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by Georgia Bentz





The day started off normally. The Team all had split for their vacation time, and there wasn't a worry in the world. BA had gone off to visit Mama of course and Face had taken Murdock away from the VA to go see Hannibal's new movie, which was going to be filmed on location in Tarzana. BA felt uncomfortable. Something was wrong. He could feel it in his bones. He arrived at Mama's house a few hours later only to turn right around and go back to California.

He headed for Tarzana and he arrived at Hannibal's movie set. Murdock and Face were sitting in director looking chairs watching the movie progress and were pleasantly surprised when BA had shown up.

"What's wrong BA? Why the long face?"

Asked Murdock.

Noticing that BA's scowly expression was turned to a worried looking expression. "Yeah BA.

Why aren't you at your Mama's?

Asked Face. Taking in BA's strange expression too.

"I dunno man.

I gotta funny feelin' that somethin's gonna happen...."

He didn't expound on it, and the others didn't ask. Soon Hannibal's scene came up and that's where things went horribly and forever wrong. A blast and Hannibal was catapaulted into the air. A whine like sound and a bone crunching few seconds later and there was a "Stop the film.

Something's happened."

It felt like the earth had stopped breathing. The three men jumped to their feet and hustled everyone out of the way. They all congregated at Hannibal's side and they tried to take off the suit.

It was stuck. Getting a chainsaw from somewhere, and grunting a little with little effort of their strengths combined, the three
pulled off the suit. What greeted their eyes was too horrible to comprehend. Hannibal's face was bloodied and disfigured. His hair
normally snow white was covered in blood. His blue eyes were opened yet lifeless. Face felt for a pulse, then Murdock and BA .

But none was to be found. However, someone had called for an ambulance and Hannibal's body was placed in it. Face and BA rode in the van together, while Murdock had insisted that he ride with Hannibal's body. Face had insisted also, but the paramedics had told him only one family member could go. Face had sighed and had let Murdock go ahead.

Face sat in the front passenger's seat looking out the window. He couldn't believe it. One minute Hannibal'd been filming 'The
Aquamaniac's Return To His Roots', and the next he'd been exploded on and was no long with them. How could it be that Hannibal'd been taken from them so quickly? Sure it was possible that Murdock could go, or that BA or even Face himself could be one of the three to go first for that matter.

But not Hannibal! He was supposed to have lived forever. They arrived at the hospital a few seconds behind Murdock. Murdock was pacing and looked up to see his friends arrive.

He hailed them, and they waited for the Coroner to officially come out and tell them what they already knew. That Hannibal wasn't walking out of that hospital alive. His lucky/jazzy life had ended because of a stupid blast. A blast that should never have happened. The coroner came in and she solemnly handed Face the death certificate.

He nodded and showed the others. Taking his responsibility as leader of the A-Team without any complaints. They were all too numb for complaints. Murdock called up the local funeral home and they'd decided to have them embalm Hannibal's body. Then have the funeral a week later.

It all seemed so final. So wretched. So confusing. Everyone felt lost. They went to the van and back to Hannibal's dressing room.
Face went to tell the director that Hannibal wasn't ever coming back to film another movie.

The director hung his head. Letting the truth wash over him. He apologized for their loss, and slowly walked away. Face rejoined the others.

BA watched as his team mates rummaged through Hannibal's things. He couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't! He stalked out of the dressing room when all of a sudden, he smelled something. A whiff of cigar smoke intruded his nostrils and soon he unconsciously spoke.

"Aw Hannibal.

Ya know I can't stand it when ya smoke them thangs.

Put that out right now...."

He paused.

What the heck had he just said? He swiftly turned around and found that Hannibal was grinning at him.


His eyes grew wide.

You ain't s'pposed ta be here.

Ya dead man, an' we s'pposed ta be havin' your funeral inna week."

Grinning all the more Hannibal spoke.

"Yeah BA I know.

But you wanted me here now.

I'll be with you all in spirit. I've also been sent back here on a mission.

I wasn't supposed to have died when that blast went off.

It wasn't my time to go.

But you three need to help me find out why that charge went off when it did, and why I died.


B.A. Nodded.

"I think I do Hannibal.

But how are we gonna go 'bout doin' this?

We ain't got the Jazz anymore, an' Faceman ain't takin' ta bein' the leader too well, he is on the outside, but I can tell that he ain't
on the inside.

