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Show and Tell

Show and Tell
by Cabaret

Rating: PG
Response to Captain Marina's School Days Challenge. See Challenges page for description.

Warnings: A little Face embarrassment, but nothing too bad... ish!
Notes: I have no idea what a live flounder is! I thought it might be an animal, due to the live bit, or it's a mistake in front of people, so I put in both!
And I know that my symtoms of the dreaded Lurgi are wrong, but gimme some artistic license here!!! (BTW, the symtoms are: Soft shoulders, pink toe nails and accute a margin of the leg..... Only Spike could explain! Actually wasn't there a knee cap ref too?)
Also, I did this at 5am, so the rythums all messed up...... this challenge has been hell! So I don't care about that! Or some dodgey rhyming!
Comments: Yes please!! (gonna regret that huh? LOL)


On the day of May the first,

BA had thought he'd seen the worst.

A class of kids aged only fourteen,

A choice of demos by the A Team.

"This is how we lateral think,

You can use anything, even the sink!"

"Sinks are clever Colonel, All that steel."

Murdock shuddered and started to reel.

"Shut up fool, just eat your sandwich!"

"But the Ice Cream's melted." "That's some sandwich."

Face commented and stroked the rabbit.

"An ice cream sandwich? Even for you, that's a bit..."

"Hannibal, now I think is not the time,

This rabbit here is gonna drop some dimes!"

"Who? Rod the wabbit? But he's a he!"

Murdock ran to his pet therapy.

"Well then it's a miracle." Face held up the baby,

"Or at least it will be, one day maybe."

"Whaddaya mean? Face dear boy,"

"If I get this gunk of mu suit!" Murdock looked coi.

"This miracle of life should be celebrated,"

Murdock produced a jelly donut and looked serenly sedated.

The donut was placed upon Face's knee,

Rod munched down, Face started to plea.

"For crying out loud! Now I have this,

My tailor will surely not see this as bliss."

"And now you will learn your very first lesson,"

Hannibal grinned, "That pilots and con men will always be messin.

Now to create a perfect disguise, a distraction as well,

Take this glue, scissors, flouresent green highlighter and bell.

Glue down the hair, you cut just before, onto Face here."

"And just since when did *I* volenteer?"

"It makes a mostache so no one will know you.

Or if there's no glue, there's always gum too."

"Oh fantastic, now I have gum stuck up my nose!"

"So here's lesson three," Murdock said on tip toes.

"How to get the gum from his nose.

A vacuum cleaner, swith on and, far she blows!"

"So what of the highlighter and bell?" The class cried out,

That's so simple, haven't you guessed? It's for your snout.

Colour it green, so it seems you have Lurgi,

Then ring the bell, to call out Murdy."

Murdock appered sporting a fine hula skirt,

"One distraction but please hold the flirt."

"No problem Colonel, permission to sing?"

'Tiny bubbles' Was heard, he even went ting.

BA just cringed and blew bubbles in his milk,

"And now to show you to scam like silk,

Is anyone hungry? Free lunches all round."

Face stood up and sent Rod and Family Murdock bound.

"Piza! please Pizza!" The class erupted,

"Faceman please! You'll get them corupted."

BA begged as Face sat down in front of a computer,

"Pizza Hut online, no need to be a commuter.

Memorise this number, it's a friend's credt card,

Deliver next door, and you'll never get barred.

Now who want's to be Mr Roderick Decker?"

Hannibal grinned, "Please allow me, it would be my pleasure."

In under thirty mins, Pizza was had,

But the anchovies on his, made BA quite mad.

He'd bitten before looking and got a surprise,

The taste made him wince and watered his eyes.

This was his limit, he saw Murdock chuckle,

His temper in tantrum, he'd make them all buckle.

He smashed a chair, then threw a desk,

The A Team reacted in a way quite burlesque.

Murdock hulaed, and limboed BA's fist,

Face grabbed the fire extinguisher and created a mist.

Amidst the confusion, Hannibal sedated BA

"And finnaly class, this is how you fly him away.

Murdock the chopper?" "Ready to go Hannibal,"

"Please excuse the teacher's live flounder y'all,

But he will return with the normal class,

that is, after we sort out some hunter's of bass."

Hannibal held up BA with Face,

When Murdock ran in at quite a pace.

"I forgot my pet, Rod and to give you this,

A real live flounder, so you'll remember this bliss."

Murdock carried Rod and the now large family,

And waved goodbye quite candidly.

They left the class and got in the chopper,

"The kid on the left, the one with brown eyes, his father's a copper.

BA did well, kept him safe from their teather.

Now let's get those bad guys, and just to be clever,

I really do love it, when a plan comes together!!!!"

The End

Show and Tell by Cabaret



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