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The A-Team

The A-Team

by Susan Kirksey

Rated: R
Warning: Character death and mush.

Susan remembered when the infamous A-Team came into her life. She had just suffered the loss of her father, Wilson Kirksey. Hannibal had come to her aid. As he held her close to his chest she sobbed. "Hannibal, I can't believe that he's gone!"

He patted her head as a sign of reassurance. All of the A-Team had paid their condolences to her. Seeing the familiar faces comforted her. Even the newest face, Templeton Peck, seemed to comfort her.

The day of the awake was an emotional one for Susan and the team. The morning dawn woke the sleeping people up. Susan had been up since 5 that morning. She was cleaning the house and preparing breakfast when Hannibal, Murdock and BA walked into the living room. BA took the broom away from her. "What are you doing?" he asked concerned.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm cleaning my house!" she said. Hannibal placed his arm around her shoulders. "Maybe it would help if you were to talk about it." he said. "Talk about what? Hannibal, you're on the jazz again!" she said as she entered the kitchen to start breakfast. "Could someone get Face up?!" she asked from the kitchen.

Hannibal sits down in a chair. "Why don't you go get Face up?" he said smiling. She rolls her eyes at him. "Maybe it takes a woman's touch to get a man out of bed!" she could be heard saying through the hallway. As she knocked on the bedroom door, Face muttered sickly, "Come in."

Susan slowly entered the dimly lighted room. "Face; are you okay?" She sits down on the bed close to him. Face pulls her under the covers with him. "Face!" she screamed as he smothered her with kisses. "I didn't get a chance to personally give you my condolences yesterday." he said inbetween kisses.

"This is very tempting, but we should get out of bed." she said as Face raised up from the bed. Susan could help but to give him a friendly slap on the rear end. "I thought we were suppose to get out of bed?" "You're right." There was a long pause. "Face, did you know my father?" she asked. "I met him once in Siagon. Why do you ask?"

Susan sits on the bed. "No reason special. Breakfast is ready if you're hungry." she said getting up from the bed. Face laid on the bed with the satin sheets barely covering his naked body. "I'm hungry alright. Not for food, though."

Susan looks back at Face as he starts to smile. When she sees him smile, she starts to cry. He gets up and walks over to her. "What's wrong? Did I say anything?" he asked. "No. You didn't do anything wrong."

He wraps his arms around her shoulders. "If you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, I'll be right here." he whispers to her. She turns around and looks at the hunkman. Tears swell in her eyes. She never looked more beautiful than she did at that single solitary moment.

The Faceman wrapped his arms around her and she wrapped hers around his neck. They move closer and closer. Blue eyes lock on blue eyes as the couple moves closer and closer. Susan feels like a lost child. Should she be feeling this way to Face? She doesn't even know him.

As lips met lips, she could feel his tender kiss and how that made her feel. What could she do but surrender under the tender assualt. As his hot tongue teased her teeth, she felt like a school girl with her first kiss.

Templeton Peck's hot tongue wanted to probe the inside of her sensous mouth. He wanted to absorb all of her pain and sadness and take it away from her. Hands started to wonder on the two entangled bodies. Once the kiss broke, Susan rested her head on Face's chest. They stood in the privacy of the bedroom and he held her in his arms.

Time came and went. Hannibal and the team were getting ready to go to the funeral awake. Susan and Face were getting dressed also. She went over to the dresser to get a lockett. She pickes it up in her hands and clutches it close to her chest and starts to cry. Face comes over to her and takes her in his arms.

"Shhh!!!" he said patting her head. "It's okay. We're all going to be there with and for you." He looks at the lockett she has clutched to her chest. "Is this the lockett that your dad gave you?" A low 'yes' escaped from her lips. Susan opened the tiny heart shaped necklace to find a picture of the team with her father.

"The five most important men in my life." she said trying to hold back tears. "Your dad will always be with you." he says comforting her. She looks at him with love in her eyes. Susan looks at the clock. "I guess we better go, then." she says opening the door. They walk out of the bedroom and meet the team in the living room.

Susan is the first to compliment them on their appearance. "I must say that you all look very daper in those suits." The guys pride themselves. Hannibal offers his arm. "Are you ready, my lady?" She looks around. "I guess so." They walk out of the house and drive to the funeral home.

