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Summer Vacation
by Georgia Bentz



The fourteen kids studied the map. Ceiceily looked at Carmen. Carmen looked at the others then spoke up.

"Is Uncle Murdock serious?

Why Brazil?"

Nick Murdock spoke up before his twin could speak.

"Dad says we can all get great tans on the beach.

Besides Uncle Face says it's a very romantic place."

The other nine groaned.

"Hey! That's gross.

I don't even like girls.

I'm only eleven.

Girls have cooties."

Timothy A. Peck announced.

"Shows what you know."

Tanya M. Peck answered her brother in her snobbish 13 year old way.

Hannibal-Matthew also eleven spoke up.


I bet they have great soccer matches down there."

Erin and Erica looked over at Tanya.

"Bet they have cute boys."

Erin and Erica were also thirteen. The only ones who hadn't spoken were eleven year old Jarred Baracus and Hannibal Smith's girls. Tessa who was thirteen and her sisters who were just ten and almost eleven. In fact the reason they were going to Brazil was for her triplet sisters' birthday. Part of the reason anyway. Tessa smiled.

"I'm sure there are plenty of cute guys."

Tessa gushed.

All the boys and the younger triplet girls made faces.

Hanna-Belle declared.

"Boys are gross.

They've got cooties."

"That's right.

Boys have cooties."

Claire said after Hanna-Belle.

"We do not!

Girls have cooties and are always trying to kiss you."

Tim retorted.

Before a fight could break out though a sound of four muffled voices entered into the room downstairs.

"Now BA why ya gotta be so babyish 'bout flyin'?"

A voice with a slow Texan drawl asked.

Ten voices sniggered. But the Baracus children glared at their adopted cousins and the 'cousins' were quiet.

"I don' wan' on no plane.

Cause that means ya drug me an' I don't want no drugs in me. Sucka!"

Nick mouthed the words along with the gruff sounding voice downstairs.

But Nick rolled his eyes.

Every year it was the same. Same argument. Same almost Murdock punching and the same cycle. They would all board the huge commercial plane that Murdock had bought and fixed up and fly to somewhere exotic. Like this year. Brazil. Even the name sounded exotic.

"Let's head downstairs.

They're gonna start fighting like usual.

And Jarred you might have to hold your dad back again."

Hannibal-Matthew stated.

Taking charge and sounding awfully mature for his eleven and a years. Jarred nodded. Even though he was eleven he was starting to develop the height and was very stocky for his age. Jarred nimbly climbed down the attic stairs followed by his friends and cohorts.

Nick folded the flight map and grinned. They followed the sounds to the living room and entered just as BA lifted Murdock up in the air.

Murdock gagged.

"Hey Leggo Angry Mudsucka!

I cain't breathe."

"Then don' be sayin' ya gonna put me onna plane."

BA glared.

He was interrupted by a cough and he turned to come face to face not only with his children but his wife Rachael. Rachael had her hands on her hips.

"Bosco Anthony Baracus.

Put your friend down.

Why would they put you on a plane?


You are so paranoid."

The children giggled as they sat in rows on the stairs. Almost everyone leaning on the banisters. Rachael looked crossly at them. She was instantly at her husband's side and made him let go of the lapels of Murdock's jacket.

"You tell him you're sorry right now.

Right now Bosco!

Or else!"

She crossed her arms and stepped between Murdock and BA. Looking BA right in the eye. "Tell him!"

BA glanced over at Murdock over Rachael's shoulder.

"I-I'm sorry Man.

I'm sorry."

Murdock grinned a thank you to Rachael and smiled even broader at BA.

"Awww don't sweat it Big Guy.

I forgive ya.

What're blood brothers for anyway?"

BA grunted and looked over at his wife and kids.

"We gotta get packed. C'mon everybody."

The six Baracus's were soon in the van and heading home.

Templeton sought out his kids.

"Come on.

We've got to hurry up your mother.

She's still jabbering away with Maggie."

Tanya and Tim smiled and waved goodbye to the Murdocks and the Smiths. Hannibal Smith sought out his children and they went with the Pecks. Now the Murdocks were left alone. The four twins gathered around their dad.

"You okay dad?"

Hannibal-Matthew asked.

Genuinely concerned because it looked as if Bosco had hurt him bad this time.

"Yeah Dad.

It looks like he strangled you even harder then he did last year."

Nick answered.

"Yeah Daddy.

Look your neck's all red."

Erin stated.

Erica just hugged her father. Murdock patted his daughter's back.

