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Title: Behind the cup a Joe’s

Behind The Cup A Joe's
by Cabaret

Rating: R
Warning: This contains a graphic M/M consenting sex scene, if slash is not your thing, please do not read this. Also contains some angst. Also ep spoiler.
Summery: If you read Opposite the Cup a Joe's, then all you need to know is this, what if one thing was slightly different? If you haven't then, this is a fic set in the back wings of the ep, Cup a Joe.
Author's Note: Alanda posted a challenge on the VA some time ago, asking if anyone could do something with the scene from 'Cup a Joe's' where Face tells Murdock he'd make someone a good wife someday. This fic is replying that challenge, it's part of two separate fics, running in two different universes, both related only by the placement of the story. (Part One called 'Opposite the Cup a Joe's'.)
2nd Author's Note: I pulled an all nighter doing this, so it gets a bit surreal!
It also contains a bit of everything, Slash, Angst, Humour, Tongue in cheek etc I'm just hoping it works!
Thanks: To Alanda for making me go back and watching that episode, and seeing the slash! And RL friends, Alan & Martin (& a few others), who always give me every detail, whether I want it or not!
Disclaimer: The A Team are not mine, I am merely borrowing the characters for purposes of writing, nothing more.
Comments: Yes please!


Murdock waved the hose in the air, streaming it this way and that.

"Fool, keep that hose straight, you'll get me all wet." BA yelled.

"Say, you must have that effect on everyone." Face said in a low voice next to Murdock.

"Not now huh?" He said very seriously.

"Face! Front and centre!" Hannibal yelled as he heard the truck approaching.


"Eggs over easy?" Face quipped as they watched BA paint the Cactus Jack's sign on the truck, Murdock bounced right back, off on his chef tangent and ignoring the fact that he had totally ruined breakfast for Face last week, Face smiled knowing just why the breakfast had burnt.


"Look just be careful ok?" Murdock touched Face's shoulder as he was about to drive off.

"Is this my Murdock back again? Why I'm honoured, do I roll out the red carpet?"

"I just know a thing or two about food."


"And the people that eat it, they hate insurance sales men."

"You doubting my scamming and bug planting abilities now?" Murdock looked shocked and touched his chest.

"Moi? Never! Just don't wanna see you're tail shot off for the wrong reason." Face smiled and started the engine.


Murdock was lost in a world of pancake flipping, explaining it's intricacies to an intently listening Face.

"Otherwise what you're talking about is plaster of Paris, and that'd end up breaking your teeth."

"You know Murdock, you'd make someone an excellent wife." Face's hand momentarily slid down behind Murdock to tell him, what Face was thinking about at this point in time, and it wasn't pancakes or housewives. Panic crossed Murdock's face, he checked the kitchen to see if there was anyone else there to witness this, there wasn't, Face was smoother then that. Murdock struggled to get a handle of the situation, why was Face doing this to him? They had both agreed that missions were off limits, although it had been more for Murdock's sake, he couldn't handle being both, it would take him away from the mission, and his focus on the mission. Murdock was feeling unfocused right now, he looked ahead of him to see anything that would pull him back, and saw what wasn't there, it should have been, but it wasn't, the panic rouse to hysteria, Murdock felt himself loose himself in a detail, the best plan would be to step away and gather himself, instead he threw himself head first into his fears, which also worked, sometimes.

"Have you seen my paprika? I need my paprika I'm outta paprika where's my paprika?

"Is that bad?"

Murdock entered his rant, he even began to scare himself, the one way conversation ended in,

"Remember that girl you had me call up?" Face had made Murdock cancel a date with a girl so that they could be together one night, Murdock had felt terrible, but other more pressing things had arisen that had taken away his guilt.

"Paprika!" They said in unison, as Face realised that the pressing matters hadn't quite taken away the memory of that night, he decided to take it as a complement and decided to retreat and see if he could get BA to lay off, which he guessed was the reason for Murdock's recent behaviour, they had been at each other's necks more then usual, and it was showing.


"Murdock, what do you want me to do?" Face asked firmly at the end of his tether. "You don't want the team to know about us, you don't want any contact on missions and blank me off with whoever you are today, and then you get all jealous, when I try to cover our tracks with Patty! I mean, what do you want?"

"I want my cook book back." Murdock said quietly as he focused on the road ahead, he hated fighting with Face, hated it when things got serious, but he also hated seeing Face all over Patty, she was a nice kid, but she was so smug, he wanted to just tell her the exact chances of getting Face into bed with her, just as soon as he worked them out.

