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I Cry When I'm Alone

I Cry When I'm Alone
by Theresa "Captain Marina" Thomas

Rated: PG
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I don't own TAT etc...

He looked at the picture that was sitting in the tattered old shoebox, it was a picture he hadn't looked at in awhile. A picture he had actually forgotten he had. He picked up the picture and carefully dusted it with the corner of his shirt sleeve.

"I miss you," he said out loud with a heavy sigh.

He set back on his legs and closed his eyes, "you remember that time you took me to the fair and we rode the ferris wheel and drank apple cider until we almost got sick? Your hair smelled like the wildflowers that used to grow in the desert sand behind our house. Daddy always used to tease you. He said that you were as pretty as a flower, but get you riled up and you grew thorns, more dangerous then a rosebush."

A smile came to his face as he remembered happier times. Times of innocence. Since then he had witnessed things that were far from innocent. "I wish you were here, there are so many things that have happened to me. So many things that I wish that you could help me through and just once I wish I could smell the wildflowers as you tuck me in and wipe away my tears, I cry alot when I am one knows this, but I cry...."

Murdock kissed the picture, gently placed it back in the shoebox and put it under his bed. The screams and shouts from the other patients, tortured by whatever haunts their souls, echoed throughout the halls. He crawled under the covers "I love you mama," he whispered as tears streamed down his face.



I Cry When I'm Alone by Cap'n Marina