"Lissen y'all I'm okay.


Le's get packin' ya know how it is when ever'body gets impatient.

Le's pack an' get ready."

They all headed upstairs and started packing. Marlene was in their bedroom packing things she would need for Brazil. She looked up as Murdock entered. She frowned as she noticed Murdock's neck.

"Again with the age old argument 'you ain't puttin' me on no plane'?

Why do you let BA choke you like that?

Honestly HM.

It's the same old song and dance...."

She rose from the bed and kissed his sore neck.

He smiled.

"Wouldn' be BA wit'out all th' fuss of gettin' on a plane.

Would it?"

Marlene smiled.

"No I guess it wouldn't.

But why are we going to Brazil?

You haven't explained why Hannibal has such a fascination with it.

And why bring the kids if it's just a normal 'case'?"

Her face bore a puzzled look.

Murdock shrugged.

"Dunno Dearest.

But I'll tell ya soon as I find out.


She nodded and went back to her packing.

"Did you remember the passports?"

She asked absently.

Murdock nodded.

"Yep. Got 'em in today."

"Good. That's one less thing we have to worry about."

Marlene answered.

They had no idea that they were being eavesdropped on.

"Another mission?"

Erin asked. Terrified.

Erica's own eyes widened.

"No. No way.

This'll ruin our whole trip."

Hannibal-Matthew sounded confident.

"I'm sure Dad doesn't mean a real case.

Just something that Gran'pa Hannibal has planned."

Nick smiled.

"Yeah. They'd never bring us all if they thought we were gonna get kidnapped."

"Yeah." Hannibal-Matthew confidently echoed his brother's comment.


Whatever you say.

But if you two are wrong.

I will so pound you both."

Erica stated.

"Hey. Hey.

Now you're startin' to sound like Tanya."

Nick protested.

Soon everyone was packed and ready to go. They had drugged BA with some milk and he was currently passed out in an aisle seat with ropes binding his arms.

"He's not getting loose this year."

Templeton had happily exclaimed.

"Yeah thank goodness for that! He nearly kill'd me."

Murdock answered as he thrust the engines and trailed down his homemade runway. Erin and Nick were with him in the cockpit. Erin was standing behind Nick and holding onto some sort of railing. Nick was fascinated by all the switches.

Nick and Murdock both had headsets on.

"This's soooo cooollll Dad!"

Nick exclaimed.

"Yeh I know.

I know.

I love this feelin'."

Murdock answered gleefully.

The trio howled. And soon they were all up in the air. Carmen and Jessica were milling about with their cousins. But it was Ceiceily who was paralyzed with fear she hated whenever they got on airplanes. It was because she wasn't violent when she got into one that she wasn't drugged Besides her mother almost had a fit when Murdock had suggested it one year. He'd learned a long time ago not to cross Rachael Baracus.

Ceiceily had her eyes closed and was praying silently that they'd not crash and be able to get to Brazil safely. The others were reading or discussing other vacations. The women were discussing other vacations and Templeton and Hannibal were reading.

Tim was joking around.

"Ahhh all the beautiful ladies I could charm."

Tanya shook her head.

"One minute you're declaring war on girls.

And the next you're wanting to date already?



Her voice trailed off as Tim glared at her.

"They'll be mature of course.

Mature eleven year olds just like me."

Erin giggled.

"And probably just as preppy."

Tim glared some more.

"I am Not Preppy.

I just like nice clothes alright?"

There was more giggling and more making fun of Tim. But he took it all in good stride.

"You all are just not as impeccably biased as I am about clothes."

"Dude? Are you sure you're not eleven goin' on thirty-five?"

Nick asked one of his best friends.

Tim's only response was a loud,


The children all settled down again and were soon doing other things. Some settled down for a nap and others picked up books to read.

"Hey I know.... We can play A-Team all along the beach.

I'll be Stockwell and you can be Decker Tim."

Erin announced trying to lighten the mood a little.

"I will NOT be Decker.

And you're a girl you can't be Stockwell."

Tim answered huffily.

"I can so.

Girls can do anything boys can do."

Tim shrugged.

"I don't care.

Besides you're thirteen.

You'll probably be married off to a Brazilian prince or something."

Erin grimaced.

"I will not!"

Tanya joined into the conversation.

"Well Tim does have a point.

In Brazil they do marry early.

You're the perfect age to get married."

Erin grimaced again.


Well fine!

I don't wanna play A-Team then.

I'll just find me some cute Brazilian boy."

