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Happy Birthday Faceman!

Happy Birthday Faceman!

Written by: Emerald Princess 20

Disclaimer: Don't own TAT. Wish I did though.

Rating: G

Summary: It's Faceman's birthday. Everyone decides to throw him a birthday party.

Special Dedication: March 1, 2002 was Dirk Benedict's 57th birthday. Happy Birthday to the guy who made Faceman who he was. We love you.


Happy Birthday Faceman!

Templeton Peck struggled into the lush living room from another one his dates. "Man!" he said as he finally sat down on the soft couch. "That is the absolute last time that I do that for Hannibal!" The telephone rings. Face moans. Picking it up he said, "Hello?!" The woman's voice on the other line seemed to perk his feelings up. "Templeton?" asked the soft voice.

His wife, Tawnia Baker-Peck had called to make sure that he and the team were safe. "Tawnia. How are things in Houston?" he asked knowing full well that she would be having a blast with the Houston Oilers football team. "I'm lonely, miserable and alone. I miss you honey." she said to him. "I miss you too sweetie." he said. "I wish you I could hold you in my arms and let you know how much you mean to me." he told his wife.

"I know you do baby. I do love you." Tawnia told her husband. "How did the mission go?" she asked trying to change the subject. "The mission was just like every other one we do. Explosions, getting hurt in places; you know that kind of stuff." Tawnia listened as her husband told her what had happened. "Poor baby. Listen, why don't I wrap up this interview and I'll come home to you." she told him. Face smiled into the phone.

"Sounds good to me." he says. "I'll be home in a few hours okay baby? Then I can help you recover from this nasty mission." Tawnia said to her husband. Face laughed softly. "I'll be here waiting." he said. "I love you Templeton." "I love you too Tawnia." Face hangs up the phone. Tawnia hangs hers up and looks at Hannibal, BA, and Murdock. She smiles. "Operation Birthday Party is under way." Everyone smiles.

Face got off of the couch and went into the kitchen to fix himself something to eat. He opens the kitchen pantries and fumbles around until he finds some soup and soda crackers. "It's not caviar but it'll have to do for now." he said as he prepared the soup. Meanwhile...Tawnia and Hannibal were busy getting the party items they needed for the party.

Murdock was blowing up the balloons. He was making chipmunk sounds with the helium. BA walks over to him. "Sucka, you don't quit making those sounds, you going think you a chipmunk." He hit his fist against his other hand to illustrate his point to Murdock. Hannibal stops the massacre.

After Face had finished his soup, he placed the glass and bowl in the dishwasher. He leaned on the counter and thought of his beautiful wife, Tawnia. Her brownish-blondish hair flowing in the wind. The way she laughed at his jokes no matter if they were corny or not. He was very luckt to have such a beautiful and understanding wife. Although their marriage was rocky in the begining, Tawnia and Face knew that there love for each other could with stand the tests of time.

Templeton sat down on the couch and started to think of Tawnia once more. He loved the feeling when they kissed so tenderly and passionately. He imagined that Tawnia was with him at this perfect moment. Face laid back on the couch and fell asleep thinking of his perfect wife. As soon as he closed his eyes, Tawnia walked in the door. She saw Face asleep and walked over to him. Tawnia ran her fingers through his sandy-blonde hair. She always done that after they made love.

Putting her things away, Tawnia ran outside and signalled Hannibal and the guys to make their way in. "Please don't make to much noise. Face is asleep." She told the men. "This is going to be a wonderful surprise for the sleeping lieutenant!" Hannibal said smiling. When Hannibal smiled like that, he was on the jazz. They made their way into the beautifully decorated apartment. Mindful of what Tawnia told them, Hannibal and they guys were quiet. They decorated the apartment in less time than 30 minutes.

Tawnia looks at the apartment in awe. "You guys have really done a great job!" she commented about how everything looked for the birthday party. "You guys go and hide. I'll wake up Face." Tawnia said smiling at her sleeping husband. "Do ya think Face'll be surprised?" Murdock asked. Hannibal said, smiling, "I sure hope so." Hannibal, Murdock and BA all hid in the kitchen. Tawnia turns the lights down low. She walks over to the stereo and finds some soft classical music. She turns the stereo on and looks back at her husband.

She walks over to the couch and sits down by Face. She runs her fingers over his soft cheek. "Sweetie." she barely whispers in his ear. "Templeton, darling. Momma's home." Face's eyes flutter open. "Tawnia?" he asks. "Yeah baby. I'm here." Face rasies up on the couch. He can vaguely see the outline of his wife. He cups her face and delivers one of the most tender and passionate kiss of his life. Opening his eyes, Face says, "It's good to have you home again."

"It's good to be home with you." Tawnia says leaning down to kiss Templeton. Face starts to lay back on the couch and pulls Tawnia down with him when the lights come on and Hannibal, BA and Murdock yell, "SURPIRSE!!!" Face nearly jumps out his skin. "What in the world?" he asks. Hannibal, BA and Tawnia sing happy birthday to him while Murdock brings out the cake. "All right Facey;make a wish and blow out your candles!" Face looks at everyone around him. For once in his life, he felt like he had a family.

Face closes his eyes and blows out the candles. Everyone claps. Tawnia leans down to her husband's ear. "Later on tonight, I have a surprise for you." she says smiling seductively at her husband. Face smiles. "This is perhaps one the best birthdays I have ever had. Thank you all very much."


Happy Birthday Faceman! by Emerald Princess 20
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