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ABEL 13 1-2

ABEL 13 part 1/10
by Malou1337



"Company, halt!" At once the row of marching soldiers stopped.

"Any last requests?" the colonel, who was leading the firing squad, asked.

"Don't shoot?" Murdock replied.

He and the rest of the A-Team were taken prisoners by the MP's and since he
officially was declared sane, he was going to be shot too.

"That's just what I wanted to say," Face submitted.

They were tightened up against four poles.

The colonel ignored Murdock's wish and gave his soldiers orders.


"Well, see you guys in heaven," Murdock sighed, "I'm glad that I've known y'all."



"Goodbye you guys," Hannibal said, "I've lead the best commando team ever."

B.A. just smiled, thinking of the past years.

The colonel breathed in deeply and yelled:



Then everything went very fast. At the moment the soldiers fired, a woman with sunglasses jumped in front of the team. "Nooooooooooooooooo!" she yelled. Then she dropped dead on the floor, by the feet of the surprised team. She lay on her back.


"Jesus, who the hell was that?" Face stammered.

"I don't know who she is, but I do now she has saved our lives for a while," Hannibal replied. The colonel walked to the dead body and cursed. "How could this loonytick get inside? How could this have happened?" He kneeled by the woman. Her sunglasses lay broken on the ground.

"Who is it?" B.A. asked.

The colonel shrugged his shoulders and felt the woman's pulse. "She's definitely dead," he established. Then he turned her around. Her eyes were closed.

"Oh, my God," Murdock stammered. "Amy........"

At a stretch Murdock sat straight in his bed. Where the hell was he? He looked around. What a relief, he was lying in his own bed. It was just a dream. The red figures of his digital alarm clock indicated it was a quarter past three. With the back of his hand he wiped the sweat off his forehead. He pulled his legs next to the bed and sighed. Jesus, what a nightmare! He walked to the kitchen of the house he was renting and got himself a glass of water.


Five minutes later he pulled the sheets up to his neck again and closed his eyes. But ten seconds later he opened them again and realized something.

That morning Murdock walked slowly on the street, continuously kicking a little pebble in front of him. Thinking deeply he arrived in the avenue in which the house of the rest of the team was. He walked to the path in front of the house. Frankie suddenly appeared  from the garden and greeted him enthusiastically.


"Hey, Murdock, it's been a while since I last saw you. What's up?"


"Mmm," Murdock muttered and walked past the trained special-effectsman.


"What's wrong?" Frankie said astonished to Murdock's back. He went on the steps to the front door and entered the house.


Frankie scratched his head. "Now, he is certainly not having a good day," he muttered to himself. A familiar voice behind him said, "Who isn't having a good day?" Frankie turned around, to look in the eyes of Face. "Hi there, Faceman. Murdock isn't in such a good mood. He just walked past me, without saying a word."


Face picked up the newspaper the paperboy had thrown. "Murdock? Don't bother. He has his ups and downs, just like you and me. He'll be his old crazy self in no time at all, you'll see. Anyway, I'm going inside. Wanna come too?"


"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute."  


Murdock entered the living room. B.A. was watching a football match on TV and didn't even notice him.


"Where's Hannibal?" Murdock asked.


"In the kitchen. But he is busy at the moment," B.A. growled, because he was disturbed in his game.


Murdock walked to the kitchen. Hannibal was busy, he could see that. The Colonel was kissing a gorgeous blond girl. Murdock coughed.


"Oh...hi Murdock," Hannibal greeted the Captain.


"Can I talk to you for a moment, Colonel?"


Hannibal looked at the girl, then at Murdock. "Is it urgent?"


"Yes, it is."


"Well...alright. See you next week, Kelly." The girl left.


Hannibal followed Murdock into the living room. B.A. was still watching TV. Face had joined him to read his paper. Frankie was playing pool.


"What's wrong, Captain?," Hannibal asked. He sat down next to B.A.


"I had a dream this night, Hannibal."