On the way to the awake, Susan stares out the window. Face moves over by her and puts an arm on her shoulder. "Are you okay?" he asks. "When we get to the funeral home, some of my father's people will be there trying to run things. Please don't do anything to get into trouble about." Hannibal gives his word that they would stay out of trouble.

They get into the parlor and walk with Susan to view the body. "He looks great." said Murdock. "At least he's not suffering anymore." Susan said. Hannibal looks at Susan. "Why don't you and Face sit down on the couch?" he asks very concerned for her.

BA, Murdock and Face help Susan over to the couch. Hannibal stands over the casket. "She's very beautiful, Wilson. Wish you were here to see how beautiful she really is." He walks over to the couch. "You feeling okay?"

Susan stands up and Face is right with her. "I think I'll go outside and get some fresh air. It's a bit stuffy in here." Hannibal watches as Face and Susan walk outside. His heart went out to her. "You're not worried about her are you, colonel?"

"I'm very worried, Murdock." "She's been through tough patches before and she's made it through." said Murdock. "I know Captain." Outside, Susan is looking out to the star lit sky. Once again, she's crying.

"Susan, wanna talk about it?" he asked her gentlely. She turns around and just breaks down. He walks over to her. She burries her head in his shoulder and sobs. "Face, why me? Why him? I mean he was so strong and so active and now he's..." she continues to sob.

"Shhhhh. It's alright." he rubs the small of her back. She looks at him with tear-filled eyes and asks him, "Face, when we get home would you do me a favor?" "I'll try." "Will you hold me?"

Face smiled at her. "Sure. I can do that." he said holding the beautiful creature in his arms while she cried. She looks up a Face. "I feel close to you, Face." What could he say? He didn't want to upset her any futher. He held her ever more close to him.

They watch the cars come into the parking lot. "Maybe we should go in." said Face. Phyllis Yelding walks in behind them. "Susan, is that you?" she asked. Susan turns around and hugs her friend from college. "Phyllis, it's great to see you again." "Good to see you too. I wish it could have been under better circumstances." "You and me both." "Who is this good looking man?" she asked looking up and down at Face.

Susan smiles and says, "Phyllis, this is Templeton Peck. Templeton, this is Phyllis." They shake hands. Hannibal and the guys come to look for Face and Susan. Phyllis goes into the parlor. All just standing around, they hear a loud child's scream.

Everyone runs to the parlor. "What in the world is going on here?" Susan asks. Sean, her little cousin, runs over to her and points at the casket. Chris Gipson is inside the casket moving her dead father's body. Susan passes out. Murdock catches Sean as she passes out. Hannibal and Face sit her on the couch.

Hannibal leans over her with a washcloth and Face holds her head in his lap. "She's moving around." observed Face. Susan moves around. BA has Chris sitting down in the chair by her. "Susan, you okay?" asked the big guy. She puts her hand on her head and tries to set up. Face and Hannibal help her study herself.

"Hannibal, I know that my father was not moving in that casket by himself." She looks at BA. "I got the person who was moving him Susan." BA said with anger in his voice. Susan along with Face and Hannibal walk over to Chris who was sitting in the chair with BA's hand around his throat.

"Let him go BA." Susan said. The big guy loosens his grip on Chris. Hannibal starts to say something and Susan holds her hand up to him. "Hannibal, let me say something to Chris while you and Murdock call the cops." Hannibal and Murdock agree to this. They leave the parlor to phone the cops.

Susan looks at Chris. "How can you do something like this to me?" she asked. Chris says nothing. She starts to get testy. "I WANT A DAMN ANSWER!!" Chris still says nothing. She breaks down and cries.

She turns around and Face holds her in his arms. Murdock and Hannibal return to the parlor. Murdock comes over to his crying friend and comforts her. Face walks over to Chris. "Get up." he states. He looks at Chris. "Look at what you've done! Susan is hurting very bad and for what? You can get some revenge!?" he asks.

Chris laughs. "HA!! HA!! You all fell right into my lap!" he said laughing. Hannibal comes over. "I'll take care of this, Lt." he told Face. Face goes over to Susan and Murdock. "Listen to me, ass hole. Susan is my godneice. I love her like she was my own daughter. She's hurting so I'm hurting. When I'm hurting, I hurt people I don't like! Understand?" he asked biting the cigar through his teeth.

Chris nods. BA hears the sirens. "They're here, Hannibal." said the big guy. "Good. Get rid of this trash for me, BA." BA takes Chris in the arm bar. "Wait!" she said. "Chris, this is for me and my father!" she said as she punched his lights out! Murdock and BA are stunned.