We all takin' this pretty hard Hannibal.

What we gonna do wit'out ya Hannibal?


Hannibal stood alongside BA and answered.

"You'll figure it out.

And as for Face, I've seen the future.

He gets the Jazz.

Not the same kind as you're all used to, but you all manage just fine....Except for...."

But his voice trailed off.

"I won't say what all happens.

But you three make it just fine.

Just fine and dandy."

Not noticing that he'd made it back inside the dressing room, BA retorted.

"'Cept for what Hannibal?

I ain't lettin' you off dhat easy.

Yo' betta say what you was meanin' to say...."

Hannibal only shook his head and said, "I can't say.

Fate won't let me.

Only that you three can't give up helping out people in need.


And don't worry I'll still be with you three in spirit."

BA was about to say more when Hannibal disappeared and his two buddies reappeared at his side.

Murdock asked,

"Who were ya talking to BA? A new friend?

Is he invisible?

What's his name?"

BA growled.

"Shut up Foo'.

I was talkin ta Hann..."

Realizing he was about to blurt it out, BA quickly shut his mouth.

"Nobody Foo'.


Guess I jus' needed to work on the van fo' a while."

He helped the others pack and included the black leather gloves into the box they'd put all his personal stuff in. Three boxes later and a few more things, they all loaded Hannibal's personal stuff into the van. Leaving the rejects behind. Not that there was much rejected, but they'd calculated on what was the most important things and what could be thrown away.

BA was caught up in his own thoughts and thinking about what Hannibal'd told him.

What was the mysterious thing he was about to say. Surely they didn't get caught? He shook the disturbing thought away and glanced at Face and Murdock. Face now occupied Hannibal's old seat, and Murdock occupied Face's old seat.

It seemed so wrong. They'd all switched roles. Face the leader, and BA and Murdock were possible scam partners. It was scary. For the first time in their lives the A-Team was lost.


A week later....

They held the funeral in the local cemetery outside. It was simple, poignant sad of course, yet captivating. BA could see that Hannibal had joined the funeral. He'd given BA a thumbs' up. Which BA slyly gave back. Face and Murdock had seen the whole interchange, but they'd decided to keep quiet about it til later at their scammed place.

"What was the big idea on giving a thumbs' up at the funeral BA?

That was a little sacrilegious don't you think?"

Fumed Face.

"Yeah Big Guy. I woulda thought you'd have been a little more respectful.

'Specially at a funeral for our leader."

Said Murdock. Joining in with the lecture.

BA started to speak.

"You suckas don' unnerstan'.

Hannibal was there.

He was ac'ually there.

He gave me a thumbs' up an' I gave it back to 'im.

An' don' none o'you fool's gimme that look.

BA Baracus don' lie.

An' if I say he was then he was.


BA marched out of the living room leaving the shocked others behind him. Face and Murdock looked at each other their mouths wide open.

"I believe BA's gone cuckoo in the head.

Wonder if he'd consider roomin' with me."

Murdock said.

Shrugging his shoulders Face went back to making sure the boxes were okay. Murdock did the same. BA was the only one who could see Hannibal BA was soon to find out. Jogging back to the van, BA lifted the hood. He let out a growl and let his hands smack against the interior of where the engine was held. When suddenly a voice beside him spoke up.

"Ouch BA

That looked like it hurt.

I don't think you ought to do something like that again.

Might have to amputate your hand or something."

BA grunted and turned around.

"Hannibal. Ya don' quit keepin' on sneakin' up on me like that an' you're liable ta give me a heart attack or somethin'.

Wish you'd show youself ta Faceman and Murdock.

Cause they're beginnin' ta wonder.

They 'ccused me of bein' sacrilegious at your funeral, when I gave you that thumbs' up."

Hannibal's grin, if possible got wider.

"Aw now BA I was only trying to tell you not to worry.

That things would be okay."

BA grunted and scowled again.

"Thanks a lot Hannibal.

But I could do wit'out the Crazy Man an' Faceman worryin' 'bout my mental health an' all."

Hannibal finally sobered for a minute.

"You're right BA.

I'll show myself to them soon.

Just stick it out for a few more days Sergeant and I promise to reveal myself to all of you before too long.

That way Face and Murdock won't have a chance to cart you off to the loony bin."

With that said, and with BA's nod Hannibal disappeared out of sight. At least til the next day. All night long, BA paced up and down the living room. He couldn't get his mind off what Hannibal's mission was.

