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Caught In The Middle 1-3

Caught In The Middle
by Melisa

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Murdock/Face


Disclaimer: I don't own anyone from the A-team, I do own Aggie

Notes: I've never wrote sex scenes or slash, so this is a first for me. This is my first ever slash fic. Please remember that when reading if you think it stinks!! Still working on getting the NC-17 points in it, Still learning about that. LOL..I have been told my scenes are hot and you may require a cold shower afterwards...LOLOL

Warnings: Sort of graphic consensual sex scene

Summary: Murdock and Face are together, and a 12-year-old child is caught in the middle of their relationship feeling like nothing more than a shadow who is only seen when someone needs to yell..

Please send me comments, so I know I am doing this right. Any help would be much appreciated.
Copyright 2002 Melisa Eicle





Aggie ran down the hall, her shoes loudly clapping against the shiny floor. Her backpack loaded and her hair barely brushed. She hadn't heard the damned alarm again, and she'd had just enough time to throw her red and white school uniform on before running out the door.


"Late again, this is the fourth time this week, Aggie." Mr. Bowen said as Aggie flopped into her seat just as the tardy bell rang. She panted a little, trying to catch her breath, looking at her teacher as innocently as she could muster.


"I apologize Mr. Bowen, it won't happen again." Aggie promised, finally sitting up straight. He nodded and turned to the blackboard to begin class as Aggie sighed and took off her backpack, fixing her skirt. One more tardy and she'd get Saturday detention.


Ugh. Saturdays were for sleeping and nothing else. Detention would cut her sleep-day to shreds. She decided before the second period classes ended, that she'd go to bed extra early tonight.




"Hey you look bushed." Aggie was sitting at the picnic table, her head leaning on her hand, yawning.


"I'm pooped. I got so much homework, I'll be lucky if I get done by 9 tonight." Aggie replied as her best friend sat down beside her. Zackary and Aggie had known each other since Aggie was 2 and moved in next door to him, they'd been inseparable ever since.


"Parents at it again?" Zackary asked. Aggie sleepily nodded. "Yeah you'd swear they were married. They were at it all night, kept me awake, I got 2 hours of sleep, maybe." Aggie answered and Zackary smiled.


"My poor baby, what did Murdock do now?" Zackary asked, knowing why the fight had started. It was always over something Murdock did. Aggie smiled, Zackary was like a big brother to her, but she secretly had a crush on him.


"He painted the whole family room like an Easter egg. You should see it. When Face saw what dad did, he flipped. I'm always in the middle, I really hate it when they fight. It's all they seem to do anymore. They try to hide the *Ahem* you know, part of their relationship from me, but they don't try to hide the fighting." Aggie said, as the last bell rang.


Zackary heard it and Aggie knew he'd have to cut her short. "Hang in there Ag, I'll call later, I have practice. If I get home after 8 I won't call, in case you're asleep." Zackary said as they stood up. "Okay, See you later." Aggie said, as he gave her a quick hug. Aggie returned it and pulled her heavy backpack on after he went off

to basketball practice.


"I'm going home, getting a Coke and going to my room. I won't get in the middle of it tonight..." Aggie told herself as she started her short walk home. She was glad they only lived a block from school, that way she didn't have to ride the nasty bus.




"Dammit Murdock, why do you do these things?" Face's voice echoed out of the house, where Aggie heard it from the porch. Murdock yelled something back and Aggie hung her head. She could live with the fact that her father was openly gay, but the continued fighting was enough to make the 12-year-old hate going home at all.


Aggie opened the door slowly, hoping to enter unnoticed. She closed it behind herself quietly, and suddenly seemed to get both the fighting lovers' attention.


"Aggie." The sound of her name being said, oh how she hated it. She turned and swallowed. "Yeah?" She asked. No calm tonight, Damn!


"You can't go in your room." Face said, looking at Murdock. Aggie groaned.


"I can't? But why c----" Aggie started to ask, when Face cut her off.


"Because your damn nut-case of a father decided to remodel it, and he took out the wall!" Face replied, blowing a gasket.


"Don't call dad that!" Aggie yelled.


"Don't backtalk me young lady!" said Face


Aggie gave him a look of 'Why am I even here' and ran up the stairs, throwing open her door. Her mouth opened and dropped as she saw the missing wall.


"DAAAAAADDDDDDD!! MY DRAGONBALL Z POSTER!! YOU BLEW UP MY POSTER!! MY WALL!! MY BED!!!" Aggie screamed in disbelief, dropping her backpack to the floor with a slam. She approached slowly the debris, she noticed the face of her dad was painted on one piece... had her dad tried art again?


