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Solace of Dark

Solace of Dark
by Quentillian

Rating- PG13 for mild swearing
Summary- the team is in jail and Face wants to get away.
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Face sat on his bunk in the cement walled jail cell, his back against the wall with his legs drawn tightly into his arms. His best friend Murdock, who had become his cellmate as well, lay on the second bed that completed the L shape of sleeping accommodations. Face was once again lost in the restless thoughts of nothingness. On one hand this place offered the solitude that seemed the only atmosphere of which allowed personal thought in this foreign land filled with violence and suffering. Yet more often than not the idea of solitude was more of a taunt than something he could fully embrace. Somehow even here, the war that raged just beyond these walls found a way in. Everywhere he looked he saw the scars of battle on his friends and fellow soldiers. Having people in the cells around him as a reminder was intrusion enough, having your team, the men you fought and
suffered with, not only tossed into the adjacent cells but also the same cell was just plain invasive.

Across from Face and Murdock, Hannibal sat, watching his Lieutenant through the bars as he stared off into space. He would watch Face for hours at a time as he did this, never knowing what was going through his second's mind. Murdock had a theory into his friends' continual mental disappearance; delving into Face's past history with his time spent in solitary and other usual means of authoritative action, Face had most likely figured out a way to make the time of his incarceration disappear. If this was the case, it was a skill that Hannibal longed for. Dealing with the snail like pace at which the hours seemed to crawl by at till the end of the sentence was a weak spot in Hannibal's antsy personality.

Seeing his team in complete down time for the first time amazed him. The generally high-strung pilot was dozing peacefully, oblivious to the world around him. He turned to BA, he had been working out all morning and didn't seem to be too terribly tired even now. He had to admit that a week was plenty of time for the Sergeant to abuse his body and still have plenty of recuperation time. Take a group of men that never seemed to rest, force them into it, and amazingly enough, they seemed to have no trouble adapting.

This time was no different than any of the other times trouble had started. It was, when it came down to it Face's fault, owner of a glib tongue that just didn't seem to know when to stop moving. Sometimes he had to wonder if Face really knew exactly what he was doing. But this time Hannibal had to admit if it wasn't Face that had ignited the fuse of trouble, one of the others, even himself, would have. Trouble seemed to be on the back burner from the beginning, drinking only made it seem like a good idea.

Face had gone from finding trouble on his own, to having Murdock as a more than willing cohort. And while Face managed to keep Murdock out of the majority of trouble when a well-planned scam miraculously went bad, Hannibal made no mistake about the fact that Murdock would pay the price just as well as Face. So even if Murdock's criminal record did not continually get longer as Face's tended to, the Captain still was punished along side Face for taking part in the activities leading to their arrest. Hannibal had never had a group of men in better shape than he did now.

Face had learned early on in his stay with the team that lying to the Colonel was not an option he wanted to take part in. In the
beginning Hannibal would constantly remind him of the consequences, occasionally letting the younger man's incessant web of lies once again materialize. Suddenly springing a question that let Face know he knew the Lieutenant wasn't telling the truth had made Hannibal realize just how quick Face was with covering up the occasional loophole.

Using physical activity as punishment seemed to be the only thing that truly bothered the young Lt. Lectures were easily ignored and extra duties were breezed through, Face had a knack for starting conversation with the most illusive of socialites. But in the end Hannibal had quickly figured out that Face hated having his every move dictated. Spending countless hours running through obstacle courses, having to jump, drop, or god knows what at any given whim that came to Hannibal, was not something his young protÈgÈ enjoyed engaging in. Hannibal had made it a point early on to make sure Face knew that spending countless hours by yourself having your food brought to you was not his idea of disciplinary action. Needless to say, more often than not, Face managed to get the truth out of his mouth no matter how difficult it proved to be.

Hannibal's thoughts were interrupted as he heard the clinking of keys against the guards' belt coming their way. He watched as Face's eyes slowly came into focus; there was a mischievous twinkle in them that hadn't been there before. Hannibal's face fell as he realized what was going through the blond man's mind.

"Face don't," Smith firmly ground out as Face slowly got up and walked towards the barred door.

Face pursed his lips, lifting one shoulder in response. Doing nothing was fine when you were alone, but doing nothing with a group
of men who never stopped moving caused something to stir inside him. Getting out of this situation that he despised so much meant making someone mad. And he did know how to push the approaching guards buttons oh so well.

Hannibal had seen that look before and knew what it meant. Face had his own kind of jazz. He always had to be testing what he could get away with. How far he could push authority before it came back and bit him in the ass. Hannibal new the feeling, though he was able to pass off a few insulting comments in situations like this and calm the jazz. It was in the heat of battle where he was really dangerous. Now was Face's time to shine, though he was racing down a dead-end street. Hannibal could think of a plan for any situation he found himself in, but he could not for the life of him think of a plan that would get Face to come to his senses.

Hannibal's eyes darted back and forth, trying for the life of him to think of something. "Murdock!" Hannibal's commanding voice broke through to the sleeping man, ripping him away from the luxury of oblivion.

Murdock woke up at the demanding voice. He knew someone was in trouble and was hoping that it wasn't him. "Colonel?" came the groggy voice as he struggled to stand up.

Hannibal jerked his head towards Face, who was once again plotting deep inside his mind, completely unaware of his surroundings.