"Nice punch!" Hannibal said smiling. "Thanks!" said Susan with a smile. "Get him out of here." said the colonel. BA and Murdock drag Chris out to the police car. Hannibal looks at Face comforting Susan. "Maybe the two of you should head on back to the house." Susan looks at Hannibal and Face. "What about here?" she asked. "I think BA, Murdock and I can handle it. You two head on home and get some rest." he said hugging her tightly.

Susan looks at Face. "Are you ready?" She lets out a long sigh. "I guess so, Face." He reaches down to pick her sweater and purse up. Hannibal looks at Face and Susan. "Be careful driving home." Hannibal tells them. "I will." he says winking his eye at Hannibal. He walks out to where Susan is. "Are you okay?" he asks. She scoots over towards Face as he drives the car. "I just want to be near you that's all." Face smiles and nods his head in agreement. He slips his arm around her.

She snuggles closer to Face. They pull into the driveway and they get out of the car. "Have a good night's sleep, Susan." She stops and grabs his hand. "Face, aren't you going to come in with me?" she asks seductively.

They share another kiss. "I thought you never would ask me." Susan opens the door and they walk into the house. Face closes the door behind them. "Susan, honey, maybe we should talk about this." "What do you want to talk about?" she asked nuzzling his neck. They sit down on the couch. "Would you mind telling me how you're feeling right now?" he asked.

"Are you sure you really want to know?" she asked. "I do." "The truth is I don't know what how I feel. I do know one thing." she said. "What do you know?" "I have some strong feelings for you. In fact, you could say that I love you."

When she finished saying this, Face had her in his arms giving her the biggest kiss they ever had. "What do you think?" Face asked. She licks her top lip. They share another tender and romantic kiss. They rise from the couch and Face asks, "Are you sure you want to do this?" Without breaking the kiss, they make their way to the bedroom. Along the way, clothes are dropping on the floor.

"Face," she said in between kisses, "I love you." She unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the floor. Face sat down on the bed next to her. He held her close to his chest. Susan held his hand. They look at each other.

Blue eyes lock on blue eyes. Face stands up and pulls her up with him. With a playful push, Susan and Face fall on the bed with Face kissing the breath out of her. "I love you!" he exclamed. He slowly kissed her lips and then her neck. He gentlely gnawed at the skin on her throat, biting and sucking. He left a tender hickey mark.

Face removes the rest of his clothing and helps her remove her clothes also. She laid on the bed only in her slip and Face stood above her only in his boxers. "God, you're so beautiful!" he said. As he slowly sat down on the bed, he pulled her close to him.

"Face, you don't know how long I've wanted to be with you!" she said. Face raised up to a sitting position. He pulls one strap off of her shoulder and kisses the crook of her neck. She tiltes her head back in sweet anticipation.

As he slowly removes the slip from her body, Susan shivers. "Are you cold?" he asks. A mute 'yes' barely escapes from her lips. Susan lays back on the bed. Face slowly covers her with his body. "Better?" he asked. "Much." she said. Face kissed her throat and her chest. She threw her head back in excitement.

Susan was kissing his Adam's Apple. She loved every minute she spent with Templeton. It sound dumb at first. Could she be falling in love with The Conman of The A-Team? Whatever it was, the feeling was inexplainable. She splayed her hands on Face's broad shoulders and chest. For the first time since her father died, Susan felt loved and appreciated.

As they laid in bed, sheets barely covering their naked bodies, Susan looked at Face. Long lashes were covering beautiful and satisfied blue eyes. A soft sheen of sweat covered there bodies. Face was the first one to speak. "Are you okay?" he asked. Susan propped herself on his arm. "I'm much better now, thanks to you!" she stated.

"Good." said Face as he pulled her close to him. For the first time in their lives, both had been satisfied. Face pulled the covers close to him and Susan and they fell asleep. Around 10 P.M. Susan awoke to a noise outside. Face got up and walked over to the window and looked out.

"It's the guys." he said assuringly. Face walks over to the bed. He puts an arm around her. "Why don't you go back to sleep? You need your rest." he said kissing her forehead. Susan winked at Face and went back to sleep. Face slides into his pants and makes his way towards the front to the guys.

