the view is gorgeous." "I'm serious." "So, am I." They laugh as Templeton turns her around and gives her the biggest and most romantic kiss ever.

"Do you remember your graduation?" She looks at him funny. "Of course, I remember my high school graduation! What kind of question was that?" She rolls her eyes at him asking such a dumb question. "Do you remember the gift that I gave you?" "Yes. The gift was a diamond..." Face cuts her off. "A 14-kt. diamond ring." He hands her a small box.

Susan took the small box from him. His blue eyes shone as she opened the box and tears trickled down her cheek. "Templeton... I don't know what say!" As he pulls her close to him he whispers, "Say whatever's in your heart." Without saying one word, Susan pulls him close her and gives him the most tender and passionate kiss that she ever gave him.

"What does that tell you?" she asked as they opened their eyes. "I love you?" "Bingo!" Scooping her in his arms, "Why don't we go inside and love each other?" "I love it when we go on a vaction!" she said as they closed the door behind them.

The End

The Vacation by Susan Kirksey