The mission to find out if the explosion had been deliberate or was really just an accident. He finally decided to watch football. Or at least something interesting.... But nothing was on. Except for a new show that had a guy talking to dead people.

He couldn't help but chuckle. That seemed to be him. He was so engrossed in the show that he fell asleep. BA was sound asleep, and he finally opened his eyes when the sunlight hit his eyes. He opened his eyes and let himself wake up. For once he felt domestic. He went into the kitchen and he made breakfast. He waited to see if anybody would wake up.

If Hannibal had been there he'd have had a cup of coffee and would be reading the newspaper. He'd also be having his pre-breakfast cigar and then after breakfast his pre-lunch cigar....

B.A. shook his head. Hannibal was dead. But yet his presence was still with them. The boxes had been left unpacked and left in the van. Nobody was going to part with anything that had been Hannibal's. It wouldn't have felt right. BA made some pancakes and then he set out the silverware and the plates. He made some bacon and some toast.

Soon everything was ready he waited for his friends to reappear. He hated to wait. So he went out to check things out on the van. By the time he got back they were up. He grunted as usual and made sure to tell them that breakfast was ready and to dig in. Nobody talked. No words were necessary. They were all lost in their thoughts. BA made his way back to the van and he went to see what could be done. He took pride in his van.

The only thing stable in this unstable life that he led. He waxed it, and made sure the tires were clean, he was so lost in thought
with the routine of cleaning his van that he was startled when Murdock ran out to him.

"BA Come quick!

Somethin's happened!"

Startled from his reverie BA Looked up.

"What happened Foo'?"

Murdock shook his head.

"I-I don't really know.

One minute Face and I were havin' breakfast an' the next minute he looks over at a corner and his jaw drops almost to the floor.

I asked him what the matter was but he didn't answer.

He only told me to come and get'cha."

BA nodded solemnly and he got up from where he'd been crouching.


Lead the way."

He came into the house behind Murdock. Face who looked to be still in shock was still staring at the corner. He seemed not to notice that the others had come in. BA was the first to speak.

"What's the matta Face?

What'cha lookin' at?"

Face pointed to a corner of the house. Murdock scratched his head.

"What? I don' see nothin' Facey.

You been takin' my crazy pills again?"

B.A. shushed Murdock with a look. He turned his eyes to the corner too. And saw Hannibal. He growled.

"Now show yo'self ta Murdock.

He's gonna be wonderin' Hannibal."

Face turned disbelieving eyes to BA.

"You mean you can see it?


You can?"

Face didn't know whether to be relieved or whether to question his sanity. Obviously Murdock was questioning his friends' sanity

"Yeh. I can see 'im.

Been seein' him for days.

Now please show yo'self ta Murdock."

For once in his life, BA seemed to actually be begging.

"Show me what?




Murdock didn't really know what to say. He seemed to be at a loss for words. BA looked at the wall again.

"C'mon Hannibal.

Show 'im what we see...."

But Hannibal had disappeared. Throwing his hands up in the air BA paced around the room. They both turned to face Murdock. Murdock was scratching his head. Puzzled over his friends' behavior.

"You guys need my room?

I'm sure I won't need it anymore."

Murdock offered. He was sure that they'd both flipped out. BA growled.

"Naw you crazy man.

You ain't gettin' what we sayin'."

Face said,


Hannibal was right there.

He was actually there.

Whether you choose to believe it or not. He was actually standing there talking to me.

And BA could see him too.

Now I know you think we've flipped our lids, but we really haven't Murdock.


Face sat down in one of the chairs and B.A. sat down on the sofa. They all sat together in uncomfortable silence. Finally Murdock spoke again.

"So if what you're sayin' is true, why won't he show himself to me?

I mean after all...."

But words failed him. He didn't know what to say or think. Finally he announced, "I'd like to go back to the VA now.

It's time for my meds.

I'm sure they're missin' me 'bout now too.

Don't worry I got my bags packed an' I'm ready to go."

He started to hum the Funny Farm song and then he ambled off to get his black bag. He arrived back in the living room shuffling his feet. Grabbing Bogie Junior Murdock announced that he was ready to go.

It felt weird seeing Face in Hannibal's old place and Murdock was unaccustomed to sitting in Face's old place. It just wasn't right.
Suddenly, before he knew it he smelled cigar smoke, even Face and BA wrinkled their noses. Something tapped Murdock on the shoulder and Murdock stared at his side, there sat Hannibal.