Murdock and Face were back to arguing and neither noticed when Aggie ran back downstairs and out the door. She ran around the side of the house and found her bed, what was left of it, along with her CD's, her CD player, which had been a gift from BA, all broken on the ground.


Aggie picked up what used to be her Pink CD and sniffed as the voices of her parents floated out of the house for all to hear. She saw her Dragonball Z poster all torn and sprawled across the yard, now reduced to confetti. She walked around her broken stuff and sat on the swing set, her broken CD still in her hand.


"Why me? What did I ever do to make this happen? I can't take it anymore... My bed... my stuff..."


Aggie was near tears as she spotted a framed picture of the way things used to be. It had her, as an 8 year old, in Hannibal's arms, with BA to the right, holding up her new CD player, Face and Murdock side by side, Murdock's head laying on Face's shoulder, Face's arm around his waist, his other hand holding up a glass.


"My... I..." Aggie said, bursting into tears. She threw the CD at the house and held the picture, crying. Something had to be done, but she was just a kid stuck in the middle of a homosexual couple's fighting. Helpless to do anything about it.


A hand touched her shoulder and Aggie looked up, and saw Murdock standing there.


"What now?" Aggie asked, sniffling. She was shocked that he'd even noticed she was outside at all.


"I'm sorry, I really had a reason to do this... I didn't mean for it to hurt you. I just... nothing..." Murdock said and Aggie stood up.


"You already did hurt me, dad." Aggie said, wiping her eyes. "You and Face should break up. All you do is fight and I'm so sick of it." Aggie said, as she still held the picture close. She was venting her anger and not caring what he felt.


"Aggie, don't talk like that. I love Face, you know that and he loves me." Murdock said and Aggie shook her head.


"I got homework. But I don't have a room!" Aggie said, pointing up at the hole in the house.


"You can have the guest room for now..." Murdock said looking up.


"FINE!" Aggie yelled, stomping off inside. "AND STAY OUT OF MY ROOM! DON'T COME WITHIN 15 FEET OF IT!!" Aggie yelled from the guestroom's door five minutes later. She slammed the door closed, hard and locked it.




Murdock came back in and went to see if Face had cooled off.


"Uh Facey?" Murdock peeked around the corner. Face looked over and sighed.


"What?" He asked, holding the phone at his ear.


"Still mad?" Murdock asked, looking innocent. Face rolled his eyes.


"No, I'm calling to get the house fixed. Do me a favor, Murdock?" Face said.


"Anything lover. But certain favors will have to wait till later..." Murdock said and Face smiled.


"Next time something like this happens, please don't take the wall down." Face said.


Murdock replied: "You believe me don't you? It wasn't you. It was him."


"I believe you Murdock. I do, I'm just... just tired of this, can't you tell Hannibal?"


"I... I could never admit that to him... I barely could with you! How do you expect me to..."


"Please baby let's not fight again, it's okay, I just wish you'd tell Hannibal."


"I'll think about it... but for now... I have another idea in mind!" He came over and threw his arms around Face's neck, kissing him.


"I promise... I'll think about it." Murdock said after Face kissed him back. Face had to answer the forgotten person on the phone first, no need to say, she was embarrassed! Then he hung up.


"Okay, you better think fast this is getting out of hand! But I'm all for the second idea!!!" Face said smiling.


No wonder why he'd fell head over heels for the LT, with his blonde-never-out-of-place-hair and blue eyes he was a heart breaker. AND an even greater lover. Murdock grinned at that thought and couldn't wait for Aggie to go to sleep.




Aggie sat the picture on the nightstand by the bed and sniffed as she pulled out her schoolbooks and started her pile of homework. She missed Hannibal and BA, and she wished she could be with them. BA lived in Chicago, and Hannibal was in Hawaii. Neither was gay like Murdock and Face, but neither had married yet, either.


Face got to the guestroom to check on Aggie. He found her fast asleep. He covered her with her blanket and was glad for her that tomorrow was Saturday, when he saw the unfinished homework beside her. He put her books on her desk and turned out her light, leaving her room quietly, where he was met by Murdock in the hall.


Murdock giggled and Face nodded, taking Murdock's hand. They headed towards their room, which was on the other side of the house, far enough where no innocent ears could hear them. Once inside, Face closed the door and went to Murdock, holding him close.