Face places a finger to his lips telling the team that Susan finally fell asleep. They nod. As they followed Face into the kitchen, Hannibal got some coffee. Murdock and BA sat down at the table. Face got a soda and joined the two at the table.

"Face, you look terrible!" said Murdock sternly. He rolled his eyes at Murdock. "How's Susan?" asked Hannibal concerned. "Susan is finally sleeping. When we got home, she fell apart. I took her to the bedroom and sat her down on the bed." he stated. BA asked, "Faceman, you didn't!?" "Susan wanted to. I asked her to be sure."

Hannibal walked over to Face and places a hand on his shoulder. "Trouble is coming. I want you to make sure that Susan stays asleep." He hands Face a hypodermic needle. "Inject this into her system." Face looked concerned. "What is this, Hannibal?" "Don't worry, Face. It's nothing that could hurt her." "I know." "You get some rest also. No need in having two members of this team down." Face nods his head in agreement.

He leaves the kitchen and goes back to the bedroom. He uses the cotton swab on her arm. Blue eyes opened as the neddle is being extracted from her arm. Face, kneeling beside her, said, "Bad guys are coming. Colonel wants you to sleep." She understood and the medication took effect. Face disposed of the needle properly and laid beside her. He also needed the rest.

Face had awakened to the sounds of Murdock in the bedroom. He opened his eyes and whispered, "Murdock? Murdock; what are you doing in here?" Murdock walks over to Face and Susan. She was sleeping so peaceful. "Hannibal sent me in here to get you and Susan up." Face fumbled around on the night stand. He locates the clock. "5:00 A.M.?" he whines.

"Murdock, tell Hannibal that Susan and I are getting some more sleep. Wake us up in 3 hours. Okay?" he said laying back down on his pillow. "The colonel ain't going to be pleased, Facey!" he said as he slammed the bedroom door. Susan woke up. "Huh? Face; what's going on?" she asked rubbing her eyes.

Face rubs her arm. "Nothing." he said kissing her forehead. "It's only five. Go back to sleep." Susan laid back down on her pillow and fell back to sleep. Face couldn't go back to sleep. He didn't want to say but he was worried about Susan. He wrapped his free arm around her and eventually sleep found him.

Three hours pass by. Hannibal enters the bedroom to fetch Face and Susan. Hannibal goes over to Face's side of the bed. "Wakey, wakey Lt." Face's eyes flutter open. "Murdock, go away!" "This isn't Murdock, Lt!" Susan starts to have a nightmare. Her head starts to thrash back and forth.

"No! Stop! No! Stop!" she screams. Susan starts to punch the air as if she's punching somebody. She starts to scream louder. "NO! NO!!" Face takes her in his arms and wakes her from the dream. "Susan, baby! Wake up! It's me Face." She wakes up and looks at Face and Hannibal.

"What happened?" she asked shaking the cobwebs from her head. Susan saw Hannibal and held the covers close to her chest. Hannibal only grinned. "I know!" he said. "I can understand." Face looked at the colonel. "Are you okay, Susan?" asked Hannibal. Susan sat up in bed. "Could someone get me a glass of water?" she asked.

Face looked beneath the covers. "Hannibal, would you mind? I can't right now." Hannibal went to the bathroom and filled a glass with water. He sat down on the bed this time by Susan. "Here you go. Be careful." he said. Face took her hand in his. "You're absolutely shaking." he said. Hannibal took the glass and sat it on the night stand. Face pulled Susan closer to him.

Murdock and BA come into the room to see what the noise was about. "Everything alright, colonel?" asked Murdock. Hannibal said,"Everything's fine here. Is breakfast ready? I'm starved." Susan told Hannibal, "You men are always hungry for one thing or another." Hannibal smiled and said, "You've got to love us!" "That, Hannibal is a matter of opinion. But I do know one thing." she said. Hannibal looked at her.

"What's that?" he asked. "You, Murdock, BA, and Face have been here with me through this tough time in my life and I want to thank you all very much." she said. Susan and Hannibal shared a brief hug before she orders, "Okay! If you're not Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck, get out! I've got to get dressed."

She had a smile on her face. This pleased Hannibal. "We understand!" he said closing the door hinting he was on the jazz. "Have fun!" he said with a twinkle in his eye. "He's on the jazz!" Face and Susan said together. Face, not afraid of being naked, walked over to the chair to retrieve his clothes. Susan looked at him and laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" he asked. Face walked back over to her. "Nothing except that we both have to take a shower and get dressed." she said nuzzling his neck. Face licked his lips. A rebelous streak suddenly hit him.