Murdock's eyes grew really wide and he pinched himself. Uttering an almost squeak.

"Ow. That hurt.

Colonel? Colonel?

That really you?"

Hannibal nodded.

"Yep Captain it's really me."

Murdock turned to Face.

"Hey Face...Face....Psst."

Face turned around and he looked to where Murdock was looking.

"Yeah Murdock I see him.

Hey Colonel.

What's the plan?"

Hannibal sighed and he answered.

"It's your turn to come up with the plans now Lieutenant.

I can't help you all anymore except to give you additional ideas.

But for now the plan is to find out why that explosive went off early, and why I died when I did.

Because I wasn't supposed to have gone, but unfortunately my spirit reached the bright light and wouldn't go back to my body so that's why I was killed instantly. Now I'm counting on you three, my team my sons.

My friends...

To help me out.


The three solemnly nodded.

Face answered.


But Murdock you can't go back to the VA.

We need you here with us.

First thing tomorrow we'll start back at the movie lot, and try to pick up some clues.

Is that a good start of a plan?"

Hannibal's eyes twinkled for a minute and then he disappeared. Feeling that Hannibal had sort of 'blessed' the plan they decided to
find a hotel room close to the movie lot.

They were going to go into action. Face would resume his part as con man while Murdock and B.A. set about doing the wires and things. They would come in later. Straightening his tie Face adjusted his sunglasses and prepared with a story he started to enter the movie lot. He, of course, was stopped by a guard.

"Hey Hey Buddy not so hard.

I'm supposed to be here.

I'm Reynaldo.

I'm the stunt double for this movie....

Uh 'Godzilla and King Kong Eat Las Vegas'?"

The guard looked at Face's false pass and ushered him inside. Once inside Face breathed a sigh of relief.

"I hope this is what you had in mind Colonel.

Or else I'm toast."

Not receiving an answer, Face spoke into his headpiece.

"You two are on standby.

Keep your eyes open, if I'm not out in ten minutes bring back up.

Okay guys?"

There was a muffled,

"Righty-O Facial Face guy."

"Okay BA?" Face asked.

"Yeh man." Answered BA.


Now just keep you eyes peeled, and let me know if I'm being followed...."

He got an all clear from the van and ventured even more into hostile unknown territory. All the while, Face mumbled to himself. It felt different not to have Murdock at his side to back up his story.

He made his way to the same place that Hannibal had his deathly accident. He gulped and met up with the same director as the one that Hannibal had been working for. He made his way towards the man, and tapped him on the shoulder.

The man turned around and instantly recognized the conman.

"What are you doing here?

You're not supposed to be here...." His voice trailed off as Face spoke again.

"Listen can we talk in private?

I'm in desperate need of need of your help.

It's very urgent." The director nodded and gave the cast a break. He led Face to his private trailer.

"Okay so talk.

Why all the cloak and dagger stuff Mister?"

Face sighed. He'd decided to go straight for the truth. A rarity in his nature to be sure, but the guy had to understand the urgency the need for why he needed the information he was asking the guy to divulge. Taking a deep breath he turned from the director and spoke in low tones to the rest of the Team.

"I'm just going to come right out and say it.

There's no other way, and besides he recognized me.

I'm sure he can help us."

There was a murmur of disagreement, but Face gulped in some more air, and plunged into uncharted waters. He turned back to the director, the director was sitting down and had crossed his arms.

"Well? Speak.

You have the floor."

Smiling weakly Face started.

"First of all you've got to keep this conversation between us. Nobody else can know about this, and I mean NOBODY! Is that
understood? Because if it's not I'll walk out of here and you'll have to live with some unknown guilt for the rest of your life." The
man got a confused look on his face.

"Fine. I agree.

Nobody'll know except for you and me. So talk.

Why all the mystery?

Why the cheap disguise?"

Face looked insulted.

"Hey this was not cheap!"

The guy chuckled.

"Yeah sure Buddy.

Whatever you say."

Assuming the leader position Face pulled out an unlit cigar. The director gave him a light, and proceeded to settle back down in his
chair. Face started to speak.

"It's like this.

That John Smith guy you had working for you was not just an actor.

He had another profession. He...."

The director's eyes lit up in anticipation.

"Well? What was his 'other profession'?

