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The Games Men Play

The Games Men Play
by Lacy

NC-17 (PWP)
Warnings: I've defiled the game of Air Hockey.
Summary: Just a little something that Charon requested me to write after I told her a particularly interesting story of one of my



"Come on Face? Please?"

"No Murdock. I'm not playing."

"But it's all warmed up and waiting. Come on...just one game?"

Face sighed. "All right, all right. I'll play. But just one game."

Murdock grinned. "By my rules?"

Face frowned. How could Murdock change the rules of Air Hockey? He shrugged. "All right. By your rules."

Murdock grinned. "Great!'s the rules. This is strip Air Hockey. Every five points some one loses clothes. At the end...the winner gets to decide what happens next. Deal?"

Face took a deep breath. Murdock wanted to play strip air hockey. Leave it to Murdock to make a kid's game sexual. Face nodded.

Murdock gave him a quick kiss and headed towards the basement. He already had the light on and the table plugged up. Face shook his head and took up the paddle and puck. He sighed.

Murdock grinned. "I'll let you start."

Face lay the puck down and lined up a shot. Murdock blocked it and the puck whizzed by and into the goal. Murdock smiled. "That's one!"

Five points later, Face was out of his shoes and socks. He concentrated and soon had Murdock out if his shoes, socks and jacket.
He smiled. Murdock was so sexy.

Murdock fought back though, and soon Face was sans jacket, shirt and tie. Murdock had lost his flannel shirt and Face was determined to make him lose more. A few quick moves and Murdock was out of his T-shirt. Face faltered a minute when he saw his chest and Murdock scored a point. Face frowned. One more and he'd be out of his pants. He looked at Murdock before taking up the puck. He grinned. He only had one point to get Murdock out of his pants too. He had to make this good.

He stood up and stretched, stomach muscles rippling. Murdock looked him over, almost drooling at the sight of him. That's when Face attacked. The puck flew by Murdock's hand and into the goal.

"I do believe you owe me your pants" Face smirked. Murdock looked down, and his face got a little red. "Come on really don't want them do you?" Face nodded. "These are your rules." Murdock sighed and unbuttoned his pants. "Now don't laugh. I just did this on a lark."

Murdock dropped his pants and Face's eyes almost popped out of his head. There stood Murdock, his Murdock, in red, women's panties! Face stepped around the table and ran his hands over the material. They were tiny, see through and...THONGS! Face felt his groin tighten.

Murdock held his breath as Face touched him. He didn't know what possessed him to buy these, let alone put them on. When he felt Face's hands on him, he knew he'd made a good choice. He turned and looked at Face. "You like?"

Face nodded, and kissed him, hands running over the smooth bare ass cheeks. He turned them around and lifted Murdock up onto the table. He stood between his legs, kissing him, running his hands over his thighs. He broke the kiss and looked up at him. " never cease to amaze me. That's why I love you so much."

Murdock smiled, leaning down and kissing him again. "I love you to Faceman. me how much."

Face kissed him, pressing his erection against Murdock's. His hands moved over his exposed rear, moaning into his mouth. He pulled back and looked in his eyes. "As sexy as these look, they are going to have to come off."

Murdock jumped down off the table and dropped the panties. Face was pressed up against him in a matter of seconds. He felt Murdock manage to find the zipper of his pants and push them off. Face groaned as he felt skin on skin.

Murdock kissed him, grabbing his ass and pulling him closer. "Facey...please...I need you." Face nodded, turning Murdock and bending him over the table. He ran hands over his bottom, gently caressing, loving. Murdock was glad for the air blowing over him.

Face leaned down, planting kisses all along Murdock's spine. He loved how his skin tasted, how it felt against his lips. He felt his
erection pressing against Murdock's cheeks. He started rubbing against him, loving the moans that he heard.

Murdock groaned, hands gripping the sides of the table as he pushed back against Face. He felt Face lean up, reaching to where his jacket lay, pulling out a tube of lube from the pocket. Murdock let the air cool him off a little, until he felt a well lubed Face, pressing against his opening. He relaxed, ready to feel his lover deep within him.

Face moved slowly, pressing in gently, allowing Murdock to adjust to him. Once he was totally immersed, he sighed, leaning over and kissing Murdock's shoulder. "You ok lover?"

Murdock took a breath, feeling his body starting to respond to Face being inside him. Every heartbeat sent shivers through him, rocking him to the core. He pushed back against Face, wanting to feel him thrusting into him, slapping against him.

Face gasped as Murdock pushed back and tightening around him. Face took that as a yes and started to move, quickly pulling out, and then slowly sliding back in, back home, where he belonged. He moaned, loving how tight he was around him. He kept raining kisses along Murdock's back, feeling their heart beating together.

Murdock cried out, loving Face on him, in him, with him. His head was light with the feelings. He felt Face getting faster and knew that he was close. Murdock started tightening his muscles around him, working him, bringing him to the edge.

Face grunted, thrusting deeper, feeling Murdock's pleasure point, focusing on it. He heard the gasps and the cries, and was spurred on, wanting to feel Murdock shaking around him.

Murdock cried out, the feelings to much, sending him over the edge. He shook, his body jerking. He felt Face releasing into him, his warmth filling him. He felt Face's weight on his back, his breathing heavy, matching Murdock's.

They lay there, just holding each other, basking in the love they felt. Face gently pulled out, lifting Murdock into his arms, carrying
him upstairs, settling him in the bed. He slipped under the covers with him, nestling him closer. Murdock wrapped an arm around Face, kissing his chest gently. "Love you".

"I love you to baby" Face murmured, caressing his back as they both fell asleep.


Hannibal walked in the basement, noticing the air hockey table was still humming. He walked over, bending at the waist to pull the plug when he felt someone step behind him.

"Care for a game?"

Hannibal grinned, standing, looking into dark brown eyes. He picked up a paddle and smiled, that smile that told everyone he was on the jazz. "I don't know....think you can take me?"

Two large hands grabbed his shoulders, pushing him against the wall. Right before the larger man mouth covered his, B.A. muttered, "Glad the crazy fool talked us into getting this table. Never knew Air Hockey was so...exciting."


The Game by Lacy
The Games Men Play by Lacy



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