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The Fire 1-2

The Fire
by Dana

Rated G
Warning: Character death.
Summary: Whatever happened to Tia?
Authors Notes: This fic is the second fic of a four part series. The series doesn't have a name yet but I don't think that should matter. The four fics are: And Then A Hero Comes Along, This one, Don't Speak, and Did It For You. I've already posted And Then A Hero Comes Along.
Time frame: This fic falls between The Sound of Thunder and Dishpan Man.
Disclaimer: All characters that are seen on the A-Team belong to Stephen J. Cannell. I claim anyone else.



Part 1


"Face this plan is easy. You and Tia go in and try to convince the senator that you want to volunteer for his campaign and then get copies of the papers. It'll be a piece of cake." John 'Hannibal' Smith tried to reassure his lieutenant.

"Yeah Facey. They wouldn't doubt you two." HM Murdock said with a grin.

Tia looked as happy about this plan as Face did. "Hannibal I don't think this is a wise idea. If he's into smuggling drugs into the country, he may be dangerous. Also I don't know much about this country."

"Tia you'll do fine." Hannibal said. "Just stay with Face. But give him enough time to photo copy the papers in the files." The van pulled up to the campaign office. Tia and Face got out of the van. "We'll be monitoring you two a block down the street." Hannibal said.

Face nodded and both he and Tia walked to the entrance. An energetic woman met them. She had a button on that said Re-Elect McCain for Senate. "Hello! My name is Shannon Westerly. Can I help you?"

"Hi my name is Owen Allen and this is my friend Tia Dawson." He said flashing her a grin. "We want to volunteer."

"Wonderful! Have you ever volunteered for a campaign before?" Shannon asked.

"No this is our first time. We think Senator McCain should be re-elected." Tia said.

Face smiled. Tia was a natural at this.

"Do you have any particular skills?" Shannon asked.

"I speak Chinese and Vietnamese." Tia said.

"I'll try to remember that. How about you Owen?"

"I'm a whiz on computers."

"Great. Okay Tia I'm going to have you stuffing envelopes and anything else Bob Donavon wants you to do. Owen you will be typing up pamphlets and campaign fliers."

They both nodded. Tia was led over to a man that was completely bald. "Bob this is Tia Dawson. Could you start her with stuffing envelopes?"

"Sure thing Shannon. Hello Tia my name is Bob Donavon, call me Bob. What I need you to do is put these papers into these envelopes and put the labels on them. When you are done let me know."

Tia looked over at Face who was sitting behind a computer. He gave her a shrug as he went back to typing on the computer.

Face was looking for his chance to get to the filing cabinets. There were too many people watching for him to be able to look in the computer. He'd have to come back later that night when everyone was gone. Right now he had to pretend to be a willing and happy volunteer.

Tia was growing bored with stuffing envelopes. She was supposed to distract them while Face got copies of the folders. She looked around and noticed that the room was starting to empty. Most of the people were headed to a press conference. She took the chance and swept her arm across the desk sending papers and envelopes flying. "Oh no!" She said out loud. People came over to help. She saw out of the corner of her eye Face walking out of the room. "I'm so sorry. I can be so clumsy sometimes." She said apologetically.

Face slipped into the room that had the file cabinets. He started going through the cabinet as quickly and as quietly as he could. He took pictures of what he could and re-entered the main room after quickly putting the camera back into his pocket. No one seemed to have noticed that he was in there.

Tia looked up as Face walked by her desk on the way back to the computer. He winked and she went back to stuffing envelopes.

Later that night Face was working on the lock of the building. Tia stood watching guard worriedly. Hannibal, BA, and Murdock were keeping watch from hidden spots. But she couldn't help worrying. They could get caught. Finally Face had the door unlocked. After checking for other alarms they walked in.

"You keep a watch at the window. I'll log onto the computer and get the files." Face said using the flashlight he had to find his way over to the computer. He turned it on and searched through it for the files he wanted.

"Freeze!" A voice said from behind them. Both looked up to see half a dozen men pointing guns at them.