Was he a drug smuggler?

Was he a Mafia lackey?


Face looked up in the sky and internally whispered,

"I'm doing this for you Colonel.

Don't be mad at me.

I just need him to understand that's all."

Turning back to him Face smiled.

"Have you ever heard of the A-Team?"

At that the director's eyes lit up again.

"Heard of them?

Why I'm a big fan of theirs.

I hope they get pardoned, it's a shame what the government's doing to them.

Keeping them on the run and not even listening to their side of the story.

And not even having it checked out either."

Face smiled again. This was the omen he was looking for.

"Well Mr. Smith was the leader of the A-Team.

I'm Templeton Peck, the new leader of the A-Team.

But you can call me Face.

Pleased to have made your acquaintance...Mister...uh...."

At that the director came to his senses.

"Oh right.

How stupid of me.

I'm Aaron Simmons.

Director by trade."

Face kept the smile going.

"Well that's nice to know Mr. Simmons."

"Please call me Aaron."

Answered Mr. Simmons.

"Right Aaron.

So here's the real reason I came here.

I need to find the man who set off the explosives.

Who was he?

And where can I find him?"

Aaron thought for a minute and then he spoke.

"Actually there were several of them.

I'll get their names and addresses for you."

He rifled through a metal cabinet like case and gave Face three names.

"Here you go, and the best of luck.

I'm really sorry about your loss.

Wish I could help you out some more."

Face nodded and they shook hands.

Face made his way back to the van.

"Well that went smoothly."

But strangely he wasn't relieved by that fact. Murdock answered,

"Yeah....A little *too* smoothly."

Murdock emphasized.

"What do you mean by that Murdock?

The plan went off without a hitch, and I'm pretty sure these leads will pan out."

"That's what I'm afraid of.

It went *too* perfectly Muchacho.

Hannibal's plans never went that easily.

I'm afraid of this new kinda thing."

He shuddered to emphasize his point some more. Face nodded.

"I understand.

But maybe you're worked up about nothing.

I mean Aaron Simmons could really be nice."

But Face was wrong. At that moment Aaron Simmons was calling the person that had employed him to act like the director. The real director had been deported, and was rotting in jail.

"Yeah they just left and are going to check out the 'explosives experts'.

Yeah I gave them the addresses.

Right....I'll meet them there at the last house in disguise.

Yeah. Yeah we got 'em right where we want 'em Sir."

Decker hung up the phone and turned Crane with glee. He rubbed his hands together.

"Right. We've got Peck and Baracus where we want them.

Now to see if my Murdock theory will pan out.

I want to see if that guy who claims he's a nut is with them for sure."

Crane looked at his CO and turned to the others.

"You heard him.

Go stake out the last house on these addresses.

Move it!"

The troop about faced and Crane and Decker ambled behind them all. They didn't see the shadowy figure follow them out and float into the sky. The figure landed in the van headed for the last house on the list. The three were talking. Well at least Murdock was talking.

"Those two houses were a bust.

They led to nothin'."

Face replied, "I know. I know.

Maybe this last one will pan out finally...."

His voice trailed off as cigar smoke entered the van. Face turned to Murdock's old seat and raised his eyebrows.

"What is it Hannibal?"

Hannibal appeared in a sitting position and answered calmly.

"The thing is this, don't go to the last house.

Whatever you do....Do not go to the last house.

It's a trap. It's all a trap.

I was murdered by that director...."

"Aaron Simmons?

You mean he was the one who...No it couldn't be...."

Hannibal said,

"Don't do it.

He'll be waiting for you in disguise, and Crane and Decker are there to 'surprise' you all.

And he suspects that Murdock rides with you."

Face's eyes lit up.

"I have a plan.

Don't worry Hannibal.

We won't get caught.

We'll be extra careful.... I promise."

The others grinned. Face was on the Jazz. Soon everybody was caught up in the Jazz. So what's the plan Faceman?" Murdock asked.

"It's simple.

We'll pretend that we didn't know a thing about Aaron murdering Hannibal.

Then when we get the opportunity, we'll nab him and make him confess.

I've got a tape recorder around here somewhere...."

He searched for the tape recorder, and he found it. He put it in his pocket.

"There, we're all set.

Now all we have to do is get some bait...."

His eyes gleamed for a little while, and he knew that he was still on the jazz.

