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Face's Point of View about a mission

Face’s Point of View about a mission

Written By: Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer: Do not own TAT. Marcia is from my imagination.

Rating: G

Summary: Face returns from a mission feeling tired and alone. He sees Marcia and things begin to change for him.

Copyright: May 2002


I walk into my living room and plop down on the couch exhausted from the mission. My latest girlfriend, Marcia, pours me glass of wine. She walks over to me and sits down on her legs. She runs her fingers through my hair.

‘How was the mission?’
Hannibal stayed on the Jazz the entire mission.
‘Poor baby. Why don’t you let me take away all of your stress?’

I begin to relax and let Marcia massage my tired and aching muscles. Her fingers begin to work their magic on me.

‘Feel better?’
Oh yeah! Grunt

Soft laughter.
I look up and smile at her.
She looks down at me and smiles.
We start to move closer together.
A knock.
Talk about bad timing.
I grunt as I get up and walk over to the door.
Hannibal and Murdock.

Hannibal! Murdock! What are you guys doing here?
Just wanted to check on you kid.

Yeah Faceyman, we were just concerned about you. Knowing that you took a bad hit in Brazil we just wanted…

Hannibal sees that I have company.

Come on Murdock. Face has company.

Hannibal has that smile.
The jazz smile.
I look at him.

Hannibal, Murdock, look. I appreciate you guys coming over to check on me but I was right in the middle of, um, entertaining someone.

Hannibal winks his eye at me.

We got you kid. Come on Murdock, let’s get out of here and let Face entertain his guest.

Murdock touches my face with his hand.

See you later Faceman.

Hannibal and Murdock walk towards the elevator arm in arm. I shut the door and shake my head. They deserve each other. Now back to Marcia. I walk over to the couch. She’s still here! I throw myself back on the couch. Marcia places her hands on my chest.

‘Are you okay Templeton?’
Just tired and alone.
‘I think I can fix that.’
You think so?
‘I know so.’

Marcia bends down and her lips barely touch mine. This is going to be a good evening.


The End

Face's Point of View about a mission by Emerald Princess 20
Face's Revelation by Emerald Princess 20



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