'Why didn't we realize there was a secret door or something? Maybe the computer was set in case someone did break in so they could get there before it was too late.' Face wondered as he stuck his hands in the air.

"What should we do with them?" One of the men asked.

"Take them to the boss. So he can handle them. They need to be taken care of because the election is in a month." The guy who had yelled freeze said.

"We just came back for her purse." Face said.

"And you decided to break in and look in the computer for it?" The leader said not looking at all amused.

'Any time guys.' Face thought. "Oh sure I forgot to finish something today is all. Thought I'd do that while she was looking for her purse. 'Where are they?'

They were ushered out a door that Face didn't know there was. They were shoved into a van. 'Where were the others?' He wondered. He didn't hear gunfire or any of the people in this van remarking about a van chasing them. There was nothing.

"They've been in there too long." Murdock said through his walkie talky to Hannibal. "Could someone have one in and out a way we didn't expect?"

'BA do you see anything?' Hannibal asked.

'No. Maybe the fool's right.'

"Hey wait Hannibal I think I just saw a door close in there. Someone's coming out. But it's not Face or Tia."

They all got out of the van and went after the man who exited the building. "Where are our friends?" Hannibal asked.

"Your friends?" The person asked confused. "Hey man I'm just the janitor. No one's been here that I know of. I would have heard or seen them. Oh wait I did hear some people but they are the one's that are allowed to be in the building after hours."

The three men looked at each other. Why hadn't they thought of it? "Is there anyone in there right now?" Hannibal asked.

"I already told you there wasn't. I cleaned the whole building. I haven't seen anyone." The janitor said and left.

"Where are they then?" Murdock asked.

There was no answer.

Tia and Face were shoved into another building. "Boss we've got snoops." One of the men said.

"I'll be right there." A voice that was familiar called.

Face looked around the building didn't look much different then the campaign building. There were computers, desks, and papers everywhere. He heard someone coming up behind him.

"Well, well isn't this a surprise? Templeton Peck looks like we meet again." The voice said.

Face spun around and saw Lieutenant Tommy Anderson Angel behind him. "I should have known you had something to do with this Tommy."

"You and the rest of your team ruined my other business so I had to find a new way." Tommy said and his expression changed. "We'll just have to get rid of the evidence." Face didn't like the tone in his voice. "Brian and George tie up the lieutenant and his lady friend."

Face struggled with one of them till he was hit in the back of the head. He fell to the floor.

Tommy looked at Tia. "You are a pretty good fighter. How about joining us?"

"I'd rather not."

"Suit yourself. Peck there was never that strong. Chao always picked him because of that reason. He loved to hear him scream. Told me so himself. But enough with this chit chat." He watched as one of his men knocked her out. "Tie them up. We'll burn them along with the warehouse."

Face opened his eyes. His head was swimming. He closed them a second before reopening them and noticed his arms were tied behind him. "Tia?"

"Face?" The voice came from behind him. "Oh no!"

"What?" His vision cleared enough for him to see the fire was burning in front of them. "We need to get out of here!" He said as he struggled to his feet and then fell to his knees. 'Probably a concussion.' He thought. "Tia can you walk?"

"I think so. Are you okay?"

"Aside from the double vision and the fire, just fine."

"Here let me help you."

"No you get out I'll just slow us down."

"Face we are both getting out of here." She stopped as she was hit with a coughing fit. "Lean on me." He did.

They started slowly, but Face was really struggling to keep up. Face stopped and looked at the fire. "Can't go any further. Head's really spinning." He started to slide to the floor.

"Come on Face. Not much further." The fire was coming a lot closer. Both of them were having hard time breathing. 'Gotta get out of here.' Tia thought. "Face wake up!" She said when she noticed he had his eyes closed. "Please wake up."

He opened his eyes. "I'm awake. How far?"

"Not far. She said breaking into a coughing fit again. "You ready?"

He nodded and also started coughing which made him even dizzier. He followed Tia toward the exit.

"Oh no! It's locked!" Tia said.

"Let's try kicking it." Face said. They tried. Pretty soon they had a whole big enough for them to get through, but only one at a time.