"Murdock and I'll go in there and pretend that it was all a mistake and that Hannibal's still alive.

We'll make it seem that he's hiding out with us in a beach house or something like that.

And BA you'll keep Decker occupied.


Is everyone clear on the plan?

Now the plan'll be re-done when the need arises."

The two others nodded and Hannibal grinned.

"Good going Kid.

I had no idea that I'd rubbed off on ya until this moment."

Face grinned and Hannibal sat back down on the seat beside Murdock.

"Great! I can't wait to see the look on Simmons' face when he hears that I'm still 'alive'.

This will be very interesting...."

They arrived at the last house, but went in through the back way, so as to surprise them all. Decker waited impatiently for the black van to come into view, and he glared at Aaron Simmons.

"Why aren't they here yet?

They should be here now."

Once Murdock and Face had gotten out of the van, BA put the van into gear and he sped to the front of the house. He brought out a pistol from the glove compartment, and he shot with one hand while driving with the other hand. Finally getting Decker's attention,

Decker and all the Army started chasing him. BA led them on a wild goose chase. He led them through allies and dumps.

Meanwhile Face and Murdock had cornered Aaron........

They'd started talking amongst themselves even before they'd gotten in Aaron's view. "I hope we're doing the right thing in keeping him hidden." Murdock said.

"Oh don't worry about a thing Murdock. He'll be safe, especially at that beachouse on Oceanview Avenue #35G.

Nobody can touch him there...."

Face's voice trailed off as they 'noticed' that Aaron was standing right there. Aaron had a livid look on his face.

"What do you mean he's still alive?"

Aaron asked.

"Exactly what he said Muchacho.

Hannibal's still alive.

We only said he was dead so we could take out scum like you.

We knew you were after him.

So we hid him.

He still wanted to come with us, but he's still a little weak from the blast."

Murdock answered.

Face then spoke up and began his spiel.

"That's exactly right.

I just wanted to let you know, that I was taking his place.

But you see I made a mistake when I said I was the actual leader.

I'm just substituting for him.

For awhile at least."

Finally finished with their spiel the two started to close in even more on him.

Murdock spoke up.

"So Aaron Baby how would you like your name in lights?

Or better yet, in a jail cell?"

"Who ordered you to kill Hannibal?

And why did you agree?" Face asked.

"What are you a fruit fly?

You know there are places for people like you.

I should know, I'm two fries short of a Happy Meal."

Murdock enthused.

The man's eyes grew even wider in fright. He didn't like these two at all, but since he worked for Decker he knew that Decker'd skin him alive. He started shaking nonetheless and then he spoke.

"I don't know what you're talking about.

I'm innocent.

Why don't you go bother the explosives people?

I-I gave you their addresses...."

"Oh shut up.

You can't fool us anymore Aaron.

You're pathetic.

Who do you think you're kidding?


You think you can fool the A-Team?

Are you that dense?"

Face questioned again.

"F-fine I-I can explain.

I was planning on messing you all up because Decker hired me to injure John Smith.

Or Hannibal as you call him.

The explosive went off early just like it was planned.

But I didn't mean to make him look like he was dead.

I didn't mean to."

Aaron was practically in tears. Suddenly he asked.

"How did you know that Decker would be here, and that I'd be in disguise?

I didn't tell anybody that I'd be waiting for you or that Decker'd be waiting for you.

Who told you?

That's what I want to know."

"A little birdie told us."

Murdock replied.

"Yep, and he sung very sweetly too."

Answered Face.

The two grinned at him, suddenly BA skidded around the corner, having lost the Army, and both Face and Murdock took Aaron for a little ride. Face continued with the interrogating.

"So why'd you agree to become the lackey for the government?

Here you were giving me a sob story of how you wished that the A-Team was free, and how you couldn't believe that the government treated the A-Team so fairly...."

His voice trailed off as he waited for Aaron to reply. Aaron smugly replied.

"That's because you came to me with the sob story that Mr. Smith had passed away.

I was happy that I was going to be getting my money finally.

Can I go now?"

Face shook his head.

"No. We're keeping you for a little while.

Until you feel sorry about what you did.

We're going to take you somewhere special....

BA take this guy to the cemetery.

Let's show him what he wants to see.

I'm sure he'll be *very* pleased."

Face angrily said. BA nodded, and both Murdock and Face tied up the very unhappy director.

"Hey! Hey Hey!!!!

What are you doing?