Tim smiled it was easy. Much too easy to get her riled up. He liked to do things like that. Because if he had done so to his sister he would've been out the plane without a parachute. Finally they landed in Brazil. Face and Tim had acquired hotel rooms. Next to each other. The rooms were pretty big. Enough for each family to have room to move around in. They had four big rooms.

They were all poolside too. And behind them stood the beach. Templeton Peck was delighted. He loved the beach the ocean in particular. Tim had inherited his father's same love for the ocean.

But he was a little leery.

"Dad? Mom?

Are you sure the water's gonna be safe?

What if there're sharks in the water?

That's why I never swim in LA.

Too many sharks."

His parents smiled reassuringly.

"It'll be okay Timothy."

His mother answered.


I'll be on lookout and you'll be able to get out of the water in no time at all."

His father had answered.

Tim breathed a sigh of relief. The other kids clamored around and wanted to go to the beach too. The mothers smiled.

"Okay picnic lunch on the beach then?"

Maggie asked. As she held her triplets' hands.

"I agree with that."

Rachael answered.

"Ditto on that one Maggs."

Marlene had answered. Her gray eyes twinkling with excitement.

Amy nodded eagerly.

"Good idea Maggie.

The kids need to get out.

Let's go."

They all went back to their rooms and grabbed their bathing suits and towels while the mothers got the rest of the gear. With four coolers between them. The husbands all carrying a cooler each they all arrived at a good spot to swim and eat. The ladies set up the beach umbrellas and lawn chairs.

Then they spread out their towels. The kids spread out theirs too. The guys all decided to play frisbee. The kids all went swimming. But not before they were slathered in water proof suntan lotion.

"Okay you all are free to go swimming now."

Maggie announced as the fourteen ran to the water laughing and splashing each other.

The four women settled into the beach chairs and watched their husbands and children simultaneously.

"God they grow up so fast."

Rachael commented.


The husbands or the children?"

Maggie asked innocently.

Marlene remarked.


Though HM will never grow up."

"Oh and Face will never stop liking expensive things and being harassed by the others."

Amy rejoined slathering herself with suntan lotion.

The four women chuckled. The husbands had the same thought.

"They grow up so fast."

Templeton started out as he watched the kids playing around.

"I know lieutenant I know."

Hannibal had answered as he caught the frisbee from Murdock.

Then dropped it into the sand and laid an arm over his friend's shoulders. Murdock too had his gaze out on the water. Making sure no sharks were nearby.

"Seem jus' like yest'rday me an' Lene brought 'em home from th' hospital.

I 'memb'r sh' fainted when sh' found out sh' was pregnant wit' the boys."

BA grumbled.

"You fainted foo'.

Was me an' th' guys who had ta carry ya back ta th' van."

Murdock smiled insanely.


That's what I meant Big Guy."

BA rolled his eyes and the frisbee game was forgotten. They all four sat down and watched their kids swimming and splashing around.

"I'monna go for a swim.

Anybody else game?"

Murdock announced standing up and wiping his shorts off.

Finally free of the sand he took a running jump and dived in. Literally. He waded out till the water was up to his neck and started doggy paddling around.

"Lookie me! I'm a whale!

Shamu eat'cha heart out."

He shouted. The other three got into the water.

"Brrr c-cold."

Templeton breathed trying to adjust to the water.

"Jus' right fer swimmin' ain't that right guys?"

Murdock had asked.

Just then the kids swam to where their fathers were. It was great to cool off. They were having a great time soon the mothers eventually joined in. They decided to play 'Chicken' in the water. It consisted of one person atop another person's shoulders. Then the persons would 'run into' each other and begin to play fight. They would 'fight' until someone was knocked into the water.

Whoever was left standing was the winner. It was a fun game. Then they decided to cannon ball. Which consisted of the dads throwing all the kids in the air while the kids were curled into cannon balls. Well as much like cannon balls as they could. It was also an interesting game. "Yowsers! And.... Banzai!" Was heard throughout the whole area of the beach.

Soon they were all hungry and dripping wet. The girls all suntanned on their beach towels and ate some sandwiches while the boys chased each other up and down the beach. They all had pails in their hands looking for sea shells.

As dusk approached the families all sat in awe as the sun set on their first day in Brazil. It was an amazing sight. They all headed back to their rooms and were going to go sightseeing the next day. The next day dawned bright and clear. It looked as if it was going to be a wonderful family vacation.

The End. :)


Summer Vacation by Georgia Bentz



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