Tia turned around to check the fire. "You go first Face."

"No you go first."

Tia finally shoved Face through the door with her shoulder. Face stood up and watched in horror as the building collapsed. "Tia!" He screamed.

Someone pulled him away. That's when he noticed that the firemen had just gotten there. "My friend is trapped in there!" He yelled.

"We'll get them out sir. Go let one of the medics look at you." He said pointing to the ambulance. Face was growing dizzy again and started swaying. "Sir are you alright?"

Face didn't answer because he blacked out.

Part 2


In the van, the rest of the team was looking for Tia and Face. They weren't having much luck since they had no clues on where they'd gone. The newscaster on the radio came on from commercial and started saying, "This just in. A warehouse on Eleventh Street, in Costa Mesa is on fire. Police think it may have been arson. They have found one person who stumbled out of the building. There is possibility of more being inside. We will keep you informed when we get more information."

"Hannibal do you think..." Murdock started to ask.

"I think we should go check it out." Hannibal said. "Let's go BA."

When they finally got to the warehouse the firemen had it almost completely out. The team jumped out of the van and ran over to one of the firemen. Murdock looked around and saw some of the medics leaning over a body. "Hannibal..."

Hannibal turned around and looked over where Murdock was pointing. Lying on the ground was a body. They ran over to it.

"Stay back." One of the medics said. "There's not much to see. She was burned very badly."

"Could you tell if she was Asian?" Hannibal asked.

"I'm sorry sir but we couldn't tell. As soon as the man over there, wakes up he might be able to tell you." He said pointing over toward the ambulance that hadn't left yet.

BA was already over there. "Is he okay?" He asked looking down at the unconscious Face.

"He'll be fine. Just a concussion and too much smoke." The medic said.

"Can we take him?" Hannibal asked as he came closer.

"Well we'd like to take him in to have a doctor look at him." She paused looking at the three standing men before continuing. "I see this isn't a usual situation."

"We have a doctor that we can take him to. She's not that far from here." Hannibal explained.

She nodded. "Be careful with him. I won't tell the police you were here. Doesn't look like you were responsible anyway."

"BA get the van." Hannibal instructed. BA went to do so. "Thank you ma'am."

She nodded and started to walk away. "Oh and I heard what you asked Simmons. I can't be absolutely sure but she did look Asian." And then she was walked away.

BA came up to them with the van. He jumped out and carefully lifted Face off the gurney and carried him into the van.

"Get us to Maggie's BA." Hannibal instructed.

Murdock just sat there looking worriedly down at Face.

Dr. Maggie Sullivan opened the door and found the A-Team there. "What's going on?" She asked. She was glad to see them but for them to come unannounced worried her. "Is Face all right?" She asked as she let them in.

"There was a fire." Hannibal explained as they went into the examining room. "Paramedics there said it was just a concussion and too much smoke inhalation. He hasn't come around since we left there."

"He seems to have taken a hard hit to the head. No burns as far as I can tell." She moved back when Face groaned.

"Tia?" He asked weakly.

"Face she's dead." Hannibal answered him.

Face became more alert. "No! She pushed me out of the building. The warehouse fell down. She can't be dead. She saved my life."

None of them knew what to say to help him. Face struggled to sit up ignoring the dizziness. "Lay down Face." Hannibal commanded. Face stopped struggling as things started swimming in front of him.

"Relax Face. You've got a concussion." Maggie said trying to reassure him.

"Do you know who was behind it?" Hannibal asked.

"Yeah. Tommy Angel." Face said.

"Should have known." Hannibal said.

"Who's Tommy Angel?" Maggie asked.

"Someone we knew from Nam. He's into drug trafficking." Hannibal answered.

"We'll have to go after him." Face said sitting up again.

"Wait a second Face. I don't want you getting up just yet. You need to rest." Maggie said.


"No buts. You took a hard hit to the head." Maggie said.

Face lay back down. He was still dizzy.

"We'll be right out here Face." Murdock said as he and the others left the room to let Face rest.




The Fire 1-2 by Dana