'She wants to take a shower, huh? I'll give her the best scrub down I can give her!' he thought. "What do you say Facey? Are you game?" she asked taunting him from the bathroom door. Face got on all fours and jumpped off the bed. "Get ready for the best scrub down of your life!" he exclamationed as he chased her into the bathroom.

The bathroom door slammed shut and the laughter from Face and Susan could be heard throughout the house. Hannibal had been smoking cigarettes since he arrived the night before. He threw the cigarette packages away. He reached into his pocket and pulled a cigar. Murdock comes over and lights it for him.

"Thanks." said Hannibal as he inhales from the cigar. "Hannibal, why is Face in the shower with Susan when we all know that he and her are, shall we say, playing doctor with each other?" Hannibal, with the cigar in his teeth, thought for one moment. "Captain, maybe Face and Susan deserve each other. After all, it was Face that comforted Susan last night when she really needed him. Right?"

"Yes." said Murdock. "Let things be, then. If Face and Susan really and truly love each other, then time will be the ultimate teller." said Hannibal. In the shower, Face and Susan were having a great time. They would take turns 'cleaning' each other. Susan closed her eyes and smelled the wonderful scents of the hot water on her and Face, the way his hair smelt, and just being near him.

They shared a very tender kiss. When Face went to get the shampoo to wash Susan's hair with, she started crying. Slowly she slid down the tile wall to sit in the tub. Her head was burried in her hands. Face knelt down beside her. He took her in his arms and gently rocked back and forth humming an old lulliby that Hannibal had taught him in the prison camp. The old tune was soothing.

Once they got out of the bathroom, Susan sat down on the bed and sighed. Face, only wrapped in a towel, came and sat beside her. He wrapped his arm around her waist. "Feel better?" he asked. She blushed a little bit and said, "Yeah." There was a long pause.

"Face?" she asked. The Conman looks at her. "Yes?" he asked tenderly. "Will you hold me?" How could he say no to the woman who had completely satisfied him and he had satisfied her. As 9:00 approached, Hannibal, Murdock, and BA were finshing getting ready. Hannibal went to the bedroom door to get Face and Susan.

Hannibal knocked on the door gentlely. "Face, Susan, it's time to go." he said almost in a whisper. He knew how she would be feeling after the actual funeral. "BA, bring the van around in about 10 mintues. Murdock, bring that box of tissues with you." Hannibal instructed. Five mintues later, Face and Susan came from the bedroom.

Hannibal met them in the hallway. He placed his arm around her leaving room for Face to put his arm around her also. "It's about time." he said. Susan shakes her head 'yes'. She takes one last look around the house before they leave for the funeral.

"Susan?" Hannibal calls her. She snaps back to reality. "Huh?" He walks over to her. "Are you ready?" he asked very concerned. She takes his arm. "I guess so, colonel." she said flashing a fake smile. On the way to the funeral home, the guys tried to get her mind off of the funeral at hand. Her father was going to be burried with full military honors.

For a civilian, being burried with full military honors was in itself an honor. They all knew this. Hannibal decided to break the silence with a silly game of 'did you know trivia'. Face looked at her.

"You got something on your mind?" he asked as he placed an arm around her shoulders. "I guess you could say that I do have something on my mind, Face." Murdock scooted over to her and Face. "Something you want to share with us, muchacha?" he asked.

"Would it be possible for me to go to sleep for a while?" she asked the guys. Hannibal turned around stunned, "You didn't sleep well last night?" She shaked her head 'no'. Hannibal smiled at her. "Sure."

"Face?" asked Hannibal. Susan laid her head on Face's lap and fell asleep. "How could someone so beautiful be so sad?" he asked. Hannibal looks back at them. 'He's right.' he thought. "I don't know Lt. We're here to help her get through it, whatever it may be. We've got to for her."

BA pulls up to the funeral home. Hannibal, Murdock and BA all try to wake her. No success. "Face, wake her up!" Hannibal said sternly. Face takes Susan in his arms. He lays her in his arms and tenderly gives her a kiss that wakes her up. She lays in his arms and smiles while she looks at him.

"Why did you have to wake me? I was having the best dream." she said streching her arms. He looks at her and smiles. "I'm sorry that I had to wake you, but colonel told me to." His voice started to get serious. Susan sits up.

