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Supply And Demand

Supply And Demand
by Chiller


Rating: PG - Nothing bad really...
Disclaimer: Don't own the team, they belong to S. Cannell and F. Lupo... I'm just attempting to write with them...
Comments: yes please...
Author's note: This is my first fic... if you like it, thank Shark (SLAVE DRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Maestro (Little Chief...)... if you
don't like it blame me... however I do hope you like it... =) here goes nothing... it also takes part at a point in series 5, after
the Say Uncle Affair, as in later installments there will be spoilers to said episode...



Part 1

He looked to his left, the gun moving with his eyes. He turned to the
right. The handle of his pistol was warm but dry against his palm.

Looking down at the tip of the weapon, he wished he had BA next to him.
The big man always made him feel safer whenever there was danger
around. The sergeant may be brash and have a short fuse, but he was one
of their own.

He was on his own now however. Shaking his head, he reminded himself he
was as much a soldier as the big sergeant.

Calling on his experience in the jungle, he moved slowly through the
doorway and the hallway.

He stepped silently along the marble floor, heel-toe, heel-toe,
thankful that here he didn't have to contend with the possibility of a
twig snapping, or tripping a mine. The trick was just to try not to
alert the many guards he knew the Mafiosi kept around his large estate.

The conman had been able to worm his way into the house by pretending
to be a made man from LA. However, he knew that if he were caught here,
he would be proverbial fish food.

He arrived at the door to Peruzzi's office. He stopped there, looking
down the hall to check his back. Then he looked at the lights.

"Come on guys, I'm in place. Flip off the power, so I can get out of
here. I have a date waiting," Face thought.


Hannibal looked at his watch, and nodded to BA. He picked up his rifle,
and pointed it towards the nearby mansion. He heard the big man behind
him sigh and saw the lights in the dwelling go out as BA tripped the
junction box. Waiting for his sergeant to pick up his weapon and start
back towards the van, Hannibal ran to the gatepost where Frankie and
Murdock were already waiting. They settled down and waited for the fun
to start. Hannibal grinned at the prospect.

Frankie turned slightly and said, "Johnny, you do know this is mad?
Peruzzi's got his own personal army here."

Hannibal just kept grinning, saying, "That's why my plan will work."


Face opened the door as soon as the lights went out and ran across to
the desk. Now was no longer the time for stealth. Running around it, he
shielded his eyes as he shot the lock next to the top drawer.

*Ok, now to find it. Top drawer. Scotch, interesting. Oh, it's not
Scottish. In the bin. Hmm, cigars. We'll have those. Or rather Hannibal
will have them, if we get out of this alive. I mean, taking on Don
Peruzzi. This is crazier than his usual plans. And there's too many
papers in this drawer, not what I need. Shit. Other drawer.


Wait, what was that? Damn, Italians. They're gonna find those two
guards I took out with the BA spray.*

As he opened the next drawer, and started emptying its contents, he
heard a few gunshots outside, and he thought about his teammates. He
considered going to the window to check on them.

*No, mustn't do that. They are already mobilizing. Hannibal will see
them through the firefight, he always does. He knows what he's doing.
Murdock, well, he'd better remember he's a pilot, not a grunt. Don't
want him dying on me in a stupid firefight. Now where IS that diskette?
Not in either drawer. Let's seeÖ*

The laptop, of course! There it was, sitting in the darkened corner of
the room.

Cursing himself for not thinking of it quicker, Face ran over and
popped the floppy out. The gunshots outside were abating, settling into
the rhythm of so many gunfights. He thought again of his friends, his
family out there in danger. He had his job to do however. He couldn't
spend time worrying about them, even if he wanted to.

He could hear the footsteps in the hall outside approaching as he
noticed that the floppy in his hand had no markings on it. Annoyed at
needing more than the one diskette, he took the box which he'd just
spotted next to the computer and threw it into a knapsack, that he
slung over his shoulder. He ran to the window and opened it to go out
on the balcony as the door to the office opened. Firing two quick shots
to warn the mobsters, he climbed over the balcony, and began descending
the vines. As he jumped to the ground, and ran to the nearest bush for
cover, a couple of shots whistled around him. Not for the first time,
he swore he would get revenge on Stockwell for his handling of the


Murdock yelled: "Say hello to my little friend" while he shot at
another mobster. As he dropped down, Murdock spotted Face running
between bushes, coming towards them from the right, and smiled. His
friend was alive and well. He turned still grinning and said,
"Hannibal, our made man is on his way". Murdock's grin disappeared
however as BA yelled from the van, "Hurry up, that sucka Peruzzi is
coming back. We've got 5 minutes to clear this place." It wasn't like
BA to get stressed, and his voice definitely had a worried edge to it.

Hannibal casually tossed another grenade towards the men still
reinforcing the left and after the explosion, he said in his usual calm
voice, "Don't worry BA. We'll be long gone by then." As if to confirm
his words, Face appeared 150 meters away. He shot the nearest Italian
and then tossed his gun to the ground. He signaled to his colonel that
he was out of ammo. Hannibal simply winked and fired at some more
mobsters. These Italians had plenty of will, but they were definitely
not soldiers. They didn't even have the sneakiness of the VC. He waved
Face over as he, Murdock and Frankie kept the supporting fire going.


BA checked the tracking equipment again, glad that Hannibal had thought
of putting the tracker on the Don's car. Hannibal always thought of
everything. BA couldn't think of not having him there for the team.
Soon though, they would have no need for the device, as the drive would
be blocked by Peruzzi himself. He looked out the windscreen, and saw
that the others were now coming towards the van.

Murdock was trailing behind, still yelling lines from all the gangster
films that had ever been on TV. When the Captain started imitating
Marlon Brando, BA yelled, "Hurry up, fool! You'll get us all killed."
BA watched him, worried. He knew that Murdock liked to have people look
after him, needed them even. However his antics were often just too
dangerous for BA's liking, who knew he couldn't foresee a life without
the fool either. Thankfully, the sliding door opened, and Face bundled
in, followed by Hannibal.

As Murdock turned and sprinted for the passenger's side door, their
opponents noticed the lack of shots fired at them, and the bravest
started firing. BA reached over and opened the passenger's door ready
for Murdock, who dived in with a wide grin on his face. BA scowled,
and was about to drive off when he heard a scream behind him. Turning
quickly, he saw Frankie spinning to the ground, rather than jumping in
the van.

Hannibal's mind seemed to freeze as Frankie was hit. He was moving out
of the van, firing at the mobsters before Frankie hit the ground.
Frankie might not have the history, the kinship Hannibal felt with the
other members of the team, as he was more a distant nephew than a
son, but the colonel knew that he'd be damned before he ever left one
of his charges behind on a mission.

He leaned down and all but picked Frankie up and threw him in the van.
Firing off another burst, he himself jumped in and closed the door. BA
put the pedal to the metal, and in a huge squeal of tires and gravel,
he turned the van around and started down the drive.

The sergeant said gruffly, "How bad is he?" He was concerned, just like
the others. Frankie had after all grown on them.

Hannibal said, "Just drive, leave Frankie to us."

BA grunted and then slammed on the brakes. They'd waited too long. The
long black limo that belonged to the man they'd just robbed was sitting
in front of them.




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