"Yes, we all have from time to time, even crazy people," Hannibal joked, but he suddenly became serious when he saw that Murdock wasn't at all in the mood. It was still for a few minutes. Murdock nervously played with his shoe-laces.


"I have dreamed about Amy..."


Face looked up from his newspaper. "About Amy?"


"Who's Amy?" Frankie asked.


"Doesn't matter for the moment, Frank," Hannibal said. "So you have dreamed about Amy. I don't see what's the problem. I mean, we all dream of the past now and then."


Murdock stood up angry. "Well, don't you want to know what has become of her?"


It was silent.


"Last night I realised we haven't heard from her since she left to Jakarta," he began shouting. "She could be dead this very moment!!!"


"Calm down, Murdock," Hannibal ordered the Captain. "It has been two years since Amy left with her reporter prize to Jacarta, partly for Decker. She must have started a new life there. She'll be okay. It's just not the time to track her down and even if it was, it's one hell of a job."


"Who the hell is Amy?" Frankie asked again. Nobody listened to him.


Hannibal continued, "It's not that I never thought of the idea of just stepping to her door and say hi. But with Stockwell around, that will be quite complicated."


"You don't know what has happened to Tawnia either," Face added, still reading his paper.


"But she has her husband Brian," Murdock replied, while he sat back in a chair. "Maybe Amy is totally alone."


"Come on guys, who's Amy?" Everybody just ignored the special-effectsman.


"Give it a rest, Murdock. The kid will be just fine," Hannibal calmed down his friend. "Besides, we have other things to worry about. Like our beloved friend Stockwell."


"Hey, maybe he can trace Amy!" the Captain said.


"Why the sudden worries about Amy?" The Lieutenant was still talking from behind his paper.


Murdock took of his cap and swept over his forehead. "Something in my dream tells me that we have to be fast."


"What did you dream, fool?" B.A.'s match was over.

Murdock put his cap on and straightened his back. "I dreamed Amy jumped in front of us, when we were standing to face dead by a military firing squad."

"Phew...Boy, am I glad that it was just a dream," Face sighed.

"And she wore sunglasses. Very weird, because I've never seen Amy wearing


"It weren't sunglasses."

Everyone became very quiet.

B.A. was switching channels when he said that and he kept his eyes on the TV. "It was a pair of glasses just like Stockwell has," the Sergeant continued.

Murdock slowly stood up from his chair. "How do you know that?" he said surprised. "I think you're right! How can you know?"

B.A. was still watching TV. "What does it matter, fool?" he grumbled.

Murdock walked towards him. "You have dreamed it too, didn't you?" he yelled, all of a sudden. "You have dreamed too that Amy jumped in front of us while we were being shot at!"


Frankie was about to say something, but wisely shut up.


"Is that true, B.A.?" Hannibal asked the Sergeant.

"Is it, B.A.?" Murdock added.

To confirm the matter, B.A. just grumbled.


"See!" Murdock yelled. "I told you guys. This confirms it to me. If I'm no longer the only one who dreams it...We have to find Amy, she's in trouble."


Hannibal patted Murdock's shoulder. "Captain, you know I respect your opinion. But I think it's just a great coincidence B.A. and you have dreamed the same," the Colonel spoke. "But if not, like I said, it would be impossible to find her. Jacarta is so big and she could have gone elsewhere. Even Stockwell won't be able to find her, if she doesn't want to be found."


Murdock thought for a moment, then a little smile appeared on his face, while his eyes rested on the Lieutenant. "Okay, maybe the general can't find her," he said, taking a short break. "But Faceman can..."


Promptly the newspaper went down. "What?!?!"


Murdock walked towards Face. "You can track her down! If you lie to the right people..."


"Murdock," Face stammered. "You're crazy!"


"No, I have been officially declared sane!"


"I won't do it." Face threw his paper in the chair and walked to the window, staring outside. "And I can't." He turned around to Murdock. "Search in all of Jacarta? You can't be serious!"


