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The Prom

The Prom

by Susan Kirksey

Rated: R
Warning: Sex between Susan and Face.

(The setting for this story is in beautiful Mobile, Al. April 28. The time is 8:00 P.M.) Susan walks into the West Ballroom of the beautiful Mobile Convention Center. She sees Hannibal, BA, Murdock, Face and Ginger. She walks over to them.

"Good evening, gentlemen." she said in a confident tone of voice. Face pulls his hand away from Ginger. "For the last time, NO! I will not go to the Adam's Mark Hotel with you!" He looks over at Susan. "Good evening, Susan." "Good evening Face. You all look very dashing." All of the guys said, "Thanks. You look beautiful." in unison. Ginger wasn't happy with the fact that Susan had everyoneís attention.

Hannibal took a cigar out of his pocket and proceeded to light it when 1st Srgt. Terry Daniels approached Hannibal and Susan. "Good evening, Col." He looks at Susan who is wearing a navy blue gown. "How are you this evening?" "I'm doing well." "Might I say that you look positively gorgeous tonight." "Thank you sarg." Sergeant Daniels walked away from Susan and Hannibal. Hannibal puffs his cigar. "Aren't you here with Face?"

"When he asks me, I will be." she said with bitterness in her normally sweet and pleasant voice. "I'm going out on the balcony." She stormed out. Hannibal became worried when he saw her at the railing and tears were forming in her eyes. "Face. Face!"

The lieutenant rushed over to see what Hannibal wanted. "What's up?" "Face, I need you to go on a secret mission." "Hannibal!" he whined. "Lieutenant, this mission concerns a beautiful young lady whose heart is breaking." "Why is her heart breaking?" "She was looking for the man of her dreams to ask her to the prom and he chickened out."

Face asked, "Who is she?" Hannibal escorted him to the door and pointed at Susan. "There she is." "And the man of her dreams is whom?" Hannibal puts his arm around Face's shoulders. "That's where you come in Face!" "Me?" Hannibal shakes his head yes.

"What is it that you want me to do?" "I want you to go out there and ask her to be your date for this entire evening." "What about Ginger?" "If she comes near the two of you, then throw her into the river." "You're on the jazz." "I know!" He smiles. "Now get out there Face and don't come back until you have that very beautiful girl on your arm!"

Face walked out the door and towards the beautiful creature who was shedding her tears into the Mobile River. "Looks like you could use a hankerchief." he smiles at her. "What happened to your precious Ginger? Did she leave you?" He looked at her. Susan's face was flushed. Her eyes and nose puffy. She never looked more beautiful than she did at that very moment.

"Can I ask you something?" She glared at him. "When I first came out here, I said to myself what a beautiful night it is for a romantic dance. Do you think I would have asked Ginger to dance with me out here?" "No?" Face moves closer. He takes her in his arms. "You're absolutely correct. What did you think I saw in Ginger?"

"I don't know! All I know is you and her were holding hands and I guess I thought that the two of you were here together as a couple." Face looks at Susan. She's smiling. "Are you smiling at me?" "What would even give you that idea?" "To tell you truth, honestly, I was coming out here to ask you to come back in the ballroom and be my date for the rest of the evening?"

A smile had overcomed the sadness in her eyes. "I would love to, Face." He takes her by the hand and they walk arm in arm back into the ballroom. Ginger comes over to Hannibal and orders, "Where is Tempy?" Hannibal blew smoke in her face, not on purpose, and told her that she had dumped Face. "Face went on the balcony and asked Susan to be his date. Sorry, you didn't cut the mustard."

"I came here with Templeton Peck and I plan to leave here with Templeton Peck!" Hannibal walks over to her. "You listen to me and listen good, sweetheart. It's bad enough that Susan doesn't like you. Don't turn us into your enemies also. Here's what you do. You get back on your broomstick and fly away." Ginger stomps off. "Well, I never!" Hannibal yells back, "And you never will get anywear with The A-Team!" He laughs.