"Are you feeling ok?"

"Far as I know."

"I mean everything's alright isn't it?"

"Face, I got someone to talk to about that stuff, I'm sorry, but I just can't bring it to missions, like I can't bring you. Understand?"

"Sure." Face shrugged and wondered who he had to talk to about that stuff. "Murdock, I need to know, is everything ok, I mean between us?"

"Course it is," Murdock snapped. "I told you before, I just can't deal with it on a mission."

A thought suddenly crossed Face's mind, he blurted it out.

"Did you manage to get your meds supply?"

"Geez Face! I told you everything's fine, stop pushing me."

"I didn't mean it like that, I just… Look did you, cos I still have some spare."

"They're outta date, you really carry my meds?"

"Course I do. I know… I know… I just know ok?" Face paused and thought about what Murdock had just said. "What do ya mean they're outta date?"

"They've just been changed." The penny dropped, Murdock didn't like talking about this stuff so Face dropped the subject.

"Just gimme the details later ok?"

"Sure thing, mom."

The rest of the journey was spent in bitter silence, until they got to their destination.

"That is the right outfit iddinit Murdock?" Face asked in an irritated tone, he was wondering if Murdock could pull this off, given his state of mind right now.

"I dunno, I think I've seen myself before, I feel strangely; powerful" Face smiled ahead of Murdock, seeing him fall into a new character that would pull off the scam, everything would be fine, well Murdock's definition of fine anyway.

When they got Shotgun, the tables were turned on Face, Murdock was all over the dog, Face had to admit to knowing jealousy, and decided to cool it off on his own track covering.


"Murdock keep 'em covered" Hannibal left the bomb decoy men in the care of Murdock as the rest of the team rushed outside.

"The explosives are in that truck!" Hannibal leaped into the truck as Face and BA chased after helpless to do anything but ever ready to help. When they returned they found Murdock dazed and on the floor.

"I'm a failure I'm a failure man I dunno" he mumbled.

"Murdock what happened? I'm sorry we shoulda…….." Face helped Murdock up stopping himself saying anything that might out them and more importantly cause another argument.

"I got hit in the blind side…. I'm sorry" Murdock felt terrible, this was all his fault, he couldn't even look at Hannibal, he always suspected that this might happen, but when it did, he found he was as shocked as the blind side hit itself. The phone rang, Murdock was never so happy for a distraction. Hannibal answered as Murdock leaned his lanky frame against the counter, just wanting the ground to swallow him.

"Slater's got Edith and Patty." Murdock saw the disappointment in Hannibal's face, he'd really screwed up this time.

"I'm sorry…. I….." He sighed, what else could he say? Hannibal offered no forgiveness, which hurt more then the uncomfortable tingling of swelling around his eye.


The mission turned out to be a success. They left the Cup a Joe's and headed back home, it was a long uncomfortable drive, Murdock tried to sleep, but couldn't rest his head on the van's wall as he normally would have done because of the pain his head told him he was in.

"Quite a shiner you're gonna get there Captain." Hannibal said as he saw Murdock desperately failing to get comfy. "What are you gonna tell the VA?"

"That my pancakes flopped when they shoulda flipped." Murdock was aching for some praise from Hannibal, just a word of, you screwed up, but it helped us in the end. But non such was forth coming.

"They'll believe that?" Face asked in utter disbelief, surely even Murdock couldn't get away with that one.

"They believe what they want anyway, if it's not in an ink blot test, then they pretty much write you off as incurable and leave you to it." Murdock was tired and grouchy and didn't want to go into his life outside the Team just now, he padded his jacket into a pillow and closed his eyes. He opened them again realising he hadn't taken tonight's medication, could this get any worse? He didn't like taking those nasty little pills anyway, let alone take them in front of the team, it always brought out their sympathy, which he also didn't need. Murdock fidgeted, trying to make a choice in his agitation. He tried to reason with himself, the pills made him cranky and nervous, but without them, he just couldn't trust himself, and didn't want to enter that particular nightmare again.

"Uh Colonel? Can we stop for a moment? I really need to stretch my legs."

"I think we could all do with a break Murdock, BA pull over at the next motel, we've got nothing to rush back for, we may as well spend the night and drive back in the morning. Unless Face has a date…."

"Hey I'm a free agent tonight." Murdock scowled at Face. Then mouthed a 'sorry'. Geez, it was getting so he didn't even recognise himself anymore.