"I thought she'd never fall asleep.." Murdock said as Face let go and he was taking his shirt off. Face nodded, standing close again as he kissed Murdock and unbuttoned his own shirt at the same time. Murdock helped, taking it off him and throwing it to the floor. "You need me bad, huh Facey?" Murdock asked in between kisses, grinning as he slowly ran his hand down Face's chest, taking his fingers into Face's waistband, and sliding his hand down against Face's crotch.


Face nodded, pressing himself against Murdock's hand as he squeezed gently and then took his hand out. He unzipped Face's pants and pulled them to the floor along with his underwear. Face did the same for Murdock, groping and moaning at how swollen his partner was already.


Murdock sat down on the bed, and Face followed, sitting on top of him. He started kissing Murdock's neck, sucking and licking as he made his way down Murdock's chest and belly, and finally Murdock's most sensitive area, his cock. He ran his tongue over the head, making Murdock moan and run his hands through Face's hair. Face smiled at the moaning of his own name as he reached under and squeezed Murdock's balls. He then took Murdock's fully swollen penis into his mouth, sucking with a slowness that made Murdock moan his lover's name over and over, as he started thrusting into Face's mouth, gritting his teeth as Face went a tad faster. Face was so aroused himself that he reached under again and felt around Murdock's bottom to see if he was loosened enough.


He slowly inserted his fingers, gently stretching Murdock's hole before he even thought of entering him. Murdock moaned and opened himself, letting Face know he was ready. Face was applying lube when Murdock came inside Face's mouth. "Yes Face! Don't stop... I want you inside... now..." Murdock screamed in sheer pleasure, as his body arched with an orgasmic spasm, allowing Face room to move in. Face smiled at the sounds coming from his lover, the way his body came made him love him even more, seeing Murdock looking so pleased and begging, the wanting, needing, in his eyes.


His smile didn't fade as he took his mouth off Murdock and climbed up on top of him again, kissing him deeply. "You don't have to beg, baby. Never with me." Face replied, as he slid his lubed and aching member into Murdock's ready and willing hole. Murdock felt him and moaned, grabbing Face with a kiss, running his hands down Face's chest, closing his eyes in anticipation. As Face felt Murdock's muscles relaxing around him, staying still a few moments to allow full relaxation before going ahead, not wanting to harm Murdock in any way shape or form.


"Okay Love?" Face asked, wanting to make sure as he bent down and kissed Murdock's face. "Yeah Facey... Stop teasing... come on..." Murdock moaned, kissing him back. Face didn't hesitate, beginning slow and gentle thrusts, kissing Murdock feeling himself get even more aroused, moaning himself as he licked some of the sweat from his lover's chest, sucking on his neck. Murdock moved with him, in rhythm, the two bodies becoming one.


"I love you Face... I love what you do to me... God..." Murdock said. Feeling his body tingle, he arched even more, allowing Face even more leverage. Face took full advantage of this, and plunged deeper inside, going a little faster, while hearing Murdock yell his name, and himself yelling Murdock's, as his hands reached out and grabbed Face's hips, making him pound him harder.


"I love you too Murdock... oh yes...yess..." Face said, not losing his rhythm as he bent down and kissed Murdock, holding him while he yeaned to let himself go inside of him. "Oh Facey, I love you more... mmmm... you only... Face, that's my spot... God you got my spot... yess..." Murdock said, fully aroused again. Face bent his head back and moaned, keeping going, as he grinned. He knew all of Murdock's sweet spots... Like Murdock knew all of his.


"I'm coming love... I'm oh yess..." Face cried, as he felt his peak arriving. Face came, shooting far and deep inside of Murdock, and Murdock bucked and arched, as Face rode out the end of the orgasm before laying over on Murdock's chest as he rode it out. Face, his hot member buried deep, could feel his lover's muscles still quivering around him. Face panted a little, cuddling under Murdock's neck, as Murdock kissed him and was catching his own breath. Face gently pulled out and remained on top of Murdock, content.


Murdock smiled, hornier than hell. "Now it's your turn, Facey." Murdock said, rolling over, so that Face was on his back underneath him. Murdock ran his hand down Face's body, bringing back goose bumps as he circled his fingers around Face's belly button. Face helped Murdock by holding his hips up allowing Murdock to slide down. Gently pulling his asscheeks apart, licking him on the outside first, using his fingers on the inside. Face moaned and grew aroused again, while Murdock kept his steady licking, now inside, replacing his fingers with his tongue as he felt the painful need to pound Face until he yelled his name. The thought of it made Murdock lube them both up, giving Face's bottom a gentle pat before climbing back on top of Face, kissing him, his fingers again deep inside Face's rectum.


