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Water Off A Duck's Back

Water Off A Duck's Back
by Nutty

Rated: G
Summary: Just a piece of fluff I thought up one night, no real meaning to it. Murdock's learnt something new in therapy and he
decides to put his knowledge into practice.
Disclaimer: Nope I don't own the guys...what you think I'm that lucky? And sadly I am not making any money out of this though I could use it believe you me.



'Face!' Hannibal called sharply as the military began bearing down on them, sirens wailing and lights flashing.

A very dusty and dishevelled Face emerged from the undergrowth brushing himself off.

'I'm here Colonel.' He answered giving Hannibal a look of disgust. 'You realise that this is a $12,000 suit don't you? Do you
know what it takes to get this thing cleaned? Do you?'

Hannibal smiled at the irritated conman and handed him his gun. He pointed down he road where the military were fast approaching. 'You see that Lieutenant? In those cars are men who want to put you somewhere that means you won't be wearing suits for a very long time let alone ones that cost $12,000.'

Face looked at him and then at the MP's. 'Good point.'

Behind them the van pulled up with a squeal of brakes. 'Get in! Get in!' BA bellowed anxious to get away as fast as they could.

Hannibal and Face got in the van and BA drove off. A minute later though he slammed on the brakes. Face pulled open the side door and yanked Murdock inside.

'Stupid fool!' BA barked. 'We nearly went without ya.'

Murdock smiled. 'Ah BA, I knew you wouldn't leave me behind Blood Brother.' He clapped a hand on BA's shoulder.

The sergeant growled and hit the accelerator determined to out drive the MP's. He was going to lose them before they even caught sight of him; Murdock or no Murdock.

He shrugged Murdock's hand from his shoulder. 'Shut up Fool! If you hadn't caught up I'd have driven off and left ya to the military. And I ain't your brother.'

'Oh you can growl all you want Big Guy, I know the truth, you'd never leave me, I'm kin. I know you love me really.' He settled back into his seat grinning happily.

BA only grunted and concentrated, Hannibal concealed a smile, as always amused by the banter between the two men. 'Nice work, guys.' He said.

'Uh huh.' Murdock murmured and reached into his jacket. 'Here ya go Hannibal.' He pulled out a manila folder and handed it over.

Hannibal looked through the file. 'Murdock I'm impressed.' Face tried to read over the colonel's shoulder, wondering what it was that Murdock had found that had impressed Hannibal so much.

Murdock beamed. 'How 'bout that Facey? Want to swap jobs.'

Face only glared, he was already calculating how much money to take from the team's fee to pay for his suit to be cleaned.

'Murdock, this could work.' Hannibal said as he finished looking through the contents of the folder.

'That's what I thought. You got a plan yet?'

'Well if BA can manage to get rid of those MP's back there, then yes I think I do.'

'Hear that Big Guy? It's all up to you, you're the key.' Murdock grinned insanely.

Face looked at the crazy man. 'Why are you so happy anyway?'

Murdock shrugged still grinning. 'It's part of my new therapy. We think happy thoughts and it's supposed to make us sane or somethin'.'

'You ain't never gonna be sane Murdock.' BA said shooting a look back at him.

'Ah I know and they probably know that by now too but they just keep on hopin'. 'Sides it's all to do with anger management. Take BA here for example, he insults me and I just tune it out, think of something else like say Billy or Trashbags. His rudeness just slides off me like water off a ducks back, I'm completely calm. You should try it sometime Face.'

'There ain't no Billy.' BA interrupted angrily.

'Oh now BA you say that÷but if you would just open your mind just a teeny bit more then you might be surprised÷'

'Hang on, hold it there a minute.' Face interjected, his expression showing that he wasn't happy about Murdock's remark towards
him. 'What's that supposed to mean? 'I should try it sometime?''

Murdock shrugged. 'Just that sometimes you get a little÷ uptight about certain things.'

'I do not!'

The pilot shook his head. 'See, you're doing it now. Denial is a big barrier; you gotta break through it. Take a deep cleansing
breath and just let it go. Accept who you are.'

Hannibal was grinning, Murdock's ideas were always interesting and amusing, if a little wacky sometimes. He held out an expectant hand. 'Face.'

Face automatically reached into his pocket, taking out a cigar he handed it to Hannibal.

Murdock carried on talking. 'Take a look at BA, as I'm talking he's getting more and more tense. He's hunching his shoulders, all he needs to do is think of gold and milk and he'll find he calms down. Now you, you Face, you just think of money and women and soon you'll be as happy as I am.'

Hannibal, sensing the growing tension from both Face and BA decided enough was enough. 'Uh Murdock÷why don't we leave the class for another time.'

'Yeah.' BA put in. 'Lets take him back to the VA, where he belongs.'

Murdock leaned back with a serene smile. 'See, water off a ducks back.'


Water Off A Duck's Back by Nutty



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