Hannibal shook his head. "Face is right, Murdock. It's not the good time. Maybe later, after we have received our remission."


"Yeah, but how long will that take? On how many missions do we have to go before Stockwell thinks we have done enough for that remission?" Murdock yelled.


"Murdock...." Hannibal started, laying his hand on the Captain's shoulder.


He knocked it off and went to Face, who was still standing at the window. "I'm sure you can do it, Face. Don't you understand what this means to me? We have always been good friends, even like brothers. Can't you do it just for me?"

Face sighed. "Murdock, you are my best friend. But don't you understand what you're asking of me? If I travel to Jacarta, I can be easily spotted by the MPs and if they capture me, I will be shot."


Murdock clenched his fists to hold him from flying at Face. Face didn't understand. He just didn't. Murdock shook his head. How could he make him see? He looked up at his friend, who stared at him worriedly, then outside. Why wouldn't Face go and look for Amy? The risk of being captured was there, but he could go in disguise. There was something holding him back from it.


"Somehow you give me the idea that you don't want to see Amy anymore," he said.


Face's blue eyes suddenly looked at him angrily. "Now you listen to me, Murdock," Face began. "What you are saying is shit and you know it. Amy was a good friend, to me as well as the others. So don't talk about me that way!"


"But...." Murdock tried.


"Don't you say a word, Murdock. I am sick and tired of your twaddle. Go and find somebody else to blame. I won't be around." Face grabbed his black leather jacket of the hat-rack and left the house. A few seconds later they heard the 'Vette race of the driveway.


There was an uncomfortable silence in the room. Murdock shook his head and swept over his eyes. What had he done? He had been too rough to Face. It wasn't his intention to hurt him. But his dream....


"Murdock, give it a rest." Hannibal said and disappeared in the kitchen.


"But...." Murdock didn't finish his sentence. B.A. gave him an angry look. The Captain just stood there for a few minutes, alone with his thoughts. Maybe the rest was right. Maybe he was blowing up the whole case and was there nothing to be afraid of. But his dream was so real.... It was hard to believe that there wasn't some kind of message in it.

But his crazy ideas remembered the team of a good friend, one of the few who had meant anything to them these past fifteen years. If they were in need for help, it made his heart turn around and  he would do all he could. But it was just a dream. A dream that hurt his friends as much as it hurt him. But the Amy-chapter was over, there only were the good and bad memories. She was okay at this moment, like Hannibal said. Maybe she had married and lived happy. Then she wouldn't like to be remembered of her past.


"Hey, Murdock, wanna shoot some pool?" Frankie's voice broke the silence and his thoughts.


For a moment he doubted. What if.... But then he decided that things were fine as they were and it wasn't worth a fight with his friends. He took the cue and tried to forget it.



Face looked at the horizon, where the sun was going under with a red glow in the water. He didn't see. Thoughts were spinning in his mind. Things of which he thought he had pushed them away to a dark and safe place of his conscience. Why did Murdock have to start about Amy? That was a long gone area, he never wished to go back to again. Not after the last few months they had spent with her. He didn't want to think about it. He turned around to the boulevard he had driven to. People walked past him. A girl across the street even waved at him. He didn't wave back.


What Murdock had asked of him, was deeper than his friends thought. He didn't know if he could be around Amy anymore. Murdock and the rest didn't know what happened those last months with her. They didn't see what was going on in him when she left. But she had to leave. For them both. He covered his eyes with his hands. Then he turned back at the sea, the wind blowing threw his blond hair.


How could he explain Murdock? There were no words for how he felt. He closed his eyes. Why didn't he and Amy stay in the same way they did since they all met? Just friends, nothing more, nothing less. But the last months before she got her price and went away, she was doing something to him. She saw through him.


"God!" he sighed out loud and shaking his head.


All of his life he had build a wall around him. He had been so devastatingly hurt by the thought his whole family had died, he decided as a young kid not to let anybody get too close to his true soul. So he changed his way of life into what he had become now.