Face lifted up again, putting one of their huge pillows underneath his hips, putting his bottom half right in the air, the way he knew Murdock liked it. He knew this way Murdock could enter him and make love to him the way he liked it... gentle and slow at first, then hard and fast. "Ready for me baby?" Murdock asked, his fingers already feeling it was right. Face moaned, "Yes...Go Damn it..." Face replied, and Murdock removed his fingers, replacing them with his hard cock, thrusting with a slow and gentle rhythm. Face quivered and ran his hands down Murdock's chest. Murdock groaned a passionate moan and took a hold of Face's member, running his hands up and down it, giving his head some extra attention while thrusting faster and listening to both his and Face's cries of pleasure.


Murdock bent down and kissed Face. Face suddenly arched towards Murdock, matching the thrusts, making Murdock yell in extreme happiness. Murdock pounded faster, and Face wiggled and wrapped his legs around Murdock, all but in tears he was in so much pleasure.


"Harder Murdock... Give it to me..." Face said, and Murdock obliged, hollering YES and Face's name, while he felt Face's pre-cum against his hands. Murdock's hot cock was pounding into Face just the way he asked, the way he liked it. Face was about to buck again when Murdock pulled him closer, taking the buck in, yelling at the feeling.


Murdock's thrusts became even harder and faster as he found Face's spot and Face began begging him to do him good. Murdock's energy never faltered, as he came with a scream, the orgasm making him twitch as he rode it out. Face was coming too. And Murdock felt Face's juices all over him. Murdock collapsed across Face. Smiles were plastered across both their faces. Face was very pleased, and smiled as he ran his hand over Murdock's face and kissed him.


"I'm so sorry Murdock, I just love you so much it hurts. I don't want him to come between us..."


"He won't Face, I won't let him... he won't harm Aggie either... go to bed babe, we'll do it again if you wake up!"


"You're insatiable! You came on this earth to damn me!"


"Hmm, Nice thought!" Murdock answered before planting another kiss on Face's lips. Then he rolled himself around Face's body, comforted in the knowledge that together, nothing could happen to them.


Part 2


Aggie awoke the next morning and almost ran out of bed when she saw the alarm clock read almost noon. She realized it was Saturday just as she was about to throw on her uniform. She put it back on the floor and relaxed, sighing in relief. She got up and yawned, grabbing some clean clothes to get a shower.

She opened her door and walked down the hall, not hearing anything downstairs, not even the TV. No one was up yet. " least they're not at each other's throats.." Aggie said quietly, as she opened the bathroom door and went in. She locked her door and started off her bath, feeling a little better compared to the day before.


Murdock awoke with his arms around Face. Face looked so relaxed and peaceful as he slept that Murdock got up quietly and padded off to their bathroom to get a shower careful not to wake him.

When Face woke up, he rolled over. Wanting Murdock to wake him, he decided to go back to sleep. He loved it when he was able to open his eyes to his man's sweet but goofy smile in the morning.

Murdock came out of the bathroom all clean and dressed a few minutes later. He smiled and went back over to the bed, lying beside Face, putting his arm around his waist. "Wakey wakey, Facey." Murdock said, hugging Face. Face opened his eyes and smiled. "I'm awake... Is Aggie up yet?" Face asked as he rolled over and gave Murdock a morning kiss. Murdock kissed him back and smiled.

"She probably is. I haven't left our room yet. I got my shower in here so I could be close to you." Murdock replied as Face sat up and Murdock rested his head on Face's shoulder. Face leaned on him too, smelling his freshly washed hair.

"Well I'm going to take a shower myself. Are you going downstairs?" Face asked and Murdock nodded as Face got up and stretched, his bare behind facing Murdock.

Murdock couldn't resist and smacked Face's rear as he stretched. Face yelped and jumped, holding his behind where Murdock's handprint was showing lightly.

"Ow baby, that one hurt for real!" Face said with a mock hurt tone. Murdock smiled.

"Sorry, it was right there in front of me, and I could resist! I can't help it if I love your cute little ass." Murdock said as Face walked backwards to the door of the bathroom.

"I'll just get you back for it later!" Face said in the bathroom's doorway as he still rubbed the slap away. Murdock got up from the bed and stood with his hands on his hips.

"Is that a threat or a promise, lover?" Murdock asked, a mischievous grin on his face.

"That's a guarantee! Now go and take care of Aggie!" Face said closing the door.

Murdock couldn't wait for Face to keep his guarantee later. He hoped it would be tonight, and he couldn't help but think of it as he went to their bedroom door.