"Pull over there BA. Face, go get us some rooms."

Face obeyed and quickly returned stating that they only had three rooms, two doubles and a single.

"I ain't sharing a bed with that crazy foo'" BA immediately retorted, Murdock had to stop himself from lunging out at BA.

"Ya know, it's not so much the insults, more the repetition that leaves me sleepless BA." He said surprisingly calmly.

"Well while you're there why don'tcha try n learn how to talk some sense."

"Uh guys, I'm tired and don't wanna listen to more arguments tonight."

"We're not arguing!" BA and Murdock said in unison, Face held his hands up in surrender.

"OK, BA take the single, I'll take the double, and Face take Murdock and keep him away from BA!"

Hannibal said as began to make his way to his haven of a bed, the mission was a success, true, but he was also tired, and he knew the team were too, they had been all over the place recently, and somehow kept it together. Hannibal could see the tempers fraying, he just couldn't work out why, something had changed, and it was effecting the team, but what it was, he just couldn't put his finger on. It wasn't like them to fray up like that, Hannibal wondered if it was Face at first, Face could get tired of the road easily, but then his attention was drawn to Murdock, who wasn't behaving normally, well normal for Murdock, there was nothing obvious, just slight behavioural adjustments, his reactions had become…. Different, Hannibal put it down to medication and decided that he would rest for now and continue his watch tomorrow, then maybe he could fix the problem with his team. But not matter how much he tried to relax, that niggling just wouldn't go away, something wasn't right.


Murdock flung himself face first onto the bed and lay motionless, eyes shut.

"Don't worry, you'll be all rested and as good as new soon enough." Damn! That really came out wrong. No reaction. "I'm gonna take a shower." Still no reaction. Face sighed and stepped into the bathroom. Murdock opened his eyes, where was Face? He had to think for a moment, a sudden feeling of severe displacement surrounding him. He checked the clock one am, he thought he'd slept longer, maybe the clock was wrong, he really wished he had worn a watch now, at least if Face was here, he could see his watch, that was never off time, it always ran perfectly, just like Face. Murdock really wanted Face right now, wanted him to tell him where they were, tell him what he was supposed to remember, tell him everything was ok, tell him what the damn time was! But most of all he wanted Face to hold him and take away this chill that was forcing him to shiver. Murdock jumped as he heard the sound of water crashing through the roof of the room next to him. It must be a storm, he concluded, why the hell did he have to have the broken room? Murdock wondered if he was a prisoner here, not only was Face not there, but neither was Hannibal or BA, but he saw no restraints or signs of capture, just that howling and crashing of the water flooding the room next to him. What was he supposed to remember? He knew it was important, he suddenly panicked as the though crossed his mind that it might be
that he had to rescue the guys. He tried to remember, but all he could remember was doing a loop the loop in 'Nam, humidity rose from the room next to him, Murdock found himself paralysed, all he could do was shiver from the tiredness and chill, he watched the steam rise. They were branding again, he didn't want to be next, but he saw no men in front of him. Murdock clung to his chains, Face will come, Face will come, they'll come, they'll come for me, were the only thoughts he could manage just now. It wasn't fair, he couldn't help crashing, the missile had come out of nowhere. It had blind sided him and smacked him down. It wasn't his fault they were all here now. But still he had to remember something, something that was calling him from the outside,
something that would get him away from all of this. So maybe he had lost concentration, but it was only for a moment, just a brief moment that had lead his thoughts spinning to this conclusion. Murdock lead himself away by the guards, it was his turn now, he was shaking, they had that, but he wouldn't scream, he would never scream, pilots were made of stronger stuff then that, he just wished in his resolve that he could remember.

Face heard Murdock enter, the shower was hardly a power one, and was more of a trickle then anything that could wash away this mess. Hopefully Murdock wanted to be his now and not the stubborn argumentative Murdock, or worse, the chef Murdock, or any other Murdock that Face just couldn't deal with just now. The shower door opened, Murdock blinked in shock and looked down at his hands.

"No chains." He said quietly surprised.


"Look Face, no chains, we don't have to stay here now, you don't have to go through this."

"Please don't snap my head off, but are you ok?"

"Face? Where did you go?"

"I never left." Face had that sinking feeling. "I never would." Murdock looked confused, the tell tale sign rose with his arms as he held himself. Face noticed the shaking.

"You don't have to go through this you know." He said quietly.