It didn't help him to love nobody anymore. Hannibal and the others were like brothers to him. But he couldn't just let his soul out to who he really was. Not that women-freaked scammer. But that attitude protected him from getting hurt. It even remained when he found out that he had a father and a sister.


But Amy had noticed something about him before she left. It seemed like she could just look inside him. He didn't want her to get to close, like he allowed nobody. But the feeling grew stronger and stronger and he couldn't handle it anymore. Amy knew that he was becoming uncomfortable in her presence. But what she asked of him, to let out his true self, was impossible. In this life on the run, he had to be tough.


Things would be a lot easier when he didn't began to love her at that time. But that was something impossible, to both of them and he didn't want her to see the true him. Nobody would.


Maybe if there never had grown some kind of weird tence between them, she had turned off the journalistics prize and stuck with them. They would have been friends. But she knew as well as him that things weren't the same as they used to be. Something had changed between them. She wanted to know him, he didn't allowed her. Maybe he pushed her so far away from his soul that she couldn't handle the situation anymore and left.


Face felt something wet on his cheek. Oh man, now he was crying. He always had told himself that since Amy left, he could  maintain his protecting wall. He pushed his feelings away and tried to forget it. And he thought he did. But when Murdock started about her again this morning, everything came back to him. Murdock didn't do it on purpose. To him Amy was a good friend. She still wasn't forgotten by the whole team. Murdock couldn't know. Maybe he had been a bit too angry to him, when he kept asking him to search for Amy. He was his best friend, crazy or not. The difference in opinions about Amy couldn't come between them. He wouldn't allow it. Best thing to do now was just forgetting the whole matter. And now was the time to talk it over with Murdock. He couldn't tell him what really was wrong, but Murdock would understand. He always did.


Face turned around and walked to the 'Vette. He was going to the mall to buy Murdock some comic books to make up. With a sigh Face started his car and drove off.


His car phone rang. Maybe it was Murdock to check on him. He answered it. "Templeton Peck." It wasn't Murdock, it was Rhonda, the girl he was seeing lately. Great, what could go wrong even more? "Hi Rhonda," he said with the cheeriest voice he could at that moment. "Yeah, I know. But I was busy with my work. You know how it is. Yes, we'll meet again soon." While he was telephoning, he drove in a crowded street. Because of Rhonda he didn't notice a man walking strangely close to a woman on the side walk, waiting for the right opportunity. Just when Face drove by, he snatched her bag from her shoulder and pushed her on the street.


"No Rhonda, I'm not seeing another........Jesus Christ!!!!!!" With a bang the woman landed on the front of his car. Face hit the brake with all of his strength. The man ran away with the bag. The car stopped with screaming tires. The woman fell of the car just before the tires.


"Gotta go, Rhonda!" With that message he hang up and jumped out of his car. The woman slowly tried to stand up again. Face sighed. She didn't have anything serious. "Are you all right?"


An aged woman came running to them scared. "What has happened?" she yelled anxiously.


"Somebody pushed her in front of my car. See if she's all right." He ran after the robber, but he couldn't get him; he was too far away. Face gave up and walked back. The woman was sitting dazed on the front of his car. Apparently she wasn't too much hurt. Thank goodness!!!


"Are you all right?" Face asked her, while she covered her eyes with her hands and looked to the ground. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't brake in time and I couldn't catch the robber either."


There went a shiver threw the woman. Slowly she looked up, while she pushed her blond hair out of her face. Their eyes met and Face took a pass back.





ABEL 13 part 2/10




The two of them just stood there, in complete disbelief. "Face, is it really you?" Amy still couldn't believe it.


"Yeah," Face stammered. "But what are you doing in Virginia? Since when have you been back in America?"


"Just a few days," Amy stood up slowly. "I still can't believe my eyes. So good to see you!!!" She hugged him strongly.