"I love you Facey!" he yelled as his hand reached out for the doorknob. Face smiled in the bathroom, "I love you too!" He yelled back. Then he stepped under the nice and warm shower.


Aggie slid on a yellow long sleeved shirt and fastened her overalls at her shoulders. Saturday was always her favorite day, not only because she got to sleep, but also because she could finally wear something other than her school uniform. She put her shoes on and brushed her shoulder-length hair, putting her favorite ear rings back in.

"I hope dad doesn't try to remodel anymore... every time they fight, they sleep late..." Aggie said to her reflection as she finished brushing her teeth and finally opened the bathroom door. She had just stepped out into the hall when Murdock grabbed her and hugged her. Aggie shrieked and laughed, used to her dad's antics.

"Morning Angel." Murdock said as he kissed the side of her head. Aggie giggled and hugged him back.

"Mornin' dad. I'm sorry I got so mean with you yesterday... but your fighting has been really... It hurt me too you know." Aggie said and Murdock nodded.

"I now Aggie, I'm sorry. Your room will be all fixed soon... Face told me to let you know. Hungry?" Murdock said and Aggie shook her head.

"Okay, and yep. Starvin! . but dad?"

"Yeah sweetie?"

"Why did you take down the wall?"

"Aggie, there was something there that shouldn't have been there and. and it wasn't for you to see."

"Oh. so you won't tell me then. I saw your face on a piece, what was it?"

"You saw what?" Murdock said, his face draining of all color.

"Are you okay, dad?"

"Fine, what did you see exactly?"

"Gee, I thought Face had painted you on my wall and you destroyed it because you didn't like it! It's no big deal!!! . is it?"

"No you're right. no big deal at all."

"Okay then, let's eat!!!" Aggie replied, following him downstairs. Face joined them a few minutes later, giving Aggie a hug as she sat at the bar, watching Murdock cooking her pancakes, his moves brusque and uncharacteristically ungracious. Face looked very happy but it changed as he saw the state his lover was in. Aggie just rolled her eyes not understanding what was going on and not wanting to.

She'd never seen them *Together*, but she knew enough to tell when they had been. They both always looked so. content... the next morning. She wondered what happened to change the status this morning. Aggie shook mental images from her mind and went back to watching her dad. Aggie smiled; glad to see them no longer fighting, no matter the reason.

"Mornin, Face. Dad said you wanted to talk to me." Aggie said, wondering what about. Murdock sat a plate of pancakes in front of her and gave Face a 'remember' look seeming to forget all about what previously bugged him. Face nodded, remembering now what it was.

"Yeah. I got a call from your school. They said you've been late." Face said, and Aggie suddenly became very interested in her pancakes, staring down at them.

"Aggie, explain." Murdock said, pointing his spatula at her.

Aggie looked up and swallowed, losing her appetite, afraid her explanation would cause another explosion between the two men. Aggie decided a lie would be better than the true reason. Which of course was their constant bickering.

"I...hmm..." Aggie stammered, thinking up a good story, something that didn't come easy. She'd never had to start lying until now, and to think it was to keep peace. She didn't usually have to lie on the spot like this.

"Aggie, I want to know why you have been late 4 days in a row now. When I ask a question I expect an answer." Face said in an annoyed tone. Aggie hated that. It always meant she was in trouble, no matter what her answer was.

"I just... I over slept. My alarm's broken." Aggie lied, not daring to tell them what she was really thinking... **I'm always late coz you two fruit loops are always fighting and keeping me so tense I can't even think straight!!** She held that thought in and didn't say it.

"I won't be late again, I promise." Aggie said, hoping all this didn't start another spat between them. Murdock and Face looked at each other, collaborating before coming back with a verdict and then a sentence. Aggie waited quietly.

"Alright Aggie, we're letting it go this once. But one more day of you being late and you're in trouble." Face said and Aggie sighed in relief, finally finishing her breakfast.

"Late means trouble. Got it." Aggie replied, climbing down from the stool. "I'm going to go hang out with Zackary." Aggie said, hugging Face and then Murdock.

"Okay but be home before dark." Murdock said and Aggie nodded, going out the door. She met up with Zackary, where they snapped on their roller blades and went off blading. The local creek was a good while away, and it gave them a lot of time to talk, something Aggie needed in order to stay sane.

Zackary skated backwards and watched his feet. "So you got yelled at? I can't believe they called your dads." Zackary said, as he spun in a circle. Aggie followed, sniffling a bit. Zackary heard her and stopped, noticing she hadn't said much the whole time. It had been a one sided conversation.

