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Just Walking The Dog

Just Walking The Dog
by Cabaret

Rating: PG13
Summery: Billy needs to be dog-sat and there's only one man for the job!
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: A Team owns the A Team, not me, or someone else owns them, it's not me anyway, I's just playing!
Author's Note: This answered a challenge posted ages ago, asking for a fic that showed BA and Billy in a likey way.
Comments: Yes please.

"BA, I need ya!" the lanky pilot screamed as he was dragged away by two orderlies. BA was about to jump out of the van, when he was stopped by Hannibal with a touch to his arm and a stern look;

They couldn't risk association. Hannibal made a mental note to remind Murdock of this.

"Face man, you gotta go in there, make sure he's ok." BA said with unusual concern.

"Murdock's fine BA, he's just acting up as usual, besides, guess what I spy with my little eye?" Face said as he gestured ahead of them.

"Decker! Let's go BA." Hannibal commanded.


"Now Sergeant! We can't waste time on you're love affair for Murdock."

"Wanna say that again and find out just how much?" BA growled as he shifted the van into gear and sped away.

"Why all the concern then big guy?" Face said as he clung to the seat.

"You know he can't help himself, crazy fool gets himself in too much trouble at that place."

"Yeah, but you know he just loves it." Hannibal ginned lighting a cigar. BA screwed up his nose and rolled down the window.

The team cleared out and BA was alone; he hated being alone. He enjoyed the serenity of peace and quiet, but sometimes it was all too consuming. It was times like this he knew why Murdock never shut up, the calm before the ambush was always deathly. And still he heard his friend's screams. He really didn't want to go back. It was always hard to tell when Murdock was acting up or if he was voicing genuine fears. BA knew all to well that there was always a layer of truth under all that bravado. The golf balls, Murdock always wanted to save 'em all, that damn lobster claw, what was he calling it? Therm? Yeah Murdock always felt responsible, the whole Range Rider deal. Murdock always wanted to be a hero, ya know, looking out for the little guy, doing good deeds, whacking the bad guys. Problem was, he just wasn't big enough to whack 'em all, wasn't everywhere to save 'em all, wasn't sane enough to take the responsibility... or maybe he *was* just insane enough to take it all?

BA unlocked the van. He needed to check the weapons and clear it out, at least the ashtray anyway. He giggled as he remembered the time when Murdock had looked after the van while he'd been away.

Face had actually phoned him pleading with him to tell Murdock not to worry about the van, as he was driving them nuts about it's upkeep. Even when they were apart, that damn fool was still able to bug him. But that was Murdock; so engrossed in his own world and trying to do the right thing, he'd ended up driving them into the sea. BA wondered if he was capable of crashing a pogo stick. Murdock seemed to specialise in crashing. If it had motion, Murdock would crash it. It must've been listed as his hobbies when he entered the air force, which is probably why he got booted to 'Nam so quick...... BA's thoughts trailed off as he remembered 'Nam. It wasn't so bad, that is if you weren't there. That's how BA liked to be, not there, here. Problem with Murdock was he wasn't there, but he wasn't here either. BA remembered the first time he met Murdock, he was gonna knock him sideways after a more then ropey pick up, Murdock stood his ground and a fight ensued. BA had never seen anyone so skinny stand up to him before. In fact Murdock threw the first punch, BA should have known that anyone crazy enough to take him on was gonna stick around. BA remembered seeing Murdock doubled over on the ground, his hands shook as he clutched his stomach. Then he looked up and locked eyes. BA knew he was headed for the nut house then, something in his eyes, or was it more that he was laughing? BA had pulled Murdock up by his collar, Murdock had kissed him and said that with guys as tough as he was, Charlie didn't have a chance. To which he received another punch for kissing him. Later Murdock who was now sporting a Dalmatian look had found BA.

"Ya know, I could be a brother. C'mon ya mudsucka, why doncha finish the job?" Murdock's voice ran through BAs head as he cleaned the rifles. BA had snorted.

"Whatcha wanna be black for fool?"

"Well if I was black, then I could go to that party tonight."

"Huh?" BA hadn't expected that one.

"Well, I tried to get in and they turned me away, told me no dogs allowed, but I reckon it was just cos I'm white. Now if I was black, I just know we'd get in no trouble at all."

"We? I ain't goin nowhere with you."

"Did I invite you? I think not! "

"Then what's with the we fool?"

"My dog, ya stupid mudsucka!"

"I don't see no dog." BA had said threateningly and took a step towards Murdock who dodged slightly to the side, but never moved away from him, or out of BA's range.

"Well that's just cos ya ain't special enough."

BA had turned and began to walk away. In hindsight, it probably would have been better just to knock him senseless again, but BA knew he had to fly with this guy, and wanted some sense left in there.

"Well whadaya know? Guess you are special enough. You know you're the first person who hasn't stepped on his tail here?"

At this BA had spun round, grabbed Murdock and drew back his fist.

