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Canvassing A Soul (The Portrait Of Templeton Peck)

Canvassing A Soul (The Portrait Of Templeton Peck)
by Cat

STYLE: Slash
PAIRING: Face/m; Face/Hannibal
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Never were. Just borrowing to entertain a few bored masses. No money made. I'm still as poor as ever.
WARNINGS: M/M relationships and scenes, adult language
SPOILERS: A very, very loose take-off on the book The Portrait Of Dorian Gray, but no show spoilers I can think of
SUMMARY: The premature end of a relationship leaves Face distraught and facing the disapproval of the rest of the Team, who watch helplessly as Face clings to a portrait painted by his late lover...a portrait that has strange properties when taken from Face's possession.
COMMENTS: Sure, why not?
AUTH NOTES: Yep...Face angst. I can't help it. Love to see him suffer. :-D
MUCH THANKS: To my best bud, Charon, who is a fantastic Creative Consultant and without whom poor Face would have
suffered through the torture of being written with massive tense changes! LOL Thanks for the help, GF!!!
* - denotes thought
< - denotes emphasis



Part 1

It was a brilliant summer afternoon in Malibu, with nary a cloud in the sky and just the slightest hint of a soft breeze floating about
the air, just enough to cool the temperate skins of those out and about enjoying the day.

As he drove his Corvette along the cliffside highway, Templeton "Faceman" Peck reveled in the almost picture perfect setting
that surrounded him. The brilliant, sun-splashed skies overhead combined with a miraculously clear, easily navigable stretch of
highway and a refreshing blend of sea air, as well as an occasional wafting aroma of outdoor cooking that gently aroused his olfactory senses and invigorated him.

He leaned further back in his seat, and rested his left arm on the window edge beside him while he lazily used his right hand to steer, and a deep sigh of contentment slowly escaped his slightly parted lips as his mind drifted to what lay in wait for him at his

Or rather...<who> lay in wait for him at his destination.

His smile broadened as he saw the familiar cliffside beach house on the horizon, and he glanced briefly at the passenger's seat beside him, where a bottle of the finest champagne and a rectangular shaped, black velvet box rested. Small gifts for someone who held such a large place in his heart. He sighed wistfully at the thought.

As he parked the `Vette in the driveway, Face looked at the front of the house expectantly and his blue eyes lit up. The familiar
sensation of his pulse and heart rate quickening and the slight tightening in the hollow of his abdomen set in as he removed the keys from the ignition and wasted no time in gathering the champagne and the velvet box and exited the vehicle, his objective mere steps away.

He had barely made his way through the front door into the entryway before he found himself locked in a passionate embrace, a mouth hungrily sealing itself over his own. He moaned, eagerly returning the charged kiss and offering no protest as he found himself eased back against the newly closed door, the lightly muscled body pressing against him intimately.

"Templeton," His lover breathed huskily as their kiss broke for the moment and dark, almost black eyes met his vivid blue ones.. "You are <such> a sight for these sore eyes."

"You aren't exactly hard on these eyes either, mon cher," Face sighed contentedly, as he looked deeply into the black orbs that hovered so closely near his own. It seemed so long since he had been in Aidan's arms, so long since they had last been able to escape the norms of their daily existence to this cliffside Shangri-La and the safety each found in each other's nonjudgmental, devoted and loving arms.

Just...<so> damned long.

He watched as Aidan finally noticed the items in his hands and smirked mischievously, one eyebrow lifting in curiosity. "What is
<this>, Temp? Ahh, our favorite champagne! You remembered! But that box...looks intriguing, not to mention expensive. What are you up to now, hmm?"

Face felt a slight flush stain his cheeks as he chuckled softly. "Of course I remembered the champagne, Aidan. Would <I> forget something like <that>, mon cher? And as for <this>..." He nodded toward the velvet box and smirked smugly, studying his darkly complected companion unabashedly. "Well...this <was> going to be for that attractive guy down the know, the one who insists on sunbathing in the skimpiest of Speedos, but...well, I thought about it on the way here and thought I'd be better off giving it to you instead." He winked as he handed the velvet box to Aidan, and watched as the taller man's expression lit up with surprise and he laughed, then slowly shook his head as he sobered.

" <know> how I feel about..."

"I know, I know. But I just...I <couldn't> resist. Please. If you <don't> like it, you really <don't> have to accept it. least <look> at it while I get the champagne chilling, all right?" Face winked as he slid himself away from Aidan's arms and headed for the kitchen. A not so subtle triumphant smirk upturned his lips as he heard Aidan's voice from the other room moments later.

"Oh my god!" Aidan exclaimed, his voice carrying out to the kitchen with a almost deafening resonance. Face set immersed the champagne into a bucket of ice, hoping the cry was a positive reaction, rather than a negative one. He'd thought about staying back and watching Aidan's expression when he opened the box, but decided at the last moment, given the sentimentality of the gift, to give Aidan a moment to himself.

" god..."

Turning around as Aidan entered the kitchen, Face was surprised to see the other man's expression still registered shock...not pleasure, but shock, the velvet box open in his hands, his fingers clutched almost possessively across the silver surface of the engraved pocket watch.. "Templeton...where...<where> did you find this?! How...<how> did you...?" His words trailed off and he stared at the blond as if Face had suddenly sprouted wings.

"Aidan, I...don't you...don't you like it?" He swallowed, suddenly wondering if he hadn't made a colossal mistake hunting down that watch from his lover's father's estate as an anniversary gift.

For several moments, the tension between the two thickened and Face sighed, drew back, and ran a hand over his aspect for a moment. When he spoke, his tone was subdued and he sighed, shook his head slightly and berated himself inwardly for not thinking to check to see how Aidan would feel about this before going out and buying the gift. "Aidan...I...I'm sorry. The <last> thing I wanted to do was..."

Suddenly his words were cut off when Aidan, who had been steadily walking toward him, reached out and drew Face close, as he kissed him fiercely. Face gasped, then groaned into the kiss as it softened and deepened, becoming more tender and passionate as it was prolonged. By the time the two men drew apart, they were both breathing a bit faster than normal.

Face watched breathlessly as Aidan set the velvet box aside on the counter and turned back to him, cupping his face in his hands and smiling broadly. "Don't apologize, Templeton...don't you <dare> apologize. You know <damn> well how long I've been trying to recover Father's estate...and <now>, thanks to <you>..." Aidan sighed, gently trailing fingers over the younger man's cheeks, watching as his finger pads traced invisible lines over the finely sculpted cheekbones before them. "Now...thanks to you...I <have> a piece of it, of my family...a piece I would <never> have found if it hadn't been for your thoughtfulness. Thank you <so> much."

"I...I'm glad you like it. I thought..."

"Shh. I'm sure you went to great lengths to find this, Templeton. You can tell me all about it later if you want.<Much> later. Right
now....I believe you and I have some catching up to do. Do we not, mon amour?"

Face was silent, and he met the man's penetrating gaze for several moments. He soon found himself smiling and nodding slowly. "That we do, ma cher. That we do. The champagne..."

"Can wait. <I>, on the other hand, <can't>. I've missed you terribly." Still cupping his lover's face in his hands, Aidan lowered
his mouth to his lover's once more as Face's arms slowly snaked around the man's waist and drew him close, holding onto him as their passion kindled, then ignited.



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