Aggie skated up to him and stopped, looking up with tears in her eyes. "Aw Aggie..." Zackary said, hugging her. Aggie hugged him back, letting her tears fall on his shoulder. "Why...are they...doing this" Aggie asked, unable to tell anyone else her feelings about the life she was forced to live.

Zackary led her to a bench by the side of the skate trail and sat her down, letting her lean over on him and cry. This happened frequently now, and he was always there to console her.

He'd always been there, and he never once made fun of her for the fact that her father was openly gay. He never picked on her for anything. He loved Aggie, and he swore he'd protect her and be there for her no matter the cost. He was only 13, but he loved Aggie, and no one could ever tell him different. Aggie swallowed and Zackary hugged her, his left arm around her, the right one busy wiping away Aggie's tears with his sleeve.

"My mother found out I was Murdock's...he's always been gay...but he had a fight with his first boyfriend and he went out to a bar, got drunk, and went into the back room with my mother... She's the one who got him drunk... my dad says it's the first and only time he's ever been with a woman and he hated it. when I was born my mother said she'd throw me in the nearest dumpster unless he came and got me. So I have grown up all alone and motherless... my dad's boyfriend Jeremy who hit me. yelled at me, called me bastard child... and I never told dad! When dad found out, he was so pissed he almost killed the guy. Then he meets Face when I'm 2 and here we are, he's been with my dad since... it's not fair... I want them back. I want my family back! My dad and no fighting! I want a semi-normal family damn it..." Aggie said, crying again.

Zackary listened and hugged her, kissing the top of her head. "I know Aggie. I know how that feels... My dad didn't want me, remember?" Zackary said and Aggie nodded.

"Yeah, you told me that that time I was like 5. I was getting yelled at by Face and I came outside crying." Aggie remembered. "You held my hand and said you'd never yell at me, and then you taught me how to skate... you made me feel better, just like now." Aggie said, finally smiling. Zackary smiled and sighed.

"Thank you for always making me feel better Zack. I don't think I'd still be sane if it weren't for you." Aggie said feeling a little better. "My pleasure, Ag." Zackary said as they got up and skated more, holding hands. They skated until almost dark, and then they said goodnight and split up and went home.

"And you're not even trying!!!" Face yelled as Aggie walked in, her smiled faded as she widened her eyes as she watched Face going for a hit on Murdock's face.

"STOP IT!! STOP IT!!!" Aggie screamed, running over to put herself in the middle of the two. yet again. Face was in mid swing when he pushed Aggie out of the way pushing her so hard she fell backwards against the table. She cried out in shock and held her head, staring at Face. Aggie stood up straight and moved away from them.

"I hate you both. Always fighting... always complaining! You act like your life is so bad. Well you aren't the ones who is always late because your gay freaks of SO CALLED parents are always screaming at each other, YOU'RE NOT THE ONES WHO FEEL IGNORED! YOU TWO ARE JERKS AND I WISH YOU'D BOTH GO TO HELL AND DIE!! I WISH YOU WOULD HAVE LEFT ME IN THAT DUMPSTER, DAD! I HATE YOU!!" Aggie screamed, her anger not held back anymore.

Face and Murdock watched as Aggie fell down on her knees.

(Song by Linkin Park..Called "One Step Closer")

I can't take this anymore
I'm saying everything I've said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance

The less I hear the less you'll say
But you'll find that out anyway

Just Like before......
Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breath
Cuz I'm one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

I find the answers aren't so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear

All these thoughts they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance

Nothing seems to go away
Over and over again

Just Like before......
Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breath
Cuz I'm one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

Shut up when I'm talkin' to you
Shut up, shut up, shut up (2x)

I'm about to break

Just Like before......
Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break
I need a little room to breath
Cuz I'm one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break

Part 3


"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Murdock said to Face, who still hadn't moved.

"You, you're not even trying to stop this, so what do you think is means, you're a bright guy!" Face said, anger apparent in his stance.

"Face, God damn it! You fucking tried to hit me! If I hadn't blocked that punch, I'd have a black eye right now!"

Face seemed to come back to his senses hearing the word hit.

"I. I know. I'm sorry... it's just that. I can't seem to. to get it in my head. I'm so sorry Murdock. so damned sorry for everything." Face said. Murdock moved away from him, still mad. He turned towards his daughter and asked:

"Are you okay sweetie, no harm done?"