"We're here?" she asked. "Yes." he said very quietly. Susan got up from Face's lap and she made her way out of the van followed by the blonde haired, blue eyed man. He wrapped his arm around her waist. "Always remember, if you need a hug or need someone to talk to, I'm here. All of the team is here." he said trying to comforting.

As they entered the funeral home for the final time, Susan stopped and looked at Face. He had taught her the special wink for when they looked at each other and didn't want Hannibal or the others to know what they were doing. She gave Face 'the wink.' What could he do but smile at her as he held the door open for her.

As they joined the group of people in the parlor, Susan and the team walked over to the casket which held her beloved father. Face held her by the shoulders. She could feel his presence. She could feel the presence of all of the team as she looked down at her father with tear-filled eyes.

"Daddy," she said as she tried to fight back tears that were stinging the back of her throat. "What can I say? You're the best dad a kid, a teenager, and a young woman could ever had. Ever since I was small, you did everything in your power to see that I had enough food to eat, clothes to wear on my back, and that I had a bed to sleep in every night."

"I hope that when the angels look at your handsome face, they see the man that was, is, and always will be my father." she cried as she touched his face. Murdock helped her over to the couch. BA, Hannibal and Face were left looking down at the man who would have done anything for his daughter.

BA went first. "This is hard for me to say." he said as he looked at the ceiling blinking back tears. Hannibal rested his arm on the Baracian One's shoulder. That had been his trademark for a long time. "Susan's going to miss ya. Hell, we're all going to miss ya." he said as he wiped his eyes of the tears.

He looks down at the casket once again. "You were one hell of a guy, Col. Wilson Kirksey. We're all going to miss ya." he said as he saluted his fallen comrad and friend. BA goes over to the couch. Hannibal and Face are up there now.

Hannibal speaks now. "What can a person say about you Wilson? You were a father, human being, and one hell of a colonel!" he said looking at the man who gave his life for his country and family. Hannibal and Face continue to look at him. Face feels tears forming in his eyes.

"Susan is the most beautiful, most intelligent, most caring person that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Losing you has been very hard for her. She misses you very much. We all do." said the young man as he broke down and the tears flowed down his peachy cheeks. Hannibal puts his arm around Face's shoulders.

"I know it hurts, Lt." he said to the young man as he gritted his teeth into the cigar. "We've been there for her so far and we'll continue to be there for her in the future. Now more than ever." Hannibal told Face this. The young man looks at Hannibal.

"Are you trying to reassure me or you, Hannibal?" he asked. Hannibal and Face walked towards Susan, BA, and Murdock. "Lt, I guess I'm trying to reassure all of us." he said smiling as if he were on the jazz.

As the time for the actual funeral service crept closer and closer, everyone in the parlor knew what to do. BA slowly made his way out to the van and got it ready. Hannibal and Face would stay by Susan the whole time.

Murdock had finally used his head. He had two boxes of tissues. The director had come into the parlor. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention? We are about to leave for the graveside service for the Colonel. Please pay your last respects to him."

Susan looks at Face. "Almost time." she said looking up at understanding and tender blue eyes. Susan stands up. Face is with her. "Where are you going?" he asked concerned. "I guess I'll view my father for the last time." she said as if she were in a dream or something.

Face watched as the woman that he had grown very close to the past two days walked over to her deceased father and looked down at him for the last and final time. His heart went out to her. First, she lost her mother due to diabetes. Her sister was killed by a drunk driver on her 20th birthday.

Now she had lost her father due to cancer. In her mind, she must think that her world is coming to an end. Face walks over to her. He places his arms around her waist. He whispers in her ear, "Are you okay?" She turns around and looks at him with tear-filled eyes.

Mr. Jones, the funeral home director, comes back into the parlor once again. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for everyone to head out to their respectable cars for the drive to the graveside for the offical service." Susan, Hannibal, BA, Murdock, and Face all look at her father for the last time.

As they make there ways out to the cars, Mr. Jones, hands Susan the envelope of the events from the funeral awake and the burial. "I know. I know. Keep this for future reference." she said very sad. Face put his arms around her waist. He handed the envelope to Hannibal. The team helps her to get into the van.

As they drive to the cementary, Face and Susan's relationship became stronger than anything that they would face together.

********The End********

The A-Team by Susan Kirksey