Face closed his eyes. Her body heat, her sweet fragrance....everything came back to him. How was this possible? It seemed like she had known that she was missed deeply that moment. Or was it just faith? He felt something burning in his eyes. He couldn't cry now... Not in front of her.


She softened their embrace and looked in his eyes. "It's good to see you again."


"Yes, it has been too long." Face didn't know what to say, so he was glad she began about the rest of the team.


"Are the rest of the guys here too?"


"Yes, we live half an hour from here."


"In Langley?" She gave him a surprised look. "It isn't too wise to live in the backyard of the CIA if you are a fugitive. Why didn't you guys stay in LA?"


"That is a long story," Face explained, thinking of their "beloved" friend Stockwell.


Amy smiled at him and hugged him again. "It's so hard to believe all of this. My first week back in the USA and I get robbed, get in a car accident and I meet you. That's all hard to imagine." She looked at him again. Face didn't feel comfortable at all. She was doing it again. She was looking inside of his inner self.


"Do I have to call an ambulance?"


They both looked up. The aged woman was still standing in front of them, nervously holding her bag. "No, thank you," Amy replied. "Thank you for the good care, but I'm fine."


The little old lady stared at her, then to Face. "I see. Well, goodbye for now." She crossed the street and entered a store. Again there was that horrible silence.


"You look good, kid," Face finally said. "Your hair looks different."


"Yes, it's a bit longer than when I left." She pulled a lock of hair out of her face behind her ear. "You look good too."


Face was looking for words. "Were there expensive things in your bag? I couldn't get it back for you."


"No, just some change and make-up." She looked around, then at him. "Can we go to the others too? It has been such a while ago."


Face jumped up. "Of course." He opened the door for her and she got in. Before starting, he gave her a side-look. She was staring at him too and quickly looked in the mirror. She hadn't changed much, except for her hair. Face suddenly thought of Murdock's dream. He had dreamed of Amy. So maybe he was right....


"What's the matter?" she asked.


He looked up. "Nothing. Never mind." He started the car and drove off.


"So...." she began after a few minutes. "Are you still the women-freak you were then?"


He tried to smile. "I don't know. Have I ever been one?"


She laughed. Even that was familiar. "You haven't lost your humour, Face, I can tell you that." They were both pretending like nothing had ever happen. Like they were just close friends who met each other again after all these years. In a way he couldn't stand that, but in another he felt relieved.


"Is Decker still hunting you down?"


"Decker?" he asked, remembering the colonel. "Don't they have newspapers in Jacarta? Decker quit his job months ago. After him there was this general, Fullbright. At the end we went back to 'Nam for him. And then we were taken prisoners and send to trial."


"You guys were captured?!"


"Yes, nearly shot. But thanks to Murdock and Frankie we have escaped."


"Who's Frankie?"


"You'll see him soon. He's a fugitive thanks to us and helps us."


Amy rubbed her cheeks. "I should have come back much sooner," she whispered softly, but Face heard it.


He changed subject quickly. "And what brings you to Langley?"


"I got fed up with my work in Jacarta after some time. So I made plans to go back to the USA again. Somebody offered me a job here in Langley and I took it."


"They sure will be." The rest of the journey they kept silence.  Face stopped. "This is the place."



"Not if you have to share it by four."


"Does Murdock have permission of the VA to be here?"


Face smiled. "Guess you missed that one too. You're gonna love this one; Murdock is declared sane."


She gave him a look of disbelieve. "You're kiddin' me, right?" Face shook his head. "Murdock... sane?!?! I don't know if I will like that very much."


"Don't worry, he's still the crazy fool you knew." Amy shut the door and walked after Face. "Come on."


On the steps to the house Frankie was reading the newspaper. When he heard someone coming, he looked up. "Face," he sighed relieved. "Are you all right again?" Then he saw Amy. "Hey, who's this?" His smile bared all of his white teeth.


"Don't even think about it, Frank, and I will personally hang you on the nearest electric standard." Frankie's smile disappeared, but he sighed when he saw Face laughing. "Frank, I'd like you to meet Miss Amy Amanda Allen."