The little 12 year old answered slowly, taking the time to mark pauses. She didn't want anything to slip in her voice. didn't want to be the cause of yet another fight. One where her dad might get hurt.

"I'm okay dad." She forced a smile pass on her lips, holding her forehead. Murdock nodded:

"I'm sorry for this honey go to bed will you?"

"Okay dad." Aggie started towards her room then, rapidly changed directions right after she got out of sight. She took her skates out while Murdock turned towards Face again

"Face, you could have hurt her bad with a move like this! What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't. I'm sorry, I guess this whole situation's getting to me."

Face looked down at himself, ashamed to admit such a weakness in himself. That he could be provoked, that he could doubt so easily. that he might have hurt the love of his life. he began to shake at the thought. Murdock took Face's jaw in his hand and raised his head slowly he looked deep into Face's teary blue eyes and he saw what he needed to see: love.

"Hey" Murdock said. No reaction from Face.

"It's okay muchacho, the situation's getting to me too. I understand. No harm done. Just don't do it again okay?"

"The worst is you're the target Murdock not me! What would I do if you were gone? What would I become?"

"It'll be alright babe, it'll be alright." Murdock brought Face in his arms and they hugged. It was full of understanding and love. of course. it led to the bedroom.

While Aggie was off in the night somewhere, skating her heart out.


Aggie skidded across a parking lot, jumping off a sidewalk. She was crying so hard she almost fainted. Her heart was pounding. She suddenly lost her footing and fell, sliding across the pavement with a painful scream. She sat there on her skinned body and cried. She was so hurt inside she felt like her heart would jump out of her chest! She wished she could ask her uncle Hannibal to come and help her right now. Why were they always fighting? Why? Why couldn't her dad give her a reason, anything? Why were they always _fucking_? Yes she knew what the word meant!!! She knew how to curse and she was cursing loudly in her head! Her pounding head, her. bleeding head? She looked at her hand in wonder, it was bloody!

Aggie didn't see the black van pull up, or hear anyone get out. "You okay kiddo?" Aggie heard that and told her imagination to stop playing with her, that she didn't have time for its games. "Hey Aggie? I'm talking to you kiddo." Hannibal came around and looked at Aggie, squatted down to her. Aggie thought she was going nuts.

"Uncle Hannibal, is it really you??" Aggie looked up and asked, her tears making things all blurry. "Of course it's me." Hannibal said picking her up. Aggie held onto him as he sat her in the passenger seat of BA's van. He looked her over, knowing she must have been hurt in the fall.

"You skinned yourself pretty good hon. What happened? We got your letter, and we were on our way to see you when we saw you skating like a bat outta hell and then you fell." Hannibal said as he looked at Aggie's elbows and knees. She was bleeding from the areas she'd skinned, and he noticed something else.

"Aggie, what happened to your head?" Hannibal said as he ran his hand over the bleeding cut that crossed her forehead. BA wanted to see and tapped Aggie's shoulder, she sniffed looking back at him. BA saw the cut and growled "Who hurt you, little girl?" BA asked, holding his anger in check.

"Fa..Face..tried to hit dad..and I was..trying to..stop him and he pushed me. I. I fell on the ta. table cor. corner" Aggie replied, crying. Ba hugged her. "Calm down, everything will be okay. BA, let's get her home so we can see to her cuts." Hannibal said, climbing and closing the van door. BA nodded and drove off, planning on giving Face and Murdock a piece of his mind and his fists for not taking care of the little girl.


Back at the house, BA carried Aggie inside and tended to her while Hannibal went upstairs, knowing where Face and Murdock were.

Murdock collapsed on top of Face right as the door opened and the two jumped, grabbing for the sheets to cover themselves. Hannibal looked away, angered that the two could be screwing when the child they were raising sat downstairs in a crying heap, ready to have a nervous breakdown.

"Hannibal? What are you doing here?" Face rolled over as Murdock pulled out of him and climbed off his chest, pulling his pants back on. "I happen to have BA here too. I was coming to visit Aggie but I found her 3 blocks away from here, crying. She said Face tried to hit you, Murdock." Hannibal said, as Face was now fully clothed too. The thought of BA seeing them sickened them both.

"Face didn't hit me... it's okay now, everything's settled, I'll go talk to Aggie." Murdock said, throwing a small smile at Face. Hannibal grew more angry and impatient. "She has a cut on her forehead, and she says Face pushed her. You better say that's not true, lieutenant!" Hannibal warned, knowing BA would beat Face within an inch of his life if it was.