"I-I don't? Nobody told me." Murdock reached out hesitantly and touched Face's hair, moving his hand in motion with the water. His hand was still shaking, but the shivers were returning.

"Come here." Face pulled Murdock in by his shirt. "You're freezing."

"Is that bad?" Murdock was like a confused child.

"No, but I can make it better."

"You always make it better. You make them go away, just wish it would stop raining, it never stops does it?" Face could have kicked himself, he should have known that he was building up to this, he should have seen it coming, why didn't he check Murdock before he had this shower? Why didn't he do a lot of things Murdock needed? Face pushed Murdock against the wall, away from the rain. His body tingled from being so close, but he hadn't even reached him yet.

"Murdock, it's stopped raining, see? How 'bout we take a shower, and wash all this away?"

"But I can't leave."

"Look, no chains, remember?" Face said gently as he smoothed his hands down Murdock's sleeves.

"I know that, but I've forgotten something, I gotta remember, it could be important. But I just can't, I'm a failure man, I dunno…" he sighed just as he had before.

"Murdock, it's ok. It's not important, not now."

"But I thought….."

"No, you just need to wash it away and come back to me."

"I'd like that." Face put Murdock's cap on backwards, and pressed his naked body against the soaking clothes. Murdock took the queue, a spark hit his face, and he responded. He tilted his head slightly, and gently pressed his lips to Face's. They kissed, moving slowly and carefully, savouring every lingering moment, Murdock ran his tongue on the roof of Face's mouth, then dipped down to
catch his bottom lip and tugged ever so softly. Face fell forward onto Murdock, both bodies now quivering. Face began unbuttoning Murdock's shirt, wondering if this was the right thing to be doing, but he felt the hands exploring him, and had to continue. Face lifted the shirt and t-shirt over Murdock's head, the cap falling with the clothes as he tossed them over the door. Murdock leaned in and kissed down Face's neck, running his tongue firmly up his telling pulse. Face stifled a pleasure filled moan and fumbled his way down to the waistband, unbuckling, unbuttoning then unzipping, he reached inside feeling Murdock firmly and quickening the pace. Murdock pulled away and knelt before Face, his still shaking hands squeezed Face's buttocks, as his mouth navigated around Face's inner thighs. Face gripped the walls of the shower, the water rushing past him, and running his sensitivity, down to Murdock. Murdock finally stopped the tease, and enveloped Face in his mouth, he carried a smooth rhythmic motion, that swayed Face, he ran his tongue along the shaft inside his mouth, his teeth barely touching, but applying that thrilling pressure of danger. Murdock pulled back and now holding the shaft in a continuing motion, he flicked his tongue against the head, circling it, teasing it, wanting it, he dived back onto his prize, sending Face against the wall, but always keeping the motion, his hand took over, now firm and controlled, as Murdock dipped down to hold his balls in his mouth, he sucked hard and worked his tongue around them. Face was gasping, desperate not to make a sound, as all walls have ears. Murdock's tongue worked it's way back up, toying with the head once more, and then quickening the pace and depth until Face held his shoulders and pulled him back.

"Holy…. You goin for gold here?" He breathed heavily. "C'mon." Face lead Murdock out of the shower, Murdock walked out of the rest of his clothes, that were left in a pool of water on the bathroom floor.

Face gently laid Murdock down between the sheets, he kissed him, pressing his wet body against the one below him. He ran his fingers through Murdock's hair and began nibbling his ear, then licking just behind it, he felt Murdock tense slightly, and continued from the encouragement, it was amazing how the smallest things affected him. Face began working his way down, pausing to roll his tongue around the hardening nipple, and toy with it, just as Murdock had him. Murdock was almost fidgeting as Face ran his hand delicately down his side, the touch was liquid as Murdock pleaded with his eyes for more. Face sat up and rolled him over, Murdock clutched the pillow, burying his face in it and letting out gasps and groans of muffled pleasure as Face rimmed him. Murdock's hips eventually gave up their restraints and began the motion of lifting and falling, begging for a release. Face dipped lower, which both soothed and encouraged Murdock in his non verbal begging . He felt Murdock try to turn, but Face hadn't finished, his tongue was firm and lethal as he teetered Murdock on the brink, his hands, holding him down. When Face was ready and Murdock could take no more, loosing any reason he had ever had, Face let him up. Murdock spun around, as Face grasped his shaft, and with no rest, began the movement that Murdock so desperately wanted.

