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The Wedding

The Wedding
Written By: Captain Murdock’s Evening Nurse

Disclaimer: Do not own TAT. Diana is of my own creation.
Rating: G
Summary: Murdock has a wedding to go to and he asks his evening nurse if she would like to go with him.
Copyright: June 2002


Captain Murdock sat on his favorite spot outside. A big rock. He watched as the people came and went from the hospital. He spotted Face’s corvette. ‘Faceman is here!’ he said to himself. A smile came across his face. Face walks into the VA dressed very immaculately in a suit. The female nurses are all falling over him.

"Good evening sir. May I help you?" Face turned around and his jaw hit the floor. "Oh my goodness. I have just entered the pearly gates of Heaven to encounter an angel like you." He said taking her hand into his and kissing the back of it. The nurse literally shivers with the kindness being showed.

"Are you here to see someone?" she asks. "Yes my dear. It seems that about 3 years ago the military placed my dear brother in here." "Who is your brother?" "Captain HM Murdock." "Mr. Murdock has never mentioned anything about having a brother." Face turns his head away. "It’s happened!" he exclaims. "What’s happened?" "Well, when the military told me mother that HM was MIA, she had a heart attack almost immediately. She fell to the floor clutching her chest say, ‘Not my baby boy! Not Murdock!"

"Oh my! Did your mother survive it?" Face looks back at the nurse. They walk down the hall to Murdock’s room. "Just barely." He said. From the looks of it, the nurse was eating it up. "Why then, if you don’t me asking, why do you want to see Mr. Murdock?" Face stops dead in his tracks. He takes the woman’s hand into his own. "It’s my uncle’s wedding today. Mother said that she wanted me to come and see if I could get HM for a little while so he could the best man."

The nurse goes into her pocket and pulls the key for Murdock’s room. Opening the door, they find Murdock playing his video game machine wearing his tuxedo. He was going to a wedding. That part was true. "HM! How many times to I have to tell you not to play your video games right before a wedding!" Murdock looks up and sees Diana.

"Diana, would you please tell my brother, Tommy, that I have been a good boy and that you let me play the video game machine." Murdock’s soulful brown eyes look at her and she can’t help but to fall for them. "Murdock has been a good boy today. Though I do agree with your brother. You should finish getting ready for the wedding." Murdock walks over to her and takes her hand.

"I guess you’re right." He says. Diana walks out of the room. Face closes the door and walks over to Murdock. "She wants me!" Murdock walks over to his closet. "Face will you quit thinking about your libido for two seconds and help me with this tie." Face shot Murdock a look and walked over to him. "And besides, Diana isn’t your type of girl." Face looks at Murdock.

"And why not?" he snorts. "She’s beautiful and she and I have plans for after the wedding!" Murdock says walking over to the door. He opens it. "Ready Tommy?" he asks. Face walks over to the door and begins his scam again. Walking out of the VA, Murdock breaks away from Face and runs trying to find Diana. He finds her sitting at her desk, writing in his chart.

"Murdock?! What’s wrong?" she gets him a glass of water. "I forgot something." He says. "What did you forget, Murdock?" Murdock places the glass of water down on the counter. "You." Diana’s jaw drops to the floor. "Me?" He shakes his head yes. "I know that it’s kinda short notice and all, but would you do me the honor of showing up at the wedding?" he asks holding his breath hoping Diana won’t punch him in the face. Instead, her soft hand turns his head back around to her.

"Murdock, I’m not going to hit you." Murdock opens his eyes. "I would love to be your date." Murdock jumps up and down. He shouts. "Yes!" He looks at his watch. "We better hurry. Tommy’s bringing the vette around." "I’m not dressed." "You’re naked?!" "Murdock!?!?!" "You’re fine." Murdock sees Face bringing the corvette around to the front.

"Tommy, Diana is going to join us for the wedding." Murdock said holding Diana’s hand firmly in his. Face smiled a little. "Fine with me HM. Shall we?" he asks opening the door for Diana. Murdock jumps into the vette. Diana smiles at Murdock. The three of them drive down the main drag. Murdock spots a flower shop. "Pull over Tommy!"

Murdock jumps out of the corvette and runs into the flower shop.

Face and Diana are dumfounded. Murdock sees Diana looking at him. He walks outside very coolly and climbs back into the corvette. He has a bouquet of red roses behind his back. "A bouquet of lovely red roses for a lovely rose herself." Face and Diana look shocked. Murdock notices the expression on Face. He smiles to himself. "If you want to go to Uncle John’s wedding, Tommy, then pick up your jaw and drive."

Diana can’t help but to smile and laugh at the way Murdock is acting. ‘This promises to be a fun evening.’ Murdock is saying to himself, ‘I love it when a plan comes together.’

@@@@@The End @@@@@

The Wedding by Captain Murdock's Evening Nurse



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