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The Lover's Lament

The Lover's Lament
by Adalia, Copyright 2002

Rating and Warning: I say PG-ish because it's depressing as hell, but not overly descriptive. It leaves lots up to the imagination.
Disclaimer: I really don't remember where I heard this title before and I'm not in the mood for mudslinging so if anything at all in here makes you think "thief" then buzz me offlist and your name will appear up here with the info stuff. Thanks. Also, I do not own the A-Team. Wish I did, sometimes.
Comments: Sure, but be nice. I'm depressed. Who's got my pills?
Author's Note: This could possibly be taken as an A-Team piece, if you have a mind to think of it that way, that's why I'm posting it. I s'pose if you're taking it that way you might say it's a bit slashy. The only reason that's not in the official warnings is
because it's entirely in the eye of the beholder. Sheesh . . . this stuff is longer than the actual piece. But here we go . . .


What's a person to do when it seems like all the world
is arrayed against them and there's nobody there to
hear them cry?

Fate is cruel; friends, mentors, and lovers die.

People move through life thinking that they're safe,
until it happens to them and their heart breaks.

Someone tell me where all the laughter went, why it's
empty now, why I feel so spent.

With so many friends here, why am I alone in this

My heart's true love is lost, my greatest teacher
dead, and best friends always seem to grow apart.

I don't know what I feel when I see your face, all the
emotions swirl uselessly in my heart.


The Lover's Lament by Adalia



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