"No KY" Face whispered. Murdock nodded his acceptance and left once more to his place of pleasure. Face was uncomfortably hard, he wanted Murdock now, the tease was over, this was just unfair agony. He lowered his open mouth onto Murdock's tip and breathed a hot wanton breath as he continued his journey. He was beginning to wonder if Murdock was doing this on purpose, but then he knew better, and he knew who'd trained him, you never rush things, not even for a quickie, Face heard the mocking thought taunt him into holding back. Murdock reached up, stretching his body and clutching the headboard, Face slowed.

"Face, please!" Murdock gasped as he whished for the muffling of the pillow once more. Face lifted up and replaced his mouth with his hand.

"Not yet baby," He said through staggered breaths, as he watched Murdock attempt some assemblance of control. With his other hand, Face massaged his perineum, then returned to thrust his mouth down the length of Murdock's shaft. Murdock's hips surged as he lost the last grip, and Face felt the warmth of Murdock flow violently into his mouth. Face had to stop himself from reacting
and swallowing, he drew back and let the soft warm cum fall down through Murdock's quivering legs.

Still panting Murdock turned over as Face lowered himself onto his back.

"Relax honey." He whispered as he began placing feathered kisses onto his neck. Murdock lay, a satisfied smile etched on his lips. Face began to enter Murdock.

"Relax." Face soothed as he went deeper, Murdock always tensed at the beginning, he couldn't help it. He gripped the bars of the head board, Face slide his hand up and took Murdock's hand, as Murdock let out a long moan of mixed pleasure and pain.

"Shhh baby, just relax, that's it, just relax" Face whispered into his ear, as he finally began to rock gently above and in him. He lowered his lips to meet Murdock's and kissed him gently, working his way up to his now fully bruised eye. He kissed delicately around the area, both soothing and thrilling him with every movement. Murdock had to reluctantly turn his head, and once again tell the pillow his opinion, Face buried his head in the dip of Murdock's shoulder blades, biting down on his back as he tried not to make a sound. Face's rhythm quickened, as he felt himself join Murdock's place of ecstasy. Murdock lifted his hips with Face and inhaled sharply, as the burn took hold of him. Murdock let out a small cry, Face bit down hard on the back of his neck, being careful not to suck and leave a mark, as he could no longer contain himself. Face finally let go, he released what he had been holding for the last two agonizing days. Murdock whimpered into the pillow, as he acknowledged the fact that he was in a place not in this room. He wanted it to continue, but felt Face fill him, then flop down onto his sweaty body. They lay there for a few moments, just breathing, just breathing. Face eventually and begrudgingly lifted himself off, he collapsed next to Murdock, then helped Murdock onto his chest.

Murdock lay, listening to Face's slowing heart, circling a nipple with his fingers, Face stroked Murdock's damp hair, catching his breath, he reached down and pulled Murdock up a bit, as he was lying uncomfortably on his hip bone, Murdock made no attempt to either help or hinder Face, but was still moved with ease.

"Ya know something?"


"Edith was right."

"Mmmm?" Was all Murdock could muster as a query.

"You are as skinny as a rake, but I wouldn't have you any other way."

"Hmmm." Murdock managed by way of a chuckle. "I'm sure she'd change alla that if she had her way, or those fine doh'nuts she keeps under lock and key would. Anyway if that doesn't happen, I'm sure that the middle age spread will soon catch up with me, one day in the far off distant future."

"Na, that only happens to regular people, you'd find a way to out crazy it and avoid it."

"Well I guess we'll get to find out after we finally leave 'Nam 'an find out what America's been up to." Face froze, he wasn't expecting that. "You ok Facey?" Murdock said sensing the sudden change in mood.

"Uh Murdock? What was our last mission? Only you've blown my mind and I need to write a report tomorrow."

"S'not the only thing I blew."

"Hey I'm serious, I'm totally drawing a blank here." Murdock sighed in exasperation, what a time to be bringing the war back!

"Umm it was two days ago, we were escorting that convoy of food to De Nang."

"Oh right, yeah, hey Murdock? Did you remember to take your meds?" Face asked as casually as possible.

"Facey, have you totally lost you're grip on reality? I don't take any medication!" Face had to think fast.

"I thought the doc put you on a course of antibiotics for infection, ya know from the crash?" Face touched the scar on Murdock's upper arm, back in 'Nam, Murdock had only received a shot for the wound, but Face hoped the image would have faded.

"Yeah, but look, it's nearly all healed, so I stopped taking 'em."