"See? missed him again." The pilot smiled, BA wondered if he actually enjoyed pain. "So, wanna hot foot it to this party and put those muscles to some real work? The liftin beers kind?"

BA giggled again as he put away the rifles, Murdock just never gave up and never knew when to leave well enough alone. He ducked inside the van and saw Murdock's cap laying on the seat. There were times when BA really wished Murdock didn't have to be in the VA, they'd been to some great parties together, and he did miss his relentless bugging, although he'd never admit it of course, that'd mean the game was over, and he couldn't let his friend down like that. BA jumped into the van and started her up, he felt something brush his leg and switched off the air conditioning.

"BA, this is not a good time, I'm kinda busy." Face gestured towards his female company.

"She can wait Face, sorry m'am, but this is important." BA yanked Face out of the apartment. "You gotta give him back his cap, that's why he was upset."

"Oh for the love of..... goodnight BA!"

"Now sucka!"

Face nodded slowly and made his excuses, then sat uncomfortably in the van watching BA brush his leg off before he started up the van.


"Damn air conditioning's stuck, won't turn off."

"BA, you ok? The air conditioning's off. You want me to check you in when I visit Murdock?"

"Maybe you'd check yourself in, or I'll just drop you at A&E on the way there."

"Hey no problem," Face held his hands up in surrender. "Somthin' up big guy? You know Murdock'll be fine, he'll probably be sedated by now, but he's alright."

"Fool's never been alright."

"Well I can't argue that one, but he's always functioned at least."

"He didn't at one point."

"That's not fair BA, he's past that now." Face shifted uneasily as he clicked onto BA's concern.

"You know it won't take much to....."

"He's got two fall back's, us n them, he won't.... ya know, he'd tell someone, has he said anything?"

"He's always sayin somethin." BA muttered.


"Look, just see he's ok Face, then we can all get on with our lives." Which was half the problem.

Face got out of the van, and rifled through the back to get the doctor's coat and ID.

"Take it easy BA, he'll be fine, I'll be back soon."

BA waited. He turned the air conditioning on and off, knowing it wouldn't help. He did it anyway, but that breeze was still tickling his leg. He turned the seat around and saw a small ball of fluff wedged into Murdock's seat. He reached down beside his leg and patted the breeze, he felt a warm moisture as Billy licked his hand.

"Aren't you supposed to be in there with him?"

Billy barked a gentle woof.

"Well ya can't keep goin astray like this, you'll end up in the pound or some thin'."

Billy wagged his tail excitedly.

"I ain't gonna look after you again, and look at the mess ya made o my van! S'bad enough Hannibal smokes in here, droppin his ash everywhere."

Billy jumped up, his front paws resting on BA's lap.

"Go on, get back to Murdock; he needs ya."

"Murdock's in isolation, he's been sedated and sleepin it off. Apparently he was told if he got out one more time, he'd catch three days in the 'ol padded room. I can't get him out tonight, but I'll be able to do it tomorrow."

In shock at Face's arrival, Billy jumped into BA's lap.

"S'ok Face, tomorrow's fine."

"You don't wanna bust him out?"

"No point if he's sedated, he wouldn't even know where he is and it'd only freak him out if he woke up on your couch."

"My couch? He'd be stayin at your's! Remember, I got company tonight, speaking of which can we get goin?"

"You think I'd let a crazy man stay at my place? Last time he was there, he put my clippers in the fridge."

"That's nothing, he put my couch on the balcony last time he stayed at mine, I wouldn't o minded so much, but I'd fallen asleep on it at the time!"

"How'd he manage that?"

"To this day I have no idea, said that Billy helped him."

BA looked down on his lap, Billy shifted and snuggled down his paws over his face.

"Well he better not try any furniture removal at my place."

"I don't think he'd dare." Face giggled and got out of the van, he rested his arms on the passenger window. "So whatcha gonna do tonight?"

"Gotta take a friend's dog for a walk."

Face frowned. "Bit late isn't it?"

"For you too."

"It's never too late for me, I'm always right on time." Face grinned a winning smile.

"Just make sure you get enough sleep to get Murdock outta that room first thing tomorrow." BA drove off. "And as for you, you're going back with Face tomorrow, I got stuff to do, and I ain't lookin after you until the next time he gets out."

Billy looked up with big puppy dog eyes and whimpered slightly.

"S'not gonna work Billy, you got one night, and make sure ya be good. Last time ya chewed up my bed, and don't think I've forgotten that!"

BA parked the van at the edge of the park. He got out and stretched, then turned, "Well? C'mon then, you think I'm waiting all night for you to get you're ass outta the van?"

Billy yipped cheerfully and obediently jumped out of the van and sat at BA's feet. BA closed the door and began strolling, Billy walked at his heel, veering off every now and again to sniff out something but always kept in sight and returned after a few moments.

"Ya know Billy, problem with Murdock is he got no control, you're not such a bad mutt."

Billy barked a little woof in agreement and continued to walk obediently at BA's side.

The end.

Just Walking The Dog by Cabaret



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