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Hannipeepish Fluff Piece

Hannipeepish Fluff Piece
By Sharkshape

Rating: G
Warnings: none (would you look at that!!! No warnings for once!!!) Well maybe a bit of bad language...
Summary: Too short! no summary without giving plot! it's just a little comedy!
Disclaimer : Not mine


- MURDOCK!!!!!!!

Oh ho. Problems. I think Murdock's in REAL trouble here!

- Hannibal do something!!!
- What do you want me to do Face, why are you screaming like this?

Gee he looks annoyed! But I'm having my back massaged and I'm not about to get disturbed to settle a fight today! Not Today. I'm taking a holiday!

- But... but he... he...
- He what Face?
- He painted my toenails!!
- He did?
- Yes! I was asleep!!!

Hum, that feels so good, this lady is a professional...

- Hannibal!!! Aren't you going to say something?
- What do you want me to say? It looks cute.
- CUTE???
- Yeah, pink suits you.

It really does! Pink toenails... Face is fidgeting, looking up and down and then up and down again... it's a funny scene

Mmm that's nice lady, bit more to the right... <grunt> mmm paradise...

- Okay, fine I'll just go kill him.
- Sure Face.

He goes out the door... I let myself giggle a bit...

- Less loudly please BA
- Did you see what that fool did??? How do you want me to stay quiet???
- What did he do?

He's fidgeting too...

- He... he...
- He what BA?
- He... I'll show ya

His shoves his fist in front of my face.

Don't laugh, don't laugh, don't laugh...

"I'm a cuddly teddy bear, please love me"... in tiny white letters all over the fist!!!

I can't help it, I start to laugh.

- Hannibal!!! This isn't funny!!!
- Sorry BA <giggle> I'm really sorry. I don't know where Murdock is but it looks good on you <uncontrolled laughter>
- I'm gonna find that fool. And show him how cuddly this fist can be!!!
- Sure BA sure...

Okay, getting back to enjoying myself... The massage just finished... Melissa is getting out the door. Lets me relax all I want...

- Colonel? I hear in hushed tones
- Murdock?
- Ssshhhh!!!
- What the?
- I think, I think I'm dead Hannibal. Faceman's running after me with a huge paintbrush and let's not even talk about the big guy's knuckles. What's going on? What did I do?
- Look BA, there he is!!!
- SHIT!!! Colonel do something, they'll kill me!!!

Face and BA advance on Murdock, he's hanging onto my shoulders really hard. He has this puppy dog look again when he looks at me. God I'm a sucker for those eyes.

Face grabs him as he makes a run for the door, BA gets very near and prepares his fist.

- Face, BA, calm down and let him go!
- But Hannibal!!!
- Look guys, let him go, I'm sure he won't do it again!
- Do... do what again?

BA makes another try to take a swing at him. Murdock's eyes widen and he shoots me another pleading look.

- Don't you dare try to play innocent Fool!!!
- BA that's enough, let him go.
- But...
- Now BA.

He reluctantly lets go but I can tell that he doesn't consider the incident closed, neither does Face for that matter.

Murdock quickly makes his way out of the room. BA and Face follow a bit after.

I get up and let myself smile for all I'm worth. I pick up the pink nail paint and the white crayon as I make my way to the pool, got to get entertainment some way don't I?



Hannipeepish Fluff Piece by Sharkshape



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