They shook hands. "Hello there, gorgeous. Frankie Santana, close friend of these guys and still available." He quickly straightened up when he saw the look on Face. "Er.... I mean.... Is this the Amy you were talking about this morning?" Face nodded. "Hey, heard much about you, but I have no clue about who you are!!!"


Amy looked at Face like she didn't knew how to react on this. "Never mind him. Let's go inside." They entered the house.

B.A. was watching another football match, while eating pizza. "B.A.," Face disturbed him. "Do you have a minute?"


"Ah, man, leave me alone!!! I'm watching football, can't you see?"


"Does that include me too?"


B.A. turned off the TV with the remote control. He turned around, because he had recognized Amy's voice. "Amy?!" the Sergeant brought out.


"I always thought I was," she joked and walked towards B.A. They hugged for a moment.


"Amy," B.A. said happy. Over Amy's shoulder he saw Face and Frankie look. He quickly let go of Amy. "Er...I mean..."

"I understand, B.A. I still haven't forgotten our first chat back then about your attitude," Amy smiled.


"Thanks. But what have you been doing all these time?"


"Some stuff. I'll explain it to you later."


"It's good to have you back."


"Yeah." She patted his arm and he smiled.


"So, where's Hannibal?" Face asked.


"In his room. He's working out plan nr.22. He loves that one, y'all know."


"Let's surprise him too." Silently she walked after Face.


Hannibal sat behind his desk and was smoking one of his famous cigars. "Is that you Face? Could you get..." He turned around and saw Amy. The surprise on his face suddenly changed in a big smile. "I knew you couldn't live without us, kiddo." Then he embraced her too.


"Hannibal, you will never change." She waved back the smoke. "Although I wished some things did."

"Hey, one must live and let live. But what are you doing here in Langley?"


"Just give me a minute to catch my breath. Where's Murdock?"


"I don't know," Frankie replied. "After playing pool with him I started reading and he was taking his "dog" Billy for a walk."


"Billy? I thought he was declared sane?"


"Ah, man," B.A. grumbled. "Murdock sane? That will never happen."


"Let's go to the living room and wait for Murdock," Hannibal suggested. "In the mean while Amy can tell us all."


They had just settled in the living room when Murdock came running into the room. "Billy! Come back! Don't go to B.A.! He'll eat you alive, you know that! Where are you?" He stopped and turned to his friends. "Has anybody seen Billy? He was running to...AMY??!!" Murdock's eyes opened wide.


"Hi there, Captain."


He ran up to her and hugged her strongly. "" he stammered after giving her a look.


"Later," she replied. He hugged her again. "Now Murdock..." she groaned. "It's good to see you again, but you don't have to pulverize me!!!"


He took a step back and studied her. "You look good. Your hair is different."


"So you noticed too." Suddenly Murdock gave her a worried look. "What's wrong?" Amy asked.


"My dream...Maybe it WAS......"


Hannibal interrupted. "We have discussed that earlier, Captain. Don't bother Amy with that. Come on, kid, tell us what happened these past months."


"Your little tea party will be for another occasion, gentlemen."


They all looked up. The doors to the garden had opened and Stockwell entered, followed by Carla and some guards.


"Now that's just great," Face sighed. "Don't you just love his timing?"


"I see Miss Allen has joined you. Good," Stockwell said.


"General, I thought we had an appointment tomorrow?" Amy asked.


The team was shocked. " know Stockwell?" Hannibal pointed his cigar to the general.


"This is getting weird," Frankie sighed.


Stockwell didn't pay any attention to the team and continued his conversation with Amy. "You are completely right, Miss Allen. I am here because I have to inform your colleagues."


"Colleagues?!" Everybody in the room looked at Stockwell like he was completely gone out of his mind.


Stockwell continued on his usual ironic tone. "Miss Allen will be helping you on your next mission."


"Say what?" B.A. yelled.




ABEL 13 by Malou1337