Murdock nodded in acknowledgment of his new assignment. This seemed to happen whenever they were locked up and it had become a ritual of sorts to get Face to stay out of the solitaire block. There had been very few times that any of them had succeeded in their attempts but, if nothing else it gave them something to do while waiting for the time to pass. The tall Captain walked over to his friend and started snapping his fingers in front of Face's deep blue eyes.

"Mmm, what do you want, Murdock?" He asked as his mind crept back towards reality.

"You not to get into anymore trouble for once." He could hear the keys approaching and needed to talk fast if he was going to save Face. How he wished he had that smooth talking tongue instead of his friend for once.

Face looked Murdock in the eyes and held his gaze for a long time, "Mmmm."

"Face, why do you always do this?" Hannibal had asked out of sheer desperation to understand his second's motivation. Maybe if he could figure that out he'd be able to find the right remedy of logical thought.

Face looked back, just as serious as Hannibal was about finding out the answer, "Why do you always insist on going through the front door?"

Murdock looked at Face, trying to figure out what he meant as his young friend gently shoved him out of the way onto the bed and tried to look relaxed and casual next to the bars.

Durgen sneered as he saw Peck in a cell up ahead, "Still shoveling shit, huh Peck." he scoffed when he reached the cell, he looked around to the others, "Guys like you drag everyone down."

"Well, you know, thought I'd throw a party while the bill was still on the government." Face casually made his way over to where Durgen was standing, "I'd like you to know you're not invited this time. People just don't like being clubbed on random occasions." Face carefully unhooked the keys from Durgen's belt clip without loosing a beat. "You should really get that anger problem checked Durgen, no one likes to see a thirty year old throw a temper tantrum...It's embarrassing is what it is." Face continued as he managed to stuff the keys into his pocket, Durgen no wiser to anything that had just transpired.

"You just wait Peck, you so much as sneeze while standing at attention and I'll bust you so low you wont see the light of day for
years." came the low and deadly threat as he struck the bars with his night stick and walked off.

As he watched Durgen walk out of sight he slowly broke into an uncontainable grin of victory. He almost felt like Robin Hood,
though nowhere near as noble.

"Great plan Face," Hannibal criticized, "Now what are you going to do with the evidence?"

Face raised a finger, silently telling Hannibal to wait his turn for the answer, pointing to Jimmy as he came into view. 'Yup, whenever you do something to be thrown in here you've got to do it right or you wind up mopping the floors for these guys.' Face thought as he whistled for the downtrodden inmate to hurry up and push the mop bucket his way.

"Whadaya' need man?" Jimmy asked as he reached Face's cell, smiling at his friend in crime.

"Just make these disappear. I was thinking something classy happening to suddenly disappearing into that there water
bucket of yours."

Jimmy smiled and nodded his approval as Face tossed the keys in. They all watched as the dark brown sludge like water made a sickening sound and gurbled up the keys.

"That oughta get him good." Face smiled to Hannibal

"Yeah, I gotta give you that... he's gonna be mad as hell."

"Oh yeah..." Face beamed proudly. His smile slowly fading as he flopped down on the bed and settled in to wait for the repressions of his recent actions to rain down on him.



Murdock and BA had finally stopped arguing from across the walkway. Face had finally become satisfied with an alibi that both he and Hannibal knew wouldn't hold, and everyone slept soundly.

Three more than angry guards stalked down the row of cells, not caring who they woke up, they stopped in front of Face's cell and waited for the door to open.

Eight eyes slowly opened as the noise penetrated their sleep-clouded minds. Hannibal, BA, and Murdock slowly sat up and watched what they had been expecting all night as Face was groggily pulled out of bed, cuffed and drug away.

Hannibal stood up and walked over to the bars. He looked first across the cell blocks to Murdock, then back to the still struggling

"I want to know what you did with my keys and I want to know now!" Durgen demanded as they walked a still incoherent Lieutenant Peck to the wardens' office.

"Keys? Come on now, you guys know they take all of our things from us before they put us in here." came the groggy reply as Face finally managed to get his feet under him and walk on his own.

"I'm not talking about your keys asshole, I'm talking about mine you stupid fuck!" He seethed.

"Hmmm..." was all the reply Face gave.

"Stupid fool," BA grumbled as he laid back down, "Crazy as Murdock."

"Hey now," Murdock retaliated, "We crazy people have feelings too."

"Okay enough guys," Hannibal commanded as he went back towards his cot, "We've had this conversation before and we all know it gets us nowhere. Now go back to sleep."


Face watched the door close, slammed with frustration, he smiled as he turned to face complete darkness. Almost laughing at the events of the past hour and a half. The first 45 minutes he had spent with the warden asking the same questions over and over again trying to get some information out of him. In spite of other inmates testimony Face had claimed that he hadn't even talked to Durgen and that this was a case of mistaken identity. Frustrated with his lack of cooperation the warden had ordered a strip search as a last ditch effort to find the keys. Though Face had not enjoyed watching the guards go through the clothes that should have been on his body and keeping him warm, having them irritatedly thrusted back towards him in defeat was worth the indiscretion. It was only after the warden had sent Peck off to hang himself in the darkness of solitary confinement that Face had revealed the location of the keys they so desired.

So Face sat by himself, away from all the things he desired to escape.


Solace of Dark by Quentillian



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