"I uh.." Face stammered, searching in his memory an incident like that. "I might have. oh God is she okay?" "No she's not okay lieutenant, you two have been doing this for months now and I'm going to see that it stops." Hannibal said as Murdock looked at Face.

"Wha--What are you gonna do, Colonel?" Murdock asked. Hannibal motioned for them to follow him and they did, stopping in the kitchen where Aggie sat sniffling as BA put a band-aid on her other knee. Both of her elbows had some also, her hands and her behind had gotten skinned too, but BA didn't want to embarrass her by looking, so he gave her some Tylenol for the pain, which she now took with the glass of milk he gave her.

Aggie got the pills down and sniffed again, wiping her nose on her sleeve. Face walked in with Murdock and saw Aggie, covered in bandages and tears. "Aggie, what happened? Are you okay?" Face asked and Aggie didn't even look at him. "Like you give a damn." Aggie said, shocked when no one scolded her for using bad language.

Face opened his mouth, shocked. Hannibal sat beside Aggie on a stool and tried not to yell, knowing Aggie was hurting enough from so much yelling.

"Now here's what's going to happen. Face, you and Murdock are going to split up and go separate ways for a while. NO arguments are being accepted, so shut up before you even open your traps. I'm tired of the letters, the tear-filled phone calls, no matter what, that a child should be caught in the middle of your fights is not right. it's not permanent but I'll take Aggie with me for a while, give you time to straighten yourselves out. When you're ready to start acting like the family you were, you'll come and get her, not before"

"I wish..I was..never..born..I was..a..mistake..They told me so.." Aggie said, her crying not calmed at all. "If I wasn't'd be" Aggie said, passing out. Murdock moved to catch her before she fell and he said: "Oh God Aggie no! I swear I didn't know.I." he was interrupted by BA taking Aggie out of his hands. The look on his face was enough for Murdock to understand he couldn't try to make things right at the moment.

"BA, pack Aggie's things. Take Aggie along with you, pack her clothes and stuff. You know what to pack. Don't forget her bubble fish light and her Elmo blanket." Hannibal said, as Face and Murdock watched speechless. BA picked her up and smiled at Aggie as he carried her off to her room. He laid her on her bed and took her skates off, packing her things afterwards.

BA came back out with some of Aggie's things twice, carrying them to the van. Hannibal grabbed a bottle of Tylenol and Aggie's favorite glass before as BA came back out with Aggie in his arms, asleep, covered in her Elmo blanket.

"We're off. Now remember what I said, this isn't permanent but you better get yourselves straight!!! Aggie will come home when you can stop alternating between sex and fighting and have a healthy relationship. That of or you split up!" Hannibal said, as he gave them another nod and walked out the door, following BA.

Face and Murdock stood there stunned. Murdock almost fainted, he'd lost his child, never even knew she was hurt. What kind of a father was he? They heard the Van's doors close and then drive away, taking Aggie with it.

Murdock seemed to snap out of his shocked state and he ran outside to catch up to the van, try to explain to Hannibal he didn't know, Plead with him not to take his child away. but the van was already gone, Murdock collapsed in the middle of the street. Face went out after him and brought him back inside.


"Aggie needs time away from them, the stress is on her heavy. I don't like this. It just has to be done, someone has to do it." Hannibal said as they drove down the highway towards the beach house, which was over 3 hundred miles away.

"Poor kid always hearing yelling! This ain't right man, something's up with the fool, he don't yell!" BA said quietly, squeezing the steering wheel. BA looked in the mirror at Aggie as she slept in the back, covered in her comforter. "Doncha worry lil girl, BA's gotcha now. You can relax, ain't nobody gonna mess wit you no more or they gonna face me." BA said quietly.

Hannibal gave him a grin and yawned. "I know something's up but it's not our business. This kid however. I'm not gonna let anything happen to her either. If you get too tired, pull over and get some sleep." Hannibal said, getting comfy in his seat. BA nodded, and Hannibal closed his eyes.

Morning came and BA finally pulled into the beach house's driveway, still wide-awake. He'd driven all night, and Hannibal knew things had gotten to him too; otherwise he would have been out at least once during the night.

"BA, you need to sleep later. You won't help Aggie by falling over from exhaustion." Hannibal said as they carried Aggie inside and put her on the couch. "Alright man. I'll go to sleep." BA said, feeling sleepy now that he knew they were safe and Aggie could wake up on her own, without there being any fighting to scare her. BA went off to bed and Hannibal made himself some coffee, watching over Aggie.



Caught in the Middle 1-3 by Murdock's Crazylady



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