Face and Susan walk on the dance floor together. As I Swear begins to play, the lovely couple dance closer together. She looks at him. "Face, can I ask you a dumb question?" He looks down at her and said, "You can ask me anything." "Can I give you a kiss?" In one swift and forward motion, Lt. Templeton Peck and Susan Irene Jones shared a tender and very romantic kiss. Hannibal can be heard saying, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

They stayed together in the same position throughout all 4 songs. At midnight when the prom ended, Face and Susan were walking out of the Convention Center when she asked Face, "I've got a room at the Adam's Mark. Wanna come up for a drink or something?" Hannibal and the team had left earlier that evening around 10:30. "Are you sure that you want me in your room?"

"I'm very positive." Susan places the key in the key hole. Opening the door she asks, "Aren't you coming?" Face smiled as he walked into the room. "Beautiful room." "Would you excuse me, Face?" Susan steps into the bathroom and removes her dress and shoes. When she comes out of the bathroom, Susan is in a very seductive night gown. Lace at the bottom of the gown and low cut.

"Wow!" said Face with astonishment. "You look like a goddess. May I worship you?" She laughs. He takes her hand into his and pulls her close to him. They share a kiss. Face places his hand behind her head. "Want to move over to the bed?"said Face with a devilish grin. Susan slowly guided him over to the bed where she slowly sat down without breaking the kiss.

Face slowly removed the satin robe that Susan had on her shoulders. She takes his jacket off. "Too many clothes." Face didn't hear what the gorgeous lady had said. "What?" "Too many clothes." His jacket and vest fell to the floor on top of the robe. The shirt was to go next. Once that was off, Susan laid back on the bed and splayed her hands over Face's broad chest and shoulders.

Face shrugged the shirt off and like the rest of the clothes, it to fell on the floor. As the near naked lovers unfolded the covers on the bed, Face slowly removed the gown from the woman who had stolen his heart. "Face, I love you." He grinned and said, "I love you, too." Susan slowly eased the zipper down on his pants those came off. 'What was next?' she thought. The underwear came off too. As they covered up, they were still kissing.

Face knew what places to kiss her to make her melt like butter. He kissed the crook of her shoulder. That made her arch her back. Face slowly kissed her lips and moved his way down to her neck. She tilted her head back in sweet anticipation of what was to happen next.

Face slowly traced a trail from her throat to her chest. It was here when he found those two beautiful rose colored mounds of her breasts. With a sudden plunge, he consumed the breast and sucked like he was sucking milk from his a baby bottle.

She was moaning softly the name of her lover. After he had consumed her breasts, Face then traced a trail from where he was on her to her navel with his tongue. This made her shiver. "Are you cold?" he asked concerned. "Not with you near me."

Face continued the tender assault. He proceeded to go past her navel when he suddenly stop. Face got out of the bed and went to the bathroom. "Are you okay, Face?" "Yeah. I just have to get something out of here in order to fully love you. Get back into bed." With that being said Susan complied with the man that she loved with all of her heart. 'Could it be possible? Could I be falling in love with Face? I guess so.' When Face walked out of he bathroom, he only wore a doctor's coat.

"What are we going to do this time?" "Are you feeling poorly?" "I have a slight headache." Face climbs back into bed. They pull the covers over their heads and laugh. After all of the love making for one night, Susan nuzzled very close to Face and fell asleep with her head in the crook of his shoulder.

The next morning, Face and Susan showed back up at the house. No one asked questions. Carla attempts to flirt with Face. He was to full of the night of pleasure he had shared with Susan to even pay Carla any attention. "I thought for sure that he would have even noticed me." Carla said full of herself. Hannibal came over to her and said, "I've known Face and Susan for a good while. Apparently, they had a night of love making that was enjoyable." Carla stomps off. Face and Susan went to bed together. Hannibal could be heard saying, "I love it when a plan comes together."

The End

The Prom by Susan Kirksey