Why are you tying me up?

Why are we going to the cemetery?

Come on I was only a pawn.

Please don't tie me up!!!!"

Aaron begged.

"Oh quit your bellyachin'.

You're not goin' to do yourself any good Mister.

So shut up!"

Murdock said.


Nobody can help you now.

So don't even try to get free."

Face answered.

Aaron was beside himself. No amount of money was worth this. The A-Team had him now, and the Army probably forgot about him already. So here he was about to be left in the cemetery. They arrived in the cemetery a few miles out of town. Away from prying eyes. The van stopped, and everyone got out, with BA holding on to Aaron.

Aaron was shaking. He didn't know what was going to happen.

They got to Hannibal's grave and the three of them made him kneel at the grave.

"Look at this.

Look whose grave this is.

What does it say on here?

Well go on read it!" Face said.

"I-It says Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith is buried here, a great actor an even greater leader, he was on the Jazz all the time.

You will be sorely missed Colonel.

The colonel is survived by his teammates, friends, and sons Face, BA, and Murdock."

"That's right." BA answered gruffly.

"That's exactly what it says.

Now why do you suppose it says that?"

Face questioned.

"Be-Because he really is dead?"

Aaron questioned.

"Ringa-Ding-Ding give this man a cookie."

Murdock answered.

"You hit the nail on the head."

Face answered.

"Wait a second.

Why'd you tell me that he was alive then?

Why did you lie to me?"

Aaron asked.

"To get you to confess.

We've got it all on tape too."

Face answered triumphantly. He pulled out the tape recorder. Aaron's face paled and his eyes went wide. Face crossed his arms.

"So tell me why you'd sacrifice the greatest person ever to walk the face of the earth for money?

How much did Decker offer you to set the explosives off so early?

How much?

Tell me.

I'm sure I can give you your money, and you can be on your way.

I hope you can live with all this guilt Mister.

Don't mess with the A-Team.

No matter who raises the price on our heads.

You're not to tell Colonel Decker you saw Murdock, nor are you mention that you were taken on a ride with us.

So tell me how much did Decker pay you?"

Aaron said.

"He didn't.

I was never with him.

I was paid by someone else.

Someone who's in the Army but whom you think is dead.

Or at least he was sent far away for not being able to capture you. I believe it was before Decker.

And after Fulbright?"

Aaron's eyes gleamed, thinking that he was getting away with something.

"You mean Lynch?" Face asked.

"That's right me. Lynch."

Said a voice behind them.

The A-Team turned around and there was Lynch.

"Yeah I paid him.

He was gullible.

But now that I've got what I've always wanted, I'll be able to get rid of him.

"Goodbye Simmons. It's time to meet your maker."

Before anybody could react Lynch shot Aaron. There was no breathing and Simmons' eyes were rolled back into his head.

The Team seemed to scream as one, and they ran back to the van before they could be captured by Lynch. There was still a sort of screaming going on in the van. All of a sudden it seemed someone was shaking BA. He was the one who was still screaming. Nobody could shut him up, and he was thrashing around.

Soon, it seemed that Face and Murdock's voices were far away and suddenly BA found himself in a hotel room. He fully opened his eyes, and there was Hannibal standing over him. BA squinted as his eyes opened, and he looked up at Hannibal. He gasped.

"Hannibal I thought you was dead?"

BA could hardly believe his eyes. Hannibal grinned,

"Nope. I'm as alive as I could be.

The movie I was shooting was rained out in Tarzana and I knew Face had you all holed up here. Face let me in, and he took Murdock back to the VA.

I saw that you were asleep, and I didn't want to wake you.

But as soon as you started screaming, I had to do something.

Sorry if I startled you Sergeant.

You just looked as if you were having a nightmare."

BA shrugged it off, and went to the van. Glad that Hannibal was alive and well. Hannibal joined him at the van, and asked,

"Care to tell me about it?"

BA nodded, and told him everything, including the part about Lynch shooting the director. Hannibal's eyes grew wide and he said,

"Why that's the name of the director I had shooting the movie with me.

But he never showed up.

And besides I'm glad it got rained out.

I didn't think the Aquamaniac needed to return to his roots anyway.

And that's exactly what I told the new director Bernie Klark."

BA shrugged once more, and hoped he'd never have to go through anything like that ever again.

The End. Hope you liked it.

PROBABLE! by Georgia Bentz



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