"Mur-dock! You gotta complete the course, or there's no point in taking them at all!" Face was full on scam mode, he felt bad, but it was needed.

"But I hate taking meds, all they do is mess you up n give you a bunch of side effects."

"Murdock, take your meds or get kicked outta bed."

"You wouldn't?"

"Try me!" Murdock sighed and begrudgingly got out of bed, he rifled through his jacket and produced four small bottles, he obeyed and took two tables from one bottle and one from each of the others. What the hell kinda a cocktail did they have him on here?

Face welcomed Murdock back into his arms, he flopped down and cosied back onto Face's chest. Face wondered just how he was going to fix all of this, he wouldn't have been as worried, but they weren't even together in 'Nam, this was a more recent thing, Murdock was mixing times, which would make it very hard to point out the facts to him, as, he'd probably just accept them and carry on believing he was still in 'Nam. Eventually Murdock drifted into sleep, Face gently rolled him away and got up, he gathered up his clothes and put them on the storage heater, cleaned up the bathroom, turned off the shower, and then went through the jacket and made a note of the medication, he was going to get to the bottom of this, change it if necessary. Face crawled back into bed and spooned up next to Murdock.

"Hey Face." Murdock murmured in his sleep, "It stopped raining."

"I know, I told ya it would." Face began kissing Murdock's neck and shoulders, loving the taste of him, and softly lulling him back into a deep sleep. Murdock drifted back with only the odd involuntary flinch to disturb them, Face was used to this anyway, and drifted off holding his lover close to him.


The sun broke through the corners of the badly fitted blinds, Face awoke to find Murdock back sleeping on his chest. Face remembered asking him once why he so often ended up there. Murdock had shrugged and simply said that he liked the sound of his heart, it helped him sleep. Face lightly pulled away some of his hair that had fallen into his face. Murdock smiled, forcibly lifted himself up and kissed Face's lips, a long lingering kiss that instead of awaking them, only pushed them further into each other's arms. Face took in a deep breath, trying not to yawn.

"What time is it?" He asked sleepily.

"I coulda known that from you last night. I dunno, clock's are lying to me right now." Calendars too Face thought to himself.

"I think we should get up, I mean the base is probably jumping by now."

"Hannibal and BA will never find us, all we gotta do is click our heels." Murdock nuzzled into Face's armpit, Face rolled over and held him in a tight embrace, he looked down at the expectant face below him.

"You ok?" Murdock reached up and pulled Face down for a kiss.


The door burst open to reveal Hannibal,

"Decker!" He warned, then stopped, he stared not quite able to take the image in, but he composed himself in an instant.

"Not on mission time, ok guys?"

"Ok!" Face and Murdock said in unison, looking from each other to Hannibal then back to each other. Hannibal left quite shaken, but it wasn't the time for this.


It was another quiet journey, Murdock was again uncomfortable, but this time it was because of his damp to dripping clothes. Face smiled, when he remembered just how they got like that. He wasn't sure exactly what time zone Murdock was in, certainly nothing seemed to be freaking him out, he just sat silently, giving the odd cheeky glance at Face like a dog wanting the Sunday roast, but knowing he's being watched. Face liked this Murdock, he liked the way he made him feel, It was the same as the old Murdock, but a little bolder now. Although Face caught himself doing the same stolen glances, perhaps a little outing went
a long way.

"Face, take Murdock back to the VA…. And take a couple-a days off, we all need a break, just keep your eyes open huh?" Hannibal barked as they dropped the two men off. They drove off leaving the two men standing in stun.

"Well ya know what that means don'cha?" Face asked, beaming.

"Not really."

"Acceptance Murdock. Acceptance! But I don't think we should push it."

"Well welcome to the seventies lover boy! That was supposed to be the deal anyway!"

"Yeah but there are times, when you just make it impossible for me!"

"And I suppose it's a bed of roses for me? Oh prince of making me week at the knees!" Murdock sat himself on top of the 'vette's bonnet, which, if it was anybody else, would have been removed immediately.

"Well we gotta couple o days, what do ya wanna do?"

"See Van Halen and eat Ice-cream off a barbecue skewer sittin on a roof top chasing jets." Face looked at him. "What do you think I wanna do silly?" Murdock pulled Face onto him, lying them both on the gleaming bonnet.

"Oh yuck! You're all wet!"

"Say, do you have that effect on everyone?" Murdock bounced back.

Face sighed, well at least he was remembering some things.

The End.

Behind The Cup A Joe's by Cabaret



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